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I made it!~ I am home and Catster Rocks!~

October 22nd 2011 4:17 pm
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Oh pawsome hello's!!!~ I am SO glad to be here!~ I have heard so much about Catster and all the furtastic kits here who love with all their open 'n loving hearts!~ Gee, I do feel so Spawcial! Ya know, I have lots to tell about me. I guess Milo got kinda pushed to the side today, but he did get Diary Pick because of ME!~ Hehehehe! Ya know I WILL be his consultant from now on! Giggles~! Well, I guess I need to explain, my new furmily hasn't had a girlie kitty in many many years, so I have to 'train' them to understand how I think and feel. And why I do the things I do. I heard that THEY have really wanted a girlie kitty in the family for a furry long time now! And I am just that girlie to fullfill mom's dreams!~
Now a bit about my day and my life here with Milo. My furbro, Milo, he IS a treasure! When I first came, well, I was pretty scared and I hissed some at my furbro, but I wasn't sure they were going to let me stay! And I really wanted to stay so much! It's nice here. I have all my own things. My own BED, yes Milo, It's MY bed, but ya know I will share and I did today! *Mallee flashes a crooked grin with a wink* I just HAD to check you out, and I KNOW you were checking me out! Now, it's like we're been together for years! I am so happy here with you Milo...and mommy!~ You have treated me so good! I purrpreciate everything being divided equally among the two of us!~ I am so furry glad you both let me stay fur the long term! I did not want to go back out on the streets, it wasn't fun fighting for my foodage and it was skeery too!
Today I got to visit Milo's Doc Vet, Dr K. He is really really nice and caring! He takes his time to talk and listen to me. He even scanned to see if I was already microchipped, but I am not. I don't know who my mommy was, so I can't tell anyone about my previous lifestyle. But I did get my vaccination rabies shot today! I didn't efen flinch! Dr K said there is a small chance that I might be pregnant, so he wanted to hold off on doing any blood work or other shots that might hurt my babies. What babies!? I am only a baby myself! He doesn't think I am prego and didnt' feel any movement in my belly, but still he said there is a chance because I was a street kitty. Mommy will schedule my spay and blood work, testing for FIV, FLV, all those things at a later date. I was analyzed, what me, analyzed? But good mews, I am all healthy with no worms, no ear mites, and my adult teeth are ALL in!~ So, that means, I am 6 to 7 months old now! Guess he also thought I was a big kitty weighing in at a whopping 6 lbs 12 oz!~ yeah, doc, it's all in the LEGS! MOL!! I will update you on my doc visits as they occur. Now, I want to thank River 'n Simone once again for my purrty catnip bed! Milo and I share it now. Thanks for all the lovely catnip toys AND for the added catnip halloween mousie, it's MY favorite! Sam loves his pink 'n blue kicker toy! Milo constantly purrlays with his halloween bone! As for me, I love them all!
Mommy picked a Birthday for me, as we still dont' know what day I was actually born. But who cares? As long as I have a furefur home, that is ALL that counts now, isn't it? I am so excited because I am getting lots of furiend invites! I love you all! Catster is really going to be a super fun spot for me to dance in the sun and gaze at the beauty here.
My life is now complete. Thank you mommy. Thank you Milo. Enjoy your weekend, all!~ May all grand Blessings find you when you need them the most!!

