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Aldwynie HOUDINI ? ? ?

Escape artist or ???

April 21st 2012 2:39 pm
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Mama says I escaped today. My human causin left the screen door open and forgot to shut it, I sneaked out on to the front porch and sat in the sun for a bit because I was curious and sun felt soooo good and warm! :)My human causin brought me right back in as soon as he found out. Mama was not happy about it, I wonder why? My kitty causins, Aurora and Tinker can come and go as they please, y cant I? - Aldwyn.

Aldwyn is a strict indoor kitten, same as his big sissy kitty, malta. The only times they will ever leave the house is to see dr. kitty health. Aldwyn is only 7 wks old, too tiny to be outside ,accept to see dr. kitty health like he did yesterday for a FREE kitten exam (adoption) he got a Kitten Care Kit, too. :) He also doesnt have his 1st vaccines yet and will get them on the 1st of the month, he has already had his 1st deworming from the vet, (free sample, it works. will get them on the 1st too, when running errands.) He is healthy for a kitten his age, no fleas, no ticks. Idk how much he weighes, I didnt get a chance to ask. Will do asap. My nephew is special needs/disabled so he dosent always remember that he needs to keep the screen door shut when he goes outside to play with his friends. I was more so not happy with my nephew, rather than aldwyn. Then again, neither was my nephew's mom with my nepehw. - Aldwyn's mama.


Aldwyn;s outside adventures in the country

March 12th 2013 10:37 pm
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Aldwyn was rehomed next door w/ the neighbors. He is now an indoor/outdoor kitty and LOVES the great outdoors. He still recognizes me as his mama above all. His climbing skills out of this world amazing! He still likes to tease, bug, play wrestle and give his k-9 siblings "kitty hugs". The least fave thing Ive come to dislike about him is the presents he likes to leave for me. one time a dead Dove (bird), and a few times a few dead field mice. Im not thrilled but, I still love him and give those dead animals a proper barriel whenver he isnt around. Thank you aldwynie but, no thank you. He just celebrated his 1st B-day on George Harrison of The Beatles B-day and he has grown up really nicely. I love that kitty the world over. Occasionally he still tries to come home thru the back door, but Malta hisses him out. She knows he isnt supposed to be inside anymore thats why she does that. The neighbor calls him Fred and he comes to Fred, I still call him Aldwynie and he still comes running up to me w/ that name. :D

He will always love me and his k-9 siblings on the other side of the fence (litterally).

Aldwynie aka Fred's mama


Aldwynie is ALIVE!

February 8th 2015 4:59 pm
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My dad saw Aldwynie today! Now its time to start trying ot get him ready to go home this time around again.


Happy 3rd Birthday Aldwyn! WE LOVE YOU!! WELCOME HOME!!

February 14th 2015 2:12 pm
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Aldwyn's grandpapa found him and his grandmama and grandpapa kept him in their home until mama could come and pick him up. He remembers everyone and his first offical home back 3 yrs ago when he was a young kitten under 4 mos old. No hissy fits just going along with the flow and even enjoyed mama trimming his claws and just stood there and waited patiently for mama to finish adjusting his brand new collar on him. Today hopefully will be bath day! Hopefully he will just hang there in my one hand and not spaz and freak out other than the occasionaly "chatty" meows like when he was a tiny kitten as well. He already got part of his b-day presents late as he got a brand new carrier/crate, he got a new toy, he got a new water bowl and food bowl set, he got a new litter box, new kitty litter, he got new Indoor Adult cat food and of course his new collar and claw trimmings. His bath will be a b-day bath including a brush out and then in March he goes to the vet for vaccine boosters. turns out the neighbors whom have been cat sitting him the past 3 yrs NEVER promised to follow my strict rules for him and only followed their own. They dont believe in spaying and neutering, non of their other cats are indoor or even indoor/outdoor and they are not emotionally attached/bonded to their other cats and they dont believe in veterinary care either. Aldwyn never went to the vet and he apparently was never given much food, love or affection. He is just readjusting so well to being and indoor cat again and loving all the loves and hugs and attention and his presents, etc. Again, PT 2 B-day gifts, Vet check, vax boosters, a microchip, an upgraded litter box (1-2 litter boxes per cat plus 1 is the rule), the one he just got is a temporary brand new on, its not a covered one. Aldwyn will also be getting a new nametag, a polar fleece liner blanket (scrap material at walmart) for his carrier/crate and a matching red Cat harness and leash set. Also a food matt for his food and water bowls. yep he is still a little messy with his food. My parents are not cat people and this surprised me when they did this for me and my aldwynie. Aldwyn remembered his pal/best buddy Lady the past 2-3 yrs and he remember big brother, Balto and of course sissy kitty malta. However, he and North Star are still getting to know each other and that is fine. Also sissy kitty will be getting some gifts in March as well aka "Just Becauses" via food matt, new food and water bowl set as they will both be getting schedual fed instead of free fed because its healthier for them. Malta and aldwyn has already been started on it and is adjusting just fine and Malta is slowly getting the idea. Malta needs to loose some weight as well. Aldwyn is not over weight but might be slightly underweight due to the apparent signs of neglect from the neighbors as cat sitters. Malta is also getting a new nametag because the info on it is old phone nuumbers and we are not longer in waverly anymore.

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