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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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October 22nd 2008 7:13 pm
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I am sad because my Grandma Mimi called from Florida to tell Mommy and Daddy that our cousin, a little doggie named Stella who belonged to Daddy's sister, died last night. Stella was in her family for many years and was quite old. Still, she and her family were very devoted to each other, and this is heartbreak. We feel so sad because we know how Auntie Shelly and her husband and little boy must feel now, and that one of the worst feelings in the whole world.

At least Catsy will be there to greet Stella and make sure they get matching wings!


New toy for me!

October 25th 2008 7:16 pm
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Today Mommy came home from the pet store with a brand new toy...for me!!! She moved one of my old toys to the basement for some reason and replaced it with this cool new one.

It's a Mouse Robot. The mouse spins around in a round tube, and it moves all by itself! Then I leap on it and paw it and try to hug it. I love my new toy.


I think we got more cats somehow

October 28th 2008 6:02 pm
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I think we got more cats somehow. They are in the basement. I sit on the rug by the back door, waiting to pounce! Mommy laughs and says she knows a certain orange kitty that might give me my comeupance. What does that mean? Is that one of those new words that Calvin started using or something?

Last night I ate my half of the can of Fancy Feast and then helped myself to Kiki's half like I always do. Then I hurled the whole can up on the floor next to Kiki's dish. Nice! No problem...I decided to just go sit by the cat food cabinet and tell Mommy I needed a refill. She said no way! Why? My tummy was still so hungry!

Finally after some time passed, I got a refill of food and kept it down. Kiki was not happy that I ate her food and then threw up next to her dish. Poor Kiki! I wonder when her comeupance will be here.


Lord of the Manor

November 1st 2008 5:28 pm
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My "sometimes" slogan is Lord of the Manor, and we had someone point out to us just how true that is!

We moved into this house over two years ago and still have not painted a lot of the downstairs and our windows still have no coverings. Mommy has several friends who are designers/decorators, and one of them came over today to help choose colors and tell Mommy how to make the house look prettier. I guess girls care a lot about that stuff.

The first thing Mommy's friend said was..."Just how many cat beds do your cats need?" Mommy looked around the house sheepishly at the cat condo, three beds, overflowing basket of cat toys and litterbox in the dining room. Mommy said she never really thought about how much cat stuff we have. We just need it!

I mean, a guy needs to have choices when it comes to nap time. Mommy's friend also recommended a new couch and living room chairs. Do you know how long those will last with my claws around? And no, I won't use a scratching post or anything else meant for scratching. No, only the couch will do.

We heard over and over about how Mommy's friend has never seen a house with so much emphasis on cats. Good thing Mommy did not tell her about our basement!


Kitty wipes

November 3rd 2008 9:49 am
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Mommy is sick today, which is bad, but also good because she gets to stay home with us and do cat stuff! You know, sleeping.

So Mommy and I sat down to watch some teevee. I cuddled up right near her! Then she said, "Eeeew, Mouse! You smell!" She finally realized why I have been more pesty than usual and spend so much time with my head up my...ahem...rear. I needed a kitty wipe!

Usually it is Kiki that needs the wipe, but this time it was me. I was good with for the first few seconds, and then I could not take it anymore. Mommy did help me somewhat. Daddy will have to hold me later so she can do a better job, or maybe I can take of the rest now that she started it for me.

As if that was not enough, she put Revolution on me and Kiki! I hate that stuff! We get it though because we go on the screen porch and occasionally escape. Also, Mommy is worried about the basement cats giving us parasites if they still have any. I have a question. If these cats are dangerous and have cooties and I can't see them, why does Mommy keep bringing them home? And what good is being home with Mommy all day if she is just going to wipe me under the tail and put wet goo on my fur??? I like it better when she is at work!


V-E-T Today

November 14th 2008 6:54 pm
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Today I had to go the vet, so Mommy stayed home from work and worked from home instead. Relatively speaking, I was a good boy! The only unfortunate thing was that the doctor said my bladder was empty so he could not get my pee-pee sample. I decided NOT to pee all over the exam table repeatedly, so Mommy is going to try to collect my sample at home. We'll see how well that goes! The vet said I am such a good boy. I know! I wanted to show Mommy what a good boy I am so she won't trade me in for a basement cat. Looks like I am safe for now.

