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Splat Cat the Survival Miracle

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Splat Cat - Against All Odds

January 30th 2013 5:46 pm
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The average car weighs in at about 3,000 to 4,500 pounds for a compact car, 4,500 to 5,500 pounds for a mid size car or a sedan, light trucks, vans, and suv's can weigh between 5,000 to 7,000 pounds, and full size trucks between 7,500 to 12,000 pounds. A loaded 18-wheeler weighs up to 80,000 pounds.

Splat Cat weighs a mere 5 pounds. Her head was no match at all for whatever vehicle it was that hit her.

Splat Cat was an unnamed cat living at my best friend's farm where she was a zealous and very proficient mouser. A busy two-lane road runs past the farm and most of the time all sorts of vehicles race up and down that road at speeds greater than the posted 50 mph limit.

It was chilly and raining that day when the tenant who lived at the farm came home after being gone for several hours, and found Splat Cat laying in the road. Nobody knows when she was hit, what kind of vehicle hit her, or how fast they were going. Seeing that Splat Cat was still alive, the tenant got a warm towel out of the dryer, wrapped Splat Cat in it, took her into the house to warm her up, and promptly called my best friend to come get her. Splat Cat was still conscious when the tenant picked her up and took her inside.

My best friend came and quickly evaluated Splat Cat who was still somewhat conscious but also somewhat "out of it", then she took Splat cat with her. Although Splat Cat had no external injuries and no injuries to any other part of her body, she obviously had sustained head trauma, concussion, and brain damage. She was mostly "out of it", she couldn't get up, she had no control of her legs-they would just flop around, she couldn't eat, all she wanted to do was curl up in a ball and lay there. Subcutaneous fluids had to be given to hydrate her but it took putting food into her mouth by hand to get nutrition into her. Gradually Splat Cat healed and when she was well enough to be able to eat and drink on her own, get around and function reasonably well, Splat Cat went home with me to become a permanent house cat.

If you look at Splat Cat now (and hopefully Catster photos are fixed soon so you can look at her), you'd never know anything had ever happened to Splat Cat. However, she isn't the most coordinated cat I've ever seen. But whether any of her occasional clumsiness is due to her accident or whether she just happens to be an individual that's somewhat clumsy, I don't know. She will do such things as go to leap up on a desk, not quite make it, and slide right off to land in a somewhat embarrassed heap on the floor. In spite of this tendency to be clumsy, Splats really likes heights. When she's not watching TV, she can usually be found on a top shelf somewhere.

Splat Cat is a torbie and white, a term used to describe a calico tabby. She is a mackerel (striped) pattern torbie and white with more red in her coat than one usually sees in calico or torbie and white cats. She's medium sized in appearance and in excellent condition but when you pick her up, it's like picking up a feather, she's so lightweight. The only way I know to really describe the difference between her and most other cats is to say she's less dense. Most cats when you pick them up, feel dense and solid. An example to try to convey the difference between her and other cats might be to say picking her up is like picking up a bag of potato chips, full but light in weight compared to other cats feeling like picking up an equal sized, equally full bag of cat food.

Splat Cat is one of the quietest most mellow placid cats I've ever seen. She rarely ever meows. She rarely ever gets into any kind of argument with any of the other cats. She does enjoy playing with the other cats although she doesn't like to play stalking each other, chasing each other, wrestling kinds of games. She prefers to play in quiet, mellow, less active ways. Her favorite games are playing with another cat with the Turbo Scratcher or another toy with balls in it that move around on tracks, I don't offhand remember the name of this second toy. Splats and certain other cats will bat the ball back and forth on the track like two humans play pingpong.

Sometimes Splatters will play with the other cats who are playing in the cube or the tube although usually the cats who play in the cube or the tube get too boisterous for her with their wildly energetic racing in and out and around and play pounncing on each other, attacking each other, wrestling etc that usually accompanies tube or cube play. The cube is a fabric cube with some kind of lightweight frame that has somewhat lost its cube shape from heavy kitty use. The tube is a long fabric tube with a lightweight frame that holds it in shape that I once picked up at a Goodwill store and the more active energetic cats love playing in it.

