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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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My New Year's Eve Pawty

January 1st 2009 11:23 am
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Oh my! I just got up today. I was so tired from staying up until after midnight and having a New Year's Eve Pawty!

Mommy and Daddy invited some people over, and Mommy was going to lock Kiki and I up in the guest room. Daddy said NO! He said we should be allowed to come to the pawty too. After all, it's our house too, and we are family. Mommy reminded him of the litter box in the dining room, etc. and Daddy said if anyone does not like it, then TOUGH WHISKERS! Yay Daddy! He ALWAYS takes my side.

So Mommy agreed, and I got my fur brushed and then I helped Mommy find my plaid scarf because I wanted to dress up for the pawty. Janet, the woman who lived next door to the house where Mommy and Daddy found me, came over and was thrilled to see me again. I pranced around the room in my scarf, getting pets and ooohs and aaaahs. I sprawled out in front of the fire, and I was declared the cutest cat ever by all. Mommy beamed with pride and announced shamelessly that I am her favorite pet of all time.

I am very popular with people, but not so much with other cats. I guess I need to work on that during this new year.

On another note, my thyroid problems are so bad now that I am due to get the radioactive iodine treatment soon. Then I won't have to take pills anymore. But my kidney function is not great, so the therapy could send me into kidney failure. The only other option is to increase my meds, but I am too near the max dosage now. Please purr that Mommy and Daddy will be guided to the best decisions for me and that my doctors won't make any mistakes. There is no way my family could live without me!


Getting Radiocatted

January 12th 2009 9:59 am
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I am going to get radiocatted on Feb. 24. I am not worried about it, but Mommy is very worried! The radioactive iodine treatment will cure my thyroid problems though. That will be nice. Mommy is just worried about trading one medical problem for another, but we have to trust in our doctors I guess!

I have to be in the hospital for three whole days with no Mommy or Daddy. They are not allowed to come and see me, since I will be radioactive and all. Mommy will send me to the treatment with my pinkie (pink blanket) so I will feel more at home. I will have a man nurse named Ron who is supposedly God's gift to cats and will call my house every day. Maybe Mommy will ask Ron the man nurse to put me on the phone with her if he can.

Before I go, I need to stop taking my pills for seven days and then get more lab work done and xrays too.

The only good news is that the kittens will get a vacation from me tormenting them!



January 27th 2009 7:19 pm
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YAY! We are getting a snow and ice storm tonight/tomorrow. I am so excited! When the weather is bad, Mommy won't make the long commute to work and will work from her desk at home instead. That means more Mommy time for me! I hope we get a double dose of storm to make sure it's bad enough to warrant staying home. Of course, we want everyone to be safe, so purrrrrlease be careful in this winter weather!


A really difficult choice

February 17th 2009 9:32 pm
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Furrriends, my parents have a difficult choice to make about me.

When they found out I had hyperthyroidism, the first recommendation was Radiocat, or radioactive iodine therapy. But my doctors opted for the more conservative approach of pills because my kidney values were not purrfect.

Over time, the medicine became less effective. I am near the maximum dosage now, so my doctors have decided that the benefits of the Radiocat therapy now outweigh the risks because increasing my medicine dosage is really not an option for much longer.

Well, my latest labs indicate my thyroid problem is very bad. The Radiocat place is not certain that one treatment will cure me. Each treatment is over $1,300, but that is money my family would gladly pay twice if they could be more certain my problem would be fixed.

Daddy feels like the medicine will give me more time, but my thyroid levels won't be controlled very well. The Radiocat offers a cure, but the therapy might cure the disease and kill the patient. Or it might cure me and I will be all better for years.

So it's very hard for my family to know what to do. My own doctors said that if I was their cat, they would get the treatment. Mommy and Daddy are very confused.

Please purr that they will be guided to the right choice for me. I love them, and I am pretty sure my Mommy would not even know how to live without me.


Tomorrow is the day

February 23rd 2009 4:43 pm
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Tomorrow is the day I will get radiocatted.

Mommy will drive me to the special medical center for treatment of hyperthyroidism in felines on her way to work. This is also called Radiocat.

I will be in the hospital until Friday and no people or cats may visit me except my human man-nurse because I will be radioactive. Mommy wanted to send me with my pinkie blankie, but they said they can't return anything I bring, so I will have to settle for a towel.

Tonight I will get spoiled and cuddled and slept with and cried over.

Mommy talked things over with my doctors and also the treatment center and decided with Daddy that this is best, even though it might unmask a kidney problem. Mommy told my doctors that they must be super-aggressive about monitoring me after my procedure so we can catch any kidney failure immediately. I will get checked every few weeks at first.

If this works, my furrriends, I will be cured. Cured. It's so much to hope for. This last week since I had to stop taking my pills I have been feeling very poorly and misbehaving all the time. I have peed, pooped and sprayed the whole house. I meow constantly, and I am comforted only by food or snuggling.

I hope so much I have can get my life back now.

Thank you SO VERY MUCH to all of you that have sent pmails, gifts and rosettes. I love you all.

Special thanks to my beautiful Valentine Princess Inky and her sister Sky for their pmails. Thank you to my dear cousin Hazel Lucy for taking time to check on me and add me to the purr list even though she herself is slightly unwell. Thank you to Samoa, Kingsley and Sissy for your pmails.

