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The Lord of the Manor Speaks

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October 17th 2007 10:24 am
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Wow. If you think the vacuum cleaner is scary, you should hear chainsaws! Today there are men here who are cutting down some trees. They sure are making a lot of scary noises! Mommy and Daddy did not want the trees to be cut down, but they were in really bad shape and in danger of falling on the house or even on our busy road! So now we will just have some firewood and fewer trees. Mommy says we will plant more.

I have been hiding upstairs and trying to make sure I am undetected by the strangers! Also, I dislike the noise very much. I wanted to go out on my screened in porch, but it was too noisy and scary. Kiki went out there briefly. She came back in and told me to stay inside until the men are all gone. I think I will.


What the Meow!?!?

October 23rd 2007 12:25 pm
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Today Kiki came up to me and said, "I think we're having company soon. Mommy is cleaning the house, and she has the vacuum out." I told her I was not worried at all, since I planned to sit in my chair on the porch, where it was nice and...NOISY AND SCARY???

Today there were men working in our yard to install a new septic tank. Apparently, this entails digging up the entire yard and making all kinds of noise. They had this HUGE machine that had what looked like a giant litter scoop on the end of it. It said "CAT" on it, and they were using it to dig up all of Daddy's lawn. Is that supposed to be funny?

Kiki and I hustled ourselves over to the other side of the house to look at the birds and get away from the machines. Then the worker men walked by and said "hi" to us. I said "meow" back. I mean, there's no reason to be rude. Kiki refused to acknowledge them, pointing out that she is simply not going to compromise her principles by encouraging strange men to speak to her.

They are almost done working, and we all can't wait. Mommy wants us back in our spots on the porch so she can mop the kitchen floor before the company comes!


I am such a good boy!

October 27th 2007 6:58 pm
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Mommy said I was an exceptionally good boy yesterday and today. I was nice and quiet instead of meowing all the time, and I did not try to escape from the house while Mommy and Daddy were opening and closing the doors a lot, and I walked right by Catsy last night and just kept walking. I did not eat Catsy's food today either. I am a good boy. (Kiki escaped from the house today and made Mommy and Daddy chase her around the yard in the rain.)

Mommy put a special new cat bed by the fire for Catsy, and I decided I wanted to sleep there. I don't care if it has pink flowers and ruffles on it or not. It's super-comfy! Mommy said I can sleep there too if I want to. Why shouldn't I? Catsy doesn't want it! She only wants her pink bed from Sky.


I am sick today

October 29th 2007 6:55 am
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I don't feel well today. This morning, I threw up a LOT all over the floor at the bottom of the stairs. Mommy cleaned it all up and said she was not mad at me at all...just worried. I did want some food, and then I wanted some more food.

Mommy said I could sit on the porch if I wanted to today, but that it might be best if I slept inside today. So I decided to sleep on the couch today where it is warmer and Mommy can keep an eye on me. She's been petting me a whole bunch and making a big fuss over me! Mommy says I should stay in bed and rest all day, which works out fine for me since that is mostly what I do all day anyhow!

I think I am sick from my thyroid medicine. I hope I can get Radiocat soon so that my hyperthyroidism will be cured and I won't have to take medicine anymore.

I best get back to bed now.


Feeling all yucky and girly

October 30th 2007 12:07 pm
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Mommy just took even MORE photos of me in a pink flowery bed with ruffles! She is going to ruin my macho image! This is a new one we got so that Catsy would have an alternate bed when she was traveling in other rooms. But so far, I am the only cat who likes it! We also have a bed with red flowers that I like, and another pink one for outside. You would think I like flowers or something! I think someone here does, but it's not me! That said, I can't tell you how comfy this new bed is!

I am still not feeling too hot. I have not thrown up anymore, but I am sleeping an awful lot. Yesterday I slept ALL DAY, and I even let Mommy cover me up with a blanket, which I usually don't tolerate. Today, it was noon-thirty and I was still not up yet, not even to eat. Mommy performed a test of my appetite by opening and closing the cabinet door that hides my Fancy Feast! I passed the test! I came down pretty quickly to get my food. She also performed a test of the litterbox after I used it. Don't ask me what that was all about.

I called in sick to my office on the porch again today. Kiki will handle my affairs why I am out sick. I have gone out a few times just to check in, but then I can't get comfy and I want to go back in. She did tell me that a woodpecker is pecking holes in our house! Boy, I wish I could go out there and get him!

Thank you to Spunky and Diego, Lulu and Leggs for my get well rosettes! They helped a lot. Also, thank you to Cybil and Loki for the pmails. I appreciate everycat's concern very much.

Hopefully by tomorrow I will be all better for sure.


All better for Meowlo-ween!

October 31st 2007 7:29 am
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I seem to be all better now, thanks to all my good friends purring for me!

Last night, I felt better and I wanted to celebrate! I asked Mommy to brush me, so she did, and that made me feel better. To look good is to feel good, and I looked great!

I started meowing again, and I even jumped up on Mommy's desk to visit her! I jumped in the tub for a while too, which is where I love to go and sit and catch some drops of water. I visited Catsy (with Mommy to watch me) and I was mostly good.

