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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

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September 6th 2007 6:02 am
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hiding under the big bed, shhhhhhhhhhh, heart pounding loudly, mew, grrrrrr, quiet heart she hear you. Bluieeeeeeeeeeee, Bluieeeeeeee, where is mommsie little girl(big girl).. this what happen, her was doing my fur yesterday and she found a bare spot with a teeny weensy dig mark on it, well, meow, her erupted like MT Etna , the volcano, and her mouth open and roared loudly, spewing lava, spray all over the place.. BLUIE, WHAT HAPPEN , MY POOR LITTLE GIRLIE,, WHERE DID THE HAIR GO IN THAT SPOT..,, well, you would have thought her elevator broke loose and dropped to the bot tem.. all it was , was a spot that was itchy and I itched it.. cat whiskers.. what is a girl to do.. she went right to the phone and called Dr Kibbic, her mouth was running faster than a rabbit being chased by a fox.. oh, really, she told mom that due to the heat and humid that she had seen lots of cat with eczema(can't spell it) to try putting cortisone on it for a while and see what happens.. she hangs the phone up and gives me the look.. I look back, 'WHAT' she puts cream on my shoulder and says, looks like a bath for you tomorrow.. that what she thinks and that is why this morning I am under the bed . I hear her get out towels, smell the shampoo and rinse. she takes blow dryer to living room and towels. She put towels by kitchen double sinks and a wash cloth... open shampoo up and rinse.. then ;I hear the water running... then , oh, no, the foot steps. they are coming this way... Bluieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, Bluieeeeeeeeeeee, come out , come out where ever you are, "Not think so mommy" nope, No, nada, nil. no way Jose".. she peeks under the bed and I crawl back farther, this woman has to be little, just my luck, the ole lady, 61 crawls under the bed and pulls me out and hugs me close and to the kitchen we go.. my copper eyes are bulging out now and in the water I go. I let out a howl like a mountain lion and glare at her. she just keeps humming and says Bluie just relax.. you will like this. "NOT," Will to, "NOT" she a bossy ole bag.. the she puts on the soapy stuff and rubs it all over me cept my face.. oooooooooooooooh that does feel good, ?rub over that way just a little, to the right, down a little. mewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwpurrrrrrrrrrrs.. ok not bad.. now she gets the washy cloth, and wash my face and ears with it. and then "HEY NOT THERE, THAT IS PRIVATE,' they her picks up this thingy that sprays water and rinses me all off. MEOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW I howl again.. just cause I wanted to. I think I done, nope, now the cream rinse, cause Ihave puffy hair and it can get all knotted.. on go the creamy stuff and she rubs me again, OH YES, OVER THERE, NO OVER HERE.. MEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, then rinse off and towel dry. l'HEY, NOT SO HARD , I HAVE SKIN YOU KNOW,, HEY, I WILL HAVE MORE THAN ONE SMALL BARE SPOT IF YOU KEEP THAT UP.. FINALLY AFTER HER RUB ME DOWN TO NOTHING, HER PUTS ME IN THE HAMMOCK. Then she picks up this white thingy that looks like a gun and turns it on and out comes this gust or gale of hot air,, grrrrrrrrrrrr, get back woman.. now Bluie , we have to dry and brush you.. so she blows my hair all over the place brushing and cutting and brushing,,, drying finally she looks at me and says there , go... I sneak up on all four, and very carefully put my little feet in front on each other, and then jump for my life and off I go. I in the sun now and she better stay away Bluie the wet and the furious

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Mousie Slayer, Bluie has been dubbed..

