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Hello out there!!

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I'm no alley cat ....

November 2nd 2007 9:45 pm
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But I know where it's AT and I sure like to hang out with them and act like one .... MOL!!! My sisfur finally did something nice for me and got me invited to join Big Leo's Stray Cat Alley ... lots of fun stuff to do ... well, some of it sounds a bit risque so I hope Meowmy and Daddy don't find out where sisfur and I are hanging out these days ... 'cause I sure need to have some fun!!! Tried chasing a lizard into the house last week - sisfur helped me - we had it cornered and Meowmy made Daddy rescue it ... then we found its tail and were playing with it ... Meowmy also messed that up, she made Daddy pick it up and who knows what he did with it ... I wanted to eat it!!! I've been looking all over the darned house for the tail and can't find it ... time to go out in the patio and chase another lizard in - will be sneakier this time - won't chase it up the Soshi screen by Meowmy's desk (that was a bad move) ... will chase it under the futton where I can snack on it ... will not get sisfur to help, I think she ratted on me last week - she's too "dignified" and won't eat lizards ... I'm suspicious about her, I don't think she's a real cat although the stripes look real ... must try stripe removal on her when she's sleeping. Come to think of it, do I want to hang out with her at Big Leo's Stray Cat Alley? Must watch her to make sure she doesn't have a hidden camera ... MOL ... MOL!


Why do I like cardboard???

November 6th 2007 4:01 pm
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I love cardboard boxes ... I have seven of them throughout the house ... they're the kind of boxes that water bottles come in ... perfect width and height for a Rubenesque cat to lounge in - okay, I do have one that says "Bumble Bee", I can't part with that box - it was the first one my parents gave me after they adopted me.

Now I'm chewing the edges of the boxes ... I chew them up and spit out the pieces ... driving the humans nuts trying to figure out why I'm doing it ... "is she stressed?" ... "is she bored?" ... "is she angry?" ... "is she sick?" ... MOL MOL!!

Has it ever occured to them that I just like to chew up the boxes? It's that simple ... perhaps I'm customizing them, putting a scallop edge on them ... perhaps I do it so I won't chew on their toes - who cares!!! I don't eat the cardboard, I spit it out all over the floor and make the humans pick it up ... and perhaps that's why I do it, so they'll get some exercise by bending down to pick up the pieces ... perhaps their fat bellies will soon be flat.


I bit dad - AGAIN!

January 19th 2008 9:24 pm
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So I got a finger snap on my nose - mwahahaaaa - don't care!!! I bit dad because he doesn't know when to stop petting my beautiful fur ... I like to recline on his desk while he's playing D&D online, I have to monitor what he does ... he always starts petting/scratching me but he keeps playing and doesn't watch what he's doing ... he over-stimulates my nerves and I can't yell out "hey, you're going to get bit if you don't stop right now" ... so I bite him!

So, I bit him and left two puncture holes on his forearms - looks like a snake bite ... MOL MOL. And then he decides he's going to tell meowmy what happened and he starts rubbing and scratching my back while he's talking to her ... was he watching me so he coud read my body language??? NOOOOOO ... he was looking at meowmy all the time until she said "you're not watching her again and she's getting ready to bite you a second time" .... she read my signals right - I was going to bite him ... MOL MOL.

He'd better learn to watch my signals or he's going to live with swiss-cheese forearms ... mwahahaaaa ... MOL MOL.


*Note to self - don't bite meowmy*

February 29th 2008 12:14 pm
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Okay, so I found out that biting meowmy doesn't work either - she spanked my kitty hiney!!! She didn't learn from dad's mistake - she was petting me with one hand and fiddling on her dumb keyboard with the other hand - what's up with that???? Such disrespect!!! I expect 100% of her attention when she's loving on me ... forget the keyboard, forget the emails - even forget about Catster ... MOL MOL!!! Moi wants all the attention ... so, in one of my best "faster than the speed of light" moves, I grabbed her forearm with my mouth ... mwahaahaaa ... didn't break her skin with my powerful, needle sharp teeth - I was sooo careful ... but she reached out with her other hand and spanked me!!! Oh, I was very offended ... I jumped off her desk and marched right into dad's office ... meow, paawrraw, paawrraw ... I told on her and dad brushed me and loved on me!!! He'll be next ... I'll be biting him again one of these days - I can just feel it ... mwahaahaaaaa!!!!



