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My first day

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Iz back!

October 28th 2012 6:07 am
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Mez haven't written for a while. Mostly, I have been busy making dis house my home. It's huge. I always have some place to go.

I no longer hunt zombies for the CZKA because theyz kinda demoted me to desk work afters they found out I MIGHT have feline herpes. Iz can't be an active killer if iz in a flare. They need strong, fast kitties. I tink it's stupid I was probably in a flare for the last two years and did rather well.

So I have moved on from that part of my life. I was upset and discouraged for a while and felt rather discarded.

So nows I could blogs... I had another blog on blogger but it doesn't work. My facebook page sucks because I can't friend anyone. or post on anyones page as me ANDY. Just the hooman.

Wez awaiting da big storm. Da grandma all nervous. My mama doesn't really care.

I gotta go.



November 8th 2012 4:01 pm
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So..... what's the big deal?

The pumpkins were cool and I enjoyed sniffing them yesterday. I saw some kids come to the door. Why? They need to be at home in dere cat beds. Like me's...

What are you giving dems? You should give me treats. mez like dose vetri lysine vitamins. deys good.

So you heard from Leo and Taffy. That is good. Mez not jealous... I hope we can play more laser light tag. Meza likes dat. Bathing now.

Talks to you later!


Well, it's veterans day

November 11th 2012 8:15 pm
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Mez a veteran. Not an American ones. Mez zombie hunter and protects da community... So Iz veterans.

Mama left me for a longs time today. Theyza came back smelling funny. But not of other animals. So that's good. Iz don't know where they wuz.

So mommy got bird food for the feeder. Ohz mez has had da squirrels, birdies... I sat there all morning drooling. Much fun for the kitty.

Iz on my own chair now. Mommy does not like it. I used to snuggle with her on couchy every night. Now mez independent and by myself! Sumtimes I snuggles with her.

Tootle for now...


Mez got kitty of the day

November 26th 2012 6:42 pm
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But weza missed it because we were playing and taking times off from da computer. Momma and I played laser light tag and snuggled.

I had my first taste of turkey and momma put up a tree. I wants to climb it but already got yelled at for eating it. Heee heee.

Iz went outside. Mama carried me outside to take pictures of her with da new car-car. I wuz so cold, I wuz shaking. Mama cuddled mez closed to her. I felt like a little baby.
I think she is going to take me for a ride in new car-car. Iz scared. I will let you all know how it goes.

Meow with ya later!



Santa Claws

December 2nd 2012 6:21 pm
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Andy do you know who Santa Claus is?

No. I do not. I saw this green thing called the Grinch on TV. It was most excellent. But the critters that were supposed to be hoomans were weird looking.

Me: So, no Santa movies?

Um.... no. I haven't seen the Santa on TV. But You told me the Santa used to get Leo tons of nice presents. Leo loved Xmas. Will I get toys too?

Me: Of Course little boy!

Kitty:Do I have to get you a present?

Me; No, How about snuggles and kisses.

Kitty: Sure.... but mez sometimes don't like to do that.

Me: Andy, you have been weird today. All ansy and being bad.

Kitty: Yeah me bad... iz fearful.

Me: Oh dear.

Kitty- Iz tough fuzz ball.

Me= sure beast... oh remember we watched Rick Steven Christmas in Europe?

Kitty- yeah dat was awesome when the skied up da hill to get da tree! and sledded back down. Very nice... good morsels too. Hey... they have a tree like ours! That's why it;s in our house. I mean it looks like a tree. But it has no smell and no bark!

Me- it;s a fake tree.

Andy- What? Hoomans are stupid. Why would you do that?

Me- we have to pay for a tree each year. This way that one will be stored and used year after year.

Andy-oh... do you have to have a tree?

Me- no, but it's nice to though. The only thing that the grandma likes about xmas.

Andy- why?

Me- She's the Grinch II.

Andy- But why? She doesn't seem grumpy.

Me- Oh Christmas brings it out in her. She hates buying gifts and crowds. But she has no right to grumpy. No one is doing gifts this year.