September 10th 2007 6:35 am
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Bluie , here, what an excited weekend.. mom and dad went to the river as usual, even with the report of lots of rain.. so here I am again by myself.
Well , now there is only so much a cat can do by themselves , except, EXPLORE. which I think I was checked every nook and cranny out this summer. For the past month I have been trying to find a source of a noise that is really grating on my cat nerves, or yes we have them... mine really show up if mom gets the brush out.. hmph. anyway back to the noise..
It sounds like little feety running here and there in moms laundry room.. I race down cause I am hearing it again..
When I get to the bottom step I tippy toe, one paw at a time. The noise of little feety have now gone to dads work bench and I can hear it chewing on something,This makes my hair and cotton fur stand on end.. I take point like a doggie.. I not move a muscle and point my copper eyes in the direction of the work bench. With out moving a hair I move my head into position to get a good look. I am a statue by this time, not even breathing that you can notice..I adjust my telescopic eyes and orbit my eyeballs around in search of the noise.. as I focus in I SEE IT, it is HUGEMONGUS FOR SURE, a real cat killer if it could get me or mom and dad. It had round ears on it head, huge's brown eyes, teeth as big as a alligator, a skiing long tail, brown and it was TOUCHING MY DADDYS TOOLS..
My heart pounding, I knew I had to put on end to this gigantic creature of the night.. I must save my humans housie.. with my eyeballs still focus on the critter, I begin to move slowly towards it.. my paws started to sweat , it was huge and I would have to jump on its back to kill it.. I move one paw at a time, stopping each time so it not notice me , I look like our floor .. as I get closer , I can smell him.. oh no, my nose might twitch.. I try not to smell..but my nose, twitchy, oh, no, KAAAAAAAAAAACHOOOOOOOOO, huge sneeze.. critter springs in the air like a coil spring and lands on the floor.. Cats whiskers.. it stays still and does not move. but I know he alive, he huge ribs are moving so I continue my approach... he sneaks back up on the tool bench.. I creep over and get on dads chair and watch this stupid hugemongus think snorting all over my daddy's tool. I gather up all my courage and spring in the air and land on top of him.. now what I do. if I move he get away and then he eat me.. carefully I squiggle back and see his bum and tail.I take his tail in my mouth and jump with him to the floor, He squealing and wiggles.. hard to keep hold of him.. (ps if mom knew I had a mouise in my mouth, she would have a fit) I put him on the floor and place my paw on him. ok, now I have someone to play with.. well, he not very cooperative , he keeps trying to get away.. off he goes, smack, On his tail again , I picks him up and carry him around.. not a friendly critter, well, he tries to rung so I bite him and shake him.. now maybe her play,, hmph, grrrrrrrrrrrrr, meow, I slap him he not moving.. I think he is in mousie heaven,, I walk off so proud. I slew me a huge huge mousie,,
Mommy and Daddy come home and I so cited, they followed me.. Daddy pet my head, said what a good girl.. you caught a little field mouise.. "What you mean little, he huge, yes he is.. Daddy put in on a shovel and took him out. One thing I learn the last time I got a mouse is do not try to eat it or my Mother has a seizure and washes my mouthie out and takes it away..
So then later that night, a kitty fairy god mommy dubbed me Azruine(Bluie ) the mousie slayer,, hard work time for a cat nap zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Bluie

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Could she? no she wouldn't!!!!!!!!!!but she might? run for- the hills..

September 12th 2007 5:11 am
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:-O:-O:-Odad brought my carrier up stairs this morning, :-k:-k:-kdo you think? could she ? no, she wouldn't ::obut I do have a itchy bare spot on my shoulder and it is getting bigger""""""""""and she talked on the phone yesterday with Dr K********************* :-O:-O:-Ook, very quietly now, keep body low to the ground, crawl like a GI man going under a barb wire fence, slow now slow.. :h::h::h:Mommie looking at me ,, do not move, paws. do not move:-O:-O Miss Blue, what are you doing? You look like a kitty rug,I smile at her:D:D:Dnothing mommy.
she go back to typing and I make it under the bed=;=;they I hear the old crones voice "I know where you are" I can get you:-h:-h:-h:-h:-h
Balderdash, foiled again.. Bluiekins


