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Birds are Dumb!

April 1st 2006 6:34 am
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Well, I decided that my first entry in my diary should be about how stupid birds are in Kentucky!

Just this morning as I was laying in the spot of sunlight that came into the living room, I heard all this noise. I was a little irritated because it woke me from my beauty sleep.

It sounded like someone was beating on a metal pipe or something. It was hard to get back to sleep when this noise continued on and on.

Then I heard squawking - yup, it was squawking. I got a little interested when I heard the squawking cause I know that sound from my "stray" years. It is the sound of "dinner"!

Mommy and Daddy got a little interested too - Mommy was checking out the fireplace, and Daddy went outside. Then I heard them say something about a woodpecker.

Well, the only woodpecker I know is Woody, and it was Saturday, so maybe he had come for a visit in between doing his TV shows. Pretty soon, my two sisters were in the room too cause they heard Woody squawking and pecking.

I told them that Woody was in our fireplace ~ how cool is that! We started fighting over who was going to get Woody once he dropped down and landed in the fireplace. We decided to let Violet kill him, and then we would share in the feast.

Mommy was getting stressed and Daddy came in and said he was going to have to climb on the roof. That sounded like fun to me, but scary!
They were saying maybe Woody was building a nest for Mrs. Woody to have baby woodpeckers.

Well, it's a good thing winter isn't here - those birds would get pretty hot if we had a fire in the fireplace. That is when I decided that birds are just dumb!

We have all these nice trees in our yard, and they want to build a nest in our fireplace? All of a sudden things got quiet. It appears Woody was needed back in the studio.

Yawn, yawn, stretch, look for the sunlight ~ time to get back to my nap. Maybe I'll have some good birdy dreams!


Big Excitement Last Night!

April 3rd 2006 6:12 pm
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Around 9:30 last night I was minding my own business, chillin' out on my sister, Autumn's bed, when all of a sudden, I was picked up and thrown down the steps to the lower level. Flying right down behind me was my two sisters, Violet and Samoa. How rude can you get?? What is goin' on here, I demanded!

Mommy and Daddy were talking about tornados and bad weather. Oh yea, I did hear some thunder and saw flashing lights out the window. I should have known when Samoa was hanging around bothering me. She is afraid of thunder and lightening ~ the big baby!

Then the lights went out - and we're not even in Georgia! We're all sitting in the study, in the dark, but who cares - we can see in the dark. Mommy and Daddy needed flashlights. Everyone was very scared, but what did I do? I found the food bowl! I was calm as a cucumber. Hey - the litter box is down here too. This tornado stuff is pretty cool. Then the all clear came and we had to go back upstairs and go to bed.

But the fun didn't end there! I decided in the middle of the night that I needed to give myself a bath. I was laying on my mommy's leg, and I did the heavy duty bath ~ you know, lots of licking, scratching, biting at my feet. It woke her up and she tried to get me to quit, but you just don't stop in the middle of a bath! Of course, I got to finish my bath, and then a little snack ~ lots of munching and noise to keep everyone awake.

And even more excitement today ~ no electricity for the whole day! Mommy was so bored. I told her I never worry about not having electricity. I did miss my computer time, but I taught her some things to do when there isn't electricity. You know, take a nap, eat, take another nap, bug my sister. . . .

The big news about the storm is a huge tree that came crashing down in our yard. I'll write more about that later because it is big news around here according to the squirrels. They are about as stupid as the birds.

Time to check the weather. . . . .


A Big 'Ole Tree

April 4th 2006 9:44 am
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This is the story about the giant tree that fell down in our yard yesterday. As usual, no one asked me what I thought about it, so I'm sharing my thoughts in my diary.

This big storm came through my neighborhood - you remember me saying we all had to go down in the basement because of tornados. I wasn't scared one bit ~ I ate while everybody else went crazy!

This big ole' giant tree that was pretty much dead from what I could tell, broke in half. The broken piece was standing up and was stuck in another tree! My mommy and daddy spent a long time figuring out how to get that stuck tree out of the other tree. I think they should have left it there because it looked really cool.

They finally chopped it down and guess what? A lot of it was hollow! All the squirrels and dumb birds had used the tree to build nests, eat the bugs and stuff like that.

The next thing you know, all the squirrels are having a meeting and complaining that their big tree is gone. They are so stupid - just like the birds. Half the tree is still there, but they want to be able to jump from tree to tree, and they can't do that now. Wah, wah, wah, big cry baby squirrels!

I'd catch a squirrel and play with it if I went outside. I could go outside, if I wanted to. I just don't want to, it's that plain and simple.

So that's the story - everyone thinks it is such a big deal - not me! A big deal for me is not finding any sun shining through the window. Or not being fed on time - that is a REALLY BIG DEAL for me.

I'm going to go laugh at the squirrels as they look for their missing tree. . . .


Let There Be Music!

April 5th 2006 9:15 am
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Well, how cool is my site now that I have music? Yea, my sisters all wanted music too, but mine is the best ~ it really seems to fit my happy-go-lucky look at life.

Time for a nap . . . . . .


Alarm Clock Duty

April 6th 2006 6:51 am
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Nobody wanted to get up this morning, and my tummy was very hungry. I went over to Daddy and stared at him, but that didn't work. Then I pressed both front feet on his chest ~ still nuthin! So I laid down and put my face right against his. I knew that would do the trick. He rolled over and ignored me!

