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Cocas de Sant Joan (and recipes)

October 31st 2012 8:51 pm
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Cocas de Sant Joan (and recipes)

These have been my kinks of Sant Joan this year: a brioche with candied fruit and a pastry with llardons (cracklings): D I'm especially happy with the result of the first, has been sooo fluffy and super good-although the I do not like llardons and tested, say that coke was also good.
A couple of days ago I shared this picture on Instagram and Bea, Cancun Cookies, liked it and told me he hoped to share the recipe. I do not usually post the recipes because it is less a recipe blog as a place to share the little things I do but because Bea liked to coca + if anyone else could be interested recipe + because I loved the result = share recipes below :)
Coca just before entering the oven. So, just out.

The dough recipe brioche coca saw in this blog (adapted, in turn, on tahis blog) and llardons recipe I have adapted from this recipe.
If someone has been wanting to do for Sant Joan kinks, there is still time to prepare for the festival of Sant Pere;)


Cerillas de galletas / Matchstick Cookies

November 12th 2012 12:57 am
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A few days ago, I saw a picture on Pinterest that caught my attention: matchstick-shaped cookies. I found it very original, I had not seen before and I was amused to try them: D
There are no complications. It makes cookie dough, cut-with patience and a knife and skinny strips of dough and baked square. Once cool, cover one end of the cookie with icing color (to taste, but I chose) burgundy and brown could also be done with chocolate-y ... matches edible!
Besides the butter cookie dough, chocolate mass did testing this recipe Message in a cookie-adapted, in turn, a Lilaloa recipe. I took this to make chocolate dough cookies also plantilleadas of Easter eggs.
At last but not least, the picture I saw on Pinterest and idea are Kanon and his blog that, for the few things with some sense I could understand thanks to Google Translate, looks great.

Before closing, and because it is the day ... my Easter cakes! This weekend I made ​​this cute yolk (with this recipe from The Cuina Vermella) a small gift for. I have no godchildren and godparents so she does not have that perfect;) I took some of the chicks cake pops I made a few days to decorate.
Also, my sister wanted a monkey Sacher-ie a customized sacher-mona. Monas for all: D


Funny cat

November 18th 2012 11:37 pm
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Funny cat

Cats I have had for over 20 years. Who have died or ran away, and this cat is now living with me for 4 years. What a beast I've never had. She is really funny. Certainly quite intelligent, she sets out to all the doors, the front door, so here is everything is always completed. Sometimes you can talk to her, not that I know the answers, but what I ask and she answers!

It is not cuddly. It is likely to heat, like she lies down once on my laptop and then posting ffffffffffhhhhhhhhh in my name on facebook ............. or asks me about everything else. In recent years it has become a little aggressive, biting them too, if you does not fit! This is then blows. The cat makes enough chaos here, I do not even have to be afraid of her because she bites when that happens, she gets a crazy with the newspaper.

But what fascinates me about this cat her weight! For it is in the summer. Always really thin and that is so thin that you think you have a hamster in the arm, if I may take it up It weighs nothing! And in winter, or in autumn, she begins to eat and increases and thickens up fat. Really fat. Sometime in February I mean always, she's pregnant, which is excluded because it is neutered and when the bikini season begins, she is thin again. So thin that you think you would have a hamster in the arm when they take up time allowed.

She has lived here for 4 years, that's the same every year. Strange animal. Now she is getting fat again and eats everything, always begging and really annoying.


HP ProBook 4540s, 15,6-Zoll-matte Pro mit Core i5, 7200rpm,- USB 3.0, 7h

January 9th 2013 1:33 am
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HP ProBook 4540s sein Schicksal (B0Y65EA), ein 15,6-Zoll-Notebook, das Profis abzielt. Robust, läuft es unter der Plattform Intel Huron River mit Sandy Bridge Core i5 Prozessor, eine Festplatte schnell, einem Steuermann und einer Platte Anschlüsse wie USB 3.0, HDMI und Bluetooth 4.0. Es bietet Selbstversorger-angekündigte 7 Stunden und erscheint weniger als 700 Euro.
Designed in Aluminium mit DuraFinish, ist dieses Notebook robust, sondern auch resistent gegen Flecken und Verschleiß. Allerdings ist seine Erscheinung weit von strengen mit einer Silber gebürstet Metallbeschichtung auf dem Rumpf und dem Handgelenk.
Es hat eine Vielzahl von Technologien wie 3D DriveGard3, die die Festplatte vor Stürzen schützt. Das HP ProBook 4540s (B0Y65EA) und HP 540 akku zielt in erster Linie Profis, sondern auch für diejenigen, die zu passen ein 15-Zoll-Laptop elegant und robust für den täglichen Gebrauch beabsichtigt ansprechen.
Für ein 15,6-Zoll , nimmt sie das richtige Gewicht und bietet einen Selbsttest kündigte 07.00 wertvolle um mehrere Stunden auf Batterie weg von einer Steckdose verwenden.
Konzipiert für Pro enthält es einen Fingerabdruckleser, compaq presario cq61 akku die einen einfachen Zugang und geschützte Windows 7 Professional bietet. Umfassender als die Home Premium, bietet es umfangreiche Sicherheits-Tools und Netzwerk-Management sowie die XP-Modus zu installieren und zu verwenden, Anwendungen / Treiber nur kompatibel mit Windows XP.
Auch gut für die Tastatur, die Verschüttungen können einige bedauern widersetzt, aber es ist nicht beleuchtet.
Der Bildschirm selbst nimmt eine matte Behandlung, die es weniger ermüdend für die Augen auf lange Sicht als der brillante, aber auch weniger empfindlich auf Blendung wodurch es leichter zu lesen, vor allem in hellen Umgebungen macht. Allerdings HP g62 akku sind die klassische Definition 16:9-Format und 1366 × 768, dass wahrscheinlich klagen Liebhaber der großen Arbeitsbereichen.
Der Konnektivität ist mehr als ausreichend, da es 4 USB-Ports sind alle kompatibel USB 2.0 und USB 3.0, 2 USB 3.0 viel schneller Transfers als USB 2.0 genießen, wenn ein Zweig USB 3.0-Geräte.
Sind auch in HDMI-und VGA-Video-Ausgänge, um einfach an den PC an einen Projektor oder Monitor anschließen, zum Beispiel Audio-und Ethernet-Ports HP g62 akku und Module Wi-Fi n und Bluetooth 4.0 Anschlüsse Bereitstellung von Remote-Kommunikation und Wireless.
Die Festplatte hat ihrerseits eine Speicherkapazität von 320 GB Standard und kann eine Menge von Software und Dateien vielfältigen unterzubringen. Es hat den Vorteil für den Betrieb bei 7200 U / min, während die Mehrheit der Festplatten in Laptops eingebaut einfach 5400 U / min compaq presario cq41 akku, was eine bessere Reaktionsfähigkeit führt täglich.
Reaktionsfähigkeit, macht dieses Notebook nicht fehlen mit 4 GB RAM und Intel Core i5-2450m Sandy Bridge, Duo eine gute Gesamtleistung einschließlich Multitasking, was ziehen viele Benutzer.
Schließlich wird die Grafik-Bearbeitung durch die integrierte Intel HD 3000 Core i5, etwas ohne Bedenken auch 1080p HD Video zu tragen. In Spielen jedoch bietet sie die Performance sehr bescheiden und müssen mit wenig opus ressourcenintensiv 3D Graphics Processing und insgesamt nicht zu schwer zufrieden zu sein.


