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My start on life in my new castle

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Tessa's kittens

June 30th 2012 7:40 am
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Oh my gosh.Mom looked out the window and there was Tessa with 5 kittens sitting on the neighbors woodpile.That means with the one mom took to the shelter she had 6 in total for her first litter.That is quite a bit for a first litter.One was identical to the gray and white one mom took in then a black n white one a all black one and two tabbys.Now mom knows why Tessa is so thin trying to keep up nursing that many.Mom is wondering what she can give her to increase her nutrition.Mom sure hopes they come around and start eating here soon so she can try to get them.


Pics of Tessas kittens

July 4th 2012 10:00 pm
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Hey everyone Mom added a couple pictures of Tessa and her kittens.Mom is in love with all of them.There is a little solid black one like you Zack and he always is giving Mommy this curious look.It is midnight and she is finally going to try to go to bed after a long night of getting them all fed.Being out there in the heat with them is hard on Mom because of her health problems.But she wants to make sure everyone is fed well.Here's hoping to soon find them homes.


Mom is looking for advice.

July 9th 2012 4:56 pm
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Mom is looking for advice.This weekend moms young niece came to spend the weekend.She is a cat lover too.But everytime someone is over Hannah and I run and hide scared completely to death.This weekend I was so scared that I didn't come out of the closet at all.Not even to eat.Mom tried holding me by her niece but we just get more scared.So she thought best not to force people on to us to just let us be and have control to come around on our own.But she is afraid this is so much stress on me.Hannah at least will sneak out to eat but not me.It breaks moms heart to see me so frightened.It's new to her because her cat Harley was a people cat he loved people around.She is trying to think of a way to get us more social with people.She says I am a man with alot of issues.I am so picky with my food mainly only want Friskies indoor dry food I won't eat the special dry foods and I barely eat any can food and she is afraid the dry food will make me heavier.Hannah on the other hand will eat anything that doesn't move and still is quite small.So she keeps experiencing with new foods but I hear her complaining because when I don;t eat it she feels frustrated.What can I say I,m a cat I come with no guarantees just alot of attitude.mol


It has not been easy on mom

July 17th 2012 8:42 pm
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It has not been an easy start of the week for mom.First of all she is having a problem witrh a mother and five baby raccoons hanging around .She hasn't seen Tessa and the kittens the last two nights.She is afraid the coons are keeping them away.Tonight the little gray and white kitten was here by its self.Mom tried to catch it with a trap but no luck it was to scared.Mom is trying not to leave food out so the coons don't hang around but then she's stuck spending hours waiting for the cats to come get fed at all different times.She is looking tired and crabby and Hannah and I feel bad for her because all she wants to do is keep these cats safe and find them homes.She has bad infection in her right arm three large sores that won't heal.The doctor is checking to see if she picked up anything from the ferals.It sure is alot of work caring for cats the rest of society neglects.


we are worried about mom

August 6th 2012 8:58 pm
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We are worried about Mom,The doctor told her she is suffering from exhaustion and it is causing her RA to flare up,Plus her sores on her arm have not healed either .To top it off Dad hurt his back and lost a lot of work hours so feeding the ferals and kittens have been a big strain on them but mom just can't desert them.She has tried to get the kittens to come close to get them in a trap but they don't fall for it.All she got in there was a coon that she had to let go in the morning.The brown tabby kitten has not been around for over a week so mom fears something happened to it.Dad tries to tell her she can only due what she can do.But mom still can't help but go out of her way for these creatures the world looks the other way too.The amount of food the ferals are going through is incredible especially Lucinda because she has a tape worm but mom can't treat her because she is nursing kittens somewhere.So cross tour paws that Mom at least gets the kittens soon.They are probably at least 10 weeks old now.They need to get to the shelter before they get to feral.


We haven't seen Elmer the old man in 5 days.

August 18th 2012 7:30 pm
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Mom is stressed we haven't seen Elmer the old tom in 5 days.Mom is afraid someone may have hurt him because there are traps set all over the park and people here told mom the park manager drown the racoons and groundhogs in the cages.Mom is not sure how to find out if this is true.She is going to call the DNR anonomously and then maybe Peta.Mom wonders how people can care for ferals without being so stressed and worried all the time.Sometimes she wonders if she is even doing them any good,but she can't turn away from them or any animal for that matter.


