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Neiko's Big Adventures

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My First Adventure at Catsterland!!!

June 13th 2012 9:59 am
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"goes around the corner and peeks in, making sure all is safe"

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my very first diary entry..all my family is on here at Catster and some for like five years. Now I'm finally here!!! Meowszies

I heard its the best place to be and I am going to make new furiends and can join clubs, Wow WEEE!!!

My Meowmy, who I love the most is helping me wif this entry. She says when I get to know and understand how this place works I'm going to have a blast!!

So if anyone wants to be my furiend, pawese stop by..I may not be able to answer every day but we are here to stay and just be patient wif us, espcally me!!! I'm the baby and not quite two , but my birfday is coming up, oh boy can't and fun...that's what I like!!!


I'm Going to Sail the Seven Seas!!

August 13th 2012 11:12 am
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August 13, 2012

I have been asked to join a new group call Your Key to Happiness Cruise Lines and it looks very exciting. I'm going to paw my way through the seven seas and swing my tail all around different countries. Boy oh boy!!! I'll be leaving my paw prints all over the place. I can go shopping and send Meowmy lots of pretty things from far ditant lands. Maybe some of the places I go to my distant relatives cam from...hmmm, somfin to think bout.

Oh and there is a really neet boutique to shop from to help get ready for the trips...lots to see and do!!!


Thank YOU For My Birfday Wishes

August 27th 2012 9:10 am
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Had a birfday on the 21st and Meowmy was busy working on all week to make extra money for friday's special food and vet bill. So we missed my day visiting on Catster, darn!!

Thank you for remembering me on my special means alot to me, even though I have a furmily of kitties here at home, furiends are very important to me, as I am a very socialable girl who loves to hang wif her furiends.


I haven't Been Myself in Weeks...

November 13th 2012 1:21 pm
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Meowmy has been very anxious about me and my behavior as of this morning I thought I would show her that I am me and I am alright...but is my Meowmy convinced? Not sure yet.It started a couple of weeks back, Meowmy was in a hurry to get me into a cage...I couldn't figure out what in the world was gonna happen to me if she put me into those strange looking boxes..first she tried dumping me into a smile one backwards..but I am very fast and jumped out of her hands and tried TRIED to run away..she chased me around the house and into the bedroom and then closed the door on me!!! OMC!!! i don't like closed doors...then I hear Meowmy coming back so I run and hid under the she has a BIG box and she pushes me out from under the bed and is gettting upset with me..excuse me..but I am the one who is upset...what are you trying to do to me Meowmy? I don't want in that box!!! i am starting to cry and meowmy picks me up and i peed a little...that is when Meowmy puts me down and starts to cry too...she asks herself what is she doing? I am her baby and she has scared me..all to make a stupid deadline to the vet Meowmy opens the door and goes to make a call to the vets to tell them we won't be in..I am scared and Meowmy is upset at herself and this is not fair to me.
So i have been skittish for the last couple of weeks and i can tell it has really been bothering my Meowmy..she has tried soo hard to make me feel better..telling me every chance she has of loving me and only wanting the best from me...alot of things have been upsetting Meowmy too, this Saturday its gonna be my Grandpapa Buddy's 4th anniversary to the apparently i have markings identical to him, only I am russian blue and white in color..Meowmy loves all of us..we are all unique
aand special to her...but i have a very close in the heart relationship to her that no one else see Buddy sent me to Meowmy to fill the deep loneliness she has felt..even though there are other kibbies at home, there was great loneliness inside Meowmy..I filled her lap to, as no one else wanted this wonderfur position..and i haven't been doing this lately..although i did come and plunk myself down beside meowmy last night and asked for tummy rubbs..and boy do i ever enjoy them..

So I am asking all of my furiends here on Catsterland to pawese purrs for me skittish ways so i can return to normal see the big change in me is my weight...i am very skinny now and have become a very picky eater..and its not like Meowmy can just leave food laying around for me whenever i want it..not on account of friday and his special needs because he is on special diet for the rest of his life..and if he gets into our food he may get sick, re-develope crystals for the third time and die..and we don't want anyone with multiple cat households who may have ever experienced these problems can you alone pawese let meowmy know what else she can do for me? I am not sick, just skittish but am slowly and hopefully getting better.

Thank you for reading my diary



November 14th 2012 1:29 pm
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Wow..would you just look at that? Little ol' me has been chosen as DIARY OF THE DAY on CATSTER!!! Wow WEEE this dumpster diving baby who got a wonderfur meowmy and fumily in a small hamlet in the cold Canadian has been chosen as DOTD on November 14, 2012!!!...thank you to the wonderfur person who read and chose my diary!! This means the world to a small kibbie like myself!!!

Just wanted to share somfin wonderfur from late last night: Meowmy was using puter and I just was looking at her and meowmy says to me, "coming on Neiko, come up here and i'll give you tummy rubs"...well that sounded sooo wonderfur to me..i ran and jumped up there and flopped onto my back soo's Mewomy could go ahead and rubs the front little paws were waving in the air...ohh it felt sooo good, again...I even fell asleep beside my felt wonderfur


Thank you to all who read my diary and has and continues to send out Paws and Prrsss to me and my Meowmy fur me to get back to my old self again!!

