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Mom was out again...

July 25th 2005 12:41 am
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My mom was out all day again today! Doesn't she realize that we could be watching tv? I was so happy to hear her come home though. I ran straight to the door to greet her. Naturally she gave me a huge hug and a kiss *which I don't like that much, but she's just telling me she loves me* so I gave her a headbutt in return and went along my merry way.

Jumped on my housemate too. He's a BIG black cat that just won't play unless I convince him to. I don't think he likes me though. He keeps eating all my food...thank goodness he doesn't know I have another food dish in my mom's room. Heh heh >=3



July 26th 2005 7:42 pm
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Everyone here is so kind! I have made many many friends! Thank you everyone!

I was chasing the fat cat around today. He needs to play more, then maybe he won't be so fat! He's always in a bad mood too. I wonder why?

My mommy gave me lots of hugs and snuggles today, so that made me happy. I bet she didn't know how naughty I was today =3


Tea bags!

August 4th 2005 10:30 pm
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Tea bags all over the floor! That's where they ought to be! They smell so sweet!

My mom got this mini-sized human! He's so scary! He moved suddenly when I went to see him, and he scared me! She called him a "doll". I don't like dolls...


moving again!

December 11th 2005 12:34 am
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Mom says we're moving again soon. I wonder where to? I wonder if there will be a new kitty there for me to meet? I actually don't mind moving. I know some cats don't like it, but I've moved twice, and it's okay. The only part I hate is the car ride...grrr...

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