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My name is SMOKEY

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I am Ginger's sister

February 22nd 2006 5:08 pm
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I am the healthy (albeit a little plump) one! I am the quiet one. A "friend" came to visit my mom & dad when I was a kitten, and unbeknownst to them (and me) he brought his dog! Scared me half to death, and I am still quite shy and timid. I am starting (after 9 years) to get used to people, and will make an appearance when certain special friends, or family visit my parents. I tend to be overshadowed by my brother, who is "Mr Personality" and makes friends with everyone. I do hold my own, though, and get lots of loving from my mom & dad. I love to be brushed, and have my tummy rubbed!!!


I am coming in to my own!

June 3rd 2006 8:41 am
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Well, not sure why, but I am being much more sociable lately... perhaps trying to create my own personality! My brother, Ginger, talks to my mom and dad. They sneeze, he meows (says Bless You). They say, I love you Ginger, he meows a response. Well, after 10 years of telling me they love me, I am now responding (sometimes). You should see the goofy smile on my mom's face when this happens!! I love her goofy smile, so I'll probably keep doing it, and hey, I have to at least TRY to keep up with my brother, Mr Personality. All for now - gotta go for a nap!



July 8th 2006 9:06 am
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I wasn't feeling well several weeks ago, and my mom noticed right away. She got me to the vet, and they really scared me! They turned me over on my back to get some urine out, and then they took blood! I got so stressed out, that I started to pant, and my heart started to race.... Vet gave me some oxygen and a relaxer injection, and after about 10 minutes, my mom came and I calmed down. I was a little spaced from the relaxer, but was fine. I had to go back a few days later, more blood was taken, and the vet told my mom that I am a diabetic. The vet gave me my first insulin shot, and showed my mom how to do it. Even after the first shot I was feeling better! My mom has now given me my shots, and I don't even flinch! I am feeling LOADS better - and hope to improve even more. Of course, she is already treating my brother Ginger's CRF, so giving me a needle isn't a problem. My mom just keeps telling me to be a good patient, and to lose weight. HM, I'll try for the former, and we'll see about the latter. All for now! Gotta go lay on top of the vent with the AC coming out!


My Tail of Devotion for Smokey

August 17th 2006 5:22 pm
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Smokey, you have always been the quiet, alone one. You pick and choose the people you will come out and visit - and you like the quieter friends we have. You have always been in the shadow of your brother Ginger, but not really. We have always appreciated your quiet (but NOT standoffish) ways, and love and affection you show us with your little noises. Now that you have diabetes, you have been so good about getting needles - never a twitch or trying to run away. Thank you for being our wonderful furbaby. We love you!Mom & Dad

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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It's Rough Going

September 14th 2006 4:35 pm
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Well, my tail continues (ha ha). I have been on caninsulin for a few months now, and the tincture of gymnema (my mom says it is an eastern type of medication that is supposed to help regulate my blood sugar), and I'm still feeling week in my back legs. Oh, I still purr and play a little, but walking is hard. My poor Mom - she felt so bad a few weeks back. She took me to the vet for something called a glucose curve - and the technician discovered that my mom was only giving me 2 units of insulin instead of 3 - and then she felt TERRIBLE - my glucose and fructosamine had gone up instead of down! Hopefully they will be able to get me on track - it's certainly not because everyone (including me) isn't trying! The vet and techs and my parents are so good to me - oh, and now I weigh the same as my brother!!! Say some prayers for me, and my mom returns them to you. Kitten kisses and purrs from Smokey. (P.S. Don't tell her, but I am taking Smokey for a glucose curve on Saturday - she'll probably have to stay the whole day at the vets... pray hard that she doesn't get hyper.... Smokey's Mom)


I am doing better

October 20th 2006 7:52 pm
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My mom now has me on 3 units of caninulin in the morning and 4 at night. My back legs, although weakened by the diabetes, still work. My daddy built me two steps - one for the bed and one for the couch. So I can now get off the floor, and be where I belong, with more ease. I am also on Vitamin B (just like Ginger) to help any neuropathy in my legs. Ginger can't understand why he can't have my food (my mom says it has too much PROTEIN, and that would really hurt him), so I eat my food, while mom guards me and my dish, and Ginger has to stick to his own food (HA HA HA). All for now - gotta go and sleep more on the couch (and later, the bed).



November 21st 2006 2:07 pm
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Well, not sure exactly why she laughed. Anyway, I was sitting on the bed this morning (after being fed) and I started to chase my tail - isn't that what cats do when they are feeling good? Well, my mommy saw me and she laughed and laughed and smiled, and then she said "Oh Smokey, it does my heart good to see you chasing your tail." I guess she is happy because I am feeling fine!So, just thought I would share that with all of my catster friends. Oh, and I am walking a lot better, thank you very much - still glad for my daddy who built me some steps for the bed and couch.


I am all alone!

December 23rd 2006 1:50 pm
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This time last week, Ginger was not feeling well, so Daddy took him to the vet. He didn't come home right away.... Then Mommy and Daddy came home on Thursday night crying terribly, and it scared me...... They told me that Ginger had DIED...... and have been very sad ever since! While they are being extra nice to me, I miss my brother very much - even though sometimes he beat me up - and I am sad too! My mommy says that we will be together again someday, and that she and daddy love me VERY MUCH, and to be a good girl and stay healthy (or at least as healthy as possible being a diabetic). We miss Ginger, and this makes us appreciate our catster friends even more! Take care and Merry Christmas everyone!!!!



January 6th 2007 6:48 pm
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Thank you, Catster, for choosing my diary last week. That made me feel EXTRA special!!! I meow, sometimes, for Ginger - but my mommy and daddy are giving me LOTS AND LOTS of loving. ! My mommy and daddy still cry over Ginger, and that makes us ALL sad - but we are doing OK. I overheard my mommy talking to the vet clinic, and she said that she is bringing me in for a check up (YUCK) - but, she says it's necessary, so I guess I'll try to be good. Anyway, gotta go and sleep some more. Take care fur friends! Love Smokey



January 8th 2007 6:47 am
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Wow, first a pick, then DIARY OF THE DAY - what can a feline say! MOL!!!
Thanks so much to the gang at Catster, and thanks to ALL my feline friends. I do miss Ginger, but having SO MANY furry feline friends just makes me PURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! My mommy and daddy say thanks too!!!!! Love, Smokey

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