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Tagged for Christmas

December 9th 2007 5:09 pm
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I have been tagged by the handsome Louis Le Beau. (I have to say that - cos I think we look like twins :) ).

Rule are that I put in my diary the five (5) thing I want most for Christmas, so I've had to start a diary.

1. Prawns for lunch
2. Chicken for dinner
3. For all the Catster and Dogster clans to have the bestest Christmas ever
4. Peace and Goodwill for all critters on the planet - after all, we're all in this together
5. Left-over prawns and chicken for breakfast :)

And of course, my New Year's Resolution should be to go on a diet .... but it won't be.

I am now tagging:
Reeses Thomas

Purrs, Ra


Some things came true ...

December 28th 2007 8:58 pm
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When I was tagged, and had to mention what I wanted for Christmas:

I got the chicken for dinner (turkey actually - but close enough), but I had to wait for Boxing Day for the prawns.

Hopefully, my wish for all Catster kitties to have the bestest Christmas ever, came true too.

It would be nice if there was peace and goodwill for all critters, but so far it hasn't been happening, sigh.

Hope everyone has a Happy New Year - I'm wishing for chicken and prawns again - I'm a creature of habit.

Purrs, Ra


Jan 1

December 31st 2007 5:14 pm
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Well, it is in Australia. The start of a new year, already tinged with sadness from the finish of the old, and the friends who have left us and gone to the Rainbow Bridge, in some cases, far too soon.

Well,I'm not making any resolutions. I know I'll only break them. My hero is the ginger kitty, Garfield - so lets sleep in, and pass the lasagne (or in my case, prawns, chicken, turkey, ham). Is it my fault I'm big boned? If Alex and Utu would finish their meals, I wouldn't have to clean up after them :)

Anyway, this is just a quick entry to wish everyone on Catster and Dogster a great New Year!

Purrs, Ra



February 4th 2008 5:54 pm
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I have been tagged by the handsome Louis Le Beau.

Here are the rules of the game! Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged, need to post in their Diary the rules & their 7 pawsome facts. Then choose 7 cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to purr them a pmail that they have been tagged and to read your Diary or send them a fun Rosette announcing they've been Tagged!

So here are my 7 facts:

1. I am named after the Egyptian sun god Ra because of my beautiful golden fur.
2. And, funnily, I love to bask in the sun and feel its warm rays on me, especially in winter
3. My favourite food is chicken or prawns, but I won't turn my nose up at anything cos I'm a tooth fairy
4. I have my own personal bodyguard - a 40kg rottweiler (Freya) who adores me (understandably so - Mum says I am very cute)
5. I am very good at playing hide and seek - and for a reasonably sized lad, it's amazing the small places I can hide in :)
6. I am very vocal when I want my breakfast or dinner!
7. I like to inspect everything Mum is doing, to make sure she is doing it properly, especially cooking

That's it for me and now I tag these 7 cats:

1. Bumper
2. Gordy
3. Oly
4. Toffy
5. Punkin Pooh
6. Rags
7. Rider

If any of you have already been tagged, or just too busy catching mice, then just ignore this. Have fun!

Purrs and headbutts,



March 30th 2008 9:51 pm
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I've just started a group, Brisvegas Cats 'n Dogs, for cats and dogs that live in Brisbane (and anyone else who is interested), cos I noticed while strolling that there are 128 Bris cats and 191 Bris dogs on Catster/Dogster.

I was even thinking we could organise a Dogster picnic at a dog park, or maybe we could all walk together at this year's Million Paws Walk for the RSPCA. It would be nice to meet fellow Casters & Dogsters in person.

If anyone is interested, it's called Brisvegas Cats 'n Dogs. Pop in for a look see, and a chat.

Sandpaper kisses, Ra


Somebody liked my diary ....

March 31st 2008 12:35 am
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Ohh, I'm so excited. I've been chosen one of the daily diary picks at Kitty Diary Central.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before. I was so thrilled when I got the Pmail.

Purrs and kittenish capering, Ra


I've been tagged by Rizza

June 9th 2008 5:03 pm
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The most beautiful girl in the world :)
S0 ... 5 things about me.

1. I'm extremely fond of food, especially prawns and chicken - as my waistline attests :)
2. I enjoy playing chasey with my new(ish) baby brothers, Smokey and Marmalade (aka Mini Me)
3. I like lying in the sun in the window and watching the birds in the outside world
4. I like cuddles with mum
5. I like being brushed - especially nice and hard down my spine, I stick my tongue out and purrrrrrrr

Ohh - it's so hard to choose, cos I have so many wonderful friends on Catster, but:

I tag Muffy, Punkin Pooh, Scaredy, Jet and Osiris

Purrs and Headbutts, Ra


Get to Know Your Pals

February 9th 2009 4:46 pm
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Get to Know Your Pals

I was tagged by the suave and talented Reeces Thomas. Here's what we have to do....

Welcome to the new edition of "2009 Get to Know Your Pals"

Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your diary. Read then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better!! Have fun!! Then send a rosette to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary!!!!

Here we GO!!!!!

1. What color is your collar? I don't wear a collar. I prefer the fur I was born in!

2. What kind of food do you eat? Food, did someone mention food? The daily stuff is dry food, Whiskas cans and fresh meat. The treat food is PRAWNS, BBQ chicken and anything else the hoomans may be partaking in.

3. What are your favorite treats? PRAWNS of course. I'm an Aussie cat :)

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other?? Well, Reeces has a very cute sister, Snicker, but she might not be interested.

5. Do you get Table Scraps? Scraps? I get the good bits!

6. What is your favorite toy? Freya, the Rottweiler.

7. When is your Birthday? October 11

8. How many times a day do you get to eat? Well, breakfast and dinner, but if Mum is home there may be snacks - like a bit of dry at 2am in the morning :)

9. Do you have a favorite color? I'd have to agree on Reeces with this one - Orange. It's the colour of Harmony, you know.

10. Do you hope all your pals puts this in their diary? Yes. It would be great to get to know my pals better.

Now, pick 4 friends:

1) Muffy #314237
2) Merlin the Cat Wizard #187205
3) Mercedes (Mercy) #56398
4) Tigmut'hep #301987


Praying and Purring for the victims of Victoria's bushfires

February 9th 2009 4:59 pm
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It is a very, very sad week, with so many killed in the Victorian bushfires.

Our ABC has coverage of the disaster on their website:

It is heartbreaking to see the ferocity of the flames, and the devastation.

We have been watching the news in tears over the loss of life, and the lives forever changed. What is so hard to comprehend is that some of the fires were deliberately started.

We are all hoping that those Catsters and Dogsters whom we know, and whom we don't are all safe and well, along with their families, and that they know we are purring for them.


Trip to the Vets

March 27th 2009 6:20 pm
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Mum took us to the vets today for our annual vaccinations. Utu protested very vocally the whole way down and back in the car. I was more resigned and just sulked. He cleaned our teeth, shoved worm pills down our throats, checked our ears and jabbed a needle in us. It was all so traumatic, I just had to have a sleep when we got home. There better be something nice for dinner to make up for the indignities heaped upon us. I'm glad it only happens once a year!

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