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Tails of a pretty princess

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Hi! I'm Serena!

October 12th 2012 10:44 am
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Well hello to all my new kitty and human pals!

My name is Serena, but you can call me Princess Serena MOL.
Only my mama can call me Rena.

I was a former stray cat until someone brought me to our local shelter. There I got spayed, got all my shots, and was put up fur adoption. I was there fur a short time when this nice lady who would turn out to be my new mama came and socialized with me. She seemed to know how to make a girl kitty feel special and wanted.

I came home with a URI and a bacterial infection, which I'm being treated fur. I have to take these pills efury day (YUCK), and I don't mind taking them. I also take this eye ointment since I have runny eyes and I hate that. I shut my eyes and wiggle around fighting it so mama's not always able to get the ointment on them.

I've been here about a month now and I have a nice brofur named Daniel who I can play with. I also have this ofur brofur named Solomon who doesn't like to play. Me, I'm a young furkid who loves to run around, knock over the garbage can (MOL), play tag with Daniel, and eat well. Mama says I'm like a little piggy when it comes to mealtime.

I like my mama a lot. She and I became instant furiends when she visited me. She's got ofur kitties and treats me like royalty. She says I'm a princess and she's right. I deserve only the best!

Incidentally, today I have to go back to my vet fur a follow-up since this stuff is still coming out of my eyes and I'm also still sniffling and sneezing. Mama thinks my nose is a bit runny too cuz I lick it a lot.

Well I need a nap...yawn...

Princess Serena


my vet visit results

October 12th 2012 5:11 pm
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Well as I told you earlier I went to the vet again. I have been to the vet 4 times now in the past month, mostly fur treatment of a URI and a secondary infection in my eyes. Well I was still getting white & green junk out of my eyes and I was still sneezing and sniffling so mama decided to bring me in.

This time I got Baytril fur my sneezing and runny nose/eyes and some eye drops (mama doesn't remember the name) fur my eyes. I take the Baytril in pill form and don't mind them even though they are a little big. As fur the eye drops....well...I don't like anyone poking around my eyes so mama has to keep my eye open when she puts it in.

My vet (the 3rd one I've seen BTW) says I'm a sweet girl. Awww tank you...I know I am MOL! I'm a princess so being sweet comes naturally! She said black kitties are the toughest to adopt out to. Mama said she a black cat named Greta... I don't know her since she died....and wanted anofur black cat to take her place. We black kitties are special!

So now I'm enjoying being home and playing with Daniel. He & I love to run around the house. I'm glad I live with ofur kitties and mama. This is the life!

Princess Serena


I'm doing better!

October 15th 2012 12:31 pm
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Wow wow wow MEOW!

Even though I hate my eye drops they sure have been helping my infection. I almost nefur sniffle now, am barely sneezing, and am just as energetic as ever. Mama is so thrilled that there is no more green stuff coming out of my eyes.

My vet called mama to check on me and said to keep me on the eye drops fur at least a week. OH YUCKERS. I can't stand those things. Mama has to wrap me up in a blanket (she calls me her black burrito MOL) so I won't squirm and fight them.

My latest thing is picking on Daniel, since he picks on me. We have swat-fests, but we do share a kitty condo so we get along.

Just waiting now fur mama to come home....
bye fur now,
Princess Serena


running the house

October 18th 2012 9:38 am
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I've been running and running lately. I love to run through my house and sometimes my brofur Daniel follows me. We chase each ofur and because I'm younger than him, can easily outrun him. MOL!

Mama says Daniel used to pick on Greta (the black kitty who was here befur me) all the time and it's good to see me come along and pick on him. He doesn't like it. Well watch out Daniel, make way fur a PRINCESS!


well hello again

November 30th 2012 3:19 pm
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Hello again my furiends!

Mama has not posted diary updates on me in a long time, so I told her as long as you're going to post a diary entry fur my brofur, take a note and do mine too. ;)

I am now fully recovered from my URI. I'm very active, run thru the house all the time, and am just as playful and sweet as I can be. I love having 2 brofurs. Daniel & I pick on each ofur. Sometimes I pick on Solomon too but he's no fun. But Daniel and I are a lot alike, we both want to be the boss. MOL

I do have one habit mama doesn't like...I like to knock ofur the garbage can and eat from it. Mama keeps stopping me saying I'm not a stray kitty anymore and I don't need to eat from the garbage can. She discovered me pulling down the can since the trash bag flaps used to overlap it. Now she tucks the flaps inside. Hmph! Oh well.

I also like to poke at mama's feet when I want her to get up and feed me! She resists but I keep on a poking. MOL Mama doesn't mind cuz she says I'm so cute. Mama sure has good taste, MOL.

bye bye

Princess Serena


I got the zoomies

December 10th 2012 5:01 pm
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I've had the zoomies lately. I love to run and zoom around the house, especially at night right befur mama goes to bed. MOL Daniel likes to join me sometimes too.

Do any of you like to zoom around your house befur bedtime? It's such fun!

BTW I have to ask mama (in my own way) who Greta is...or was...I hear her say I remind her a lot of this "Greta" and that sometimes she accidentally calls me Greta.

Zoomie time!

Zooming away, Princess Serena


DDP time!

December 14th 2012 2:42 am
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Hi again!

Mama has infurmed me that I'm a DDP today! She told me what that means and I am so happy I'm zooming around the house fur joy! I can't wait til I let my brofurs know, so I can boss them around. MOL!

Me & my brofurs also got a new flavor of treats...rabbit flavored ones. Someone gave them to us as a present. They're really tasty!

Tank you to Catster and all of my furiends fur making me a diary pick. :)

Princess Serena


a quick Tank You

December 14th 2012 5:17 pm
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I just wanted tell all of you TANK YOU so much fur your sweet paw mails, gifts, and also to Big Harry & KCK fur my DDP pic!! I love it.

Tonight we all got a treat...fresh rotisserie chicken! Mmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum! It was so good I had 2nds and 3rds, MOL!

I'm off to rest then after mama goes to bed, zoomie time!

Princess Serena


double honors!

December 15th 2012 12:39 pm
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Can you believe, ME??? Diary of the Day??? Right after being a DDP!

I had to wake up mama and tell her. I had to keep playing with her feet so she could get up and see the news.

So many mails, gifts & rosettes! Tank you tank you tank you!
You sure know how to treat a Princess like royalty! Of course I expected all of this (MOL). My royal heritage has taught me to expect only the best, and you have delivered!

An' not only am I DOTD, but my brofur Solomon is DDP today too!
So that means twice the fun!

Hard to believe 2 former street kitties (now who would let a PRINCESS live on the street?) who found their way to my mama's home would be so lucky and blessed.

Tonight we will be getting double the treats too!

Oh I just love being a does have its rewards.....
PS mama says tank you too.

Princess Serena



December 15th 2012 12:52 pm
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I want to tank Big Harry, Manytoes, and all of their furiends fur the piccies they sent fur my DOTD! xxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooooooo

Oh and extra tanks fur all the treats!

I wuv all of you!

Princess Serena

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