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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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So You Think You Can Mouse?

July 16th 2008 8:08 pm
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Tonight my Mommy was very excited about watching her two favorite shows - So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway were both on tonight!

But Kiki and I gave Mommy a little show of our own called, "So You Think You Can Mouse". Mommy and I saw Kiki running around like a crazy cat, and then we saw...a mouse! Mommy jumped up on the couch and started screaming. I decided to help try to catch the mouse. Daddy was helping too. Finally, Daddy got the mouse out of the house with the broom. Mommy and Daddy laughed and laughed as we cats tried to get the mouse. Do they think that is helpful?

But guess what? There is at least one more mouse in our house! Mommy saw him from the hole in our living room ceiling (long story) and we wonder how many mice are up there. Daddy set a humane trap.

I told Mommy that maybe the mouse activity in the ceiling is what has been making Catsy so weird lately. After all, the living room ceiling where the mice were is Catsy's floor!

The worst part of the night was when Mommy realized our Tivo made a mistake and did not record her dance show. Oh well. It's a good thing we cats put on our own show!


Meowza! I am 14!

August 14th 2008 6:00 pm
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Friday is my birthday! It is the day my family celebrates my birthday because it's the anniversary of the day I found my Mommy, or she found me in the driveway, whichever way you think it happened! That was four years ago!

My other Mommy lived down the street and did not take good care of me, so I just moved in with my Mommy and Daddy and acted like that was the way it always was. Their couch was comfy, and the food was pawsome! Mommy got permission to keep me, and then it was off to the vet for all of the care I needed that I had not gotten for many years.

All Mommy knows about me is that my old vet said my records indicated I was born in 1994, and my last visit was years before then. That makes me 14! Meowza!

Mommy is coming home from vacation in time to celebrate. I will get my favorite treat, which is Fancy Feast Trout Feast! I won't even have to share if I don't want to, and of course, I will not want to.


Meowza...what a birthday!

August 17th 2008 8:26 pm
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Oh my! What a birthday I had! Mommy came home from her vacation on my birthday and found that Daddy had left for work in the morning with me still locked out on the screen porch with no food and no water and NO collar! (My collar fell off by mistake.) Boy, he sure got an earful when he got home. Sometimes I feel sorry for the dude, you know?

Once Mommy got home, I got TWO cans of Feast (not all at once) and we played games and cuddled on the couch. I did not have to worry about sharing Mommy with Kiki because Kiki was not speaking to Mommy, probably because she felt abandonded for a week with no one to protect her from my pranks. Heh-heh.

But the very best part of my birthday was seeing all the gifts and greetings from my friends. I hope you are all ok with me writing my thank yous in my diary!

Thank you ALL, for the pmails, rosettes and gifts:

Wally (I miss you, dude!), Alfie, the gorgeous Hazel Lucy of Catster Fame, Little Boy Kitty, Mr. Sam, Aldo, Tess, O'Malley and Family, Bellsnickles, Calvin, Violet, Gleek, Samoa, Sugar, Spunky and Rocky, Pooter, Milo (I miss you so much too!), Chai, Little Bit and Sugar, Queenie, Shmitty, Moo and Shmatt, Miles Montgomery, Taz, Princess Diana, Scooter, Riley, Henry, Tugger, Mabel and Family, Zack and the Texas Wild Bunch, Karma Kitty, Charlie Clarence, Punkin Pooh and Bobbi Boi, Alex, Annie and Bugsy, Boots, Piewackit, Sissy and Flower. I also want to thank my great friends in Tabbies with Tudes and Olde Furts! I love you all!

Phew! If I forgot your name, purrrrlease furgive me. It's hard to view new gifts if they are the Febreze collars because they don't appear in order, and if your name was not in the email, then it's possible we missed you, but please know I appreciate all of my friends and their thoughtfulness.

Well, Daddy will be in charge again this week while Mommy flies on a airplane to Miami for work. Wish me luck! (Daddy too!)



I guess she's entitled to her opinion!

August 26th 2008 6:53 pm
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Today Mommy had a long talk with the tech at our v-e-t. Catsy thinks she wanted to know all about her, but she really wanted to know how I am doing! They miss me. I can tell. I can tell they are bored with those cats that just get their needles and go home like good little kitties. They miss the drill of having every single person who works there plus Mommy try to get my blood. He-he.

So Mommy updated the tech...yes, Mouse is still losing weight, yes...he is still peeing on the floor next to his litterbox for no apparent reason, yes...he is a total pill sometimes and he chases Kiki all over! But other than that, I am marvelous. I love to eat my food and play and cuddle with Mommy and Daddy on the couch. Of all of us cats, I am the biggest lovebug, after all! (I am Mommy's baby and her favorite cat. I know because she told me.)

The vet tech shook her head and told Mommy, "I don't know where you get the patience to deal with both Mouse AND Catsy!" Um, excuse me? When did I get put in the same bucket as Catsy? She really thinks Catsy and I are in the same league in terms of trying Mommy's patience? Hhhrrrrmph! NO WAY! I am way more annoying that Catsy! She better step up her game if she wants to beat me in that department!


