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My start on life in my new castle

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Mom needs advice

November 9th 2012 6:26 am
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Mom is worried she was holding one of the 6 month old ferals today.Oliver he is Ozzys brother.He was on her lap when someone must have fired a shotgun in the woods .Well Oliver panicked and jumped over Moms shoulder but in the process his claw caught Moms ear and ripped the bottom almost off.Mom is scared to go get treated because she is afraid they will come take Oliver and have him put down to test for rabies .Can you get Rabies from a cats scratch Mom thought you could only get it from Saliva.How should Mom handle this?


So far so good with Oliver

November 13th 2012 4:51 am
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So far so good Oliver is staying close by in a heated bin every night no signs of him being sick.He still comes up to Mom and eats .Mom is going to try and get Tessa's kittens with the neighbor Friday and try to find a no kill shelter close by to bring them to.They are so gorgeous.Mom is sure people will want them but it is hard because she also doesn't want to be the cause of their bad fate either.She is going to talk with their vet to see if he will give them a discount on getting her spaded.She does not want to deal with her shelter since they killed Lucinda and her kittens within hours.Anyways Mom put pictures of Tessas kittens on her page .Mom sure wishes she could afford to take Ozzy in he is such a very good cat.But from her experience in the past two males with a female is a mess.Hunter is trying to nail his sister a lot now even though he's neutered .Having to males fight over her would make her life hell and that wouldn't be right.But she still is working on finding him a home.


Hannah going to the vet today.

November 27th 2012 7:15 am
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Say a prayer for my sister Hannah she is going to the vet today.She has been throwing up the last three days.Mom is not sure what is going on.She is very active jumping around and all but the last three days she threw up 3 times a day.But then goes back to playing.Mom is worried because my bad sister got in the garbage and ate a turkey bone .Bone and all so Mom is hoping she doesn't have a blockage but Mom thinks if she had a blockage she wouldn't be jumping through the air p;laying like she does.So to the vet she goes.We never know what my bad sister gets into .She is sure a handful.Hope this isn't nothing serious or as Dad says also to expensive.


Mom put new pictures on of me and Hannah.

January 6th 2013 5:10 am
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I know mom hasn't been on for awhile.She has been busy her feral cat count is up to 10 and it takes all of her time.Dad got laid of from one of his shifts at work so it has been real tight here getting them fed.
Ozzy mom's lovable feral was gone for 5 days and now came back but hasn't been eating.He just wants to lay in moms arms and purr.Mom is going to have to find a vet to check him out him cheap because she is hoping she might have a home for him.We have been spoiled for Christmas but it is hard for mom to enjoy much until she gets these outdoor cat situation in control.Check out our new pictures on mine and Hannahs page.


Mom has not been on in ages

April 4th 2014 9:33 am
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Mom has not been on here in ages.She has so much to deal with trying to get a feral colony in control,take care of Hannah and I and a friend daily who has Alzheimer's.She is really feeling stressed.Then I came down with urinary crystals and she has been to the vet treating me for that.I have been a through the antibiotic course but still am not peeing as much as I use to.
They gave her a 8lb bag of prescription cat food but I don't like it.Cost Mom $38 which she really didn't have to throw away.
She is wondering about trying Purina one Urinary because it is cheaper.
Also Friskie urinary can food.
To top it off she blew her stack because for some reason this morning I went while she was sitting and sprayed on her sweatpants while she was wearing them.She is assuming it was because there was a scent of one of the feral's outside on her.She is so stressed with me and worried on how to handle all this.

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