Splat Cat may be mellow, quiet, and less active than most of the other cats but don't get a mouse anywhere near her. She's just as avid a mouser now as she was before her accident. Splat Cat will make the utmost effort to get that mouse. If you have an aquarium tank with a locking lid with a mouse in it and she sees it, Splat Cat will manage to rip the lid off to go after the mouse. If a fly or a moth gets into the house, she will be one of the first cats to go after it. Luckily, Splats has no interest in bothering my cockatiel, my blue front Amazon parrot, the chinchilla or any of my other creatures.

Splat Cat's favorite activity is watching TV. She will perch on the desk near the TV and sit there for hours watching whatever's on TV. She does seem to prefer cartoons though. Occasionally she will watch my desktop or latop monitor and go after the cursor on the screen. Although I have had and still have other cats who like to watch TV, I've never seen a cat who likes to spend as much time watching TV as Splats does.

Splat Cat's favorite treat (which she doesn't get very much of because they're not a healthy food for a cat) is potato chips, especially barbecue chips. If you open up a bag of potato chips, Splat Cat will be right there wanting one. She never meows or tries to grab for one, she will just sit or stand patiently and look at you and the potato chip bag, clearly and silently communicating that she wants one. She doesn't want to take food from my hand, she wants me to set it down in front of her. Some of my other cats are like this too, when I offer them treats from my hand they will nose it around and act like they're afraid they might hurt me by trying to pick it up out of my hand. If I set the treat on my lap, these cats will reach out a paw and try to gently knock the treat off onto the bed or the floor and then they will pick it up and carry it to a chosen spot to eat it. As soon as I set the treat down on the bed or the corner of the chair I'm sitting on or the floor, the cat will immediately pick it up. It's interesting to watch Splatters (Splat Cat gets called Splatters and Splats too) very gently pick up a potato chip from the bed, chair, sofa, or floor and carry it away to her chosen spot for eating it. After she's eaten it, she will come back and again silently and patiently beg for another one. She also likes popcorn. I don't give the cats very many of these kinds of less than healthy junk food treats. In fact because I don't want to share very many of these kinds of junk foods with the cats, I eat less of them myself than I would otherwise.

When I sleep on my side, Splatters will come and perch on my side and sleep in the hollow on my side where my waist is. She's the only cat I ever have had who likes to sleep on my side. If I start to roll over and change sides, she will get out of the way, wait for me to settle down and then she'll settle herself down and sleep on my other side. She never sleeps on me if I'm sleeping on my back, she only sleeps on me if I'm sleeping on my side.

One of Splat Cat's most endearing traits is her "hugging". I've never seen another cat yet that hugs anywhere to the extent Splat Cat does. If I'm lying on the bed or sitting in a chair she will come up and wrap her forepaws tightly around my neck, nuzzle her head against my face or under my chin and literally give me a hug. Usually she will keep right on hugging me until I have to stop the hug myself by gently prying her forepaws loose and setting her down. If I pick her up, she will almost always immediately try to work her way up to wrap her forepaws around my neck and hug me. She will also do this to other people she knows well.

Splat Cat was one of a small minority of cats who are lucky enough to survive an encounter with a vehicle. The vast majority of cats that get hit by a vehicle are killed outright. Whenever I see a dead cat on the road I feel bad for the cat and angry that the owner didn't keep their cat inside where it's safe. Vehicles aren't the only danger to an outdoor cat either. Coyotes are a predator who have adapted to living in virtually anyplace including cities (for example, it's estimated that up to 2,000 coyotes live in Chicago). Their population is growing unchecked because they have no natural enemies, nothing except maybe disease outbreaks to keep them under control. Coyotes prey on and eat livestock, cats and small dogs and have been known to kill off almost all the cats in a feral cat colony then continue to eat the cat food placed daily at the colony site by people who were maintaining the colony. (source- Coyotes have been known to stalk, attack, carry off, and kill small children and even attack adult humans. Foxes, birds of prey and alligators will attack, kill, and eat cats. Dogs will kill cats. Raccoons will kill cats, if a cat happens to get in the raccoon's way. Malicious humans will torture and kill cats. Poisoning is another danger to outdoor cats. Even if a cat doesn't actually directly contact or ingest a poison, it can be secondarily poisoned by eating poisoned prey. Cats can also encounter all sorts of poisonous substances in garages etc, get a poisonous substance on its coat or paws, and ingest the poison while trying to clean it off. Antifreeze is a common very deadly poison that tastes good to cats and dogs. A car with a leaking radiator or a spill or other puddle of antifreeze, an open container of antifreeze, all are common sources of antifreeze poisoning.