Dancing with the Stars!

September 1st 2008 1:52 pm
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Last night, Mommy pulled out a new jigsaw puzzle of Dancing With the Stars! She spread out all the edge pieces on the coffee table while Daddy and I napped on the couch.

When she had all the pieces out, I decided I wanted to help. The puzzle looked like fun, and I am a big fan of DWTS, although I am very disappointed in the newest cast choices!

Anymeow, I did a big jump from the sofa right on to the table. I wanted to show Mommy which pieces I thought went where, so I made a big pile of pieces with my hands and pushed them all over the table to see where they might go. I used my tail to toss all the pieces I did not need out of my way. Whenever Mommy tried to move any pieces, I swatted her hand and try to steal her pieces!

Needless to say, Daddy thought this was the funniest and cutest thing ever. Mommy finally gave up on the puzzle and put the pieces back in the box except for the ones I was on top of. I guess some people just don't have the patience for puzzles. Sigh.

I am going to the cat doctor tomorrow. I saw Mommy rinsing out the carrier to make sure it was clean. She probably washed it last time I used it because I usually leave a urine sample in the carrier for the doctor, but she cleaned it out again just to be sure. Wish me luck!


The cat doctor says...

September 3rd 2008 2:36 pm
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That my test results from yesterday are in.

My urine tested positive for early renal disease (again), so I have to take another pill every day in case it's caused by an inflamation from an infection.

My thyroid numbers are STILL too high...time to up the meds again.

My heart murmur is the same...grade 3.

I lost another pound in spite of eating very well.

I don't know why I am not getting better. I am a good boy and take my pills every night for Daddy. Mommy and Daddy take great care of me and fuss over me constantly, and I am still having all these purrrr-roblems.


Dancing with the staff!!!

September 17th 2008 6:52 pm
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My favorite show is Dancing With the Stars, which starts its new season again next week!

Well, imagine how excited I was when Mommy came home and told me that she got an email where she works announcing an upcoming event called Dancing With the Staff!!!

There were no details provided yet, but the email said they will have choreographers and everything! Imagine my very own Mommy dancing on Dancing With the Staff???

Mommy has two left feet and might not get very far though! At lunch today she met another lady who is interested in doing it, but she TEACHES salsa! If that is the competition, I think my Mommy will be OWWWT!


My new territory

September 29th 2008 4:04 pm
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Yesterday Daddy kept asking:

Do you want to take a nap now?

I said "YES!"

Do you want me to fix you something to eat?

I said "YES!"

Do you want to watch something other than football?

I said "YES!"

Do you want to put your head on my lap?

I said "YES! YES! YES!"

Then Kiki pointed out to me rather rudely that he was talking to Mommy and not I could stop answering. Kiki said Catsy had to leave for Heaven, and that is why Mommy's face was all wet and Daddy was being so nice to her. (He is almost always that nice though!)

I followed Mommy into Catsy's room while she sorted the laundry, and she did not stop me like she always does. It must be true that Catsy does not live here anymore.

Well, I shrugged...I might as well eat her food. What???? It was going to go to waste??? Geeesh. You're right, though. I took only a bite and then I decided to leave quietly and join the rest of the family in their observance of the loss of this cat I could not stand. Family obligations, you know.

But don't you worry. I know Kiki has her eye on Catsy's room. I already chased her out of there once. After I have allowed enough time to go by to be polite, I am going to claim that room as mine!


Dancing with the Staff News!

October 5th 2008 4:08 pm
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Mommy read on the company calendar that "Dancing with the Staff" classes start October 20. But no one has explained yet what this is! Is it just a class, or a competition? As long as it's not a serious competition, I think my mommy should do it. Also, there better not be any television cameras!

Mommy met a nice lady at work that she has been going to the employee gym with. She is also married with two cats and no human children, and relatively new at work like Mommy. She actually is a fitness trainer somewhere else, working full time, getting her Master's degree and going to the gym with Mommy! Yeah, she's crazy. Mommy likes having someone to work out with who is so much more advanced because it forces her to try harder.

Speaking of Mommy, I have been working overtime in my job as "healer of broken hearts". My Mommy's heart is still aching for Catsy, and I help her by plopping on her lap and purring and kneading her. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it. Besides, it's getting colder, and we both need to stay warm! I sure am a nice guy.


I'm so cute!

October 11th 2008 6:50 pm
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Mommy says I am so cute! Why? Because I am!

I always want to cuddle with her (and/or Daddy) on the couch.

When I want my Fancy Feast, I go over to the cabinet where I know it lives. Then I open the cabinet door with my big giant paw. My extra toes make me super agile!

Usually I just open the door and meow or stare intently at the Feast hoping someone will notice just how cute and hungry I am. But last night, I climbed right into the cabinet (on the second shelf) and parked myself right next to the Feast! Mommy saw me lying next to the Feast and she said, "Oh, Mouse! You are so cute!" Did it work? What do you think? ;-)

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