Andy- hee heee. Mez want to see her grumpy.

Me- Baby, soon will decorating the tree...and I will teach you carols, and tell you about the baby Jesus.

Andy- ok.... another schooling on hooman culture.


Hee heee

December 29th 2012 2:59 pm
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Mommy typed my name in the search bar. And I came up as an american/ short haired bengal/ mix. But it had a Dogster address. Weird. We wuz giggling.
Mez famous!

Heee heee... internet... the little stripped kitty is on dere....

heaaaahhaaaaaaaa ahh


So mez so frusterated

January 15th 2013 5:19 pm
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Da mama is taking care of da grandma... Weza all lives together. In August grandma had da back surgery and now she had her foot operated on. My momma has been oks. She has a lot of illness, so it's hard for her to do all her stuff, my stuff, and other hoomans. Other hooman is demanding. Meza no likes her. She takes my mommy away. Well, the computer does too. But she's not on deres dat much anymores.

So mama is always fetching stuff for da gimpy hooman. No times for andy... her kitteh.

( that is not true. I have been patting him and giving him special treaties... rubbing his little sick nose)

Yeah..... but you no play laser pen with me or fleecy... alots like before.

(This cat is obsessed with the laser pen. I enjoy playing it with him but it's getting a little too much. Plus, he started

Laser pen! Laser pen... meza want da pen all day!

Well, Iz done complaining... and I am still not happy....


da bridge aint so bad

January 22nd 2013 6:21 pm
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So here's some advice for da hoomans... if youz have a hiatal hernia...and it can be operated on ... do

Now, not that Mama's fav almost centurion was going to lives forever... but here's what happens whens you gets old with dat un treated.

About five- six years ago mamas grandma Tess moved to Atlanta. Most of da family is dere and it warmer. She lives in a fancy assistant living place. They diagnosed her with dat ting and put her on prilosec. And said she wuz too olds for da surgery. Now, its backing up acid, bacteria and crap into hers lungs. She can't breaths. She been in hospital for a weeks. Tons of testing... really making hers in pain and getting more tireds.

So they have a drain in her lungs, antibiotic drips, and now oxygen mask. but pulmonary dudes say that dis is da end. Others say that they can put a breathing tube in. But she said no, because eventually the bacteria that keeps flushing in will kill her. Plus, she has da living will. But for a while dere she wuz uncomfortable. So mama not so sure about having a living will for herselfs. She does not now

This hospital has taken everything out and giving her morphine to lulls her to sleeps forevers. Da mama said but no wants her and pain..and is happy that no more painful testing and crap wills be done.

Kittehs don't have to go through dis. Maybes in da beginning, but wez gets da shot and goes bye bye. Quick.

Yesterdays night.... everyones in da hospital room thought she was hallucinating because she was talking about her kitty Molly who died at 19! And her late husband.. so dez waiting for her. It might be tonight. Wez don't know. We are hearing horror stories of people living for a month or so. But wez hope not.

Mama will be sads and my own grandma, Susan. I feels bad cuz i bite grandma last week.

But I know something is wrong. Usually, I sense mama's sickness. I know when she has a fibro, ibs or chrohns flare coming on. Or da allergies. Iz great cuddle beast. Iz will be heres and hopes they will be there for my last hard as it is.

Mez loves you mama

oh and wez got diary of the day again!



Message moving up

January 30th 2013 12:50 pm
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Mama and I are moving up. Got an iPhone 5. Messages a little scared of it.

Next ting. Mez want to know who my secret friend is. Wes playing a game. Secret beasts.
But I wonder if the mask message was a hint? Hmmm who wears a mask.


One mouse,two mouse,blue mouse

February 4th 2013 5:22 pm
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This is an ode to my toys. Mez love them. They keep me busy all day and keep me fit. I love throwing them ups in da air and flinging them all around. I don't like it when they get lost down in the basement or go under the refrigerator.

Mousies I loves you. You make my day go by faster and I feel like super soccer cat.

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