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Just Say'in

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I saved the day!

January 17th 2013 7:05 pm
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Mom started this neat page for me, but said she didn't want me to start my diary until she got the pages for my brothers and the barkers started as well...said she didn't think it was "fair." BUT, this morning I really helped her out, so as a "Thank you," I get to start my diary today!

It all started when I heard her alarm go off in the morning. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I realized it was very, very quiet. Then I notice she wasn't moving at all! I normally let her sleep because she has a demanding schedule, but when her alarm goes off she usually pets me and hits the snooze AT LEAST! This time she just laid there and laid there for a long time. I knew I had to do something, so I started kneading her shoulder and sticking my whiskers in her face. I figured that ought to do it--and it did! She jumped out of bed super fast and started rushing around to get ready, talking about what an intelligent and wonderful cat I am. I kind of like it when I hear the alarm and mom doesn't--MOL.

So, not to brag, but I saved the day for mom today.

Just say'in.



Does Catster have a hairball?

January 25th 2013 10:11 pm
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Mom tried to add a pretty photo of me and also a page for my brother (who mom says is also pretty...but I certainly won't admit it out loud) but alas nothing shows but a blank-nothing. I noticed another diary had the same problem...maybe Catster has a hairball and will feel better later.

Hairballs do suck,
Just say'in



DDP! Who ME???

January 29th 2013 5:40 pm
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Wow, what an exciting honor; me to be a DDP! Mom gave me freeze dried Turkey bites to celebrate--YUMMY! Maybe she'll give me a couple more before bed, maybe not; but a girl's gotta ask when she has the perfect excuse right? Thank you Catster! And thank you to everyone who made it even better. Thanks for the p-mail and the rosettes! You guys are AWESOME!

Just say'in,



Mom Laughed AT ME.

February 5th 2013 5:18 pm
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I was minding my own business, walking out to the kitchen because I heard mom making noise out there and thought I'd check it out. Just as I walked around the corner--BOOM there was mom FLINGING WATER on me. It surprised me so much my tail poofed! ...Did she bow down before me and beg for forgiveness? NO! She LAUGHED instead! LAUGHED! Humph! How rude-
Just say'in

Lísta's mamma here to defend myself: I was cleaning her food mat and was shaking the excess water off as I came around the corner, having no idea Miss Lísta was heading my way. When we practically collided it startled both of us, and her tail poofed to 5x it's normal size. She looked so adorable I just couldn't help myself from laughing. Her tail hasn't poofed in probably almost a decade so it is a rare sight. It reminded me of the very first day she was in my life, her gotcha day...she met my aunt's cat that day who hissed at her. Her response was a pooffy tail that was at that time bigger than the rest of her body practically. So when I startled her, I was having a mommy memory...she just didn't understand--but shame on me: I loved it.


Diary of The Day: Feb 9, 2013!

February 11th 2013 12:55 am
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I'm practically speechless! (Good thing I'm a talkative girl MOL.) What an honor to be named the Diary of the Day! Thank you Catster and all the cat powers that be. Thanks to the cool cats who helped make my special day even more memorable:

Beepers for the rose
Casey for the kiss
Bondi and family for the ribbon
Smiley Cassanova for the fleur de lis

For the p-mail from:

For the awesome photo from
Tundra, Rory, Manytoes, & Lynzee

And the screen shot from Cesar

And to answer the question some asked--yes, I did get freeze-dried turkey from mom! Purrrfect to top off the greatness of the day!

You guys are all wonderful!
Just say'in


Something Nasty In The Weather

February 11th 2013 12:01 pm
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I've had some great days lately, but today, not so much... Even though we don't get snow in our wind here, there is something else in it --ALLERGENS. (As mamma calls them.) They are horrible and they make it to where I can't breath very well. Mom has sinus troubles, like lots of humans around here, but I can't breath and that is very stressful. I had to take albuterol today in addition to my regular inhaler--YUCK! I don't like how albuterol makes me feel, but it helps me breath better... I hope it kicks in and helps a lot really soon, otherwise mom is going to start shoving things down my throat like prednisone. Oh how I HATE the taste of prednisone. It takes a million freeze-dried turkey bites to take that taste away... And we all know mom won't give me a million...

Asthma sucks.
Just say'in.



Thank you my Furriends

February 13th 2013 7:50 pm
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Thank you Catster for making me a DDP. Thank you my furriends for sending both concatulations and healing purrs my way...Angel Buddie, Smiley Cassanova, Luke, Beepers, Zeke--I appreciate you guys.

I'm feeling quite a bit better. But I'm still breathing a little heavy and mamma is still watching me very closely. I have had to have extra inhaler doses, but thankfully, she didn't have to give me prednisone (whew!). We even got to play with my bouncy spider for a couple of minutes this evening before I starting breathing too heavy and mamma said it was time to stop...

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel even better,

Just say'in.



Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th 2013 4:54 pm
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Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you're enjoying some extra fuzzy love and whisker kisses!