Then I asked Mommy to help me get my toys out so I could play. I played with my furry mouse (named Eeek!) and my ping pong balls and little kitty ring from Calvin and his family and also my fishing pole and my mouse wheel. Mommy said she was so happy to have me back!

I got better just in time for trick or treaters! We did not have trick or treaters last year because Grandpa was sick and Mommy was with him all the time. The year before, we lived in a totally different house, so we have no idea how many trick or treaters we might get! Mommy is going to put some lights up to encourage kids to come. I hope we get a whole bunch!


Heartbreak in Catsterland

November 1st 2007 11:16 am
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Today there is even more heartbreak in Catsterland. We have lost so many of our good friends in the past few weeks alone. We were still reeling from losing Amelia when we lost the beautiful Sydney Rose. We also lost our friend Kiki.

We thought things were turning around. We got such great news from Adam, and our dear Miz Hazel Lucy was Cat of the Week!

But just yesterday, we found out that Roy Baxter Baxter Boy had to leave us. He was a great guy.

And today we got the sickening shock of finding out that Milo, a member of one of Catster's most beloved furmilies, suddenly left for the Bridge this morning. What a terrible loss for Milo's family and for our whole Catster family.

I was just meowing with Milo the other day. I can't believe he is gone. I really don't know how much more bad news I can take.

My most special memory of Milo is when we went to Yosemite for Truman's bachelor party! It was so very fun. Milo drove us around in his car. He was a very good driver. Milo's mommy Janet is so nice that she even sent me a photo of us boy cats out on the town!

Milo, I know we will be friends forever, but right now, I just miss you.


Cat Wheel of NOT Fun

November 5th 2007 4:43 pm
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A few weeks ago, Mommy and Daddy went into Target to buy kitty litter. This trip somehow cost them over $100!

Anymeow, one reason they overspent was because Mommy and Daddy each picked out a new toy for us. Mommy got us one of those crinkly tubes, and Daddy got something called the Cat Wheel of Fun.

Have you ever seen the Cat Wheel of Fun? It's a round frame with some fabric over it (reminds me of my cat carrier!), and it has four compartments to sleep, hide and play in. While Daddy put it together, Mommy tried to get us to play with the crinkle tube, but mostly we just ran away because we were scared of the crinkle noise. Kiki decided to play with the Target bag, which makes the exact same scary noise, so Mommy could not understand why she did not like the new toy! Mommys just don't understand us cats sometimes.

Finally, the Cat Wheel of Fun was ready! But has anycat even played with it just once? NO! All three of us have rubbed our faces on it, and that is it! Mommy thought maybe we just needed time to discover it, but it looks like it was just a huge waste of money. For the record, Mommy's toy was also a waste of money, but much less money!

Mommy says she told Daddy we would not like the Cat Wheel of Fun, and she has no idea what to do with it now. Sigh. I wonder sometimes if poor Daddy ever gets tired of being wrong.

Well, at least Kiki liked the Target bag, so it wasn't a total waste.


Mommy is going back to work

November 6th 2007 6:50 pm
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Mommy just told us she is going back to work. She starts her new job on Monday. I am not happy. I spent all summer training her how to be a cat, and now all my hard work and training is down the tubes. I guess you just can't find good help these days.


The four-person blood draw team

November 9th 2007 12:42 pm
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Today I was sleeping on the people bed in the guest room. I was already quite comfy when Mommy turned the electric blankie on just for me. I didn't think I could possibly be any happier!

But then Mommy had to go and ruin it by packing me all up in that box and lugging me to the v-e-t! I yelled at Mommy that this was no way to spend our last day together before she goes back to work!

Mommy tried to collect my urine sample at home in the litterbox, but I would not give her one! Why should I make her job any easier? But when I was at the v-e-t and I saw that big pee-collecting needle coming toward me, and I said..."ok! ok! You can have my pee! Here!" and then I put their sample right on the table for them. (After they collected it, I left three more for good measure. They might have gotten what they wanted, but now they have a whole load of laundry to wash just from me!)

The doctor said my specific gravity is unchanged, which is not the news we wanted. Also, my heart murmur is back...grade 3 out of 5. The doctor is not happy that I had a bout of vomiting either, and he is worried about my cough. He suspects that my thyroid, which we JUST got regulated with the pills, is running away on us again. What are we going to do? I am not well enough for Radiocat yet, but the pills are not good for me either, and it seems like I am no better now than I was before after all this pain and expense. And if it's NOT my thyroid, then it's something else.

To confirm his theory, the doctor said he needed my blood. Oh dear. He got one vial he needed, but then decided that to get the second vial he would need one just more pair of hands...his! That would bring the total number of people holding me down to three, plus one towel! But who would draw the blood if he was helping to hold me? The doctor asked his wife (also a v-e-t) to come in and draw the blood! Four people and one towel, just to get a little blood from my paw! Mommy asked them if I was the worst cat ever, and they just laughed and said I am not even in the same ballpark as their most difficult patients, and that made Mommy feel a tiny bit better.

After the blood fiasco, it was finally time to go home. I always come out of my carrier at home and act as if nothing happened! I wanted food! So Mommy gave me the yummy feast she promised me, and now I am going to see if those blankets are still warm!

Mommy is awfully worried about me. :-(

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