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"In The Pink"

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It's my Birthday

September 14th 2009 9:36 am
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I can't believe that this is my first diary entry.

I generally have my opinion and proudly voice it. MOL

This year has been quite eventful leading up to my 9th birthday.

We adopted 2 kitties into our furramily and lost my dear furrend and cousin Wriggley.

But with those events, I found that although Mom and Dad are quite protective of me, I can overcome changes that happen in our home and come through it quite well. You see I was the baby until Miss Xena came along.

So today I will reflect on the year and thank my furramily for adopting me and giving me a wonderful home.

That is the best present I could ever have been given.





September 15th 2009 9:53 am
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I had a wonderful and sunny birthday

Much thanks to:

Mercy for my catnip know how much my family loves them. But I didn't have to share with anyone cause I was the birthday girl.

Flo, Flossie, Arnold, and Sandra Marie for my purrity party hat.

Jack, Bobby & Teddy Kittedy for my beautiful rose. Thank you guys.

Tasha for my tasty ice cream cone. It was yummy. I didn't have to share that either. MOL

Hazel Lucy for thinking of me on my special day

My special day was even more so because of wonderful furrends like you.

Much luv and purrs


Another year older

September 13th 2010 7:14 pm
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Mom says that 10 years ago angel Bunka brought me to her so that she would not be so sad anymore.
Bunka had passed away in April,2000 and Mom and Dad were heartbroken.

My brothers and sisters brought them joy. But Mom says that I was different. My sweet manner and gentleness was a special gift that was given to them.

In reality, the gift was given to me in that I am with my Mom and Dad. I am loved and wanted.

Thank you to all my friends that have left me giftees today and happy birthday greetings. We are so happy to have found Catster. We don't know what we would do without you in our lives.





January 31st 2011 1:39 pm
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I was tagged by my furriend Annie from the Calico Junction.

5 Things That Humans do that Bug Me

5) Lock me out of their bedroom

4) Go outside and not invite me for a carry around the yard

3) Not take me for a ride in the car

2) Not giving me food when I demand some

1) Leaving me to go out. (I hate Monday-Fridays)


Purrs for a furry family member

November 17th 2011 6:51 am
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Our non-feline furry family member Peanut seems to be under the weather this week.
He is a deer mouse that Dad rescued 5 years ago. He was a little guy when he was aimlessly walking around in our backyard. Dad brought him in and made a cool home for him in a glass fish aquarium with a woodsy theme. He stays in Dad’s office and keeps him company when Dad is working from home. I am the only kitty that has been allowed to be in the room unsupervised with Peanut because I don’t try to get at him and eat him. I sleep on Daddy’s chair and we hang out together.

We have come to love Peanut and his sweet mousy antics. Every year he still collects food and stores it for the winter (which never gets colder then 70 degrees)…MOL.

He is a little different from a field mouse because he has big ears and eyes.

People say he is just a mouse and that it is no big deal. But he is a member of our family and we have loved having him in our home. Dad is feeling sad today because he thinks he may be close to making his journey to the Bridge.

We would appreciate a few purrs from our fur friends that Peanut has still got a few more trips around his wheel before he says good-bye.

We would also like to ask for purrs for our friends and familys that are sick, missing, or have just made their journeys.

Hugs and Thanks



DDP!! No, DOTD !!

November 20th 2011 6:53 am
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OMC...I am so honored that my diary about Peanut was chosen as
as a DDP.

He is as much a furamily member as all us kitties. Yes, there are 8 of us and we have a mouse in the house..MOL.

He is still hanging in there. One eye is shut like he scratched himself or may have an infection. We really hope that he can bounce back from it. He is eating and drinking which is a good sign.

Thanks everyone for your purrs for Peanut and concats on my DDP.

It is suppose to be a beautiful day here in the NE. We will take all those that we can get at this point at the end of November. Enjoy your Sunday everyone!!



My dear furriend Pixie pointed out that I am the DOTD...WOW, that is even better Pixie..Whoo Hoo !!


RIP..little buddy..Peanut (8/2006-11/21/2011)

November 21st 2011 6:20 am
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With a saddened heart, our family is mourning the loss of our mousey Peanut.

He went to the Bridge during the night. He was in his wood house, where he felt safe, for his final resting place.

It is funny how such a small creature could teach us so much about survival and instinct.

Although he had safe surroundings, he still foraged for food, stored it for winter and “lean” times, and built nests to live and sleep in. It is amazing what they need to do for their survival. Never mind outsmart all the animals that are trying to have them for dinner.

Peanut lived to be an old man by deer mouse standards. The average age is 47.5 months for a captive male deer mouse. Peanut lived to be 64 months. Daddy is given all the credit for that. He spoiled him rotten. He would shuck his peanuts for him and gave him apple sauce in a little dish.

We will miss hearing the mouse wheel squeaking at all hours of the night. Some nights we thought he never stopped running. There was certainly a lot of work to do for such a little mouse.

Thank you to our friends that took a moment of their day to think of him and for all of your sweet comments. It means a lot.

We are so happy that Catster honored my diary entry about Peanut with DOTD and for the beautiful photo mementos made by Tundra, Big Harry and KCK,and Harley.

Thank you Peanut for making all the humans that met you smile and laugh and for keeping us kitties always wanting to get into that room.

Till we meet again….



March 14th 2012 7:56 am
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Mom just logged in to our e-mail and saw my name all over the place. She knew I hadn’t written any diaries in a while. So, what could that mean?

Mom is so proud of her little girl. I am her furry baby. She is thrilled to see my purrty face is on the front page.

I almost wasn’t a part of my family. Mom and Dad were on vacation in Florida and were waiting for a call from a local pet store that helped get stray kitties adopted. My grandpa was going to bring me, my brother Tye, and sister Sadie to the store if the owner called and had room to take us. Mom was so uneasy that week because she knew that she may never see me again. Thankfully, that call didn’t happen until 2 weeks after they came back. Mom was in tears when he called. She felt so bad because she had helped raise us for 10 weeks. She loved us all. But I was extra special.

Dad was pretending that he didn’t feel the same way. But as they were gathering us up, he told Mom that he had no intentions of giving me away. Mom still got weepy at the pet store. But the nice man said not to worry. He would find Tye and Sadie great homes. Tye was a brown tiger and Sadie was a beautiful tortie. I hope they have had as wonderful of a life as I have.

Thanks to Catster for picking me today as COTD. You made Mom really happy. Thanks to my friends that have stopped by to celebrate with me. It wouldn’t be as special without you.

Kisses and Smoochees


I's confused ??????

March 21st 2012 6:23 pm
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I received an e-mail this morning that said I
was a DDP..

But, that doesn't seem to be the case...Am I missing something?

Oh well, can we chalk it up to fleas?? It is warm out today.


HELP for our friends

May 18th 2012 7:07 am
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Please visit Willow’s Page. Her family (Missy and Pumpkin)are in need of new homes. Their Mom is moving and can not keep them and doesn’t have much time left.
We are purring for our friends.

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