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Hmph Meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwizy

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Bluies thoughts,, for the day

May 25th 2006 11:59 am
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I got up. I went and padded on moms door. She came out and stepped on MY TOY AND BROKE IT.She fed me my breakfast and had her tea.. if she does not get her tea which looks like mud she does not funtion.. DO NOT EVER TELL HER SHE HAS TO GIVE IT UP... EVER SEE A CAT CLIMB A SCREEN DOOR AND YOWLLLL ,well you got the picture. I use my litter, scratch forever making sure not one cyrstal gets on it,,, boss cat you know, I alpha.. she comes whizzing in ,says, whew, what did you do.. , so I go to the bathroom and sit by the toilet ,snort through my nose and go meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, (which means the same thing you did) she picks it out and away it goes.. I settle for nap ,she is ready for a tea buzz and off she goes CLEANING,,, leave my toys right where they are. NO NO, DON'T DO THAT MOMMY,, jump down and drag them all out again... Catstails an whiskers,,, someone call her on the phone... ringgggggggggggg, ringggggggggg, hello, peace at last ,thought for the day.. plug up the vacuum,tip over cat food dish,drag out all my toys..... and tell OpieTbear Iluv him Miss Bluie


A Poem, I am a little Kitty

May 27th 2006 7:16 am
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I am a littl kitty
I am so very pretty
I sit and preen
to make my self oh so clean
my eyes are copper like gold
that is what makes me so very bold
OpieTbear holds the key to heart
together we'll be, never to part
my hair is so blue
what a most beautiful hue
I play and I romp,sleep and eat
there is nothing I cannot complete
I purr, growl and meow
notice me I am here now
I am just a little kitty
I never need your pitty
I strong and bold and never at a loss
because you see we kittys are the boss...
(shhhhhhhhhhhhh not tell my mommy that) see I am a poet and did not know it... Bluie


it is very hot

May 31st 2006 1:15 pm
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I am cranky,and hot... where is moms air? there it is in mom and dads room, ummmmmmmm, push the door open , jump on the bed.. meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, this is the life, nice cold air, not I nicer. I don't feel like biting anyones face off now.. may even leave their ankles alone... hate hot, hate cold, want just right,,,, a little spoiled I am.. someone calling me.. not coming, I in here ,bring my food to me.. geeeeeeeeeeeeeez,,, I coming,, now you make me cranky again.. ummmmmmmmmm, good food, bye,, back to the air... Miss Bluie


Give me back my Fur?

June 5th 2006 5:37 am
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Mommsie brush me every day. Her brush and comb,pick and clip, sometimes I think she is a very bored human.
When she is groom me she rolls all the fur in a ball, and lays it near the window.. now this is MY HAIR.. so when she was not looking I grab the hairball with my teeth and try to swallow it..
Talk about getting up set, I am only trying to take back what is mine and she acts like I stole her dinner or something..
She says let go of that hair ,Miss Bluie, I look at her and shaky my heat no way... I thinking she saved me all the work, here is a ready made hairball. How good is that...
Miss Bluie, I raise my cute little face and look at her with my big copper eyes and say ,mew, but with my mouth shut..
She tries to pry my mouth open, not easy with a flat face, mew,mew,,, no,
She gets hold of some of the hair and starts to pull it out,, I try to hang on to it with my teeth but she gets it.. all wet and slimey.. gag me.. she almost did.
She throws it out doors.. every day her takes my hair and throws it out to the birdies, and they fly around with MY HAIR in thier mouth making a nest.. How Dare They? Just another day in my life Bluie (Azurine)


Stupid Fisy Becker, the Barracuda (Betta)

June 20th 2006 5:00 am
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mommsie got me a pet fisy, thought I need something.. mew, why she get me a pet I can eat.. it is the silliest fisy ever... it just swims around and around in its bowl.. sometimes her sets it on the floor and I can watch him.. this is one mean fisy,, let me just meow that loud and clear. I be peeking at him and he blows up like a balloon and waves his fins at me, and would you believe he tries to bite me.. I think he has it backwards I bite him... he is a dummy for sure.. I get my paw down in the water to swipe him in my mouthy and he dives to the bottom.. sort like Charlie the Tuna, (chicken of the sea)
mommsie set him on the table so he could see us and get some sunlight.. mommsie silly woman.. daddy says he not care..
mmmmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooooooow, her forgot and left him there..oh my cat whiskers, how lucky could I get.. I sit on the floor watching him,, and then I tippy toe to see if her busy with paperwork on the puter . Oh, mew, she was,, I made my little feet run fast, I sit on my haunches, and I start to wiggle my feety and my tail, helps you get off the ground. I get ready to launch,,, one ,two, three, here I go. ooooooooooooooooooooops, mommsie waxed the table.. and I land on the table scarf and I am now going into blast off orb, of the table, I sliding right down and right into Becker the Fisy,, and we born go airborn, kaploop, I hit the floor on all fours and I am on a full run ,to the bedroom and under the bed. I heard the fisy bowl hit the floor, and I hear BLUIE ,WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? From the safty under the bed, I say mew, nothing... I hear her walk to the dining room, I have to see what happened to the stupid fisy.. I tippy toe out, and see mommy on the floor, I see the silly fish was still in the bowl with a little water, the bowl flipped up right.. rats,,, stupid fisy looked right at me and stuck his tongue out..
I stared at him, someday , stupid fish, you are mine? I will swallow you whole and then spit you out..
Better luck next time.. Mommsie say, never do that again.. number one , you broke a golden rule, no jump on the table.. this time I not blame you, mommsie should not have left him there, her gives me a huggie and puts me down. Miss Bluie


You can't get good human help anymore?

