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My journey with my first kitten, Milo.

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September 10th 2012 9:28 pm
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I've only had Milo for three days, but that little guy is such a big part of my life already! We think he's about 2-3 months, and he seems to be adjusting here wonderfully. I live in apartments at the moment, my parents live two apartments over so during the day he's at my mother's house and during the night, he's at mine. He seems to enjoy my house much more. He's happier, he plays, more affectionate. I'm usually running errands and gone during the day, I don't want to leave him alone in my house as I have not thoroughly cleaned it to make it kitten-friendly. I used to babysit my niece when she was younger not so long ago, I've found that having a kitten is a lot like having a baby. Having to put dangerous stuff in places they can't reach, making sure they don't put things in their mouth, making sure they don't potty on themselves/potty training. He usually likes to sleep during the day, so I don't think he seems to mind much. Just when he is awake, I can tell he doesn't feel at home.. and usually I don't stay very long after he's awake before I bring him home. I introduced him to my niece today and surprisingly, he took a liking to her very quickly. That made me very happy, my niece and I are very close, so it meant a lot that he liked someone I care a great deal about. He played with her, she fed him two treats, and he fell asleep cuddled next to her body as she hummed to him, it was the cutest thing. I'm moving to California and taking him with me November, 1st. I'm hoping he adjusts well to California, it'll be a bit of a change. It's a two-story home and there are two dogs there, very friendly, small dogs. They're both female, and I think he's going to get along tremendously with the one I favor, Fifi. She reminds me more of a cat than a dog, she loves to sleep all day, and is very active during dusk until 10-11 p.m., when she knows it's bed time. Milo usually seems to fall asleep around the same time, although it's central time here, I'm sure he'll eventually adjust to the time there eventually. He's asleep on my bed right now, last night he crawled out of his box and next to me, it was cute. Well, I just decided it would be pretty fun to start an online diary & document/remember all the highlights of Milo growing up so I'll post in here as much as I can and you're all more than welcome to read.


Day 3 with Milo.

September 11th 2012 8:46 pm
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I feel like such a proud mother, today after dinner, as always, I placed Milo in his litter box. He used the litter box and when he was finished, came out to play. He played with my niece for a long while, I was cleaning and organizing the clothes in my closet, so I come out to gather more of my clothes and I ask my niece where the kitten is. She tells me he's in the litter, I look and he is there, doing his business again. ALL BY HIMSELF! No one placed him in there, he just went. I know people say cats are quite easy to train but that didn't make me feel any less excited about Milo's big accomplishment! I'm very shocked and pleased at how quick he picked it up since I've only had him for three days! Before I got him, he was roaming the streets with his mother, he was never home trained. When the kittens and the mother returned, the owner proceeded with giving some of the kittens away, I was one of the lucky receivers. He also seems to be quite at home, more than ever. He jumps off the bed and goes exactly where he needs to when he needs to, he seems to know the room quite well already. He seems to be growing independent so quickly, I'm excited to see what more days with Milo will bring!


Day 4

September 12th 2012 9:58 pm
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Today, September 12th, 2012, Milo purred at me for the first time and not just for a little while, for a long while as I proceeded to pet him. I also found out, when it's time for actual bed, Milo doesn't like to sleep anywhere else except for my bed. He takes small naps in other places, like behind my piano (his new favorite place), his little box-made bed, under my mom's couch.. but there's no place he sleeps better than my bed. You can also tell because that's when he spreads out all crazy like, it's adorable. He's still been very great about going to his little box, not one accident. Everything seems to be going perfect with him and I'm very happy the transition to my home has been smooth. He's a hyper little fellow, but I love that little guy!


September 13th 2012 12:02 pm
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Usually I wait until the end of my and Milo's day to post a diary entry about everything that has occurred. However, I received an email saying I was made "Diary of the Day", and just wanted to make a small entry acknowledging that. I've only recently joined this site so I'm not sure how the process works of being able to obtain the title, but I'm flattered people find my experience with Milo interesting. Every day is an interesting day with this little fellow! Thanks to all!



Day 4

September 13th 2012 9:45 pm
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Today was a rainy day, which equals lazing in bed all day for Milo and I both. Last night after I posted the entry and shut down my computer to go to bed, he was still very active and wanting to play. I left a night light on for him, but I was too tired to join in. A couple of minutes later I woke up to movement on my bed and look up to see him walking towards me. It was the cutest thing, it was only today that I witnessed how he crawled on top of my bed. I thought he jumped up there and was sort of amazed since he's such a tiny, little guy and that's a pretty big leap but no, I was wrong. I have many blankets on my bed and one of them happened to be hanging down, he climbed up! He has several ways of doing it too in case a blanket isn't hanging down! I have a twin sized bed, there's also a bed underneath it that slides out from underneath, he claws that bottom mattress to climb up to the second one and make his way up. It's adorable, I'll have to get it on video one day. He's been purring at me a lot today, and last night he cuddled up to me very closely. Definitely keeps me warm throughout the night! I also noticed he doesn't like to get off the bed and play if I'm not awake. He'll eat a bit, and use his litter box, but shortly after he'll hop back into bed with me. I went to bed a little late last night, around 2-3 a.m. and slept in until 9 a.m., when I woke up, there was my little Milo, awaiting me. After I woke up, he jumped off the bed and did his daily routine of playing until he's exhausted. I also gave Milo his first bath today, I was reading up on it and a couple of different places were saying I should get him used to it while he's still young. He did fairly well for his first bath, however, being dried with a blow dryer was not his cup of tea at all. I had to to towel dry him but we got through it and he still loved me after.