I showed them I did , I did

September 12th 2007 10:39 am
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c;;c; Well I was hiding under the bed about a half an hour before the time for my vet appt. It only takes mom 5 min to get there. :?:?:?I heard her mumbling , Bluie come out here , I am not going under the bed after you... :-Oshe not to bright, not coming out.. so I listen and I hear her take my carrier out doors and the door shut. mew, where her go, her not come back, then I here her moving her garden tools around ,::ohow dare she, she cannot work in the garden with out me. I race to the door, meowwwwwwwwwww, meowwwwwwwwwwww, hey, you for got me , I help garden remember.."The door open and she pick me up and hug me close.. ;);)then I think her wink,, well now that is ambushing me, for sure.. ::ocan I have her arrested.. she put me in the car and I howl, meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, meowwwwwwwwwwww, she say, now be quiet, you ok.. I thumb on the carrier door. hmph not open.. we stop and her come and gets me and the carrier out and in to the vet we go.. I meowing all the way in.. we get in there and she set me down and next to me is another kitty in her carrier.. I stare at her, then meow at her, finally she go to the back of her carrier.. now that is better cause I am boss, I am alpha.. get your little bum in the back of your carrier.. I never take my eyes off the exam room. they call for the other kitty and in she goes.. I watching and listening.. all of a sudden I hear the most PITIFUL MEOWWW I EVER HEARD AND HER DO OVER AND OVER AGAIN.. my eyes got bigger than saucer, I look at mom, oh, on, mom, take me home.. out come tech Bluie room three. I race to the back of my carrier and the kitty is still HOWLING. HER SOUND LIKE A COUGAR CAT... mommy sit me on the floor and Dr K came in.. her say they were drawing blood from the other kitty, (whisper-I think they are draining her dry) we will shut the door so Bluie not hear it so well. HEAR IT, ;I CAN HEAR HER WITH ALL THE DOOR SHUTS.. Dr. K , lets have a look, mom puts me on the table.. I nice at first, her look at the spot and then they check me all over to make sure I not have buggies.. (really a lady not have bugs) then mom say something about a clip and my back toenails...OK THAT DOES IT, WE ARE ALL DONE. I LAY MY EARS BACK AND START TO GROWL..mommie say now Bluie be nice.. YOU BE NICE ,YOU THINK I STUPID, NOT SHAVING MY BUM , NO WAY,, AND I USE THOSE BACK TOENAILS FOR CLIMBING.. THEY STAY AND MY FUR.. Dr.K say I have allergies.. my records show every time since I first came I have problems in Sept and Oct.. so I have to take predizone every day for a week and then every other day for a few days. along with the cream.. she say it is healing. but I dig it open again.. she say I need not scratch or her put a cone on my head.I NOT A CONE HEAD... then she call Kelly the tech, bring me in a big towel and the clippers.. I need your help.. I start to back up and lay my ears back.. mom stops me and says now be good. She come in with the towel and I lay my ears back and start to growl LOUDLY. mommy turns me around with my back to them and next thing I know I am wrapped like a mummy in a red towel with just my "you know what sticking out.. I let out a HOWLLLLLLLLLLL, first they clip my back toenails.. and then , my brain went into over drive, they pick my tail up over my back. I shifted gears into reverse and tried to back out of the towel.. not work. then I shifted gears in to rotate and roll over.. nope.. that ole Dr. K had a good hold on me, the I started to shake my head like a rabid dog, Dr K said run her head , Pat, well moms start to rub my head through the towel and I sat still then , I head the hum of the shaver monster start, up went my tail again and off went my fur.. they finally let me up and took off the towel... I sat there with my eyes rolling around in my head. my now I must have made at least a thousand stress crystals.. I lay my ears back and glared at them.. they just kept on talking about not using cortisone only as a last resort as not good for "heavy"cats can bring on Diabetes.. so we try predizone for now... I laid my ears tight to my head and waited. Dr K move her hand to have one more look at my spot and SMACK FASTER THAN A SPEEDING BULLET I SMACK HER A GOOD ONE ON HER HAND.. SHE THOUGHT A BEE BIT HER, I JUST SAT BACK AND SMILED.. mommie say bad girlie.. that not nice. Dr K say she is just being a cat, mommy say no more like a brat... I showed them..

