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My start on life in my new castle

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hey everyone

February 24th 2012 5:31 pm
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Hey everyone mom added more pictures to mine and Hannahs page and a video clip of us to Hannahs.


We are now getting along.

March 2nd 2012 8:05 am
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Mom went to the doctor who said she is completely run down which is why she is not getting any better.Hannah now has free run of the house.We are now getting along better as you will see in my new picture.I still get scolded once in awhile for body slamming her to hard.What can I say I am a big boy and she is just a tiny squirt of a


Mom is worried about me.

March 8th 2012 2:53 pm
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Mom is so worried about me.Tommorrow morning I go to the vet because I haven.t been putting out alot of urine in the last two days.She is praying it is just a urinary infection or something simple.She is so scared to think of it being a problem with my kidneys.She couldn,t bare losing me.I am her loyal sidekick and she would be devasted if I didn,t hang with her everyday.
Please pray that I don,t have anything serious.


I am back from the vet

March 9th 2012 2:21 pm
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I am back from the vet and so it seems to be a UT infection.The vet drew some urine out of me but said the good thing is I wasn,t holding alot in which was good on my kidneys.I still try to pee but only a dimes worth.Then they gave mom some antibiotics and I got to home and got some canned mackeral when I got home.Mom said it was the quickest $87 she ever spent.But she says I,m worth it.I think I am too.I love all my Catster friends for always being supportive.


I am not eating my food

March 17th 2012 5:12 pm
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Mom is getting frustrated with me because I don,t seem to like any of my urinary tract food.Then Hannah is always rushing to eat it (Hannah will eat anything)so mom can't leave it around.Dad tells her don,t worry I won't let myself starve.Then mom noticed friskies has a fish flavored urinary tract food but with all the info she has gotten from all of you she doesn't see how it can be okay for the urinary tracy but still seafood.Anyone have any advice.


New pictures

April 3rd 2012 6:17 pm
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Hey everyone mom added new pictures to my page and Hannahs .Though I think Hannah is getting tired of the pictures because she pushed Mom digital camera off the table and smashed the screen.A hundred and sixty dollars down the drain.Now mom is trying this Kodak easyshare she got but she is not sure she likes it.I try to tell her to not take pictures of Hannah because she isn't a good photo model like me but she didn't listen


Mom has added Elwood to catster

April 12th 2012 7:13 pm
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Hey everyone mom has added Elwood to catster in hope of getting him adopted.Check out his page.


Mom is so stressed

May 16th 2012 6:35 pm
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Mom is so stressed.The ferals are eating more everyday .She has tried so hard to find a home for Elwood but no avail.Then Elmer the old tom is in worse shape fevery night he comes by.A few day he came with a bloody scrape with his fur missing on his back leg tonight he showed up with a big patch (size of a golf ball) on his front chest with blood.It kills her to think he may be suffering.The shelters here don't offer much help one because says she's not in their district the other says they don't have funding to spay Lucy.She just doesn't know where to turn anymore.


Mine and Hannahs Mom is at Rainbow bridge.

May 23rd 2012 7:49 pm
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Mom and all of us are in tears tonight our mother Lucy was run over in the road last night.She is now at Rainbow bridge with Harley and Willow.To top it off another Tortie was run over in the park also last night.Mom tried to find it but figured the park must of picked it up.She is hoping it wasn;t Lucinda Hannahs sister.It will be a wait and see game.To top it off as my folks come back from verifying Lucy and come around the corner in the park my mom saw a 6 week old tortie kitten run in the woods.She is sure it was Lucys looking for her mommy.Now mom has to try to find a way to locate Lucys kittens.She is near complete exhaustion


Hannahs sister showed

May 26th 2012 12:30 pm
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Even though we miss Lucy something terrible.We did get a good surprise when Hannahs little tortie sister Lucinda showed up last night.Which means she wasn't the other cat that got run over.Though we are sad that someone elses cat got hit.She was awful hungry though being gone for days.
Mom has been tromping the woods today looking for Lucys kittens no luck so far.
Mom added more pictures of Hannah and I today.That ladys gotta a camera addiction.mol

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