Thank you for your rosettes Hazel Lucy, Lucy & Sally and Family, Taz, Wally, Buddie (special healing rosette!), Kingsley and Family, Muppet, The Drifter and Family.

Thank you to dear Wally and Hilda for their special gifts.

Love to you all, and I will be back on Friday.


Update from Radiocat

February 24th 2009 11:22 am
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Hello Catsters! This is Mouse's Mommy. He wanted me to let you all know when there was any news on his condition.

He got the treatment around noon today. It's just one injection administered under skin, like a vaccine.

His nurse, Ron, just called and said Mouse is doing fine. He even added that he seems to be "getting into the spirit of things" and was taking a nap the last time Ron checked on him. He will keep checking on him and call again tomorrow morning and every morning until he is home.

Thank you so much for all of your purrs! The danger for Mouse will be when his thyroid is regulated and operating normally, which will occur over the course of a month or so, because that is when any underlying kidney disease might manifest itself. (Hyperthyroidism masks the kidney problems because it sends more blood to the kidneys and makes them appear to functioning better than they are. When the disease is cured, some cats come down with kidney symptoms...sometimes lethal.) Mouse was showing signs of compromised kidney function even with the hyperthyroidism, so we are super-worried.

But we will all keep our fingers and paws crossed for Mouse, who I am not ashamed to admit is my favorite pet ever! He has such a great personality and we adore him.

Thank you to all of Mouse's friends and Catster family for their love and support.



I am home!!!

February 27th 2009 4:49 pm
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I am home! Yiiiiippppeeee!

I did not understand why Ron, my man-nurse woke me up from my nap today to stuff me into my carrier, but when he carried me into another room, I found my Mommy waiting for me. She said it was time to go home.

The car ride was much longer than I am used to, and I kept wanting Mommy to pet me. I meowed a lot, but finally I put my head down to snooze.

We finally got home, and Mommy gave me a Feast that was Fancy and turned on the electric blanket on the guest bed for me. I am supposed to stay confined to one room, but I am practically breaking the door down to get out. This is not going to work out!

Also, I made a pee-pee in the guest room. In the litterbox! Yay me!

Thank you for all of your purrs. We will catch up with our thank yous over the weekend. We will know in three months if this treatment cured my thyroid. Also, I will be visiting the vet regularly before then to make sure we are not losing any ground with my kidneys.


Robot and purrs

March 30th 2009 4:32 am
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As Kiki mentioned, Daddy got our mommy a robot to help clean the house. Believe me, she needs all the help she can get.

Mommy named the robot John Henry (Fans of the Terminator show will know who he's named after!) and his job is to clean up all the litter crumbs and tumblefurs all over the house.

I must admit, he does a very good job. He does a way better job than Mommy or Daddy, but that bar is not set very high! MOL! You can program him to run while you are at work and have your floors all clean when you come home. I am worried about what this will mean for our naps. He sends everycat into hiding.

Anymeow, we recommend the iRobot Roomba for anyone with a Mommy who needs help cleaning.

Speaking of help, please purr for my friend Alfie. He is having tummy troubles again. As for me, I am doing a little better with my housebreaking and fighting problems. I still have a long way to go. Also, I got very sick Saturday night and threw up A LOT. But once it passed, I seemed to be ok and was fine all day yesterday.


False alarm!

April 5th 2009 9:59 am
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I have never seen my Mommy make such a big fuss over me as I have lately.

I am allowed out of my room now, but only if I am a good boy. I go days with no accidents, and then I poop and pee on the floor again. When I am out of my room, I am still very mean to the new cats. (I am the meanest to the most scared ones. Some are showing me they are not afraid anymore and I mostly leave them alone.)

But I really gave Mommy a scare on Friday when she returned home from work to find I had not eaten my food. She was beside herself with worry. Daddy was summoned to help Mommy see if I was ok. She checked my gums and to see if I seemed dehydrated. Both of them said I seemed fine, and I was meowing my head off to be fed. They wondered why I was meowing my hungry meow since I did not eat my food.

Mommy got an idea and tried a different flavor of food, and I inhaled it! Mommy was relieved that I was just being fussy and was not sick. She is scared to death about my kidneys since my radiocat treatment. I have extra motivation to eat now since Mommy only gives me the flavors I like now, and she says if I don't eat then I am getting taken to the animal hospital right away. Ok, then! Eating it is!

All this attention comes in handy when you are hungry, but it's annoying when it does not work in your favor. My claws were totally overgrown, and the doctor keeps telling Momma that he will have to sedate me to do my nails (I don't tolerate sedation well), and the Radiocat people did not want to do it either. Finally Mommy decided that it had to get done no matter what, and so she wrapped a towel all over me and handed me to Daddy. He held me while Mommy clipped. They only did the front this time but promised to do it again to the back! And now that they did it themselves once, I think they think they are going to do it on a regular basis now!

And while I was rendered powerless, I got kitty wiped too! I am not sure I like all this attention, but I like getting the food I want whenever I want it!


I had the barfies today

April 27th 2009 8:16 pm
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Today I had the barfies. :-( It made Momma worry even more than usual. She is always fussing over me and asking Daddy..."Do his eyes look bright to you? Is his fur ok? Do you think he is sick?' It really gets old after a while!

But after I barfed I did feel better and went right over to the food bowl for a refill like usual!

Well, time for Momma and me to cuddle and fall asleep for the night.

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