I am goin to be thanking every fur for all of my bewtifur gifties and thoughts here on my diary soo i will always be able to look back and remember your great kindness to us

*waves right paw* Thank you all again and we loves our furiends very very much...Catster and our furiends here mean the world to all of us


Thank You HQ and To You All Fur Making My Diary Pick A- Special Day Indeed

November 14th 2012 8:56 pm
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I am a very happy kibbie today!!! I was chosen Diary of The Day from HQ at Catster...and I want to say a big thank you!! I just joined Catster a little while ago and have not made very many entries..but whoever reades our diaries must have thought something of mine..thank you once means alot to Meowmy and me...see what I wrote is the truth and also a learning curve fur everyfur!! You just never know how a pet will react to something new or in an emergency..thank goodness it wasn't an emergency!! And just to let kibbies and pawrents know somefin: Power of the Paw and Pprrrrsss DO work!! like I said ealier, last night I came up to get tummy rubs and earlier I had a visit with Angel Buddie (King of Catsterland and one of the most caring kibbies ever)..well I received a very special blue ribbon from him this morning and then around bath time he p-mailed me to tell me he was goming over to visit me!!! I was sooo catcited!!! Me!!! Angel Buddie of fame was coming over from the Bridge and coming to see ME!! I made sure I was in my jammies and toffies all brushed and shiny..and then I waited quietly fur his visit, I waited downstairs...Meowmy thought I was watching the world go by..nope..I had a VIP coming to see me...what a wonderfur visit is was!! I got to climb up into his lap and we meowmed about lots of stuff..but Angel Buddie really wants me to get back to being my self again..we talked bout all that too and then we had treats!!! Angel Buddie told me he would come and see me again and would send healing dust to cover me so I will be better soon!! And you know what I am doing right now? I am in the living room laying on a towel Meowmy put down on the coffee table. I am being with the whole furmily...Friday is laying in his bed...Bijou is napping on the couch beside Meowmy, Bailey is on the love seat napping on her quilt and here I am with all of them!! i even got some more tummy rubs!!!! So thank you to all who has and continues to send out Prrrrsss fur me and my Meowmy...she loves me so..and someone earlier who sent a kind note with some great suggestions made the comment ...You have a sensitve soul there.... and how true this just have to look into my eyes..Meowmy says I am an old soul..I want to thank everyfur for sending comments and suggestions, cares and prrrrsss to me..also I want to thank all of my furiends fur sending my gifties to help celebrating my Diary Pick of The Day!!

Manytoes fur making a very special picture to commorate my Diary Pick of The Day
Jameson fur making a most lovely picture to commorate my Diary Pick of The Day (this was through the kewlist Cat's Klub)

my furiends for the wonderfur gifties that decorate my page!!

Tate Turkey
Milo & Crew Red heart
Angel Buddie Blue Ribbon (with very special healing powers)
Beauty Red Rose
Tiger & Crew Pink Rosetter
Platelicker & Crew Turkey Drum Stick
Frankie & Crew Pumkin pe
Zoey & Zack Red heart
Smiley Cassanova Red Ribbon

Thank you all once was a wonderfur day!!! I will always remember it..this is just so PAWSOME!!!and so are all of you!!


A Daily Diary Pick... OOHH..Wow WEE!! Thank YOU

November 15th 2012 9:35 pm
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I was very surprised to be chosen as a Daily Diary Pick..and I am so thankful fur being chosen. Thank you HQ!!! Catsterland is sooo marvolous...soo many furiends to play wif..clubs to hang out at and learn from..ask questions and if some kibbie can help, they will...and I di just that earlier this evening. I learned how to make a badge of another kibbie fur my page and I meowmed how I did that to a furiend who didn't know how to do that...dis is what furiends do...we help each other and share!! I have wonderfur furiends here at Catster..and lots of them have been here for a long time..these ones that have been here for a long time seem to be able to be more helpful..maybe more experince? All I know is that I am going up on Catster just like my sisfur, Bailey..and we both says we want to be just like our grown up super dooper caring loving giving furiends!!! We are gonna be nice just like them when we are all grown up...MEOWZERS!!!

I would also like to thank the following furiends fur stopping by and leaving me zealies on my page to help celebrate :

Mac, Ivy & crew Turkey
Tate Pumkin Pie
Tiger & Crew Turkey
Tyson Turkey Drum Stick

I need to go now..Meowmy says its beddie bye time..*waves paw* nightie nites...Meows' wif you later



Lots of Happenings on Saturday...WOW!!!

November 26th 2012 12:29 pm
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First I need to thank the diary readers fur choosing me to be a Daily Diary Pick for this past Saturday, November 24, 2012. We weren't on and missed it..but all our wonderfur, true, caring furiends helped me celebrate the big day!! and what a big day it was!!!

