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My Pictures

June 9th 2005 9:40 pm
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1) My handsome self lounging in the sink.
2) First day in my new home... learning how to balance.
3) Mastering the computer... I had some email to answer.
4) I don't like letting dad leave for work.
5) This toy lasted about 2 minutes before I destroyed it.
6) I am told I am an Irish cat. Murphy is one of my nicknames.
7) Me looking stalkish.
8) Smile for the camera.
9) Bashful (I think I just did something bad).
10) King of the hill!!!


My "Vacation"

August 9th 2005 2:58 pm
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The other day, my dad packed me into his car and we were off for a l-o-n-g ride. I didn't know where we were off to. The vet? No that is right down the street. We arrived at a place that had a bunch of other kitties. It was called the "Whiskers Inn". Dad left me with a strange lady and then took off. Was he leaving me here? Did I do something bad? DAD, I'M SORRY - COME BACK!!!

I was sad for a week. I didn't even get to say goodbye to dad. I wanted to go to my home again. I was feeling angry at dad and everyone.

But one day I heard a familiar voice coming toward me... DAD!!! He came back to get me! I was going home!

I don't want to have to go back to that place so I have been on my best behavior since getting home. I am soooo affectionate to dad every chance I get. I won't tell him but I really love my dad a lot and want to be with him always...


It's been a while...

March 13th 2006 8:24 pm
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I know, I know I have been neglecting my diary. Plotting world domination takes all my free time you know (oops pretend you didn't read that world domination part). I have been with my dad for over two years now. We are very close and I couldn't imagine being without him. It's only the two of us so we have to stick together.

Sometimes dad has to go away on trips. I don't like that much. I have to go to my vet's where they watch me until he gets home. It's ok - they are nice and of course they love me (what's not to love?) But it's just not the same without dad. He went on a trip just last week and it seemed like sooo long until he got back.

Enough mush... Let me ramble on a bit about myself. I am about 3 feet long now, not including my tail. I'm bigger than a lot of dogs that I see on TV. Yes I occasionally watch TV, although I don't know what the big deal is. I would rather be playing with my monkey or chasing a string around. My dad likes a show called 24. I like the beeping sound when they show the clock. I roll over on my back when I hear it.

I was very honored to be invited into the orange and white cat's group. All the greatest cats have been orange: Morris, Garfield, me (hehe). I hope to make a lot of new friends in that group.

That's it for now. I am going to be better at updating my diary. Promise!

Meow for now!


Favorite Games

March 26th 2006 5:54 am
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Hi - it's me again. I have been looking around at other kitties' diaries and noticed that a lot of them mention their favorite games. Well I guess I should list mine too...

I guess my favorite game is "Chase the Monkey". This is pretty simple: my dad drags my purple monkey around and I chase it. Sometimes dad will try and trick me by lifting the monkey way in the air but I am a terrific jumper. From a sitting position I can jump up to about 4 1/2 feet in the air!

The second game I like is "Fetch". Now my dad says that this is a dog's game and I must be part dog to like it. ::HUMPH:: what an insult!!! But any way... the way I play fetch is to get my little toy mouse and lay it at dad's feet. He then does this dumb thing - swinging it back and forth going "1....2....3!" Then he throws it and I go running to retrieve it. I drop it back at dad's feet and we do it again. The game ends when I decide not to fetch anymore and walk away!

My favorite solo game is "Chase the String". I will get my string and drag one end until it wraps around the leg of a chair. Then I will slowly pull it and then quickly drop the string and pounce on the other end of it. Then I will pick up that end and start the process again. Dad thinks I'm pretty smart for thinking up this game all by myself. I don't think I'm pretty smart... I think I am a GENIUS!!!

That is a sampling of the games I play. Gotta go - I think I hear the treat container rattling!