June 14th 2008 4:57 pm
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My friend Bear tagged me and I have to write 5 things I like:

1. I like to play the "bed game" with my meowmy when she's making the bed ... I jump on the bed and wait for her to cover me with the sheet and blankie and then she runs her fingers on the top of the blankie and I put all my paws up and try to catch her finger .... MOL.

2. I like to groom my Dad's beard - don't ask!

3. I like to jump up on my meowmy's desk when she's on Catster and put my paw on the keyboard so she can't type .... I purr until she stops what she's doing and pays attention to me.

4. I like to pounce on Maggie and chase her around the house.

5. I like to sit out in our screened patio and watch the birdies, lizards, squirrels and the occasional red fox or stray cat that goes by - I hiss and yeowl at them - MOL.

Okay, I'm out of here - I'm on my way to tag five friends - Ciao!



August 1st 2008 12:03 pm
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Sometime during the day yesterday, the a/c compressor broke so Dad called Sears to get them to come out and repair the dumb thing - they gave him an appointment for Monday ... WHAT???? Monday, we'll be little pools of perspiration by Monday!!! So Mom called them when she got home and told them she has FM and can't tolerate extreme hot/cold temps and they said they would try to expedite things and they would call back in 24 hrs. .... WHAT???? Call back in 24 hrs????? So we all tried to sleep last night in a hot and humid house ... it was 84 degrees in the house with the ceiling fans going full blast ... Mom & Dad called an a/c company out this morning and they fixed the compressor ... and this is why I hunt lizards ... one got inside the compressor and shorted a capacitor - the lizard was FRIED!!!! So this lizard is now a $257.00 fried lizard - that's how much it cost to repair the compressor.

So I'm enlisting the help of all my friends to hunt lizards ... we need to prevent this from happening to other families ... ARE YOU WITH ME???? Hunt down those lizards!!!




September 18th 2008 4:43 am
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Thank you, Catster - I am honored and humbled that you would choose a Rubenesque kitty to be COTD!!! I have a conga line started in Cobblestone Square ... I want all my friends to party and be happy today - and always!!!

I want to thank:

1. Catster
2. My typist
3. Maggie, my sisfur
4. Clawdius Meowximus, my pesty little brofur
5. Ralphie, Sedoso and Brittany, my guardian Angels

And the academy for bestowing this honor on me ... MOL MOL MOL

*does back flips and jiggles as she MOL and congas through Catster kissing all her friends*


As I end my reign as COTD - MOL MOL MOL

September 18th 2008 8:01 pm
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Messages to my friends ....

Cobblestone Square ...

As the day winds down I'm reflecting on the events of today ... I woke up this morning and stretched ... yaaawned ... groomed my face and waddled off to the kitchen, grabbed my cup of nip tea and proceeded to check my email ... hmm, a message from our orange Simon - he said I was COTD - who, me??? I quickly clicked on that silly blue E icon and soon I was surfing the internet headed for Catster ... the main page opened and ... OMC, there I was - my beauty on display as COTD!!! I jumped out of my chair, did a back flip, jumped on the bed and woke up my typist and communicated the good news to her ... she was excited and told dad, they giggled and hugged me, kissed my Rubenesque face and told me I am beautiful - true, true I thought - but where are the presents??? MOL MOL

I made my way to Cobblestone Square and saw that my BFF, Theo, had already posted a message - was he up all night last night??? I went to AWA Country Club - yep, Theo had posted a message there - I wondered how he was getting around so fast??? Then I saw his plane MOL MOL ... that krazy, wonderful Theo was zooming around Catster telling other furs I was COTD ... but wait, I then went to Fearless Feline Flyers and Simon had posted the news there - I felt very special to know these two wonderful friends were sharing my good news with others.