I feel better today too--so that's the best gift for me. But mamma also gave me some tuna water and a toy. The toy is a fuzzy ball (like what I have already) and some feathers on a string with a wand she can fling around for me. My fuzzy ball is my favorite toy, I also like my spider on a string...but a fuzzy ball on a string? Not sure what I think of that yet--the jury is still out. The tuna water was the best part.

Happy Valentine's Day!


What's In A Name?

February 22nd 2013 5:47 pm
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So I read my brofurs diary... He thinks he's all that huh? Well at least he does protect me, and he is my favorite brofur after all. Oh-yeah: "Concatualations on your DDP brofur."

But all the comments got me thinking about NAMES... odd things aren't they? Most people do not say my name correctly. They say it like the human person--what is it?--"Flockhart." But it's actually pronounced: Cal-EEE-sta. It is from Greek mythology, in reference to the inscription on the golden apple thrown by the goddess of Discord to the goddesses Athena, Aphrodite and Hera, meaning: "For the Fairest," Mamma thought I was very "fair" and named me accordingly.

The best part is that my human cousin is named after me. At first my aunt did not want to admit her baby was named after a cat, but then mamma overheard her tell my boy cousin that I was born before his sister was...he, he, he--momma enjoyed that. My cousin is a very purrty little girl and will grow up to carry my purrty name when I can no longer be with my mamma here on earth. I think that's a nice legacy.

So let's hear it--How did you all get your names?" Harley, Zachary, Gris, and Mallee all left great stories on my brofurs page-so you should check that out too.

Just say'in


Happy Birthday "My Lísta Pie"

February 27th 2013 12:28 pm
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Happy Birthday my sweet baby girl. I can hardly believe you’re 14 today. I remember when you were so tiny and I brought you home that first day: Your eyes were still blue, your ears were so huge, and you were so, so LOUD. In fact, your complete and utter lack of volume control is one of the things that made me bring you home with me. I was not looking for a kitty that day. I was not looking for a kitty that week or even year... When I left the house that day I didn’t warn Fig that he would soon have a little sister, because I didn’t know. I didn’t know you were about to find me and snag my heart. When I heard you meowing and MEOWING in that cage--I had to pick you up. Then that purr! Oh my what a purr! You remember the rest too I’m sure. I put you back, you meowed and meowed. I picked you back up, you purred and purred. I put you back AGAIN, not getting the hint. “MEOW, MEEEEOOOOOOOOWWWWWW.....” So I picked you back up again. More purrs. Then I handed you to your grandma. More purrs. She handed you back to me... I never let go; you had my heart.

Figaro was unamused by my decision to bring you home--that’s for sure. But he got over it. He got over it and came to love you too. He loved to use you as a pillow, and to wrestle with you, and to steel your food. But he loved his little sister. I remember when you two would wrestle (aka "kitty-rumble") and he would lay on his back because you didn’t stand a chance in head-on combat. I remember that you, being a little stinker would slip around him and bite his paws because he didn’t like his paws being touched. Kitty Christmases were always the best. You two would play and play with your new toys and try to steel treats from each other. ...I remember when you got sick and starting having so much trouble breathing. I thought I would have him with me longer than I would have you even though he was five years your senior... Now you are 14, exactly the age he was when I lost him to the bridge. We were so lucky to have you there. You laid with him constantly when he was sick. I remember how you tried to tell me to let him go--you bit me when I was treating him. It made me cry and cry, but you were right. I remember when I did let him go, you hissed and ran away. I know those were kitty tears.

When I brought you home that Spring day, how could I have ever known you’d be such a momma’s girl? I am honored and humbled by the knowledge that you love me so deeply...that no one else would ever have the same place in your heart that I do. I can certainly say no one would ever have the same place in my heart as you do, but all my fur babies have their own place. What is different about you is that I have never had a fur-baby whom I felt so much love from. Especially knowing that others do not get that same love from you--just me. I know that you don’t like your world as much without me in it. That is scary. That is scary and wonderful to be needed so much. I know I wouldn’t like my world as much without you in it.

I could buy a car with the money I’ve spent on you in vet bills. I have a car, but I would rather walk than not have you in my life. I would EASILY make that choice. My point is I don’t regret a penny of it. I don’t regret any of the bad times, because they mean I got the good times too. Remember when you were little and were flexing your “muscles” of independence and willfulness? One of your favorite things to do was to get up on a shelf and poise your paw ready to knock down some breakable object. You’d wait for me to look at you and say something. Then it would go... Oh you little stink! I’m glad you grew out of that, but also glad I have the memory of it--because it was only you. I’m glad you never out grew wanting to play with my hair. It’s fun even if I complain that you get it “kitty-spitty.”

My favorite sound in the world is you singing. --Good thing because you keep me awake with it often enough. Your purr, your soft fur, your whiskers in my face, your kneading paws on me, our conversations... all some of my most favorite things about existence.

I hope you enjoy your chicken dinner I’m about to make you, because I enjoy you every day. I enjoy all of our moments and I thank God for you daily.

Thank you for being my special baby girl. Happy Birthday.

Love, Momma

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