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Abby Around the Yard

Another Week

October 8th 2012 7:52 am
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Ah, it's Monday morning and I have spent the night outside hunting and sleeping. I am ready to come in now!!! Maybe if I meow loudly my human will come to the door. It worked. She let me in. I need a small snack and then I will curl up on her bed and go back to sleep. It's raining today so I know she won't let me back outside. But she put Rocky out - ha! he'll have to stay there until she gets home for lunch. I hope he gets soaked! I must admit that I actually like the little fellow, but he has disrupted my home life. I am still the queen but now I have to share things with him. UGH! We chase each other but secretly sleep together on the bed when our Mom isn't around. I am pretty sure she saw us one day so we have to try to keep up the ruse. Can't get too comfortable you know. Well, I've had my morning snack and now I am ready to get warm and comfortable and sleep until lunchtime. Have a great Monday all my friends!

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