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A normal day for Ebony.

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A normal day, and what I do.

February 19th 2013 11:32 am
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I have a nice normal routine life. Every morning about 6am my mommy gets up and pets me, then she does her own thing for about 30 minutes but I sit like a good girl in the kitchen and wait for her. Here comes my mommy and up on the counter I go, I start purring because I know I get lot's of hugs and love from my mommy. I get breakfast and then go to my favorite window and watch the birds for about 30 minutes then it's play time. My best, favorite time of the morning. Me and mommy play on and off for about 2 hours. Fun Fun Fun. Then more breakfast and nap time. I love my kitty life.


Oh no, not the Dr.

February 20th 2013 7:18 am
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I had to go see my vet Dr. today for my annual booster shots. I don't like going to the vet. I know when I see the carrier come out something is up. I try and hide but my mommy's voice always brings me out. She tells me I have to go so I can stay a healthy girl. I got my shots and I'm okay. It's easier because I have a very nice lady Dr that makes me feel at ease. The best part is when I get home I get treats and lot's of hugs for being such a good girl.


Window Watching.

February 21st 2013 7:00 am
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I have 3 windows that I can look out of all the time, but my favorite is the window by the big tree so in the morning time all the birds show up and I have fun watching them. I watch them fly by and run back and forth getting excited because I want to play why don't they? I love my mommy for making sure I have places like my windows to lay in the sun and do my favorite past time which is window watching.


Happy Day..

February 22nd 2013 1:28 pm
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Today was extra fun for me. My mommy brought me home new fresh organic kitty grass to chew on and a new feather toy. All it took was a little of my catnip on my new toy and off I went. Me and mommy played and played then she got tired so I payed by myself for awhile. All that playing made me hungry so I ate my lunch and jumped up on my seat by the window happily nibbling my kitty grass enjoying the sunshine. Everyday is a happy day for me but some day's are extra happy.


My warm hide out at night.

February 24th 2013 7:49 am
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I don't have a special cat bed because my bed is almost anywhere I want it to be :) I usually sleep with my mommy at night but sometimes it gets kinda cold and my mommy hogs all the blankets, but that's okay because I have my little hideout in the linen closet. It has warm blankets inside to lay on and I can open and close the door myself. It's warm, quiet and all mine, and I don't have to share the blankets with anyone :) Sometimes in the morning I can hear my mommy calling me from in the room but ha ha I'm in my warm hideout and she can't find me, besides it's to cozy who want's to get up, I have the day off today :) Meow, Meow being a cat is wonderful....Purrrr


What happiness is for us cats.

February 27th 2013 6:30 am
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I was very lucky to have been adopted but they are so many cats that don't have homes. Where I live there are 3 stray cats and my mommy buys extra food so we can help them to. My mommy says they don't have someone to love them and feed them so we have to help. I am so fortunate that I am cared for the way I am. ALL us cats want is to be loved and cared for. We like to have fresh food a clean bathroom and all the toys and attention you can give to us. We don't need much or want much just to know and feel we are loved. If you provide us with what we need to be happy and healthy in return we will be loyal, loving and keep you smiling always.


I been purring all day :)

March 1st 2013 1:21 pm
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WOW what a great kitty day for me. My mommy said I got some special gifts on catster from my new kitty friends and it made her smile. I got all these extra hugs and kisses just because she said I'm so sweet and precious. I think I must be kinda terrific cause my mommy sure likes to love on me. We spend lot's of time playing but sometimes I don't always want to play so my mommy will sit on the floor and do what she calls bonding time with me but I call it Ebony time cause I am the center of attention. Right now I pushed my way in behind mommy on her seat does she not know that this is my chair and I just let her use it :) I want to take my afternoon nap and I usually take it in the computer chair and mommy doesn't want to move yet. I like my kitty life all I have to worry about everyday is what comfy spot should I take my nap in... Thanks to all my kitty friends... Purrrrrrr


What a fun morning...

March 2nd 2013 2:34 pm
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I love attention and I love to play. Me and my mommy have lot's of different games we play and I think she's having as much fun as me :) Some days I don't want to play as much as others but today has been one of those plaaaaay with me days. I slept with my mommy last night and woke up with tons of energy, my mommy laughed and we played and I ran around like a crazy girl. My mommy loves it when I'm full of energy cause she say's that's a sign of a happy healthy girl. All I know is I have lot's of room to run around in and toys, toys, toys. My mommy looks grown up but she likes to play with me so much, she thinks play time with me is very important I just know it's purrrrrfectly fun. Us kittys love attention and play time and you don't have to even get us expensive toy's we'll play with just about anything. Well it's nap time all that playing made me tired but a good tired. Being a kitty can be hard work...


Understanding how us cats think.

March 3rd 2013 9:17 am
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My mommy was talking to me this morning while I was eating my breakfast and telling me how beautiful I was. She asked me Ebony I wonder how much of what I say to you do you understand, how is it to be a cat. Well mommy it's like this, we don't understand everything you say cause your not a kitty but we are smart enough to understand most words and gestures. We are a lot like people as far as we get hungry, bored, tired, sick and of course even tho we are good at spending time alone that doesn't mean we don't love attention and need love and we need it from our mommy's and daddy's. If you take the time to provide our needs and make us feel safe and loved we will be your life long buddy. Us cats are actually simple little creatures, take the time to really get to know us, I promise we will always keep you happy and smiling... You'll see us cats rule.. Purrrrrr.


Ebby the exterminator.

March 5th 2013 2:40 pm
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Ebby the exterminator. That's my nickname when my mommy can see I've caught a fly or small bug. I saw the fly on the window before mommy, I'm the one who brought it to her attention. I was just sitting by MY window and this little fly thought he would be brave and fly around me we'll I watched him for a second and POUNCE I went and got him first time :) Meow for me. My mommy made a funny face when she saw me just licking my lips,doesn't she know how good fly's and bugs are... Yummy. I have earned the nickname "Ebby the exterminator" cause no buzzy things are safe around me. I don't like bee's tho I got stung once on my paw cause I was messing with him and ouch I didn't like that. That was the big purrrs of the day for me. Nap time. Big paws up to all my kitty friends.

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