Anyone who keeps their cats outdoors or lets their dogs run loose should be at an emergency vet clinic when someone brings in their cat or dog that came home poisoned, is in danger of dying from the poison, the owner of course has no idea where the pet has been or what kind of poison the pet ingested, but before the vet can do anything to antidote the poison and try to save the pet's life, the vet has to first know what KIND of poison the animal ingested and precious time is lost as the vet tries to figure out what kind of poison the animal ingested so he or she can administer the proper antidote. Outdoor cats also can get trapped in garages and sheds where they may die without anyone ever knowing the cats were in there. Outdoor cats can crawl up into car engines looking for warmth and end up being severely mutilated or killed by the fan belt when someone starts the car. These are only a small fraction of the many many things that can sicken, injure, or kill an outdoor cat, not to even mention diseases and parasites that a cat can pick up from wildlife and other outdoor pets. The lifespan of the average outdoor cat is considered by most sources to be 5 years or less and 90% of kittens born outdoors do not survive their first year.
An outdoor cat will adjust to being an indoor cat. In fact, some feral/semi-feral cats I managed to socialize became indoor cats and once they had adjusted to indoor life, like most indoor cats they felt safe and secure inside and wanted nothing at all to do with the outdoors. I've had a couple of cats who would try to "run doors" get out when I opened a door. If you have a cat who wants to try to run doors, Carry a squirt bottle of water or a can of canned air or air freshener and be ready to squirt or hiss the cat the instant you start to open the door and if the cat is anywhere near the door, squirt him or spray the canned air or air freshener at the cat (not on the cat- unlike water, with canned air and air freshener it's the hissing sound that disciplines the cat). It usually only takes a few times and then the cat won't want to be anywhere near the door when you open it.

If you care about your cat(s), keep them safely indoors where they will be much healthier and live much longer happier lives. And you'll have the peace of mind of always knowing your cat is indoors and safe.


Felgned Innocence

February 3rd 2013 12:34 pm
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Splat Cat must be reading her diary and decided to make a liar out of me today and show me that she's no pushover and that I shouldn't underestimate her ability to stand up for herself.

This morning Splat Cat was laying beside me and Uno was laying on my lap when Uno arose, came up and tried to get between Splats and me. Splats gave an annoyed meow and swatted at Uno who jumped back in surprise and fell off the bed. Splats almost never takes a stand with other cats this way. Uno was totally unprepared for Splats' unusual action and I'm sure Uno's jumping back was an instinctive reflex action.

After Uno fell off the bed, Splats ignored her and started to creep up toward my neck to do her hugging thing. Uno jumped up and playfully grabbed Splats tail. Splats gave Uno a dirty look, then turned back toward me and proceeded to wrap her forepaws around my neck. Uno again jumped up and grabbed Splats tail. This time Splats simply swished her tail out of Uno's way. Uno jumped up on the bed and again went after Splats tail. This time and twice more Splats totally ignored Uno. Then Splats very casually turned around, put her head down, and appeared to clumsily half jump, half fall off the bed. Although Splats clumsy move appeared innocent enough, it had a definite purpose. As Splats put her head down and started her clumsy looking half jump half fall movement, her head pushed against Uno's side and Splats carried Uno off the bed to the floor with her.

As Splats landed, she casually walked off, totally ignoring Uno while still maintaining an attitude of feigned innocence as if she had fallen off the bed by accident.


A Special Splat Cat Kitty Hug to Everyone Who Gave Her a- Valentine!

