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My little corner of this catnip garden.

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Oh No Mom found the camera!!!!!!!!!!

June 26th 2006 4:23 pm
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Since I am new to Catsers my Mommy decided I needed some photos to show of my good looks. Needless to say I would rather have been sleeping. But of course between my mom and sis I was fighting a losing battle. Well I hear them up and around so I better play like I am sleeping. Thats all for now.


ahhhh a quiet weekend

July 2nd 2006 6:39 am
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My human sissy is at her dads this weekend. So it is nice and quiet. I may get annoyed at being carted everywhere, but I sure do miss her when she is gone. But I have a feeling weekends are going to be my only break. Mom is talking about home schooling her. Oh the horrors can't a cat get any resepect or quiet time for that matter.
My Mom talked to my brothers new mom and told her about this site. Even sent her a link to my page. My brother Stormy lived here till May then the people who manage the place where mommy lives said only one pet under 30 lbs. Sure my brother and are big, but sheesh. Mom couldn't stand the idea of choosing one of us. So she was gave both of us up. I proved to be too much for my new human(SHHH Mom thinks I had a hard time adjusting.Litlle does she know!!!!). So rather than see me go back to that shelter Mommy took me home again.
I know my brother has a good home, mommy and sis get weekly updates. But They sure do miss him. I catch Mommy crying sometimes after she talks to him. She doesn't know I see her. She wants to go see him but she says due to high price of gas they can't afford it. I think she's scared she'll cry in front of sissy and get her all worked up.I know Mommy loves me, she lets me wake her up at 5 in the morning after I have been in the tub with my head wet from dripping water.
I show her I love her by weaving around her legs when she walks, but I don't think she is getting the message. Hmmm Have to try harder on that one. Well time for my morning nap. Have a good one!!!!!


Big Bangs

July 6th 2006 5:03 am
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I despise those loud bang things my sissy set off. Mom was holding me at the door, and I was watching the pretty colors. Then all of the sudden it made a loud high pitch noise. I clawed mommy up pretty good when I went scrambling off her shoulder.I stayed under mommy's bed for a while. Mommy's boyfriend laughed at me. He said it was funny to watch me try to run with my belly almost touching the floor. Hmmph!!!! Lets see how funny he thinks it is when I sneak up and bite his ankle.
I have to confess I watched some that went off in the sky that were really pretty. But thankfully a ways off. I also kinda liked the smoke thingys my sissy did. Well till the smoke came my way. They were neat. I didn't know smoke could come in that many different colors. Oh! Smoke Bombs mommy said that is what their called.
Well hope the loud bangs didn't ruffle your fur too much. Mommy needs the computer now. Yes she know I can type now. So much for that secert!!!!!!!
Meow Meow!!!!!


Meow Meow!!!!! Gimme food!!!!!

July 7th 2006 10:34 am
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My sissy got offended because I kept back talking to her. What does she expect? She is suppose to feed me. She wants to love on me and be all nice. HHHHMMMPPPFF Not when I have an empty food bowl. Mommy is the one who figured it out. Go!!! Mommy!!!!! Well sissy fed me and apologized.I am still kind of ignoring her. Unless of course she has some good bites of people food. Which for some reason mommy doesn't like me to have.


I hate Change UNLESS it's my litterbox

July 10th 2006 3:54 am
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Just when it seems like I get use to a routine my mommy goes and changes it on me. I use to my mommy and sis being home during the day and bam now they're gone all the time. They come home smelling like cars!!!! I heard mommy and her boyfriend talking about a new business. He works on cars and she works in the office. Sissy reads while they work. Then mommy comes home and cleans house and cooks dinner. Her boyfriend comes home covered in black grease and Mommy gets mad if he sits on the furniture. By the end of the day she's too tired to do much of anything.
I guess I'm lucky she still tries to play with me. But she doesn't like it much when I try to wake her up at 5 am for our loving time. She is typing this for me now talking to me trying to explain to me once the shop gets going it won't always be this crazy. But I am not sure she understands between the new shop and sis going to school at home there is just to many changes going on. Whats a cat to do? I understand they have to have money for food and the house. But do they have to be gone all day long? MMMMMEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I wonder if any of my feline friends have gone thru this.
Mommy says she loves me! Her and sissy both give me lots of loving when they come home so I guess as long as they feel gulity about leaving me all day I'll be ok. I have to figure out how to make this gulit thing work better for me. hhhhmmmmmmm....
Well mommy says she has to go back bed she has another busy day. She has to wash their clothes. Don't why they don't have fur. So much easier to care for.
Many Purrssssssss


Meeeeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww Human sissy's

July 12th 2006 6:47 am
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Ok!!!! For some reason mommy and sissy have been up since 3 something this morning. So you can imagine the torture I went thru. I have been wrapped up in blankets like a human baby. Carried around, placed in a blanket and put into a "crib" which was really a box. Then toted around in that. Mommy was working on the computer, She said I wasn't being hurt so I was fine. HHHHHMMMMMPPPFFFFF. Just wait till they go to sleep..... I am gonna nibble on toes and ears. Plus play with some hair. Mommys is real curly so it tangles up real good. Sissy has all kinds of good stuff I can knock off her headboard and conk her with. Mommy is getting worried, she is typing this since I am not allowed to get on the computer by myself anymore. She keeps looking at me funny. (evil grin) ((((((((((MOANS))))))))) Gotta hide Sissy found her doll clothes....which means dress the cat time. Maybe mommy will save me this time.

YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mommy is my hero. I guess I won't tangle her hair too bad.


Mommy's hero

July 20th 2006 10:54 am
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Thats what mommy called me. We live in a duplex and our neighbors moved out. But they left me a treat. Mommy called it a Mouse!!!!! The first she's ever had after living here for 4 years. But I caught it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Then moms boyfriend took it away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh well maybe it had a family hehehehhee!!!!!!!!


Just another day here

July 25th 2006 9:14 am
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I woke mommy up at 6:30 this morning. For some reason she wasn't to happy. I don't understand why. I let her sleep an extra hour and half. You would have thought that would have made her happy. Now she keeps waking me up. Something about me needing to sleep at night. I guess she doesn't know I am a guard cat.
Someone has to keep watch over them. oh well!!! My biggest problem is hiding from sissy. She thinks I'm a sack of taters (thats what mommy calls it). She is forever toting me. Doesn't she know I have four perfectly good legs and paws. Besides she's the one running into stuff and falling down all the time. Oh! gotta hide I hear sis calling me.

*flash of fur* Shadow


My Sissy

July 28th 2006 4:36 pm
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It seems that I am always writing about hiding from my human sissy. So I started thinking.... Truth be known I love her so much. Mommy often finds me curled up by sissy's feet when shes asleep or sharing a chair with her whens shes reading.
Sissy is the one whos runs thru the house dragging a toy for me to chase and when she brings home bouncey balls she always lets me chase them, then she'll throw 'em again (even tho this gets her BIG trouble with Mom). She also gets in trouble for running thru the house.
So I guess if she's willing to do all that for me. The least I can is let her dress me up and carry me around. I really don't like it when she goes to her Dad's thats the pits. There's no one to chase, no one to trip,( I tripped mom once, boy!!! she goes down hard and was she loud!!!!) no ankles to nip(Mom puts some kind of oil on to get rid of dry skin? anyways it taste nasty)) . No nose to bite.( Mom hides her nose under the covers now) . So I just do it to my Sis she thinks its cute!!!!!
I am a very lucky kitty I think, I was rescued from a shelter and have a very loving family. Plus I have all my friends here on Catster. Mom's dream is to hit the lottery and buy a chunk of land so she can help with the over crowding of the shelter here. Plus help some of the animals to calm down and be good so ppl will more likely give them homes.
My mom is truly an animal lover. I am so glad I latched on to her (literally)
*yawn* It's nap time here since sis is gone for two days!
Sweet Purrssssssssssssss

PS.Don't tell my sissy any of this. Hehehe


My Birthday

August 3rd 2006 6:28 am
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Yesterday was my birthday. My mommy bought me a new flea collar(some gift) and some soft food I wouldn't touch. She also bought me treats. But I wouldn't eat those either. She didn't buy me any toys cause I won't play with them I like the toys they make for me. I am a very simple cat (yeah right!) they sang to me and I could have done without that. Oh Well today is mommy' b-day and she seems a little down so I AM GONNA STICK CLOSE TO HER TODAY. Sissy bought mommy a pretty blue rose but I got in trouble when I tried to taste it, it really looked good enough to eat. Well it is almost time to get the family moving and start the day.
Many purrssssssssssss

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