November 21st 2012 6:52 am
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The pawrents have been letting me in the house now for a couple of weeks, and so far all is going pretty well. No fights really, not even hissing, though I’ve been snubbed some by the older two. Fearless is the only one who likes to play with me occasionally. I think she’s sort of glad to have me here since Samhain and Sleeper tend to stick together, excluding her sometimes.

You have to understand, though, that we all know each other fairly well from all the times that they’ve been out walking on their leashes and I’ve accompanied them. I love to go for walks with the Mama and Seven, too, without the girls!

I still have my little house out on the porch – it’s the big Styrofoam rose cone that the Mama duct-taped on a Styrofoam door with hole in it and added a fabric wind flap. Then the whole thing is slid into a cardboard box which is inserted into a bigger cardboard box with some insulation stuffed in the air space between the two boxes. It’s pretty snug in there with my blankie. Right now the weather isn’t too cold, but no doubt the Mama will let me stay overnight when it starts staying freezing outside.

I know how to get in and out of the cattery by myself! But the Mama doesn’t think I’m using the litter boxes in there. Instead I wait until she lets me back outside again. We’ll see how that goes when the ground freezes and the only soft dirt is the litter in the cattery or the litter box in the bedroom. I may change my tune then! Anyway, I ‘m being a gentleman and not using the walls or carpet (thank goodness, the Mama says!).

Oh, and the Mama is going to post an incriminating pic of me and Fearless in front of the woodstove – hehehe…



November 24th 2012 5:10 am
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Holy Cats, wow – I got Diary of the Day! Don’t look at me; don’t look – I will NOT cry… It wouldn’t be manly - and Samhain would probably make fun of me! (sniff)
Anyways, thanks to Angel Buddie and the Diary Gal staff – I really feel part of the family now. :)



February 11th 2013 5:58 am
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No snow, high winds or icy trees are gonna get me down – I’m high as a kite and it’s not on catnip – it’s Love!
I asked that little calico beauty Daisy, sisfur to Skylar, to be my Valentine, and she said Yes! No offense to all my mancat friends, but I think I’ve got the most beautiful Valentine of all!



February 23rd 2013 1:56 pm
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Wow! Life just keeps getting better and better for me!
The lovely Samoa has just named me Dreamboat-in-Training #55 - how cool is that?!

I mean, I knew I wasn't exactly bad-looking. The Mama has told me often enough that I'm a handsome boy, and I don't think she would lie to me. She says I remind her of a tall blond Norseman, heavy on the brawn, if not the brain! Well, I don't claim to be a rocket scientist, but I think I make up for it with an easy-going, gentle disposition. Samhain can keep the witty sarcasm; I think "sweet" opens a whole lot more doors, don't you? (but don't tell her I said it!)

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