June 21st 2006 1:11 pm
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I knew something was up when mom got up early and took a bathy. She fed me and gave me extra huggies.. around 6:30 am dad stops back in and mom has a small knap sack packed.. She picks me up and says you be a good girlie til mommy gets back, I am going to ride with daddy on the big truck to Tupper Lake and back. I will be back in about 6 hours. Six hours. what you mean six hours.. I have lunch in three hours. YOu know the wet food, the stuff you have to fix for me... I sit an stare at her.give her the big coppers and wink,, She says now Bluie , you have your dry food.. NO, I want my wet at noon,, I look up, copper eyes not working,, ok, try the limpy, I limp away. Mommy pick me up and hug me, I know nothing is wrong with you Princess Bluie.,. now you be go. Her gone, pout,pout, long nappy,, noon, come and go.. eat some dry food, cough, spit,sputter.. want wet.. dry is for night.
Finally ,three pm.. in her come.. meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, meowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, Bluie ,give me a minute, What, I gave you two hours.. ok little girl.. click goes the microwave, her warms my food just a little cause kitty like warm wet food, like catching and eating live prey.. ummmmmmmmmmm, yum, yum, glup,,, lick, lick,,, now for a good nappy.. next time mommsie, you get time out if you late BLuie


Mousie driving me kitty krazy

June 22nd 2006 4:40 am
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Every morning and most of the day, I sit on the stairs of the cellar and wait for a mousie,, I got one last week, mommsie said a field mouise got in.. I wait and an wait, nothing,,, my eyes get heavy and they start to fall and I hears him,,, tippy toeing, across the floor to get water out of my dish... of all the nerve,,, I open on eye and peek,, then the other,, I wait,til he is drinking my water,, then I run like the wind, down three steps and pounce.. pow. got him,, I hold on his tail and he is struggleing to gets loose.. not this time silly mousie.. they I lifts my paw just a little and off he goes.. I chase him all over and on the way I knock a few things on the floor or knock them over, under the washer he goes.. I get my head down and try to ge under, I not fit... cats whicsker, next time , mousie,, you are mine.. Bluie


I have put my comb, brush and nail clippers on E-Bay for- sale

June 26th 2006 8:30 am
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That will solve the problem of mommsie pulling my hair and cutting my nails..going real cheap if anyone interested.. just a treat or two and they are yours.. sincerely Bluie


Giant Blue Kitty Cat monster In Mommy closet

June 27th 2006 5:52 am
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I was helping mom clean the closet, her left the door open.. so I tippy toe over to peek in . As I turn around a giant Blue kitty jump at me and I jump to and ran under mommsie bed.. on the door of her closet is a long shiny window and that giant mean blue kitty was outside it.. I hiding under mommy bed and my heart was pounding. Mommy not fraid cause her still cleaning out there. So I crawl out from the under the bed very slow and slink over to that window in door again.. I sit down and peek at the window. CAt whiskers, there it is again, I glare at with and it glares at me with these huge copper, mean mean eyes. I give it my meanest look,, it stares right back at me. Mommy, said what you doing Bluie,,, then I think she snickered at me.. so I stand up and it stands up, I sit down and it sits down.. I start to growl, I., not hear it so it must cannot talk.. carefully I move and pow, I swat it good with my paw and it swatted me back,, but I not feel it.. meowwwwwwwwwwww, what a big ugly kitty, and of all things it is Blue.. so I sneak up very slowly and peer out the window squishing my nosie again it, and open my eyes and jump 3 feet high, it had its nosie against mine, and under the bed I go again.. mewowwwwwwwwwwwww, mew, mommsie get it.. her is laughing so hard her crying and she think it funny... hope it bite her. She closes him in the closet, pulls me out and say silly that was you., it is a mirrow ,, she hug me and I say in kitty "was not me" Bluie


Momma getting me a pet sitter?

June 28th 2006 11:53 am
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I not need someone to come here and sit on me , what is wrong with her mind.. I think they going on something called a vacation, for 4 days and her not want me to not be checked on. Her say they come to get to know me today... yeah, like you need to practice sitting on me. Well, lets just get this straight , I not letting no one sit on me, they can sit on stupid fisy Becker if they can catch and then I will eat him.. pet sitter, I not think so Bluie

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