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Coping with change in my health

October 19th 2005 1:55 pm
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I found out last week that I have a malignant Cancer. Mama is not taking this well, and Daddy and her are having a hard time believing that it is even true!! They look at me and say what a handsome boy I am and how good I look, that I eat just as much and more like before this news came. I'm doing research on it so that I can better understand exactly what all is happening to me. It's not Lymphoma, but it kind of mimmics that a little. The Dr's say that it is a mystery and a very rare type of a Cancer. I have had a biopsy, Oct 7th, on both sides of my neck, an Ultrasound and several Blood tests done! I hope there won't be anymore of those tests! I really hated the Ultrasound! They thought they could touch my tummy, shave it without me sinking my FANGS into their hands, arms and other fresh meaty parts around me! I was very angry with them! I guess I was too angry so the gave me a cocktail or two and then I just laid on my back while they took this wand and rubbed it around my tummy for a few minutes while my Mama talked to me and told me that I was a"Good Boy" and that everything is ok, that Mama is here and lots of comforting words she says to me quite often! I got my stitches out today! When I got home, I went out into my backyard, which is the only place outside I go, and did my security check around the perimeter and then I ate Lunch with my Mama. After I get done writing in my Diary her, I'm going to lay down in the loft which has 3 huge windows where the SUNSHINE comes through and makes me warm!!! I love that SUNSHINE!!! It feels good on my bones!! :) It's naptime now. I'll be in touch.


One last test result to wait for!!

October 28th 2005 1:06 am
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It's very late and way past one of my bedtimes, but I just wanted to keep you apprised of what's been going on. I am waiting for that Lab place to finish one more test, from my Biopsy, which I may get tomorrow, Friday, or no later than Halloween! Which is my day and night to play!! soon as I hear, I'll be back to let y'all know!! I hope this is the test that can tell me exactly what kind of Cancer this is that is giving me those stupid lumps on my neck and chest areas!!!

I have missed you all so much!! I've been taking care of my Mama in the mean time. She had 2 Root Canals yesterday and I have been laying with her giving her my special remedy of cheek kisses to keep the swelling down and my unconditional LOVE to take the pain away! And of course, little nibbies, just to make sure she is resting good!!! hee hee hee I think it has been working!!! She seems to be feeling a bit better today! Well, I need to get back to my bed and go NIGH NIGH!!! Sprinkle your Sleepy Dust all over tonight and Happy, Catnip Dreams to y'all and I'll catch ya soon, like a buggie!!! hee hee Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to you!!!



November 9th 2005 11:17 am
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Good Morning Friends!!

I know, I know...... it's been a while that I have given you all updates, but I have been a very busy boy! Well, Mama & Daddy had a meeting with me a few days ago and told me that there will be NO surgeries for me at this time! I meowfully agreed to that! Even though I have those lumps on my neck and stuff, they said that I am happy with that since I feel great, I act like the Spaz that I am, I eat my breakfast, lunch and dinner like a King and I still play, lay in my sunshine and pull security as ususal everyday and night!!! I am a HAPPY BOY!! I have no pain! So, that's the update as far as my Cancer goes for now. If it should change, I'll let you all know.

The other morning, as I was in "MY" backyard, where is the only outside place I love to go, I approached the side of my house and you just wouldn't believe what I "smelled"!!!???!!! It was JACK!! He's my neighbor next door who is a 2 year old Siamese who thinks he can enter my domain like he did before I lived here! So, I knew he could be close, I lay low ready to pounce if he should be on the other side of my garbage cans and "BAM"!!! There he was!!! I chased him all over my yard, despite my arthritis and my cancer, and he flew over the fence back into his own yard, where he belongs!! He is an excellent jumper too!! I do admit, he is a bit on the handsome side!! My Mama & Daddy sometimes talk to him and they pet him, which you might think it would make me jealous, but I got over it since I know that my Mama is known as "THE CAT LADY" here in our new neighborhood. Yeah, it seems that a week after we moved here, all the kitties in the hood came here to see her!! She's got a way with us Felines!! Anyway, that was a non-scheduled security check that I conquered!! So I rewarded myself with a nice big stretch, rolled out with my belly exposed and got me a little suntan! One of the best things to do in CALIFORNIA no matter what time of the year it is!! I was also rewarded with a little Whisker Wickens Treat-Tuna, which is my favorite! And a "Good Boy" from the Mama's!