Not only was I a DDP, but it was also my Uncle Ken's birfday and Meowmy got to phone him and wish him a good one...we haven't seen furmily in over a year Meowmy was happy to talk and then she told us that we have a new cousin....his name is Rusty and he is an orangie and about 6 years old..Uncle ken adopted Rusty about a week after Snoot went to the Bridge at the end of June. Snoot was Uncle Dave's kibbie and he has been gone for almost five years wonder Buddy was trying to get through to Meowmy not to miss him soo bad anymore...Uncle Dave plays with Buddy and Snoot, why she just loves to curl up and hang out with Buddy at the Bridge!! we have Rusty!!! He is a big boy by the sounds of it, MOL...Meowmy really needs to make a trip home and visit with furmily..and she will be able to take pictures of Rusty and make him a page too!!! We just can't waite, MOL!!! Hey I should tell Meowmy to make Rusty a quilty, he would just love one!!

Meowmy also has to work at the quilt store on Saturdays so I missed out on my DDP...but that is ok...our wonderfur furiends helpedme by senidng notes of concat's to me ad leaving me prezzies and making a wonderfur picture of me fur more Meowmy Memories:

I would like to thank the following:

Jameson you once again came thru and made a bewtifur picture I will treasure of my Neiko

Milo Blue Eyes & furmily thank you fur the green emerald..this will be always shining on my page!! and Mallee was also right up there with me on the same catciting is this!!

Tiger, Tiny and Beauty you gave to me a most bewtifur Red Rose, thank you

Tate you gave me a football!! how'd ya know I love to play ball?

and to my wonderfur furiends who sent me enchanting p-mails..Thank you, we save these too, ya know!!!

Ohh..thank you once again!!!
Purrs and Sandpaper blowing kisses



December 14th 2012 9:16 am
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*big smiles and clappy paws*

WOOWEEE!!! I sure surprised Meowmy this morning alright!! We had just finished having our breaky when Bijou is standing in the hall and says "meowm", it was a funny kind of meowm and Meowmy started to come over to see what was wrong cuz Bijou and me was standing close together and looking down on the floor at somfin. Meowmy came over and thought it was a toy at first, but quickly realized it was the real thing!

It's my first prezzie to Meowmy, I just luvs her soo much!! Anyways, I go to put it in my mouth to show her how I did it...hey, you know how I mean we do it? Remember, we pick it up and says, see, Yeah!! like that!!! ...anyways Meowmy says NO!! and ran to get the broom..which I am now petrefied of and scoopes is up with the broom and dustpan and throws it out in the snow!!

Well, after all that work I am glad she gots an early chrittmas prezzie from little ol me!! But, you know what? Bijou, the bossy princess that she is...she is trying to take all the credit!!! NO FAIR!!!

Bijou is mean and bossy...see my boo boo on my nose by my left eye..yeah, right there..yup that's a scratch Bijou did to me....she's just plain mean to me!!

And now since Meowmy didn't see me bring the mousies up in my mouth or even kill it, she says to be fair both me and Bijou will take the honors today of the very first extermination in our house. NO FAIR!!

I spend most of the day downstairs and Meowmy knows I want to be able to hunt outside..cept that's a no instead the little sucker came to me and I hunted and I said HA HA HA !!! got you!!! MOL!!!

I show Meowmy!!!! I know I did it and I gave it to her as an early chrittmas prezzie...cuz we are getting ready for the big day!! PaPa Friday is even going shopping wif me and Bailey this afternoon to finish up our shopping. But if there is one mousie then there can be two!! and the next time I am gonna bring my prezzie right to Meowmy!!



January 2nd 2013 10:16 am
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Oh I sure had a wonnefur Chrittmas..yup!! lot's za fun!! Santa Claws came to our house fur sure..MOL!! and he brought us kibbies toys and food and treats and Meowmy made me a quilty.

my quilty

It was furry cold outside over Chrittmas where we went down to -38 wif the windchill..and I wuz lookin' out da window and hopping not to see a lonely lost kibbie or I wuz goin' ta let Meowmy know so she could help im!! I knows all about being outside in da freezing Manitoba winter. It was like -40 when Meowmy rescued me from outside. I wuz suppose to go to a shelter to find a furever home..but I already knew I wuz home!!! MOL!!! Meowmy had ta figure dis out fur herslf!! I just stayed all quiet and didn't make a not me!! I stayed close to Meowmy and let her put me on her lap and she stroked me..oh I remember it felt goot..oh I am straying from what is important right now!! And dat is this: January is like the coldest month of the year..don't know bout where you live..but dis is furry hard on da outside furbabies. So since we all had a wonnerfur Chrittmas and had lots a gifties and food and warmth now pawese remember as it gets colder outside to help a furbaby in any way you can!! You don't have to keep dem furever, but pawese don't turn your back on dem eifurr!! Bring dem in and put dem in a seperate room..feed dem!! bring dem where they will have all of dis wonnerfur stuff done to help dem live!! Oh Pawese will you do dat dis year?

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