February 15th 2013 6:46 pm
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Splat Cat says thank you to everyone who gave her Valentines and adds that she would like to give each of you one of her uniquely special kitty hugs. Splat Cat's hugs have only one drawback...once she gets started hugging you, it's very hard to get her to stop. Most of the time, I love her hugging trait.

However Splat Cat's hugs can become a bit overbearing when I'm trying to type on my laptop. At these times, Splats often likes to come up on my lap and wrap her forepaws around my neck and start hugging me and headbutting me and nuzzling against my neck, managing to obscure my vision in the process (feigned innocence again perhaps?). She gives firm hugs too and if I try to pry her forepaws loose to stop the hug or move her so she's not getting in the way of me seeing the screen, she will tighten up her forepaws and hug me even harder.

Splat Cat also says to tell everyone that she's still making sure Uno continues to give her at least a little respect. Yesterday I was eating pizza and sharing small pieces of pepperoni, sausage, and cheese with Righty, Uno, Splats, and Buttons (he doesn't have a Catster profile yet). Uno was as usual eating her piece lightning quick and stealing the other cat's pieces right out from under them before they could react, all except for Splats. When Uno went to steal Splats' piece, without uttering a sound Splats casually stuck out a forepaw in a move reminiscent of a martial arts defense, knocked Uno off the chair, picked up her piece of sausage, and took off with it to a high shelf where she could eat it in peace. That particular shelf only has space enough for one cat at a time to fit on it. Splats executed all these maneuvers with the same nonchalant attitude as she did the time before when she so casually knocked Uno off the bed when Uno pushed her too far that time.

Watch out Splats! You know what they say about paybacks and knowing Uno, she's probably plotting some sort of payback for you!


Our Cats Our Masters Good for Our Health

February 27th 2013 12:34 am
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Does anybody know how multiply difficult it can get to type on a laptop and see what you're doing when you have a cat plastered to your chest with its forepaws wrapped solidly around your neck, and its head is in front of your face obscuring your vision, and when you try to shift position or move the cat a few inches to the side, the cat gives a little meow of protest, stubbornly moves herself back to her preferred spot you just tried to displace her from, tightens her forepaws around your neck, gently butts her head against your neck, nuzzles your face, and purrs even more loudly?

While cats indisputably know how to get what they want and need from their humans, these are only feline elementary school level skills that even the tiniest kitten is able to accomplish, too ordinary to satisfy the vast majority of cats. So cats have elevated and honed their skills and abilities to manipulate humans to such a high level, that cats alone of all species, are masters at the art of manipulating their humans.

Despite my annoyance with having to move my head to the side to see my screen, despite my annoyance with having to correct the occasional typo that naturally results from movements caused by headbutts against my chin at the wrong times or the wriggling of the feline wedged between my arm and my body, despite my annoyance with having my face TICKLED with whiskers (another subtle exploit cats use to get their humans attention), Splat Cat still remains right where she wants to be. In spite of my annoyances, I find myself enjoying her being there. The predictable result is that Splat Cat gets her own way and has me liking it. This is the highest form of the art of manipulating their humans that cats are born masters of.

Our cats have even taken the art of manipulating us, their humans, beyond the level of just making us willing to do what our cats want and need us to do. With their arsenal of abilities and skills that almost every cat is blessed with at birth, our cats have succeeded to make their humans WANT and ENJOY doing what our cats want and/or need us to do! Our cats keep us lovingly enslaved as we happily meet our cats wants and needs.

In turn our cats give us so much that its almost impossible to tell whether its the cats or the humans who benefit most from this relationship between our two species. Our cats help to lower our stress levels. A cat's purr actually produces vibrations at frequencies that help with pain relief, bone and muscle growth, and wound healing. Owning a cat can dramatically reduce a person's chance of dying from heart disease and are 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack.

Our cats even add 7 or more years to the lives of us their human owners/surrogate "parents"/wiling slaves!

Now that Splat Cat has made her point about how good our feline masters are to us humans, she wriggles to snuggle herself even more firmly into the crook of my arm with her chest across my chest, purring loudly, with her paws wrapped tightly around my neck in one of her characteristic long hugs, with a trace of what looks like a smug self-satisfied smile on her face!