With the little strength I had left because of my terrible hunger pains, I went over to Mommy and cuddled up against her placing my adorable paws on her bare arms. I knew this would do the trick as I am too cute to ignore.

Yep ~ Bingo ~ worked like a charm! Wait a minute, she is just petting me. That won't do. Time for reinforcements - I signalled Violet to start the annoying long meeeeeeooooooowwwww. That was all it took - everyone jumped up and started moving!

We call it tag team wake-up call. . . . .


Cute Friday

April 7th 2006 9:38 am
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I decided that today is going to be "Cute Friday". I started the day by waking up my Mommy and asking her to tell me I'm cute.

Then I decided to look really cute as I slept on the bed. It must have worked because when Mommy came back upstairs to make the bed, she came over and started petting me.

To kick it up a notch, I started purring really loud which adds to my cuteness. Then I rolled on my back so my big cute belly showed. Unlike my scaredy cat sister, I like having my belly touched and rubbed.

For extra cuteness, I licked Mommy's hand ~ she just melts when I'm cute like that.

And the last thing I did to seal the deal of Cute Friday was to reach for her with my paw when she started to walk away. Oh my, could I get any cuter?

I'm going to go lay in the sun now and see if that makes me look cute. I'm betting that it does. . . . .


My Pulitzer Prize

April 8th 2006 6:40 am
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As I was snuggled up next to my Mommy this morning, I asked her if I would ever be lucky enough to win Diary of the Day. She told me that one day everyone would know what a sweet cat I was - she said I was her Pulitzer Prize, whatever that means!

I decided to put off the morning nap and spend some time on my favorite website, Catster, of course! Did my eyes read that cat-mail correctly? Did it say that I was DIARY OF THE DAY?

MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE - I have the best diary out of 65,252 cats! I really am a Pulitzer Prize!!

Thank you Catster for this wonderful honor. I've already received a rosette from my friend, Toffy. And cats all across the globe now want to be my friend. Is there money involved? You know sometimes you have to be suspicious when everyone wants to be your friend!

I had to email the friends in my group, I Knead You. All the cats in that group will be kneading, drooling, and sucking ears today in my honor!

It's a great day to be Calvin ~ what am I talking about ~ every day is a great day to be Calvin!

I have a special place for my trophy, and I'll be waiting for it to arrive. . . . .


Have Your People Call My People

April 9th 2006 7:10 am
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I am so tired today after all the excitement of yesterday's Diary of the Day honor (hereafter referred to as the "DOD experience"). I was given some special rosettes, and met a bunch of new friends! Thanks again Catster!

My DOD experience made me wonder what will be next ~ a book deal? Movie of the Week? This is a lot for me to think about.

Mommy said that many Catster cats like to play with plastic milk rings and milk lids. We've never played with those before, so first she put a milk lid on the kitchen floor for us. Violet and I just looked at it and told Mommy she dropped the milk lid. Pretty boring we thought!

Then she decided to try the plastic ring. One fling on the kitchen floor was all it took ~ I was acting like a wild man!

Mommy said we will have to collect several of those rings because I've already batted one under the closet door. We'll probably hide them all over the house!

This is my new favorite toy, at least for a day or two. I like picking it up in my teeth, but then it tickles and I throw it in the air. We even got my performance in a little movie snippet on the digital camera. I'll probably show that to Ron Howard or the people at Disney.

My milk ring is blue. I wonder if they come in other colors? I might have to learn how to juggle the milk rings. That would really impress those movie people. . . . .


Orange you glad to be orange?

April 10th 2006 6:54 am
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Today is "Go Orange" day ~ for the 140th birthday of the ASPCA.

I'm orange everyday and I'm 14. Wow - can you imagine what it would be like to be 140?

Orange is the best color.

I blend in with the hardwood floors in our kitchen. If I close my eyes while I'm laying on the floor, I disappear! How cool is that?

Autumn is orange too - we match!

Nothing rhymes with orange - neato!

I must be a "summer", because "winter" can't wear orange. Mommy is a winter. She doesn't like winter ~ she just has the coloring of a winter. I wonder what that means? She doesn't have white hair, so I'm really confused.

Back to orange ~ tigers are orange. Tigers rule!

My Daddy's high school mascot was a tiger.

I want to be a high school mascot. . . . . .


The Name Game

April 11th 2006 7:48 am
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Now that I am famous because of my DOD experience (see my diary from a couple of days ago if you slept through the big event), I'm considering changing my name.

All famous cats change their name. Do you think Top Cat was named that by his Mommy?

First I thought I should be called "The Calvin", like Donald Trump is called "The Donald". I wasn't too crazy about that idea.

Then I thought maybe I needed two names - like Dexter Jeebus, my hero. He is the leader of our Brilliant Orange Cats Unite group. His name just flows off your tongue -- Dexter Jeebus -- how cool is that name?

Let's see. . . . .Daddy said, how about Calvin Bedhog. What??? What kind of name is that? I am not a bedhog! Mommy says I can sleep wherever I want!

I kinda like Calvin Sundance since I like to lay in the sun. Samoa just laughed at that name ~ who cares what she thinks, anyway!

Maybe I should be a symbol! >^..^<

Then my fans would yell ~ "Hey, there is >^..^< the cat formerly known as Calvin"!

This is a lot for my brain to ponder. I'd better sleep on this decision. . . . .

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