Mama made me a delicious grilled chicken dinner last night and I devoured every single teeny bite of it!!! Mama and Daddy were soooo very happy that I cleaned my plate this time! I usually leave a morsel or two so that I have a little snack to enjoy an hour later, but I just couldn't resist the moist, juicy scrumptous taste of chicken made special for me! After my dinner, I went to pull security, as usual, out in my backyard. As I walked out, a noise came from the other side of the gate, so I crouched down and approached the area with caution and low and was Jack and Smokey chasing a mouse or some other kind of little creature! You see, Jack and Smokey live next door to me, they are brothers up to no good!!! (Smokey is all Black an quite the talker, unlike his brother, Jack, who is Siamese). I do not hunt at all! I am a pacivist!!!!! All little creatures are my friends, except for evil kitties who hurt my little friends!!! So I let out my warning growl, spoke to them in my own way and ask them to take their business elsewhere. They batted around this little, defenseless creature to their side of the yard and were on their way. Even though I do not care for other kitties, I still respect their barbarian way of their life and they respect my quiet, loving and sweet way of my life!

Now that I have caught you all up on probably more than you needed to know, I will be going to finish pulling security inside the house, getting my snacks, sprinkle my "Sleepy Dust" and then snuggle Mama and Daddy to go Nigh Nigh. I hope all of my friends out there are doing well and happy! I wish for you the best kitty dreams filled with Catnip and Tuna! Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to you from Boo Boo's!! Love you!!!

P.S. Thank Mew Truman for checking in on me lately!!! It makes me Purr so BIG!!! And to my other Friends as well for your sweet messages!! BBBBRRRROOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!!


I am the Sunshine Boy!!!

November 17th 2005 12:36 pm
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Hello all of My Friends!!!

I am basking in the Warm, comforting, California Sunshine today!!! It is unusually warm here lately!! I love it!!! I've been feeling pretty good. I'm not letting that Cancer get the Best of Me!! Nope!! Yesterday I was busy in my backyard and stuff, so last night I was plum tuckered out by 7:00pm!! I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open for dinner!! And Mama made me her homemade chicken which is one of my favorites!!! I slept well and I feel refreshed today ready for another wonderful day ahead of me!! I'm so happy that I have my Sunshine! I'm still able to work on my tan in November!! Now that's awesome!!

I'm grateful to you all that are my friends and to those who have recently become my friends!! It's a sweet furry feeling!!! Thank you so much for all of the delicious treats you give me and your kindness!

Have a happy cat kind of day!!! I'll catch ya soon!!

Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses!!! Love, Boo Boo Besser xoxo


Ready for Thanksgiving??!!!!

November 22nd 2005 12:37 pm
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Hello Everybody!!!

Turkey time is 2 days away and I am so happy!!! This means that I get extra special snacks and delicious vegetables made for me!!! Since turkey isn't really good for us kitties, even though Mama and Daddy do give me a little bit of the white meat part, Mama makes me a special meal! Well, she really does that every night, but Thanksgiving is a big "Family" day which makes it feel much more special! This is our first Thanksgiving in our new home and Mama will have 8 people here!! Oh yea, and Aunt Tammi's "Canine's", which will be outside per my demand! You see, Aunt Tammi is a pet sitter. All of her clients, I guess, go away and see their other families and can't bring their doggies and kitties, so they get to spend holidays with Aunt Tammi and all of my family!!! Pete & Cali are my cousins and they're pretty cool. Even though I do chase Pete and he gets scared of me!! Like I feel so sorry for his butt! HA! Cali I realy haven't met, but I smell her! I guess she's cool! I think Aunt Tammi will have 3 other doggies with her, so that means 5 of them!! YIKES!!! I heard that my Great Grandma will be staying with us for a night or two, which means I'll be sleeping in Mama & Daddy's room with the door shut! G-ma doesn't care for cats too much, but I know she loves me deep down! hee hee I feel safer anyway when I'm in Mama and Daddy's room with company sleeping here, so that's ok. I mostly keep to myself when they are people over. I'm not too social! I'm looking forward to having Daddy home for four days with me! This means lots of rubbin's and snuggles on the couch with him and Mama!!! They love to lay on the couch on their days off and be lazy, watch TV and snuggle me, of course!!! And have the fireplace lit to keep us all cozy and werm!!! (warm)
I hope all of you kitties out there have a delicious, safe and happy Thanksgivng!!!! And may it be filled with lotsa Catnip, if that's your thing! It's one of my favorites! I give Thanks to all of you, my friends and all the kitties in the wierld!! I am so grateful for today and everyday with my Mama and Daddy!! Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to you all!!! Love you all Bunches!!! Sylvester aka Da Boo Boo's XoXoXoXoXoXo



December 8th 2005 1:22 pm
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Oncologist Visit Tomorrow

December 13th 2005 6:06 pm
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Purrs to all of my Frinds and especially to my GIRLFRIEND QUEENIE!!! My Love!!! And my TWIN BROTHER Ricki too!!! hee hee Check them all out in my page!!! You are all the BESTEST KITTIES IN THE WIERLD!!!!

