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My start on life in my new castle

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farewell to Lucy

May 26th 2012 9:04 pm
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Mom just wrote a tribute to Lucy on her page.It is so hard for Mom not to see her at the door.
She is so discouraged about not finding her kittens.
Dad trys to tell her sometimes we have no control of the pain of life and we just have to accept the unfairness of it.
Mom dreads someday that Elwood will be next to get hit.
If she had a bigger place more money she would take him in.Tonight she sat on the steps with him as he purred on her lap.She nuzzled his ears.
She is thinking of trying to take him to the humane society next week and see if they will take a couple weeksa to try and adopt him out and see if they will agree if they can't they will release him back outside by moms .She has to figure out something.He is just so lovable.


Mom Dolittle

May 27th 2012 10:40 pm
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No wonder Mom is so tired.The last few days a young Raccoon has been coming up to the door.
It seems like it can barely walk it seems to tip towards it;s side like it;s lost it's balance.Not that mom doesn't mind sharing her land with Raccoons but she is not sure she actually wants it up at the door because they do carry some parasites.
She is probably going to have to call the humane society to see if they can trap it and see what;s wrong with.
She has been giving it some food at the edge of the yard by the evergreen because she knows in that condition it can;t be eating well.She is starting to think the word of mouth to these creatures in the park is that she is Doctor Dolittle.mol.
Also it is now almost 1.00 a.m and young Elwood has not shown up yet.Mom is trying not to be to upset and hoping he is just out rough necking around or maybe he is just scared with the coon around.She is exhausted and can no longer wait for him.Praying he shows up tommorrow.


Elwood is safe tonight.

May 28th 2012 7:22 pm
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Elwood showed up tonight by his self .Hungry as hec and crying like a baby.It is breaking moms heart not to be able to take him in.So she brought him in the porch for awhile and cuddled him up.but she had to scoot him away in case the raccoon came.He is such a needy cat.All he wants is to be held and be around someone.
Pretty soon he will be getting big and then it really will be hard to find him a home.Anyone in Waukesha Wisconsin area please consider him.I think he would make someone very happy they took him.


Thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes.

June 1st 2012 4:45 pm
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Thanks to all my catster friends for the Birthday wishes.It has been a great Birthday .Opened presents from my mom and Dad and got my present in the mail from my friends.Awesome catnip mats.We love them.Tonight Mom is cooking Dad and us steak yum yum.Check out my new Birthday pictures mom put in my Catser book.


Mom let the neighbor have it.

June 11th 2012 7:41 pm
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Mom let the neighbor have it.Mom was in the driveway talking with some other neighbors.Elmer and tessy were sunbathing on moms steps.The neighbors came walking by and his wife said those feral cats are all vicous and should all be shot.Mom stepped in front of her and said I kinda feel the same about heartless people like you who think there life is above other living things.Then asked her what made her think God considered her life more valuable than those cats.Mom called her a heartless b--ch.Mom said she better never touch her cats .Our mom may be a crazy cat lady but she doesn't like to see any animal hurt intentionally.


Mom is so worried about Elmer

June 16th 2012 9:10 pm
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Mom is so worried about Elmer the old scottish fold.The last two nights he has been coming and just laying by the front steps not wanting to eat just lay there.Mom thinks he is coming to the end of his life.He looks really really rough.Mom feels she should do the compassionate thing and try to trap him and have him put down but Dad says to leave him.He is king of the grounds here and he wants to die here with dignity.It is their nature to run that cycle.What would others do? Mom is so exhausted.Losing Lucy never finding her kittens and now probably losing Elmer soon.Caring for my outdoor family sures makes mom sad at times.


We think we have one ofLucys kittens.

June 21st 2012 2:41 pm
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Some neighbor brought us a kitten he found in a trap by the woods.We believe it to be one of Lucys.Approx 7 to 8 weeks old.She is beautiful gray and white belly paws and chin.Mom and Dad gave her a bath and will keep her till Saturday where they will take her to a shelter.They are certain she will get adopted because she is so friendly,scared but friendly.Let's hope mom comes across the other ones.


the kitten

June 22nd 2012 8:00 pm
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Okay so mom found out the kitten may not of been one of Lucys.She had it out in the cage today for fresh air and Tessy (Hunters sister)came around crying and going crazy.So mom assumes it could be one of hers but not sure where the others would be if it was her.Would Tessy act like this if it was Lucys kitten and she just wanted to help.Mom felt bad but she knew she couldn't give the kitten back because it is young enough to be sociable and cuddly.Besides it does eat and drink on it;s own so mom assumes Tessy would set it out on it's own soon anyways.It hurt mom to think Tessy could of been thinking she was hurting her kitten if it was hers.But this weekend it goes to the shelter .Mom is sure it will get adopted because she loves to cuddle and doesn't even seem skiddish.Any advice from my Catster friends on the situation would be appreciated


Mom took the kitty to he shelter today.

June 24th 2012 12:06 pm
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Okay Mom and Dad just got back from the humane society from bringing Lindsay it was kinda strange because they missed a turn and when they turned around on a road to turn around the name of the road was Lindsay.I think Dad interrogated them there more than they did them.The woman said they never put kittens down unless they have feline leukemia or some other incurable illness.They thought she was very adoptable because she was so friendly and at the right age about 7 weeks.So here's hoping she gets a good home.Mom misses her already but she can only do what she can do in such a small home and Mom says I take up most the room.mol.Mom has her Id no so she can check on her status.


Momsaw Tessy with two more kittens.

June 26th 2012 9:03 pm
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Tonight mom saw Tessa with two more kittens in the other neighbors yard.It was dark so she couldn't see their colors exactly.She will probably wait another week to try and get them.So it's not to much trauma to Tessa.This has sure been exhausting for her.She doesn't know how much longer she can keep going at this pace.Someone is suppose to call her this week from the shelter about the spay program.Thank God she lucked out and got 80 small cans of IAMS at Walmart at ten cents a piece that was being discountinued because these cats are eating more than ever.Especially big growing Elwood.She donated 40 cans to the shelter now she wishes she would of bought more.

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