Day 5 & 6

September 16th 2012 8:31 am
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Not a lot has happened for day 5 & 6. Milo deliberately tries to get into my pc wires more than ever now, so I put two boards underneath my computer desk to keep him from doing so. It worked, but when he's being extremely persistent, he will climb up the cardboard boxes & get his way. He's only succeeded once, because the other times I make it quite apparent he is not allowed to go there. Of course, like any child, he tests his limits. It's sort of funny and cute, but I stay firm and serious so he understand it's a serious situation. I really just need to get him a jungle gym is what I think because he's having the itch to climb on EVERYTHING, and I really do mean everything! Here's a situation, I have these slip-on cloth shoes, when I'm sitting down in my chair indian style, he will reach up and latch his claws into those, hanging from it like a monkey, trying to climb up on top of me! Just to jump back down and do it all over again. Yesterday was the first time I left him home alone longer than a hour and usually when I do that, it's when he's already fallen asleep. When I came home last night from the movies, he woke up immediately, he seemed so happy to see me! He was acting really energetic, and purring, wanting to be pet, get some attention. Guess he noticed that I was gone longer than usual, which also made me feel really bad. I'm hoping he gets along well with the small dogs living in our soon-to-be new home so he'll have them as alternative company when I must leave for work.


Day 7

September 16th 2012 9:33 pm
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Today Milo had his first ever cat sitter! The sitter was none other than my niece, and it was for about 2 hours. She's only nine, but very, very mature. I think in order to believe me you'd have to see it. When I arrived home, he didn't seem to even notice I ever left, which for me, is a good thing! I'm glad he had so much fun, I'm guessing too much fun for the both of them because they were napping on the bed together when I entered the room. He seemed to purr with delight when I greeted him with petting him after he woke up, so even though he probably didn't notice I was gone, I know he was happy to see me when he woke up. Other than that, nothing unusual happened today. I'm really happy he's taking so well to other people, he seems to be quite comfortable with at least four members of my family already. I'm glad for that because that means more human playmates for him, and less guilty moments for me when I can't give him my attention at times!


Day 8 & 9

September 18th 2012 11:47 pm
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Well, I have a little bit of bad news! Yesterday I found out Milo has a small case of fleas! I'm guessing he must of got them from when he was roaming around w/his mother outdoors before he was given to me. I didn't think he had fleas since he wasn't really ever scratching, but I'm pretty sure it has to be from that time period. Unless, some of the blankets I brought home from California had traces of fleas.. I barely took it out of the suitcase a day or two ago, and we were around other dogs and an outdoor cat. Either way, I'm going to handle it immediately and I'm quite sure it's a very few amount since I've already brushed through his hair and found two. He hasn't been scratching much today, maybe twice, so I'd like to give him another bath soon. So, I'm wondering, do any of you lovely catster people out there have any advice for natural ridding of fleas? I've read so many bad things about chemicals, and since it's a very small case, I don't think I need to go there and I'd prefer something natural. I've already washed my sheets, vacuumed my carpet yesterday and today. So, besides the bad news, Milo has found a new "ladder".. better known as my wicker basket. It's actually quite funny. It's right next to my piano, so he climbs up there, and onto my piano when I'm playing and presses all the keys. We could be looking at the next Beethoven here! When I gave Milo a bath yesterday, he took it very well. He actually sat in the water without moving much at all, I wouldn't say he liked it, but he seemed to understand the quicker we got it over with, the quicker he was going to get out. Yesterday evening I went to my mother's house to return my niece, for her mother was there to pick her up. I was video chatting with my boyfriend before I left, since I knew I was going to be back quickly, I left it on. I was talking to my family for a while so took longer than I expected, not an hour or anything.. just longer than I wanted. When I came back, my boyfriend said when I left my cat kept meowing and it sounded like he was hurt. He told me maybe I should see if he was okay, so I did and he was just fine. He was running around all crazy when I came back and was perfectly normal, he just missed me. I've left my phone, or webcam on before when I go next door and he's never done that. It was cute and sad.. now I'm really going to feel guilty about leaving him home alone sometimes. At least I know during the week days, I have my niece as a cat sitter during the hours of 3 p.m. - 7/9 p.m. Also, starting October 20th, I'll have her as a weekend cat sitter if needed.


Catching up w/Milo.

November 7th 2012 9:18 pm
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Hello all!

