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October 5th 2012 8:09 am
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Oktoberfest begins tonight in my human's town of residence. It sounds like a lot of fun - a biergarten, street sales, german street food, dancing, polka bands. Wow, I'm getting tired just thinking about it. While my human goes out tonight I think I'll just hang on the patio and listen from afar - the Festhall is only a couple of blocks from my house so I know I'll hear the music. Maybe a nice German vole will wander across my patio and I can have an ethnic supper too!


Autumn Fun

October 19th 2012 6:08 am
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Wow, I think that Fall is finally here. All the trees in my yard are turning pretty colors; of course I like the orange the best! Some leaves are beginning to fall off the trees and they make for some great chasing and pouncing fun. The wind swirls them around and I love to chase all the blowing leaves. It's great to stay outside in this cooler weather, but I still have to come in at night so I can sleep with my Mom. Abby and I stay busy catching voles and chasing each other and hissing at the neighborhood cats. How dare they come into MY yard in my territory. Most of them now avoid our yard, but a few still have the nerve to walk across on their way home. I will be ever vigilant. You never know when something could happen! I think it's time for me to nap in the sun so I'll say so long for now. Have a happy autumn everyone.


Post Election Blues

November 7th 2012 9:29 am
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Wow, my mom was gone all day yesterday working at something called "The Polls." I'm not sure what she did; personally I like to climb poles, but when I told her that she said it wasn't the same thing. She explained to me that all the human people were electing a president and other people to help run the country. I think that cats should run the country! But she told me that might not work. So, I will have to be content with running my house. I hear that the president has a dog. Ugh! We need to send some really cute kittens up his way or something. Cats rule, dogs drool! Have a great Wednesday my friends.

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