Pawsome hugs 'n sandpaper kisses,


Purrs 'n Did I Do Dat??~

October 29th 2011 11:38 am
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Howdy, as Milo would say!~ How fast time does fly when you're havin' as mush fun as I am!~ MOL! Mommy 'n Milo jus' laugh at me all da time 'n my funny jumps 'n pounces 'n flops! I hope they are laughing WITH me 'n not AT me! Coz I think they are really hilarious too! As you know, Milo's toys are MY toys too 'n what he eat's, well, I must get there first to sample it first and make shur it's fit fur him to swallow! MOL! I am always first. He's a really good furbro 'n let's me go first. He jus' watches me 'n let's me enjoy my treats, oh I love them Tempations so mush! Mommy still gives us occasional wet foodage as treats too. I don't like my Purina One kitten foodage, so mommy sez her gives it to Sam, if'n he will eat it. I love anythin' Milo eats 'n Purina One Indoor's is furry tasty!
Well, I guess I am growin' up faster then they bof thought. I started rollin' 'n gurgglin' last night 'n mommy said, uh oh. So I did do dat. So Mommy got on the phone to Dr K 'n tawked to him 'n I got me a scheduled date wif my hansome 'n really nice Vet on Friday. Mom sez it's something 'bout gettin' me 'fixed'?? I ain't broke 'n I don't need fixin'!~ Poooh!~ Dis don't really sound like mush fun to me!!
I still purrlay, but I've gotten MUSH more lovable wif Milo these days. I roll for him 'n he jus' watches me, like gurl, You're crazy! Last night we had a good time chasin' each other 'n I played my famous pounce game on him!~ He ran so fast, but I am mush faster! I always catch him!~ Oh 'n mommy got me a bigger litter box, all my own! Course, could you guess dat Milo had to snoop it out first? I like it lots! More room 'n I can turn 'round easy! But..hey I can STILL use Milo's if I want too, right? Giggles! Ok, furiends, time fur my afternoon nappy! I am still lovin' Milo's leopard blankee 'n my pawsome catnip bed!~ But we bof sleep at night in mommy's bed, coz it's OUR bed too! Efurythin' in dis apartment is mine! But I share, coz I am a furry good kitty! 'n I lubbs my furbro lots!

Head nudges 'n sweet whisker kisses,

Thanks fur readin' my diary! I lubbs U all so mush! Thank U Catster, U ROCK big time!


Back from the Doc 'n I did GOOD~!

November 4th 2011 8:06 pm
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Hello 'n Happy days to all my furtabulous furiends! Ya know, I was a bit skeered when mommy put me in da car early dis mornin'~! I wasn't shur 'bout anythin' at dat point. I cuddled da whole way to da vet's in her lap, mewin' 'n purrin', 'N it was cold here in Texas! Mom had a really furry nice jacket on 'n kept me really warm 'n her had me wrapped in my pink 'n purple spawcial blankee too! I couldn't eat anythin' last night! Booo, 'n I was really hungry dis mornin' too. Her fed Millo on da way out da door dis mornin'! Imagine dat! Bad mommy! Dr K sez I couldn't eat da nite before surgery, coz us kitties might throw up!~ YUK, I nefur thrown up before. It was a LOOOOONG day up there at da clinic! But ya know, dem folks treated me really good, 'n I had my own large kennel 'n potty box too! Da only thing is I couldn't EAT or drink. It really did werk out good though, 'n my blood tests came back negative on any kitty bad stuff's!! YAY!~ I gotted a distemper shot booster 'n has to go back in 14 days to get my steetches out. I'm being really still now 'n takin' it easy. Mom gave me my med's so I wouldn't hurt so mush. Good Mom!!~

Be well 'n stay happy my grand furiends!!!!

Love 'n many pawsome kitten licks 'n kissies,



Thank You Catster 'n All my Wonnerfur Furiends!~ You've made- a Kitten Feel So Spawcial!~

November 7th 2011 10:42 am
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Mews 'n kitten purrs to all my grand furiends today!~ Ya know, I'm really feelin' furry spawcial what wif all my pawsome furiends sendin' me precious gifts, pawmails, concats 'n welcome home wishes 'n efen feel well wishes! My page looks so spectacular! Thank you so mush! I feel ALL da kitty love 'n happiness from inside my tiny heart! THANK YOU, I can't thank you 'nuff fur makin' me feel so loved! My DOTD honor was so spawcial! Thank you fur all da pawsome welcome gifts, da love 'n concern fur my surgery 'n fur welcomin' me to my new 'n furefur furmily! Yes, Hen, I know MILO is handsome 'n cute! Geez, him my brofur, but it was MY turn to be in da spotlight! Giggles! I enjoyed it so mush!
I got through my bein' fixed thang 'n yeah, u all were right, no big deal! Now, I am jus' right back to pouncin' 'n bitin' Milo 'n chasin' him all throught da apartment! We went up 'n ofur da couch, up 'n ofur da chairs, up 'n ofur da bed! Mommy laughed so hard at us when we purrlay! I am so glad we entertain her well! Giggles! Milo still get's upset wif me 'n I guess him not in da mood fur purrlayin' but I haven't really got dat part down yet!! I not shur I unnerstand him really well jus' yet either! But life goes on 'n I am Happy 'n so thankful fur U all. Thank u also fur addin' me as a furiend to ur families!! I am so happy to be a part o' U all!