Ok, so tomorrow, I go to the Dr, Onclogist, where Mama will discuss Surgery for me. My lumps have gotten sooooo much bigger in the past 3 weeks and I have difficulty breathing, drinking my waters and purring.....Mama is soooo scared! But I keep giving her my Wet Whisker Kisses and Headbutts too!! That make my Mama smile! I will let you know when my surgery will be and all that stuff! ok!!! I know I won't be happy at all about this surgery cuz they'll shave all of my beautiful furrs around my face!!! I'll probably have to wear that stupid white radar cone too!!! Those suck!!! I love to rub "MY" furniture", "MY MAMA", "MY DADDY" and I won't be able to if I have that stupid thing on my neck! I'm sure Mama will take if off and watch me very, very closely so I don't scratch any stitches. That stupid radr thingie make me walk all weird, like in circles and Mama can't have me like that, it bothers her so much to see me trying to rub stuff and I'm all walking weird, in circles and pawing at it to get it off!! Gosh!

Oh hey!!! My excitement for today!!!! I yelled at my neighbor kitty because he had his claws on "my" screen door!!!! Can you believe that!!! The nerve of this dude!!! Mama told Smokey, the neighbor kitty, to stop! Well......he did not! So I took over this situation! I told him.." You stop upsetting my Mama and please keep your claws out of "MY" screen door! Then he ran away somewhere in "MY" backyard!! So that was my excitement for today!!

I also galloped upstairs and made MY MAMA laugh so much!!! Then I FLEW downstairs and went right out the door to the backyard and came sprinting back in then stopped!! I thought "WOW!!!!! That was so fun!!!" I do that pretty much everyday! I like to do those kinds of things so that I make my MAMA smile, laugh and feel good!

I think of all of you, my FRIENDS, all the time and send Wet Whisker Kisses and lots of Paw Pats, ya know, when someone walks by and you slap them with your PAW!!!!! HA HA HA HA Daddy laughs when I do that to him! I telled him "Daddy, it's a Love Pat with my Paw"!!! Keep warm during this cold, cold weather everywhere!!!! All over the wierld!! COLD COLD COLD!!! Stay safe and be good so that you get a stocking full of snacks, treats and TUNA AND CHICKEN!!!! HA HA HA!!!! Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to all of you!!! Love, Boo Boo's xoxoxoxox



December 22nd 2005 10:45 am
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Hello Everyone!!!

On Monday, the 19th, I had my First Chemo Treatment. While I was there I got very vocal with the girls that had to hold me down, stick me with those stupid needles and then since I wouldn't stop yelling and growling at them they decided to muzzle me!!! Can you beleive the nerve of such a thing??!!!Although, I have very sharp FANGS and I DO USE THEM!!!! Just ask my Mama!!! Even though I feel bad after I do bite her and then I will make up by kissing the hand I bit and clean it real good for her!!! I know that my Mama was very upset that she wasn't able to be with me during the procedure!!! She cried alot!!! She thought that she could at least bewith me after they got the needle in me so that she wouldn't be exposed to the Chemo, but they said NO!!! Has anybody else had this happen to them before??? It was hard for me and Mama since I didn't have her with me to calm me, pet me, love me and kiss me during such a scary thing! Anyhow, at the Oncologist, they put this pretty, bright read liquid into my wittle veins to try and get my lumps down that are on each side of my neck, back of my head and some on my chest. Mama & Daddy are starting to feel them shrink already! I hope they are right!! I have been feeling pretty good!!! Yesterday I didn't eat as much as the day before, but Mama's making me my special CHICKEN!!! Which is my favorite!! Mama made Chicken!! So, I go to have my CBC blood work done in 10 days, which will be the 28th or 29th, then 2 weeks after that go see the Oncologist to determine if I need another treatment or if I'm good for awhile! This won't go away completely being that it is a Malignant Cancer, but Mama is hoping this Chemo will keep me around a little longer and make it easier for me to breathe and swallow food and waters!

I've gone outside a few times and have enjoyed seeing a few of the neighbor kitties. Smell the fresh rainy air and watch the birdies and squirrels! I love my backyard and really love it when the sunshine comes out!!! We've had alot of icky weather for the past few weeks so the Sunshine hasn't been out too much! I look forward to when it comes back.

For Christmas, I might be going to my Grandma's, my Mama's Mommy and be with the family there. Aunt Tammi will have her dogs, Pete and Cali there and most likely a few that she pet sits during the holidays too! I do not like them at all! I barely tolerate Pete, the Beagle as it is! ha ha ha I don't really know Cali yet, she is a lab mix. Anyway, at least I'll be able to get my stocking from Grandma! She always gives me nice and good stuff! I got my "Baby Bear" from her last year! The one is my picture of my page!!! see??!?!?!