Bonding With Your Cat

February 27th 2013 6:22 pm
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To ensure that kittens adapt comfortably to people, they need to be handled gently for short periods of time once their eyes are open. But because they benefit so much from the presence of their mother, kittens should stay with her until they're at least eight weeks old. Interact at first with both the kittens and the mother, then gradually spend more time with each kitten on its own.

A kitten that is given the freedom to approach you, climb on you and play with you will feel most secure around people. Kittens need to explore their environment in order to build confidence and cope with change and different surroundings. Small, dark hiding places, such as behind the couch or in the corner of a shelf, provide safe havens of retreat should the youngster encounter an apparent threat while exploring. When kittens leave their mother for new homes Toshiba pa3534u-1brs, they should take with them some bedding made of material with which she has been in contact; her lingering scent may comfort little ones in their unfamiliar environment. In time, your own scent will become as reassuring as that of the mother.

Your bond with your pet may become so strong that the cat attempts to parent you. For instance, a cat may bring you its quarry: a real mouse or bird captured outdoors or a plaything hunted indoors. When actual animal prey is involved, a cat will bring you the animal dead, as an offering of food, or alive, as an apparent opportunity for you to make a kill. Your cat even may try to nudge you into doing what he wants you to do or going where he wants you to go. Some cats will treat you like they would another adult cat, rubbing their face against you in greeting as they would a feline ally.


Google Street View Captures Elusive Two-Legged Half-Cat

May 7th 2013 6:20 pm
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Cryptozoologists have long been searching for photographic proof of the rare Bipedal Half-Cat, a strange and beautiful feline creature with only two limbs and a tail. It's normally far too clever to be photographed by normal means, but a Google Street View car has taken the first known photograph of one.

9The Bipedal Half-Cat has been written about a great deal by naturalists and zoologists, being the only bipedal feline and the only mammal not to possess any forelimbs at all. The Half-Cat also differs from other felines with its internal-only ears and much more casual, jaunty gait. Unlike other cats, it does not hunt, preferring instead to buy its food from street vendors, using money it acquires via still-unknown means, though check-kiting is suspected by many researchers.

9The Bipedal Half-Cat's closest known relative is the Bipedal Back Half-Cat, which is like the Half-Cat but made up of the back half of a cat, with the genitals and anus forming the animals only means of interaction with the world. This Half-Cat subspecies has never been photographed either, but nobody wants to see it to offer Pet supplies, anyway.

The only other known picture of any half-cat at all is this 1867 daugerrotype of a relative of the Half-Cat, the Colossal Bipedal Half-Cat, which terrorized the city of Lisbon before being killed by several hours worth of cannonfire.


How to choose a cat

June 18th 2013 9:02 pm
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Cats make delightful pets, even though they are very independent. But before buying or adopting a cat, you must ask yourself the following questions:
Do you want a male or female cat? Generally females are cautious, gentle, and quiet but unless you have your cat spayed, you will have to contend with heat cycles. Males are larger and more outgoing, though unneutered males tend to spray urine to mark their territory, roam, and are prone to fights with other cats.

Do you want a long- or short-haired cat? Long-haired cats are glamorous, but it will be someone's job to keep it that way. Long-haired cats shed a great deal and tend to get hairballs more Sony frequently.

Do you want a purebred or mixed-breed cat? If you want a purebred cat, make sure you buy it only from a reputable breeding establishment and know what you're looking for before you actually buy.

Do you want a kitten or a cat? Kittens are cute but they require more time and patience. Older cats require more socialization but generally are easier to care for.
In the next section, we examine three important components of caring for a cat: bathing, feeding, and grooming.

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