Purrs 'n whisker kissies fille wif love,

Pee Ess, thank u fur readin' my diary!!


Catster is so Kewl, but we're takin' a mush needed Break!~

November 11th 2011 6:29 pm
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Meow, 'n hello to ya!~ Its' dat time o' da year, when mommy feels like we need to spend some quality time wif our Paw. Well, my Paw is Milo's Paw 'n him is mom's gentleman dood friend. I not met him yet, but Milo think's da world o' him 'n Milo tol' me lotza stories 'bout how mush he enjoyed purrlayin' wif him in da past. Mommy 'n Paw been together now fur almost 3 years! So, dis weekend him is comin' to spend an entire WEEK wif us, jus' to purrlay wif us! Well, dat's what Milo tol' me anyway. So, I gotta get to know dis dood 'n all, cause him will be wif us for 9 days straight! Oh I do hope he will feed me lotza goodies! Mom sez he's bringin' spawcial treats jus' fur me!
So..We will be in an' out visitin' when we can, but not near as mush as we haz been. I will miss u all so mush, coz I REALLY been havin' so mush fun since I got here! Readin' all da kewl diaries 'n watchin' so many way pawsome furs get honors!~ Enjoyin' birfday catebrations 'n pawtyin' too! Oh yeah, Milo taught me how to pawty really good! YAY! But we will miss u, but don't worry, we'll be back soon!~ Cause we can't stay gone too long, coz well, we're addicted! MOL! We love's u 'n take care now!!

Purrs 'n lotza sweet kitty kisses 'n nibbles,



Did U hear 'bout Sandy Paws???

November 26th 2011 3:46 pm
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Hiya my sweet furiends!~ I hope U all enjoyed Ur Thanksgivin' Holiday's 'n still have all weekend to relax! I hope Ur bellies r full 'n U got to visit wif furmilies 'n grand furiends!~
Hey ya know what? Milo tol' me it is Christmas time! He whispered to me all 'bout Sandy Paws 'n how him come's to bring all good lil girls 'n boys really kewl toys 'n prezzies eash year! Well..Milo sez I not GOOD all da time! But I didn't actually KNOW I had to bribe dis Sandy Paws Dood!! MOL! I should get lotza toys 'n fun stuff 'n snacks 'n treat's jus' cause I am so purrty 'n I is a gurly gurl! Right??!
Ok, I guess I can stop bein' a food horder 'n maybe I will cut down on bitin' Milo so mush. Mom is on my side though! Her keeps sayin' I iz a KITTEN 'n I 'spose to be's dis way 'n bites 'n be's really super friskey ALL da time! Ya know I does sleep sometime's 'n I cuddle up to my brofur, but I not think him like's me cuddlin' up all da time either! I am CATFUSED! What AM I 'spose to do??
Mom sez I will grow out of it, but her also sez I am SO cute when I purrlay 'n her not rushin' me to be a grown up Lady yet!~ So, maybe Sandy Paws furgive's me fur bein' da way I am? Please? Sandy Paws, I jus' found out 'bout U dood! 'n I prowmise to does better in future. Listen, jolly o' Elf, while we on da subject, I really really REALLY would love a Kitty Condo an' Food dish all my own. Seems like I got here 'n I share pretty mush efurythin' wif Milo. An' did ya see, my MOTTO is MILO'S SHADOW?? Hmmmmppt!
I don't really mind, ya see. I know I iz da new kid. I jus' ask fur couple o' things I can call my furry own. Dat's all. I love U, Sandy Paws, I'll efen sit on Ur lap coz I really am a PAWSOME Lap Kitty!!! 'N I PURRS LOUD TOO!! Coz I IZ so pawpreciative!

Purrs to all 'n to all great night's before Christmas. I hope Sandy Paws is good to U 'n U've been good too, have U? Uhm...I am still worried!!