Queenie!!!! I have missed you lately!!!! Are you gone for the holidays?!?!?! you haven't written back to me!!! I miss you my LOVE!!! Queenie is my Girlfriend!!! And she is furtastic!!! She is my VERY FIRST LOVE!!!

Truman, I hope you're doing good!!! I miss you too!!!! Thank you for your messgaes of concern and thoughtfulness!!!! You are too great!!!

And have been a great friend to me!!! Thanks for sharing my info with your kitty friends!!! They are my friends now!!! You are so thoughtful and sweet!!!

Ricki......where have you been my little TWIN BROTHER????!!! I have been missing you terribly! I've been leaving you messages, but you haven't mailed me back yet. I hope you are doing good with your Chemo and everything!! I miss you my SWEET FRIEND!!!! Give your Mommy and Daddy kisses for me!!!

I need to go and get some napping done. I am very excited and happy of all of my NEWEST friends I have made this last week!!!! I wish for all of you to have a "MEOWY CATMUS"!!! I'll keep you all updated as to how I am doing and what's happening next, if anything with my Chemo! Happy Kitty Wishes to you all!!! Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses!!!! Love you!!!! Sylvester aka BOO BOO'S xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


My New Friend!

December 22nd 2005 11:01 am
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Thanks to Buster!!!! You are Truly Wonderful and Sweet to me!! He made it possible for me and Rachel to become friends!!! She is really sweet, pretty and caring!!!! She loves her Daddy just like I love my Daddy!!! Rachel also has 2 other kitties that live with her!! But I think she would like for me to be only for her!!! hee hee So cute!!!! I get so excited when my Daddy comes home from his long 13 hour day of work!! He works so hard, but he does so that I am able to have chicken and tuna!!! Rachel, you are an absolute ANGEL!!! Thank you for your kindness!!! I do have a Love in my Life, my PRECIOUS QUEENIE!!! But I guess I can share ALL OF MY LOVE!!!! I have alot of LOVE to share with so many of the kitties!!!

I must get back to napping and dreaming about my Christmas chicken dinner! With a Tuna appetizer!!! And snacks on the side! I wish for all of you a very Happy Meowy Catmus!!!!

Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to you all!!!!
Headbonks right back atcha Rachel!!! AAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
Love you!!!!
Boo Boo's



December 23rd 2005 6:56 pm
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Meowy Catmus Everyone!!!

I hope all of you sweet, furry , precious little kitties are doing well, happy and healthy!!!! I have GREAT NEWS............................I HAVE A DATE ON CHRISTMAS EVE WITH MY GIRLFRIEND, QUEENIE AT 7:00PM!!!! I haven't stoppped galloping through the house and up and down the stairs since she asked me!!!! WOOHOO!!!! I am so excited!!!!! I've never had a date before, so this will be a new experience for me!!! She is such the greatest, sweetest and loyal girlfriend and SHE LOVES ME SO!!!!! I love her with all of my furry little heart, from my softball head to my tippee toes socks!!! Oh Yea, I am elated I can hardly contain myself wondering what will she wear???? What should I wear???? I do have my Tuxedo!! All I need is a good brushing and clean myself to put my special fragrance on me and she'll be purring her little motors off!!! hee hee I think I'll take her to a real nice dinner for chicken, Steak and Salmon and then for dessert I know of this excellent little snack shack that my Mama has!!!! And there we'll enjoy the sweet tastes of Fresh Catnip and Spring Waters!! And then we'll snuggle together!!!!

At least I am feeling pretty darn good from my chemo! I haven't gotten sick at all, the only thing is that the past two days is that I didn't eat much as I usually do and of course my Mama worried, but I reassured her today when I have been asking for my treats and my breakfast and dinner!!!! She was gone most of the day today doing stuff for when we go to my Grandma's on Christmas. I can't wait to be there with all of my family!!! I don't want to be left home all by myself while Mama and Daddy are there with bags and tissue papers for me to hide in and rip!!! I especially love the bows!!! They POP up when I bat them around with my PAWS!!! Funny!!! And the FOOD that they will have too!!! I get my own plate!!!

I should go for now. I just HAD TO tell you all about how excited I am about my date with my Favorite Girl............QUEENIE!!!! She is my one and only TRUE LOVE!!!! Christmas Eve will be so very special for both of us!!!! I make it a night to remember!!!!! She is absolutely beautiful and amazingly purrfect!! Meowy Catmus to you all!!! I'll be thinking of you all out there!!!

Meow Meow, Purr Purr and Wet Whisker Kisses to you!!!
Love you all!!!
Boo Boo's

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