Meow for now,



New Toy

April 12th 2006 2:43 pm
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Hi everyone -

Dad just got me a new toy. He said he sent away for it through the mail. I don't know what that is but I'm glad he did because the new toy ROCKS!!! It is a hot dog shaped thing that feels like a mini pillow. They must have put some really kickin' catnip in it because I can't seem to stop playing with it. I grab it with my paws and hug it to my chest. Then I lick and bite it. Then I throw it up in the air and pounce on it. I hide it when I'm resting or eating so no one else can touch it.

OK - time to go play with my toy again then a short nap until dad gets home. Then it's SUPPER TIME!!!

Later, cats!


New old pictures...

April 14th 2006 3:00 pm
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I found some pictures of myself when I was an oh so cute kitten. They are the last 3 pics displayed. They were taken the first few days I was at my current home. I wasn't too sure about the guy taking these pictures but I grew accustomed to him. Just as long as he doesn't forget to feed me on time!!!


Catster Anniversary

June 12th 2006 1:58 pm
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Hooray!!! I've been on catster for a whole year! That's nearly half my lifetime. I am so glad to have found a lot of friends here. I am pretty shy about meeting kitties in person, it is much easier to meet them by computer.

The other day dad was petting me and noticed I have mats near my tail. He gets mad sometimes because I won't let him brush me for more than a few minutes. He said the mats are what I get for not letting him brush me. He said he might have to bring me to someone called a "groomer" to get my fur shaved off!!! I don't want that to happen!

Father's Day is coming up and I have to find a gift for my dad. Hmmm, what to get? I am not an outdoor kitty so I can't catch him a mouse or bird. Maybe I will just be extra nice to him on Sunday and let him sleep past 4am. We shall see.


Trip to the "V" word

June 26th 2006 8:38 pm
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Today my dad brought me to the vet (sorry about using that bad word). I had to get my nails trimmed and fur de-mated. See - I don't like being touched on the feet and when dad tries he gets bit. Also, I don't like being brushed from my midsection back to my tail. Again, dad... bitten.

Sooo - dad thought that the vet could do a better job with my nails and fur. I tell you I put up a mean fight right from the get go. It took 2 assistants to hold me while the vet clipped me. And I still managed to get away. I gave them my meanest hiss and showed them my fangs. I also swiped at them with my paws (claws not out though - didn't want to hurt anyone just scare them).

They eventually got my back paws done but not my front ones. They gave up. I won that battle. Then came the fur trim...

The lady that was trimming my fur did a good job getting the first few mats without taking too much fur off. Then I ran out of patience and began wriggling to get free. She shaved a big bald spot on my butt right in front of my tail (my beautiful orange fur!!!). It feels really weird not to have fur there. Dad says it will grow back. It better...

Dad felt bad for me because I cried real tears. He bought me special treats and paid extra attention to me all day. That was the only good part about this whole ordeal.


My Tail of Devotion for Aedan

July 12th 2006 5:35 pm
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You are the brightest ray of sunshine in my day. You wake me with a gentle paw on my face. You are there to say "goodbye" to me when I leave for work. You are at the door to eagerly greet me when I get home. And you are there when I close my eyes at night.

You entertain me with your antics. You never cease to amaze me with how smart you are. You never judge me when I'm looking ragged or I'm not at my best. You always seem to know when I'm down and you never fail to cheer me up. You are a true friend.


I have known you since I was a little baby. You took me in and gave me a home. You are always spoiling me with treats and toys and you talk to me like I am a person. Sometimes I really want to play and, even though you're tired, you play with me. You are my bestest buddy.

I remember a time when they were going to throw us out of our home unless you got rid of me because they didn't allow pets. But you did not abandon me and you decided to move so we could stay together. They ended up letting us stay but I really admire the way you stood up for me. We are a team and we will be together always. You are a true friend.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Oh Wow! The Colors!

August 2nd 2006 9:53 am
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Yesterday dad was listening to music on his laptop and I happened to glance at the screen. There were all kinds of cool colors and shapes floating around in time to the music! It was so cool! I just sat and stared for about 30 minutes which is a long time for me to sit still! Dad was laughing at me but who cares? I thought it was one of the coolest things I ever saw. I can't wait for dad to listen to more music!

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