Nite nite 'n I blow lotza Gurly Gurl kisses to u all (oh 'n to Sandy Paws too...I wanna get on his GOOD side, ya know?? Giggles!)!!~




Bang, Crash, 'n Did I do Dat Again??!!

November 28th 2011 4:47 pm
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Howdy Catster Furiends 'n Furmilies!

Oh my it's been FUN lately! I am still buggin' Milo like crazy! I really keep him on his Paws!~ I really think's he like's me A LOT but doesn't want any o' his DOOD furiends to know, coz, well, ya know him jus' really KEWL! MOL! So, last night was a night to memmer! When we all went to bed, it was really really COLD, I mean really! It got down to 32 'n dat's cold fur Texas! So I was 'sleep nuzzle on one side, Milo slipped unner da cover's on da other side. Maybe two hours later, mommy thought her was dreamin' when her heard a LOUD Crash, then THUD 'n then Silence! Her jumped up 'n turned on da light's...well, I GOT BLAMED! Ok, so I like to purrlay durin' da night, but I had halp's dis time! Mommy's puter is right by our bed, 'n her keeps stuff on da puter table. ALL da stuff's, includin candles,' speakers, camera, stapler, Pencil caddy, papers, 'n mom's peanut butter jar ALL on DA FLOOR!~ WELL! I like to snoop! Don't U like to snoop!? I efen got ahold o' da box o' chocolate covered cheeree's! But no, I didn't eat 'em! Milo got lovin's 'n I got scoldin's. BOY, DIS IS NOT GONNA LOOK GOOD fur Sandy Paws! I tried to tell mommy dat me AND MILO were chasin' eash other 'n we got kin'a carried 'way! So, mommy said, Mallee, I know you're just a kitten, a really really sweet kitten, when you're ASLEEP! Uh, Mommy?! Excuse me?! Must I defend myself at all time's!? Ok, so her 'splained to me, dat Milo nefur did ANY o' dat kin'a stuff's afore I came! Boy, is it hard to live's wif a Purrfect child! Hmmmpft!~Mommy picked efurythin' up 'n put it back in it's purrlace. Her put da cheeree's, 'n da Peanut butter jar back in da cabinet's. Da pencil caddy went back up. Dat paper's, dat stapler, dat camera went back up on da puter table. Mom sez her must haz da camera out at ALL time's. Now, I found a NEW purrlace to purrlay! Unner da Closet door's! YAY! Did I also tell ya dat I can pull lotza stuff's out from unner da chairs 'n couch too?! MOL! I founded so many o' Milo's ballie's! Now I gonna be's a really good soccer purrlayer!!
I's a Kitten, so I should be excused, Sandy Paws! I does purr purr purr loud when I tired! Ok, but I NOT tired now, gotta go 'n bite on Milo's ear's 'gain!! GIGGLES!!!!

Thanks fur readin' my Diary tonight!

Lotza Lovin' kisses ''n kitten purrs,


Oh 'n I Love's Ya'll Too!!~


Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree, Why Are You so Delightful??- *Giggles*

December 11th 2011 7:26 am
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Hellooo! Wow, 'n Happy Chrissymas, all!~ It's a most Wonnerfur Time o' year! All these balls 'n bells 'n shiny things!~ It's incredible!! Mommy finally decided to put up our Christmas tree last night!! It's small, only 5 ft, but it's all white 'n already has lights on it, all colors!!! Well, mommy had da box on da floor 'n FINALLY she opened it up all da way 'n first thing I did was BITE it! I grabbed a chunk 'n RAN wif it!! MOL! Mom sez to me, Mallee!!~Shall we continue?? *Giggles* O' Course, Mommy!
I did come back to halp's her put it together 'n it's so lovely! I find it's SO Delightfur! I really didn't bother it mush last night, so mommy thought ok then! But, dis mornin' was 'nother story! I was in it, I was on it, I climbed up it! And BOOM, CRASH, BANG, down it came onto da floor!!! Alright, Jus' where I wanted it! Mom picked it up 'n put it back on da table. Ok then, I gotta get back up there!!!! Mommy thinks, yeah, she knew I would be all ofur it! Well, last night, her put on'y a few purple 'n pink ballies on it, so it was really really purrty 'n oh so Temptin' efen more fur me! I really like it! Milo jus' kin'a stood there watchin' me, him nefur bothered it, but tol' me it was REALLY purrty! Mommy turned da lights on last night 'n Milo jus' stood next to it, but nefur got in it or efen bited it! What? WHY? It's so Delightfur!