Identified Flying Object

March 3rd 2013 3:45 am
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As usual I sit here checking my community page to see what's going on with my kitties feline friends, checking the diaries page, reading the DDPs and other interesting looking diaries there, sending a couple of friend requests, etc.

As usual Splat Cat sits plastered to my chest with her paws wrapped around my neck, her body partly obscuring my vision when suddenly, BONK! Something hard hit the left side of my forehead and landed on the floor. At the same moment my trackball ceased to work and Splat Cat jumped to a spot she chose to carefully make sure she was just out of my reach. In this case, the flying object was easily identified. It was the ball from my trackball!

Somehow, Splat Cat had managed to take the ball out of my trackball, flip the ball into the air, and hit me square on the left side of my forehead. I don't think she actually intended to hit me in the forehead with it though. Still, a trackball ball is heavy and it's as hard as a rock and if you get hit by one, it hurts! Splats clearly knew she had done something wrong because she wouldn't have jumped out of my reach otherwise.

When cats do something they know they shouldn't be doing, they usually reveal after the fact that they are well aware they misbehaved. (I'm talking here about misbehaviors that the CATS themselves clearly recognize and know are misbehaviors.)
On one hand, cats are great at sneaking. For instance, the same cats that can thunder through the house like a herd of horses when racing, can also jump, climb, and walk absolutely silently around on the kitchen countertops, inside cabinets, on top of the dragon's terrarium, and other such forbidden places. However, they haven't yet figured out that when they hear you coming and jump down, bang cabinet doors, and make other thumping and galloping sounds, the noises of their flight from the scenes of their "crimes" is a dead giveaway of what they were REALLY up to.

I'm not quite sure HOW Splat Cat managed to flip the ball out of my trackball, throw it upward, and hit me in the head with it. It happened so fast that the only movement I saw her make was a quick turn of her head. By the time I retrieved the ball and put it back into my trackball, Splat Cat had already made sure she was out of the room (perhaps hoping "out of sight-out of mind.")


Self-Appointed Nanny To the Queen

March 15th 2013 7:56 am
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Since it's obvious that Uno's the new Queen here after Hallie crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I decided SOMEBODY had to make her learn to BEHAVE as a proper Queen should behave. Since Uno is feline royalty here and still pretty much a child (a teenage child, the brattiest time of life!) I decided that like all royal children, Uno needs a good nanny. I had no idea where to look to try to find a nanny for Uno and since our human mom had no objections, I decided the only thing to do was to appoint myself Uno's nanny.

Here's a few of the basic rules a good Queen needs to follow if she wants her subjects to be loyal and obedient to her.
A Queen does not race through the house like a galloping thundering horse.
A Queen does not steal food, stealing is for thieves not Queens!
A Queen politely asks someone to get out of her way, she does not just shove them.
A Queen should never try to smack her subjects around.
A Queen should discreetly cover what she leaves behind her in the litter pan, not just "dump & run."
A Queen should be clean and well groomed at all times. Grunge on the chin and around the mouth from licking out cat food cans isn't becoming to a Queen's appearance.

Although I don't yet know how to make Uno behave like a proper Queen with everyone else, at least with me she's learning a little bit of respect. If Uno learns to conduct herself like a lady and behave as a proper Queen should behave, you'll have ME, Splat Cat, Uno's nanny, to thank for it!

And btw Lucy Liu, ladies should never audibly fart!


Cmon Join in the Fun Playing Spring Tag!

April 3rd 2013 1:56 am
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I got tagged to join in the Spring Tag fun by my friend Bugsy aka the Bugster.

Five Things I Like About Spring:

1.) Seeing everything come alive again.
2.) Outdoor air with all its wonderful intriguing scents wafting through the house
3.) Listening to all the prey scurrying around in the field behind the house & wishing I could be an outdoor cat again just long enough to catch something!
4.) Basking in sunbeams that come straight through the screen no longer blocked by glass
5.) Enjoying seeing, hearing, scenting all that's going on in the wildlife world outside the windows at night.

