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Sam I am!

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What a nice day!

April 10th 2006 8:52 pm
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Hello! I'm Sammie, but Mommy calls me her little man. I was a Christmas present from Mommy's neice on Christmas Eve, back in 1992. Mommy says I was 8 weeks old and so cute and small and full of energy. Mommy wasn't married when she got me as a present then, and Mommy and I lived in a small one bedroom apartment. Mommy always laughs when she thinks back on those days as I use to tear up the place while she was at work. I use to go visit my Grandma & Grandpaw alot when I was a baby(Mom's parents) I loved my Grandpaw as he always played with me and pulled my tail. Those were the days! Now I have a big house, a pawsome Daddy and a Brother named KiKi. He sure bothers me sometimes, but he's ok.

Today my Mom took us out for a nice long walk. I wait by the door everyday in hopes of going for a walk. When my Mom says Do you want to go for a walk? I'm ready! She took me in the garden an I ate some catnip, I just love it. I even tried to catch some of the birds in the yard, but no luck there. My brother always chases me in the yard an we always have so much fun running around out there. I came in from my walk an was a little tired. Mom had a good dinner waiting for me when we came in. Then I reclined on my couch for a nice long nap. Boy! that walk really wore me out! I think I'll write more after I get some rest. :)


Happy Easter Felines!

April 13th 2006 8:56 pm
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Hello to all my feline friends. I've been having fun all week, Mom has had her windows open all day and I think I've been in everyone. It's been lovely weather an I went outdoors today again with the watchful eye of my Mom. I wanted to wish all my friends an family a wonderful Easter.
Bye for now! Sammie Boy:)


Were waiting to go out "Hello"

April 19th 2006 10:51 am
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Today was so warm out and me an my brother were anxiously waiting by the screen door, my mom took this picture of us. We just really wanted to go eat some fresh catnip! Well, we'll see....


Thank You Mommy!

May 14th 2006 2:39 am
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Happy Mother's Day Mom and to all Mom's out there.
Just wanted to say thank you for all you do for us!
Your boy;
Sam xoxo


Hello All

May 31st 2006 6:13 pm
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Boy! It's been awhile since I've written, hope everyone is doing well, it sure has been warm, I mean hot. Today Mommy and I went out for a nice walk, I found a nice shady spot and decided to stay awhile, while my Daddy filled the bird feeder, there was a real pretty bird stuck inside the feeder, I thought he might be dead, but my Daddy went in there and got him out, I don't think he got hurt, cause he flew away. I am sure glad of that. My Mommy let me stay on the deck with her and my brother KiKi while she watered her plants as we watched the birds together, of course I had to eat some of the catnip, it was getting quite warm, so I went in an cooled off. My Mom always takes me out again when it cools off in the evening, I have her trained just right. Well, guess it's about that time again for a nap, see you guys later, and hope you are all well.


Hi Again!

June 1st 2006 11:28 pm
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I was out back today chasing some frogs, it was very warm so Mommy said I should go inside. I really like to watch those froggies though. We had a thunderstorm tonight, my brother KiKi gets so upset during those storms, but they don't bother me I just sleep right through them. He's some what of a Baby, but I love him. Hope all you kitty's had a good day :)


Hello Everyone!

June 8th 2006 7:52 pm
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Hello Felines;
Today was fun! I went out with my Mommy and it was a lovely day. There is a pretty bird out back with her nest of little babies in our bird house, the Mommy bird fed her babies all afternoon, as you can see from my picture I was worn out from all the excitement, my brother KiKi had tried succesfully to climb the tree. My Mom took a picture of me and my brother lounging on our deck. Think I had too much catnip! It made me sleepy. We had another storm this evening, so I couldn't go out again:( This weather sure is crazy,
I will try though again tomorrow. Hope all my friends are doing well.


Hello to my kitty friends!

June 14th 2006 6:27 pm
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I just wanted to say Hi to all my kitty friends. I'm anxiously waiting for Daddy's day to come, my Daddy is the best, he buys all my goodies, my cat food, litter, and even treats too. Today, he bought me a cute little window chair so I can watch the birdies from the window, I really appreciate every thing he and Mommy does for me, so I want to be a good kitty on his special day, an give him lots of kisses. I really love them. They always tell me I'm a really good boy. My Mommy took me out today for a walk and I had some catnip again. My brother and I are going to get some of those treats, so I guess we will be taking a nice nap soon.
Good night to all my kitty pals! :)


The Vet! Oh No.....

June 16th 2006 9:12 pm
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Hello Felines;
Yesterday I had to go to the Vet for my regular checkup. Boy the ride to the vet was very scary for me, I use to like to go for a drive with my Mommy but, I knew this one was different. In the Vet's office the nice Doctor cleaned my teeth and then I had my two shots, boy they did hurt a little. I sure felt better when I left that office, Mommy said I did well. Then, last night I wasn't feeling well at all, and was a little sick to my stomach, so I left Mommy and Daddy a surprise, my dinner! When Mommy got up this morning, she had noticed I left another surprise an that I was a little under the weather. Oh no, my Mommy called the Vet again, and said to be on the safe side to have me come in, I had 103 temperature from the shots-I wasn't at all hungary an Mommy was worried. The Doctor said I should be fine, I did wind up eating my dinner this evening and keeping it down for the most part. I sure hope that I feel better tomorrow, cause I sure slept all night. It was a very trying couple of days. My Mommy stayed with me and said everthing will be ok. I was relieved. I think my fever dropped and now I'm going to sleep in my Daddy's big chair and looking very forward to that, and of course some of those treats!
I hope all my friends are doing well too.


Feeling alot Better!

June 17th 2006 8:43 am
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I'm feeling alot better today. I want to thank Catster for picking me for today's daily diary pick. Boy, I'm a happy boy!
Thank You everyone.........
Sammie :)

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