Now last year, Milo loved to purrlay wif da balls 'n knock 'em down, but him nefer actually got inside dat tree like I did dis mornin'! Him gettin' to be an ol' fuddy duddy! MOL! Mommy purrlease don't take it down! It's sush a Happy Christmas wif a Tree all shiny 'n sparkly 'n it glows! Well, mommy sez at least it got put up 'n her really wanted it up, cos her needed a lil halp's gettin' into da Chrissymas Spirit dis year. I have a really bad feelin' dat it's gonna be brought down soon, so I gonna enjoy it while I can!!

Merry Christmas 'n Happy New Year too! I hope Ur Christmas Season is lovely 'n full o' bright 'n cheery, pawsome glitters 'n many yummy goodies too!!
I am so furry thankful fur bein' adopted 'n purrpreciate my happy home! I love U too Milo!!~ I am one happy 'n furry lucky gurly gurl. I love's my mom 'n her is really good to me 'n Milo. Jus' want U all to know, I really am a sweet gurl. I jus' has da kitten Kurious Snoops ambition's!! MOL! Mom sez it'll be ok, coz her really enjoyin' da funny antics I pull!~ Her knows 'n Sandy Paws know's! So I should be ok dis Chrissymas!!! At least, I hope so!!!!

Love 'n many Kitten Whisker Kisses 'n Nudges,

Thank U fur readin' my diary! I Love's U all!!~


I Been GOOD, haz U!? 'n SANDY PAWS IS on his WAY!! YAY!~

December 23rd 2011 7:10 pm
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Well, ya know's dat da time is here! Is a time when we ALL purrpreciate eash other 'n we Love eash other 'n we good to eash other!! But, mommy sez we should be's dat way ALL da time! Tis da Season, we know, efuryone is dancin' 'n singin' 'n bright 'n happy!~ We r happy too! 'N Sandy Paws IS comin' to see me 'n gonna bring me all da goodies I asked fur! Did ya know dat?? Milo took up fur me 'n I been really good these past few weeks 'n lick his head lots!!! I LOVE my MILO!~ Him a pawsome brofur 'n him takes care o' me really good too! I watch him 'n I learn from him!~
Tonight, mommy purred 'n put loads more balls on our lil white tree! Oh my it was so fun to watch! Her also put flowers on it, one's da her mom had given her, well fake o' course, but it looks so GREAT on our tree! Our furiends Timmy 'n Ziggy's mommy gave mom MORE bright 'n colorfur balls to put on it 'n mommy got some yummy candy canes to add to it today! OH 'n mommy came home wif lotza toys 'n stuff to rap up! I LOVE da rappin paper! I halped bunches 'n also her got me my OWN purrfect litter box!~ I sneaked 'n seen mommy got ME a brand new Food Bowl all my furry own! Iz PINK too! Ha, her didn't think I saw! But before I knew it, it was rapped up tight! Oh da tree looks so purrty 'n I so happy mommy put it up fur us to enjoy! I don't climb in it anymore really! I still bat at da ballies sometimes! Milo 'n I halped rap all da prezzies to our fur cousin's 'n their mommy's! Mom's best furiends r their mommy's 'n dey halps eash other all da time! Is a great season 'n We so purrpreciate U all so mush! Thank U fur ALL da Merry Chrissymas wishes 'n love U sent! We love 'em so muhs 'n it really makes Mommy smile wide 'n big! We hope U all enjoy Ur Chrissymas time wif furmililies 'n furiends 'n Eat lots! My Paw is her now 'n him brought a homemade Cherry pie 'n homemake cookies!! Wow I can't wait to see what's in his BIG bag him brought fur us, but I think him will prob'ly wait until tomorrow night!! AHHH, I can't Wait Sandy Paws! My Paw is da greatest!~ Happy New Year too, it's gonna be a purrfect year here wif all my grand furiends!~ Thank U so mush fur bein' so Pawsome 'n so lovin'!~ We love's U 'n' my U all find Peace 'n Happiness throughtout dis Holiday Season' 'n da New Year too!~

Big head nudges 'n kitty kisses,


Pee Ess, Don't forget to go to bed early tomorrow night, coz U don't want to spy on Sandy Paws! Well, maybe U might wanna!! MOL~!! Nite Nite!!~


Happy New Year Catster!!!!~ Let's Share Some Black Eyed- Pee's fur 2012~!!!

