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My first day

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MEz brave kitty...NOT!

February 3rd 2012 5:05 pm
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Momma: Andy get out from under da couch.
Andy: NO!
Momma: Baby, come out now.
Andy: Heza gonna eat me....... (Whines)
Momma: What?
Andy: Dat beast... heza gonna find out Iz here... and he's gonna eat me!
M: What beast? Do you owe a zombie money?
A: No.... I saw a picture of Leo.
M: Where?
A: On the xmas cards... on da end table.
M: Oh... so?
A: He a big beast!!! He out dere somewhere... and he gonna come back! He will be pissed I'm your baby now....
M: um... mammal... Leo is gone... I think a coyote morselled him.
A: Youz don't know dat!
M: well no one advertised for a lost beast....
A: Was dere a body?
M: Eww beast... NO! That would have been awful.
A; Den dere is no proof. Go get my morsels and put dem under dis couch.
M: Hell, no... you be a man and come out and get your morsels like normal.
A: (Whinning) No... he's gonna get me!
M:( reaches under couch) Baby you are shaking.
A: Yeah, I scared.
M: Oh... give me a huggy.
A: I hungry...
M: Let's go get snacks. I want you to know that Leo was a very nice beast. He was my only kitty that had other kitty friends in the neighborhood. So if he comes back, it will be ok. You will have a friend to frolic with. But I don't think he is coming back.
A: (thinking) I is sorry that Leo went missing. I would be sad if I lost my best friend. Especially to an evil dog decendant. (sighs) I guess I will be safe.
M: Of course, little runt. I will always protect you. You fight zombies... you can defend yourself!
A: Yeah, But I wouldn't want to hurt your kitty.
M: True.
A: So I guess it will be ok. Iz on vacation from da zombies. They strong..oh I need to get a new stun gun... aw... I have to fill out da company form for it... mez forgot.
M: Well, then baby needs to do that.
A: Yeah...
M: Time for Tuna.
A: Yipee!


mez really two

February 8th 2012 6:27 pm
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what mommy has been saying. But three, two ... I don't know what dat means... But before I used to say Iz don't these tings Iz only three. Now I can blame it on being only 2.

Superbowl... mez slept through that.... Now Iz sleeping my shots off. I went to vet today. I got an antibiotic shot and steriod shot. For mez ashma,,, and strange bald spot by tail-tail.

Otherwise, Iz liking my roomates and new home... Maybe they will give me tuna on my second month aniversary.



I just wanted everyone to know...

February 29th 2012 5:48 pm
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That I am a super hero.... Iz been fighting zombies forz long time. I don't wearz a outfit.. sometimes da zombie hat...
So mex first super hero here...maybe....


two months for me

March 5th 2012 5:38 pm
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Well, mama bought me an angry bird and pig fishing pole. You can switch between pig and bird. We have pig on it now.

Iz broke mama's computer... so wez might be on her less than even we is....!! She is going to Florida so she needs to save money...den she has da bills. But walmart has some good deals.

So mama wants to get me a jungle gym and da grandma is totally hating on it... I will go on it, in it and around it... yeps ahuh!


who is da Easter Bunny?

April 5th 2012 6:19 pm
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And why does a bunny get a special day? What did he do?

Mez chase and hunt Zombies... so Andy should get a day. Andy Boy Day...

Um... but I wouldn't know what day we would have it on. I guess we woulds all dress in foil hats and eat zombies.. yeah dat sounds about right.

Andy da cutest kitty.
( according to mama, not me)


mez tireds...

April 18th 2012 6:28 pm
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Yeps... TIRED. Been chasing all of my toys around. I love them. I never had my own toys before. I wonder what da kittehs are doing at the shelter?

My hooman has been leaving. Last weekend I heard she went to friends. I did not like it. I screamed all day friday and saturday. Dat other hooman is not snuggly! My hooman carries me and hugs me. Dis one yells. But she patted me. But I wanted MAMA.

Den I sees da bag out again... and she was doing tings. So I think that witch is leaving again!!!! NOOOOOOO>>>>>
me no likies...

Sigh.... I will just have to sleep most of the time... so it goes by fast... or throw my toys around.

Andy da sad kitteh.


mez have blog now->

April 22nd 2012 5:54 pm
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Yeah I have a blogs now..... mommy wanted it cuz she likes to swear... But I don't find a reason for that and I really don't want to write in both places. Too much kitty energy... I need that energy for playing.

Plus, I am not as..... Well, If you look at Leo's diary it's very good. I am not so entertaining. I am a different kitty. Plus, I am smaller and don't know how the world runs. I have more questions.

I was reading a couple of quotes from a cat named the dali lama... mez liked him...


mez two today!

July 10th 2012 6:10 am
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After mommy got me on my gotcha date 12/31/11. Mez went to vet forz congestion. Actually, mez supposed to go for shots this month. eeee. Switch subject..switch subject.

ick.... Yeah so vet said mez was one and a half. Not old man three that papers said. I wuz behaving very baby- like. Soz today me two. Which is weird because other most beloved cat, Leo. (RIP) was born on this day. he would have been ten. So mama a little sad today. She gave me two new cat nip sacks this week. Fun! I hope she no cries. I never know what to do when that happens.

I guess just give kisses and purr.

Andy da super cat
who kills da zombies!


Summer fun

July 12th 2012 8:33 pm
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Yeah maybe... but my hoomans aren't having fun at all. Both of them put their backs out. And mommy has been suffering with her auto immune diseases. Not fun at all.

But mez having fun. Playing with my toys, wandering around my HOME. Very Happy.

Some kitties wished Leo a happy b-day and sent him zealies. I think that is nice. He was a much loved kitty on Catster. Iz will never be as popular. But I is a nice kitty and mommy is happy to have me. She tells me everyday. But sometimes I wonder where da Leo went to. Rainbow bridge, Hooman heaven, or me thinks he might be matter floating above us right now.

Mez wunder. alot.

What you otha kittehs think?

Andy da kitteh who ponders muchly.


why comes...

October 10th 2012 3:18 pm
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dah hoomans always tells me no,,, Iz can't make furry friends out of the kitchen rug. Mez can't knock dings down off the coffee table. I can'ts goez outsides.... I can't play with my water. tired of dah no's

hmm what can andy do? Well they lets me on beds and couches. mez snuggle with dah hoomans.... well da one. and can plays with toys.... but no bities on the hooman.... (sigh)
Mez pissed.... just gonna curl on and sleep.

tired of da no's.

Andy da cat....

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