The doctor said I gained 1/2 a pound and seemed calmer, which is good. It only took three people to get my blood sample this time! We will get results Monday to see if my new thyroid medicine dosage is working.


Where did my couch go?

December 2nd 2008 7:00 pm
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OK, it's bad enough being locked in a room all day with Kiki, but now my couch is gone! The painters moved it and covered it all up so I can't sit on it. That is my favorite place to nap. Sigh.

Mommy has not even gotten our Christmas cards ordered yet. She is sad because Catsy's photo with her pink Christmas tree was going to be on our cards, and now there is no more Catsy.

Well, she can get me my own tree and I will pose next to it! I have been sleeping on Catsy's old blanket with my Mommy. She stole my Mommy for a while, but now I have the big king-sized bed, Mommy and the blanket. Mommy calls the blanket my "pinky" but I told her I can't call it that on Catster in front of my guy friends...especially Calvin!


Playing tricks on Mommy!

December 3rd 2008 4:48 pm
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Today when my Mommy walked in from work, I greeted her at the door as usual, and she said, "Hi Boo-Boo" to me. (I am Boo-Boo.) Anymeow, she did a doubletake and realized that the back door had been unlocked. The painters must have forgotten to lock it. Any how was I standing there at the door when I was locked up in the guest room?

THE PAINTERS!!! OH MY GOD!!! Where was Kiki??? How did we get out of our room??? Mommy ran up the stairs two at a time looking for Kiki. She found Kiki seated on the cat seat next to her desk.

Then Mommy heard something else...typing! It was Daddy! Mommy did not realize he was home because he put his car inside the garage! Ha! Mommy thought the painters had let us escape and left the door unlocked, but she was wrong! She was very happy to be wrong in this case. Daddy unlocked the door and let us out of our room.

I checked out the paint job. It looks nice!

Gilmore came up to check it out too and to see if I had any extra Fancy Feast. I told him no and chased him back downstairs where he belongs!


Kissing girls

December 17th 2008 8:45 pm
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I heard there is a rumor circulating that I kissed a girl! NO WAY!!!

What really happened was this. I was stationed by the basement door as usual, hoping to get to sneak down for some basement stiffing.

But instead, there was a big commotion and then this little calico girl flew out of the basement and into the house! She paid me no mind and trotted right past me. Who is the little minx, I wondered?

Mommy said her name is Lilith, but Daddy said I should call her Paris. Then I was even more confused!

I followed her trail into the dining room. I had her cornered by the kitty condo. Mommy yelled to Daddy to watch me and not let me hurt her. Then Daddy said Mommy just had to come right away...he said I was licking Lilith's head. Ok, I confess to licking her head, but I was NOT kissing her! I do not kiss girls! I was simply seeing what her ears and face tasted like.

As Mommy, Daddy and Kiki stood with their mouths agape, I rubbed my face all over everthing and rolled around on the floor, exposing my brown furry tummy.

Lilith was not impressed, so I decided maybe I should have gone with my first idea, which was to punch her. I am telling you, I was so confused. She did not run. I could not chase her. She has no fear of me. She strikes back. I did not lose the fight; I just decided to move on to more interesting things to do.


New cousin!

December 28th 2008 10:59 am
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Meowlo, furrriends! I was so very happy to see Mommy and Daddy come home. I missed them. I have been filling my days with keeping the couch kittens in line. I figured out how to position myself so I can pounce the minute they stick their little kitten heads out!

You might remember that my doggie cousin, Stella, went to the Bridge not too long ago. Well, her family (Daddy's sister) got a new little puppy. Her name is Lucy. Now, my Grandma in CT has a dog named Lucy too, so I am going to get very confused. The new Lucy is five months old and is a miniature Schnauzer.

Mommy is not big on little yip-yip dogs, but she said Lucy is just the cutest. She said she spent all of Christmas just holding her like a little baby! For Christmas, I am told we gave Lucy some teenie Greenies, a sweater, a new coat and a giant dog bone.

Auntie Shelly told Mommy that Lucy has a sister that is available and said Mommy and Daddy should get her shipped to our house. Daddy said NO WAY until Mommy does something about the six cat situation. I can't imagine having a dog that is smaller than me, but there is not much chance of us actually getting one so I won't fret about it too much.

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