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My start on life in my new castle

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Hoping the kittens are okay in all the snow we got.

January 13th 2012 9:01 am
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Mom is hoping the kittens are okay with all this snow we got.Good thing is mom saw them and fed them all together Weds night.She fed them well so hopefully they won't be to hungry since they didn't make it here last night.
Mom had the light brown kitten but it struggle and scratched mom kinda bad while it fought to get away.
Not scratched like fighting scratch but more accidently scratched while trying to get away.And it succeded.Dad is going to teach her how to grip them by the scruff of the neck.
Mom is still pretty sick but has got her voice pretty much back which means I am back to getting scolded.
She added a new picture and new video to show me being Devious while she was sick.


Hopefully my new sister.

January 24th 2012 6:39 pm
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Okay everyone this morning the neighbor brought one of the kittens over in his trap to mom.Though mom was mad because the kittens nose was all bloody from hitting the cage.Mom now has her in the warm bathroom and so far she has used the litterbox.She is very loveable mom says.Just clings to mom.Honestly as big of a cat as I have grown to be I am scared to death of her so mom has to figure out how to get me used to her.Tommorrow they go deworm her before I can get near her anyways.Mom hopes we get along.She has fallen for the little stubby legged tabby already but she says I will always be her main baby but she feels this kitten will become the apple of Dads eye.
Lets hope we get along.Mom is thinking of naming her Hannah Darling.HAH we would make quite a pair Hunter Devious and Hannah Darling.Now she has to get the other three and find them homes.
Any ideas anyone has to give my mom on getting me adjusted to a new cat would be appreciated.Picture of the new tabby added to my photos check it out.She,s cute but not as photogenic as me .mol


Hannahs got her catster page.

January 26th 2012 8:41 pm
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Hey everyone Hannah has her Catster page now.Just thought I would meow it from the rooftops.


Wow mom had quite a night.

January 29th 2012 6:11 pm
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Mom was so worried because Lucy and the three kittens haven;t been around in two days.Then surprise Lucy the kittens my sister Tessa and Elmer all came to be fed at the same time.Mom was going crazy trying to make sure they all got weenough food.She took a picture and added it to Lucys page.She also added more picrtures of me and more pictuires of Hannah Darling on her page.
Mom said I am so funny because I was walking down the hall ansd she said did you say hi to your sister through the bathroom door and I literally walked all the way back to the door and hissed at it.That will teach her to give me orders.mol


My new sister

February 2nd 2012 12:38 pm
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My new sister is out of the bathroom and I am teaching her a lot .I already taught her how respect me as the Alpha cat.Yeah right she is a typical woman just wants everything her way.But that,s okay because moms been giving me twice as much love and playtime.So I think we will compromise down the road.Today we played in the tub for over a half hour.Mom added new photos on both our pages.


Mom is flustered with me.

February 6th 2012 5:37 pm
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Mom is really upset with me.All day I have been trying to mount my kitten sister.She is not sure how to handle this because Hannah is so much smaller than me.
Dad says see we should of got another male ,but mom feels like Hannah being caught first was because she needed us the most.She just needs to know how to keep her safe from me.


Poor mom

February 12th 2012 6:26 pm
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Poor mom she has been really sick for weeks now.Had a bad respirtory illness for weeks now.Dad keeps getting on her about going out 4 to 5 times a night in this 5 degree weather to fewed the strays..
Especially 5 this morning she was out trying to get the black and tortie kitten in the porch. More so since the little calico kitten hasn,t been here in days.She is started to feel wiped out between the strays,Hannah healing and well me just being me.
I hope things go in her favor soon.I know she just wants those kittens to be safe and warm like Hannah and I.


check out new pic on Elmers page

February 16th 2012 8:21 pm
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Hey everyone my mom got a cool picture of Elmer and his one kitten Elwood that looks like him .


I,ve been a bad boy.

February 18th 2012 6:12 am
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Okay so Mom knew I was devious when she got me but now she is really mad.
She had blocked the hallway with s six stacked banana boxes to keep me away from Hannah during the night.She was trying it because they have to go away over night and she wanted Hannah to have room to stay in thew hallway bathroom and bedroom.But lo and behold I am super cat I kept getting over them all night.She only slept a couple hours and being sick and all she is not a pretty sight this morning.So she is mad because she feels the only way Hannah will be safe is to keep her in the bedroom with all her stuff while we are gone.Well I am mad to .How long is it going to take my sister to heal?Doesn,t mom know I have tons of energy and just want to express it.
I am truly living up to my name.


Mom is trying to be patient with me

February 22nd 2012 6:28 pm
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Mom is really trying to be patient with me.The vet said due to my roughness and weight difference between Hannah and I .Her 4lbs me 12 lbs to keep us apart a little longer when she is not home.I must upset mom because I always have a tend to grab Hannah by the neck.Mom is so terribly afraid I will bite down and hurt her.She gives me all the attention in the world.Even extra play time at night.It is clear I am still her (big) baby.She just doesn,t know how long it,s going to take for Hannah to grow.She still seems so tiny.She sure hopes it,s not much longer it is interfering with her getting work done.Silly human blaming us .I think she,s just slacking.mol
Going to get 6 inches of snow tomorrow.The strays have been fed well enough to last them for two days.So far all strays accounted for except the tiny calico.She hasn,t been here in weeks.Mom is hoping someone took her in and she wasn,t killed by something.
She feels so sad when she thinks that she couldn,t help her.

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