December 30th 2011 3:21 pm
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HELLOOO! WOW, dis Year has been furtabulous! I has made so many pawsome furiends here! I jus' can't tell ya how it make's me's lil tummy feel so spawcial to come here~!! We Love's our Furiends 'n our future furiends on Catster!!! Long live's Memories made in 2011!!~
Tomorrow is New Years eve, A New beginning to a Happy 'n most Prosperous New Year 2012!~ A day we shall Catebrate all our pawsome memories from dis year we've made!~Did ya see da New Baby? Milo sez da New Year Baby always dances on New Years Day to show him is happy 'n healthy 'n Born on New Years day! Milo sez it's a New 'n refreshin' Beginning!~January 1st is a New Start to a New Year 'n many folks 'n kits share their extroidinary New Year's Resolutions!
I think we should start now! Let's hear Ur's!?? I think I will try to be's better 'n not agrivate Milo so mush, but...ya nefur know, I still a kitten 'n Sandy Paws forgave's me once, think da New Year's Baby will forgive's me 'gain? Oh 'n Father Time too!?? Oooh, I better NOT take any chances! I gonna still run 'n purrlay wif Milo, coz I KNOW him really like's me now (Maybe efen Love's me??? a lil?? Giggles~)!I won't bite him so mush, ok?
I hear some peeps enjoy Champagne 'n Caviar on New Years Eve 'n efen eat black eyed pee's to bring good luck!? Oh Mommy sez ya gotta has black eyed pees 'n cornbread on New Year's Day!~Or is it jus' a Southern Tradition??
Me 'n Milo thinks we jus' might pick out da bacon 'n leave's da rest. Not think's Milo efen like's da gravy part in black eyed pees!! MOL! But is 'spose to bring good luck 'n great fortune! We need's as mush Halp's as we can get 'round here!

Mom sez also da countdown begins to da end o' her job.
Three months..It was really sad at werk's today, mom sez 25% o' her co-werker's last day was today. Her got all kinds of goodbye, 'n thanks emails. Lots o' hugs goin' round. It will be da same when March 30th comes. Her dept. A/P will end dat day. Some folks were asked to stay til July, not mommy. Her got plans to travel some wif our Paw fur a week, den back to lookin' fur a new position. Da Jobs r out there, mommy jus' hopes da timin' is right. We would purrpreciate purrs 'n purrayers fur a new beginning to be really bright 'n successfur~!
Now on to more Happier thoughts..da New Year opens up a whole new ballgame here! When one door closes, a new 'n excitin' one opens! Isn't dat right!? I learn lots from Milo 'n mommy, sometimes her can be's quite smart!~ MOL! Milo sez we're a close knit furmily 'n nothin' can stop da love dat flows within our small one bedroom apt!!~
Furiends 'n loved ones, I want to wish U ALL a most Purrfect o' New Year's catebrations!~ Thank U so mush fur bein' here fur us, our furmilies, our furiends, our Catster World!~ I've only been here a few months, but I KNOW how mush Catster Mommy's 'n Daddy's love efuryone here!
Thank U Catster fur a Wonnerfur Year 2011!~ It rocks 'n so do U~!! THANK YOU~!!!
Mommy sez a song was written fur a new beginnin' called Auld Lang Syne, but I think's Milo wants to write 'bout dat one! I not know's mush 'bout Lang Syne! I on'y know's it is catebrated here at da stroke of Midnight on December 31st...I on'y know's it's talkin' 'bout memories made~'n those remembered.

Love U all 'n Enjoy Ur New Year's Weekend 'n haz a black eyed pee on me!!! Oh 'n don't forget da Cornbread!!~

HAPPY NEW YEAR from my heart to urs,

Big Love,


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