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Stephano's daily silliness

I love my new life!

January 3rd 2013 4:49 am
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I am so happy that my mom rescued me from the big bad woods behind the church preschool she works at. I was scared! I was howling so loudly and boy was I hungry! But now life is all good. I have Taffy, my big brother. Sometimes he tries to show me who is boss, but for the most part he is a great, warm, snuggle buddy! I just got my name a few days ago. It took my mom and my kid Laura forever to find a name for me. Laura named me Stephano, which is the name of some dude in a video game that she watches some guy named Pewdiepie play. Anyway, mom thought the name was kind of fitting, because the name of the church I was found at was St. Stephen's so it kind of just fits. Mom says I am a really, really smart cat....which I of course already knew. I love all of my family at my new home, except I can't figure out why this cat Beep keeps hissing at me under the door. I'm not allowed to play with her, because she can't play nice with other cats. I love playing with Taffy though! Mom says I might even help Taffy lose a few pounds from chasing him around. I'm so happy to be with my new family :)


Poopy day :(

January 5th 2013 12:12 pm
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I had a bummy day. I had to go and get my first set of cat shots today, and I didn't like it one little bit. First of all, mom took me up to the pet store where she buys our food, and they were having a shot clinic, and there were these two yippy dachsunds up there raising the biggest ruckus ever. I was wishing for ear plugs. When I finally got to see the vet, my mom told the vet how she saved me and my brother (who she found a great home for) from the woods behind her work, and the vet told her that he believed I was more like 5-6 months old, or even older. I guess mom thought I was about 3-4 months old. But I already had my new teeth, and the vet said they had been worn down a bit, from being out in the woods and eating all of the things I had been eating. He said I was just going to be a small cat. So I got my kitty shots and some nasty de worming medicine....YUK! But I am so happy to have my new home. I love every one....well, I am warming up to the big dumb dog. She is soooo big, something called a doberman! All I know is she is as big as a horse. But she loves the other two kitties that live in the house with me, and I am slowly warming up to her, but I will put the smackdown on her if she gets too in my face, and I wish she would get that big nose out of my butt!!! Apparently, cat butts are her favorite thing in the world. I think I am the luckiest cat in the world, am so glad that I don't have to go cold and hungry in those big nasty woods. I am one lucky little fella....even if today was kind of poopy :)


I'm so thankful for my new home

February 8th 2013 4:08 am
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I am such a happy boy. Mom and dad rescued me from the woods on December 7th, took me home where I am living in the lap of luxury, compared to what I was living like. I have a big sister, she is a doberman, but she is really nice, and a big brother Taffy. (There is another cat too but apparently she is mean and can't be out the same time as me but she has hissed at me a few times under the door, she has NO manners). Everyone who meets me falls in love with me. If there is a lap, I must be on it...that is if I'm not zipping around the house like a banshee, I like to do that. Mom bought me a HUGE new armarkat cat tree that I love to climb up to the tippy top and be king of the world. I got "fixed", whatever that means, on Monday, and guess what? All of the techs at the vet fell in love with me too. When mom got there to pick me up they were talking to me because I LOVE to talk! Mom thinks I must have some Siamese cat in me, because I am REALLY loud and talk all the time. The vet said that my teeth were kind of worn down and he thought I'd been out in the woods for a while, probably eating who knows what. He said I am just a little cat but I may be as much as a year old, even though I am pretty small. I'm just so happy that I have my family, I love them so much, and I love having Taffy, my big bubby, because he snuggles up to me and keeps me warm when no one is home. I have to be snuggling someone at all times or I just get lonely. I think I am the luckiest kitty in the world, I just love my new home. Mom says every time she sees the woods that I was living in, which is behind her work, she is a little sad thinking that I was living out there all alone. Mom said she really didn't want a 3rd cat, that our house was crowded enough, but I made it impossible for her and the rest of the family not to fall madly in love with me and now she can't imagine me not being here. Yep, I am one lucky little fella!


I'm a naughty boy

April 13th 2013 6:34 am
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Mom says I have been such a naughty boy lately, but I just like having fun! Mom says that since I'm almost a year old that maybe I ought to calm down a little bit, but I don't think so....cuz you know mom is going to miss all this cute kitten stuff when I'm a big lazy cat like my brother Taffy and my evil sister Beep. My most favorite thing to do is to climb the curtains....hee, hee, hee! I climb way up to the top and sit on top of the curtain rod! A few weeks ago, I learned how to open the drawer in the kitchen that holds the CATNIP!!!! I got it open...chewed through the bag, and dad found me lying in a big pile of it on the kitchen floor. He tried to snap a picture, but I moved to fast. Then I knocked over an entire bag of bird seed....and it was a BIGGGGG bag, and it went all over the floor! Then, mom scooped it all up and put it in a container, and while she turned around for 30 seconds, I knocked it over again :) You should see the nasty look I got from my big brother Taffy.....he does NOT approve of my shenanigans....he's no fun. I'm going to enjoy being a kitten for a little while longer, and I bet mom secretly is enjoying my funny stuff that I do too. How can she not, I am SOOOOO adorable!!!

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