I'm tagging:
1. Blue 71031
2. Emma 146999
3. Bear 1065252
4. Jerri 1059578
5. Monster 1074003


A Morsel of Entertainment

May 10th 2013 4:16 am
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Somewhere, I've heard a human say that the best things in life are free. After last night, I have to say there's definitely some truth in that statement.

Last night most of us were in the bedroom enjoying all the scents of the rainy air that wafted in through the windows, watching TV, watching Mom work on her laptop, or catnapping when suddenly Velcro took a flying leap at the tv. Being a klutz, all he achieved was hitting the wastebasket, knocking it over, and strewing some of its contents across the floor. Then as quickly as he erupted into that flurry of activity, he settled down again.

For awhile, all remained quiet when suddenly Skittles got up from her spot by the window and made a flying leap onto Mom's desk, hopped up onto the printer, and took a flying leap at the closet door! Her landing was considerably better than Velcro's. She didn't knock anything down. After her weird outburst, everything again returned to normal with one exception.

On the headboard of the bed, Righty sat intensely alert, moving her slowly as if she was watching an unseen Something moving through the air. Uno sped across the room, took a flying leap onto the dresser, and repeated Velcro's leap at the TV. Being the most coordinated of our kitty family, instead of repeating Velcro's landing style, Uno landed perfectly poised to execute her next maneuver.

Uno's next maneuver was to spin 180 degrees, cover the distance across the room at lightning speed, and make a soaring leap at the lamp just above the headboard. Immediately, Righty jumped down onto the floor beside where I sat. She proceeded to manipulate the mysterious source of all the activity which soon revealed itself.

Pinned down by Righty's paw was a small moth that Uno had knocked out of the air. The moth had fallen to the floor, now Righty had it and was just preparing to devour the miniscule morsel of entertainment when.....

From my vantage point under the bed just out of sight where Righty crouched with the moth, I flashed my paw outward and across in front of Righty, snagging the moth with my #1 claw. CHOMP! The moth was mine and it tasted good too! And we sure had fun chasing it!


A Huge Thank You

May 13th 2013 1:01 pm
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I want to say a huge thank you to the Kewlest Catster Kitties Group for giving me the wonderful honor of being their Cat of the Week this week.

I also want to give a special thank you to Simba
and his family for the KCK Group COTW picture they made for me.

From all of my kitty family, we say a great big thank you to all of you selfless generous kitties who devote so much time & effort & hard work to make pictures, give us rosettes, special gifts, etc and send congratulatory Pawmails to all us kitties who win awards, honors, etc and make it all even more special for us. All of you deserve to be given recognition for all these things you do for everybody everyday.

And last but not least, thank you to Catster for making all of this possible!


Two Of A Kind

July 21st 2013 12:04 pm
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Splat Cat and Carina have very similar personalities in many ways. Both tend to be dominant and stand-offish with the other cats. As a rule neither want the other cats to get too close to them. When another cat tries to come too close, both will voice a warning and swat at the other cat. Just as the other cats used to do with Hallie, they tend to get out of the way when Splats or Carina comes through.

Both Carina and Splat Cat like to come up on my chest, wrap their paws around my neck, nuzzle their heads under my chin, and hug me. The main difference between the two when hugging me is that Carina will also knead her paws "make bread" on my neck. When Carina kneads her paws in the right places on my neck, it feels like a nice little massage. If another cat comes close while one of them is hugging me, she will either give the cat a warning growly meow and if necessary, a swat; or else if she's had enough hugging to be fairly well satisfied she will leave in disgust.

In these ways, Splat Cat and Carina seem to be two of a kind.

One major exception to the above is the friendship between Splats and Lacey. When Lacey first came as a kitten, Splats formed a friendship with her and these two often play together. Another exception is Splat Cat's self-appointed role as "nanny" and disciplinarian to Uno when Uno oversteps her bounds.

Occasionally, if Carina's attention is really absorbed by hugging me and kneading my neck, she will allow another cat to lay near her or even touch her side at the rear. However, it's more clear now that Carina's interaction with Destiny the dog, that is described in Carina's and Destiny's diaries, is definitely a game.

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