I haven't posted a diary entry for a month or so, been super busy with many things, as has my little Milo. For one, within the time frame I have not added any entries, he's been neutered, de-wormed, and given his rabies shot. He was very well-behaved I might add and suffered little to no down time! I say little to none, because what I've read is cats usually will hide their pain. This little guy was trying to jump & run right after surgery! I had to keep a close eye on him for the week he was to heal. That was early October, let's skip to the middle.

I introduced him to my boyfriend on the 20th and he absolutely adores him! He took to him very quickly, so quickly in fact when he was ready for bed, he'd hop in between his legs & cuddle with him, purring with delight! Not me anymore! I wasn't jealous at all though, nothing makes me happier than to see my two boys bonding. I wonder if it had something to do with hearing his voice all the time that helped Milo get comfortable with him so fast. Lots of times in my room I would have my boyfriend on speaker phone having conversations and when I'd leave, he would stay on webcam and try to talk to my kitten. Either way, they're great friends.

Now skipping forward, Milo and I moved from Texas to California on November the 3rd. We flew instead of driving, which I must say, I was glad for in the end. The flight was only 5 hours and Milo behaved wonderfully. He slept most the time and the little times he was awake, he was playing with me through the carrier. During the car ride, probably not suggested by other people, we let him roam free. He didn't run around at all, he just laid on the blanket I set up for him near my feet and slept or played by himself. Our plane landed in Sacramento, but we had to drive 4-5 hrs until we got home. We live in Ferndale, California. An hour and a half away from home, we stopped and fed ourselves and Milo. After he finished all his food, he went to sleep for the rest of the way home. I'm very grateful to have such a well behaved kitten and I think it's mostly due to me getting him used to car rides 1-2 months before. He seems very happy here! He is loving his outdoor play-time and doing very well on the harness and lead. I lived in apartments before and going outside never seemed to interest him, living in a house with a lot of land to roam with greenery of all sorts, he enjoys nothing more. Outdoor play time is supervised because he's an indoor cat. There are a lot of barn cats around here and I don't want him roaming around an unknown area into cats who may harm him. He's not used to socializing with other animals, just people. Which brings me to another subject, Milo and the animals living here. He's been adapting to the two female dogs here, who are very well-behaved, friendly animals. They're not the best of friends yet, but he's able to play outside with them, or in the house, with no worries or fears. He'll even go up to them and sniff them. I'm very pleased with the progress he's been having. The funny thing is, they have an outdoor cat here who he's not getting along with as well. They don't fight by any means, but they're very unsure of each other. She made angry, defensive noises at him when they first met so now when she gets near him to check him out, he'll put his little paw up to swipe her, lol. It's a little funny to me because he's just a baby kitten and he's holding a grudge, getting all feisty. I think they'll be friends in the future as well, just might take a little more time since that cat isn't domesticated as the dogs are.


Milo's First Friend

November 10th 2012 12:25 pm
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Hello all!

Two days ago Milo, my boyfriend, and me traveled down to Southern California, Menifee, California to be exact. We're visiting family down here and my boyfriend had tickets to a football game close by. There's a small mixed breed dog named Dash, who is extremely adorable by the way, and lives here with his family. First introduction didn't go very well at all, Milo hissed at her immediately but we were all kind of grumpy and drained from the 10 hour drive, I know I was. The next day when I opened the door, Milo darted out of the room! He ran around a bit and then to the puppy and was immediately curious about her. She's in her little kennel at the time, and he's sniffing her through it, she the same. We were going to leave in a few minute so I picked him up and placed him into our guest bedroom until we arrived home. When we arrived home it was pretty late and everyone was already fast asleep. I let Milo run around the house while we watched T.V. and shortly after, we all headed to bed.

This morning after getting our breakfast, warm tea/coffee (it was extremely cold this morning, so different from Texas weather), we fetched Milo from our room and let him roam around the house as we watched TV and enjoyed our warm beverages. An hour later, the other people in the house awoke and brought the puppy downstairs with them. She ignored Milo's presence for a bit, as she was overly excited to see us all and then she went to him. They sniffed each other and Milo tried to swat her nose, lol. I know.. I know.. I shouldn't teach him that kind of behavior is nice and I did let him know, but it was more of an air swat so it was funny. She didn't seem to bothered by it and kept going near him anyway. Surprisingly, he let her. They kind of check each other out for a bit and then she runs upstairs to her bedroom. Who goes chasing after her? None other than little Milo, it was really cute. It was even cuter to see them try to figure out a way to play with each other, chasing the balls, running up and down the stairs after each other. He chased her more than she chased him, and he never made any body language that was he scared so I'm going to assume he enjoys it. He makes me catch him all the time. He'll swat my foot and then go running away for me to find him, and then when I do, I go running away for him to find me and when he does, we rinse & repeat. It's a game him and I usually play a lot. He never once hissed or growled at her today and even follows her around the house at times. It makes me happy and sad because in a day we're leaving and this is Milo's first little friend. I think he feels so comfortable around her because she's his size, maybe even a teensy, weensy bit smaller. I'll have to see if these two little rascals let me capture a photo or video so I can upload it, right now they're both fast asleep.

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