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My start on life in my new castle

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Yeah my sister showed up.

December 9th 2011 4:35 pm
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Yeah my sister showed up tonight.A little more feral than before.Mom assumes she was out playing with the big boys.Still can't catch her but at least she was fed and looks safe and sound.Mom added pictures to Lucys page.


Hey more pics

December 10th 2011 6:09 pm
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Mom added more pictures of me.Man that is one crazy camera lady.


Mom is so worried tonight.

December 16th 2011 7:48 pm
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Mom has been sad tonight.The last two nights Lucy only has one kitten that comes around.Dad says not to worry the others are probably hiding somewhere because they are still probably nursing on Lucy yet.But it stiil worries mom.She doesn;t understand why Lucy stopped staying in the warm doghouse.This weekend she will pull the blankets out and make sure there;s no kitty accidents in there because mom thinks a cat won't sleep where there is poop.So she will check it this weekend.Sure hope them kittens are okay I would love to have a companion and it doesn't seem like taming my sister is possible.


picture of one of Lucys kittens

December 17th 2011 9:22 pm
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Mom put a close up picture on Lucys page of one of her kittens.It is kinda muskrat color then one is black and white and one is a tortie and one is a calico.She has not seen the calico one yet tonight.Lucy seems to bring them to the front steps and then meows while she,s looking in the door.There will be no early bedtime for mom on Lucys schedule.


What is up with Lucy

December 21st 2011 6:34 pm
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What is up with Lucy?She is driving my mom nuts.One night she brings the kittens to stay in the doghouse.Then she doesn,t come bring them for 2 days.Mom wonders if she still nursing these kittens.They look like they are maybe 13 weeks old.Mom wishes she would bring the kittens to her more often so she can think of a plan but Dad satys she won't trust us that to much till she;s ready to kick the kids out of the nest.Does anyone know how old the kittens are around before the mom starts to pull from them? Mom can't go by me because I was such a needy screamy guy I would of stayed with my mom for years if I could.mol.


Busy night for mom.

December 23rd 2011 11:35 am
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It was a busy night for mom food wise.Lucy was here with two of her kittens not sure where the other two are.Then Tessa and Chester.It was like a cat party outside and all I could do was watch from the window.The kittens don;t run to much when my mom comes out.So mom thinks they are getting use to her and is hoping to get them before january.Mom added pictures to Lucys page.Her calico is drop dead gorgeous and hopefully will be very adoptable.Cross your paws that all works out eventually.
Now gotta go in the living room and see if I chewed all the corners of the wrapped presents .I might not of got them all.


Happy Holidays to all my fur friends.

December 24th 2011 6:37 am
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Happy Holidays to my fur friends.

Mom will be gone and she hopes I don't get in to much trouble
while she gone.
I see a bunch of presents with my name on.She will let me open one before she leaves but then no more till tommorrow.
I will try to be good but chances are it probably won't be possible.After all I am Hunter Devious.


I had a great first Christmas.

December 25th 2011 11:06 pm
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Hey all my furry friends I hope you all had a great Christmas .I got spoiled with a krinkle tube a pile of toys and a can of sardines.The outside cats got turkey carcasses and tuna.
Check out my new pictures from the holiday.Much wishes for a great new year for everyone.


Mom is going to try to get the kittens this weekend.

December 29th 2011 2:54 pm
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Moms got the dog cage set up inside the porch with blankets and a heating pad.She is going to try and get the kittens this weekend.Not sure how well it will work and if she will be able to find homes for them.But she has to try.Not sure how Lucy will react but hoping she is had enough of running after them.
Please wish us luck we will definately need it.


Poor Mom

January 8th 2012 3:27 pm
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Poor Mom been sick on the couch with the flu for days.And me well I just don,t get why she tells me not now I,m sick as a dog.
Worst of all she is worried the kittens have not been here or Lucy the last two nights.She keeps getting up every half hour to check but no show.Dad tells her not to worry I was on my own and look how great I turned out.
I am a lean mean tough kitty machine.Yep that I am.
Hopefully they will show up tonight.

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