Okay, okay - I'm winding down to a close here ... it was great being COTD and seeing my picture on the main page of Catster - but that only lasts for one day, 24 hours ... your friendship is forever, each and every one of you who left me a message here, who gave me a star or rosette, who shared a piece of cake with me, who danced a wild conga to celebrate my joy, who sent me a p'mail - you are far more precious than any Catster award and I thank you for making me feel like a queen today.

With a purring heart full of love for all my friends,


* * *

The MOLBOL Clubhouse and Fearless Flying Felines

The day is winding down and my reign as COTD is soon ending - MOL MOL. I have been overwhelmed by the love I've been shown today, by the friendship extended to me by so many wonderful furs - thank you, I am truly blessed. Being COTD is temporary, 24 hrs. and "poof" it's over, but friendships last much longer, sometimes furever - and that's more precious than any honor Catster/Dogster can bestow on any of us.

With a purring heart full of love ~ Aggie

* * *

AWA Country Club ... International HQ

I'm sitting in my chair drinking a hot cup of nip tea, reflecting on the events of the day and watching the clock tick tock tick tock ... 78 more minutes and my reign as COTD will be over MOL MOL MOL ... it was wonderful seeing my Rubenesque beauty on display on Catster's main page - WOW, I look GOOOD!!! It was fun and I wish my typist had not been so involved at work so I could have celebrated more with all my friends ... you've all made me feel so very special today with your loving messages, the stars and rosettes, p'mails, cakes - OMC, I'm overwhelmed at the love you've shared with me, it is wonderful and I wish I could display that love for all of Catster to see, I wish I could put it on the main page - LOTDFMF - LOVE OF THE DAY FROM MY FRIENDS - that was the best part of being COTD - your love is what made this day magical for me.

Purring with love and appreciation,


La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida!

November 7th 2009 5:52 pm
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Mamá túvo una semana muy dificil ... su suegro con una emergencia el lunes por la noche ... el martes llego su amiga inglesa que estuvo viajando por nuestro pais durante las pasadas cinco semanas, y mamá tuvo que darle noticias muy, muy triste, le tuvo que decir que una de sus mejores amigas en inglaterra, habia fallecido con uno de sus gatitos ... y entonces mamá tuvo que ver a su amiga sufriendo la muerte de su amiga en inglaterra y fue muy dificil y triste para mamá ... y encima de todo esto, necedades tambien ... y solamente unas dos o tres personas han sido sensitivas a lo dificil que todo esto ha sido para mi mamá ... pero yo se que mi mamá es muy fuerte y saldra brillando como siempre ... y ella se recuerda todos los dias que mi hermanito ángel, Ralphie, siempre le envia este mensaje - "Cada dia es un regalo".

A todos los que le ofrecen amistad y cariño a mi mamá - grácias!


Mom is proud of me!

November 14th 2009 3:16 pm
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Mom says I'm her heroine ... Clawdius got out of the screened patio today, we think he jumped at a screen section because he saw a lizard and the screen gave way and he found himself outside!!! I started YEOOOOWWWLING really loud and mom ran out and after looking around to see what the commotion was all about she saw Clawdius outside!!! OMC OMC ... mom ran out and called him, he ran back to the door, the door was locked, he ran back to where he jumped out and he jumped back in ... mom didn't see him get back in and thought he was gone!!! OMC OMC, she was shaking so much dad thought she was going to pass out!!! But she calmed down somewhat and grabbed Clawdius and kissed him and cried on his fur and then she kissed me and told me I am a good girl!!!

Clawdius is my boy, my parents got him when he was 6 weeks old and I raised him ... so when everyone has calmed down, I'm going to BONK him on the head real good for giving us all such a scare today ... BONK BONK!!

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