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September 27th 2007 7:03 am
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Mommy had to many vacations"""""""""""""""""""
You will not believe what she did to me. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, her got noodles for a brain mass for sure.
Every night mommy puts up a baby gate in the hall so I not get near the bedroom door.. Why? you say.. This can be disputed but she says, unlike other kitty's , I do not yowl at the door, but if I did it would not bother her. for those who do not know "yowl" is a cat noise between a meow and a wolf howl. If you ever heard it you would not forget it... only thing worse is a caterwaul yowl, which you never want to hear.All I do is tap her toe softly with my paw, I do not use my nails but the soft part of my paw.. I am a polite kitty like that purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. Her say I not polite, but I know she cannot stand to hear the soft noise cause she listens harder to hear it and it gets her up.. heheheheeee.. really , I think to myself.. so home came the baby gate and out in the front of the house I reside at night with all my toys and food and water and 'TRAY"
Well it was very hot last night so we went to the family room which means they move my tray in laundry room into the family room in case I needed while we all watch TV.. it was a good show. Animal Funniest Videos.. then we came upstairs to go to bed. Mom put the gate up and muttered something about you have your tray down stairs I don't need to bring the other one out.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I should have listen more clearly.
Cat time about 1/2 dish of dry food later, I got an urge, I ran to the dining area to get some relief.. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks , nothing there, I look under the table, meow, meow, not there either, then I race through the door and down cellar to the other tray, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeks, catstastrophie, meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. where is my tray. they FORGOT TO PUT MY TRAY OUT,, I walk back up the stair and go sit by the gate.. maybe one of them will get up... I meow meow a few times, but nothing. I go to the living room, to take my mind off my expanding bladder. I try to drown my mousie in the water fountain to ease my frustration.. zzzzzzzzzzI take a little nap. something wakes me up. an uncomfortable feeling.. by now my bladder is the size of a beach ball and I think it is going to explode and I am new sensation, like a ton of bricks wants to exit my tail.. back to the baby gate, meow, meow meow... meow ... mom opens the bed room door, walks in her sleep, says, Bluie be a good girl, what is wrong, if I was a DOG, I would have jump up and licked her hands and panted to get her attentions, but I a demure little blue kitty(joke) she goes to the 'BATHROOM' of all things, and flushes the toilet.. cat whiskers and stars... that really help. she walks out looks at me, I have an begging look in my eye, she saysYOU ARE NOT THAT HUNGRY , I WILL BE UP IN A WHILE. back to bed she went.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what I do now. ? Lady's do not go with out a tray.. I even upchuck in my tray.. so I sit by the gate and lean on it.. mew, that took a little pressure off.. I wait, wait, as the kitty minutes tick off. just wait till she gets up, I will make her day interesting.. mew, I will meow a lot so her think something wrong and it not. I will knock over a glass of water, I will wrap around her ankle and clamp on with my teethy.. I will zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz what someone moving.? Mommy,, hurry mommy, by now my bladder feels like a giant air balloon that could take off at any moment and my tail area feels like it had a iron block ready to drop out and crush my food.. hurry, mew, mew.. mommy unlocks the gate and opens it, and I am off like a flash in a pan, my four paws barely touch the floor.. in the closet I go and jump in my tray,,prrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrs, purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs. whew that was a relief.. Ok mommy HERE I COME. KITTY GET EVEN WITH HER MOMMY ON THE WAY . As I walk out to her, I here here say, oh, my, I forgot to bring your tray out of the family poor girlie..SHE DOES NOT KNOW THE HALF OF IT, KITTY HELL DAY ABOUT TO START... Miss Bluie

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Tagged and I am going to try and play