No Elmer yet

August 24th 2012 12:25 pm
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Old tom Elmer has not showed up in over a week.Mom is certain he is no longer alive.She hopes he died on his own of old age and no one in the park trapped and hurt him.Mom read on the DNR site that they can trap people on their private property if they are a nuisance.It is sad if all the animals are being drowned.The other day a woman in back said a guy had a groundhog in a trap and was going in the back with it with a shovel.Moms anger has been bubbling and she feel helpless in this situation and fears her cats will eventually fall prey to these people.She is going to try and get Peta involved.Maybe go on this mobile home parks website and put a review that this is a terrible place to live with violent people that think nothing of killing animals.Mom does not understand these peoples issue with the animals.This is a wooded park with large lots surrounded by woods and humongus evergreens.This land belongs more to the animals than it does us.Why can't people just learn to leave with these creatures.They have never bothered moms garden or yard.Sad that the human race thinks they are of more worth than other living things.Mom is very sad today.


Hannahs sister Lucinda was killed by the shelter

September 16th 2012 6:09 am
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Mom is very distraught.Some lady in the park trapped Lucinda and her
kittens in the park and took them to the shelter and they put all six
of them to sleep that day.Mom was furious so she went to the shelter to
see why they snuffed out their lives without giving these kittens a
chance.The lady told her they were feral and couldn't be handled .Mom
told her what gives you the right to call scared kittens feral with out
bathing them and trying to socialize them,And Lucinda was not feral you
could pet her and if she was acting up it was because they stoled her
kittens from her.Mom is so sad and angry.She told that lady you probably
hava a harder time throwing out your cigarette than you did those
cats.You guys told us months ago when we brought one of Tessas kittens
there they never put kittens down unless they were really sick.This
Waukesha Humane society lies to people and Mom will never bring a feral
to any kind of shelter again,Now neighbors are trying to get her out of the park because she is calling on people that are killing cats and raccoons in the park with shovels and drowning them alive in cages.Mom doesn't understand this human race how someone could cold heartly drown or beat an animal to death.She is so bitter she finds here self more and more isolating her self from the human race.She hasn't been on much because her computer hasn't been running right so she has to use the one at the library.Moms family thinks she's nuts investing so much time with the ferals.She misses being on Catster as her outlet as she is so sad about the outcome here.Any advice on the feral and shelter situation would be appreciated.


Please share moms editorial so Haws changes their policy

September 18th 2012 12:16 pm
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Easy Disposal of life at Waukesha HAWS.

I got the shock of my life the other week when I saw how easily kittens
were disposed of.
A lady in our park brought a mother cat and her kittens in to Waukesha
Haws the same place a couple months ago we brought a six week kitten
in.My husband asked them twice if the kitten would be put down.They
told us they never put young kittens down unless they were seriously
When this lady brought this mother and her kittens in they were
disposed of within hours claiming they were feral.

Definition of feral--of or characteristic of wild animals;ferocious;

I had cared for the Mother cat who had walked in my house many times
to be fed and petted.
When the neighbor took her in and I found out I helped her trap the
very small kittens to bring them in to the Mother with the hope of them
having a chance not realizing I helped bring them to their death
within hours.
Is there a such thing as feral kitten so young that it;s hard to
separate feral from fear?
I had petted these kittens before they were hauled away.
My husband and I have socialized many young kittens within a few days.
Knowing the first step would be a warm bath to get the outdoor wild
scent off them.
Then to routinely nurture them through slowly letting them eventually
climb on us feeling their control.
Apparently Haws did not feel the need to give these kittens a chance as
they were put to sleep with the Mother hours later.
Was it that easy to dispose of them faster than a crumpled piece of
Were the not worth the time of trying to ease their fear?
Is it fair to call a kitten so small feral ?
These are questions HAWS needs to reevaluate before I ever donate to
them again .I hope others feel the same.


new ferals

November 1st 2012 8:19 pm
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Mom has to get the feral's in control.She is losing to many of them.Moms favorite boy Elwood has been gone for three weeks.Mom is so upset .He was such a good cat.She is praying as he got older he took up with another colony and nobody here hurt him.Now she has an all black 5 month old hanging on her name Ozzy .Plus Tess has 5 kittens we have to get homes for.Mom knows she has to get Tessa spaded but she won't take her to her neighborhood shelter since they killed Lucinda and her kittens within 8 hours.So now she has to talk to our vet see if he will give her a price break on doing a TNR on Tessa.
These ferals are eating like crazy.
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