October 22nd 2007 5:34 am
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I have been tagged and now I am going to tag 10 more kitties.. when you recieve your tag you in turn will tag 10 kitties and say something nice about each of them.. including me .
Skylar tagged me and he is a wonderful cat, he has a great group Chef Skylar open Restaurant,he is friendly and kind and has a good group of kittys.. check it out and see all the wonderf kitty homemade treat receipes or eat at his restuarant.. now for my 10 picks.
1. Adian, he is a nice kitty, he loves to have fun and he is always very nice.
2.Bob, is a gorgeous kitty,who knows so much about everything going on and he is a good game player
3. Opie is a cute kitty, always ready to help and loves to tease his sister
4. Zoey , she is a hard worker, always ready to help me with any party on Curious Kittys.. she is a good friend to all
5. PJ kitty, is alw;ays there when she is needed, even when her mom is busy she stops in for a while to help out..
6. Mina, a pretty girl for sure, one who loves other kittys, gives us good information and has fun
7. Felix our all around kitty, joins in all the time, makes time for the many groups he is in, helps out and always welcomes all new kittys.
8. Jaz another good helper. he has lots of fun and friends. he comes and chats with us often..
9. Marley is a sweet kitty, quietly helping us all out and has such good advice
10. Queen Pookey,, a great girl. a hard worker, fun loving and soon will be a Mrs Suede, congrats
So if you want to have fun join in our game of tag... your turn to tag 10 kitties, send them a paw mail and let them know.. this is fun Bluie


Tagged by Lady Hildalgo what a great kitty she is

November 21st 2007 7:57 am
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here is how it works. you will need to tag five more kitties. and write five things you are thankful for

1. I am thankful for my mommy and daddy
2. I am thankful for all my catster friends
3. I am thankful for the stray kitties an doggies who find furever homes
4. I am thankful for my health and a warm home to live in
5. I am thankful to be a kitty

here are the kittys I am going to tag... Mandu, Lucie,Mocha,Elvis , Patts
this is fun Bluie


scary scary world I live in but so much better now.

December 14th 2009 4:56 am
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It is so much warmer here than out doors.. I like my home home, I feel safer though I still hide my head under a blanket.. every time I hear mom comeing I am afraid she is going to throw me out like the other people did. I can't help it, it is a huge FEAR for me..I wipe a tear from my eye, will I ever trust a human again. I am moving around more , mom covers my big crate with a blanket then I come out and eat and play.. more so every day now. When the blanket is up now, I eat and look around a little but then I get scared and do the bunny bump as dad calls it. He tells mom I spent to much time in bunny holes when I was out in the wild.. when I get scared I put my head down under something even if it is my paws and my bum up and do not move a muscle. Mom, says I think I am invisible.. and I donot even breath.
Mom and Dad pet me many times aday. I not know if I like it or if I am to afraid to stop them. Something in my memory says it is good. I never scratch or bite at them. I just lower my head and put my ears back and some time give a little hissy. Mom says I am doing the snakey thing to scare them. but my sissy Bluie is right, mom , not much afraid of anythings.. and if her wants to do it she will. cause she loves us.. mew good day I am going under my cat bed again.. Auggie


Mom finally is back here meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

May 1st 2012 3:44 pm
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It has been a long time since I have been here to play and chat with my friends.. mom was not well for a while, then her found this place called Face book,, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr any way I am back a little older but just as smart and can be quite the snot. I her boss, but sometimes she thinks she is my boss. I have to chase her down the hall and smack the back of her leg.. how is everyone?Miss Bluie aka Azurine


Mew is Back no thanks to fb and mommy

November 11th 2012 3:43 pm
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my poor group is hardly working anymore cause my mommy has her face in face book all the times. mew finally made her feel guilty.. and of course I have a new brother she had to add. Yes, that is what mew said a brother.
Can you believe that, here I am a Queen, I allow no animals in my housey if I can help it, cept that old Sophie doggie we watch when mom's human daughter goes on vacation and some day I will smack her a good one. S
spit, sputter, growl hiss, that is what I think of him, He was left at the dumpster next door and mommsie found him in our woodpile, starving to death and covered with tics and buggys, and worms. Cat tails and whiskers, and she wants me to be his sissy. He is looking better, but I haves to keep him in his place, he must bow to me, or I will smack him and he cannot touch my stuff. never never. anyways if any old members of Persian cats and himalayans and family and friends reads this, please mew over and visit us again. and help me getting it going or ask for an invite to join us.. mew has to go take mew beauty nappy now. yours truely Miss Bluie

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