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My start on life in my new castle

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I am starting to realize I may be spoiled.

September 26th 2011 1:45 pm
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It has been 4 days since I came out of the cold rainy outdoors into my new castle.
The lady I kept screaming at outside is now my new mom.
I could never imagine life so good warm comfortable places to sleep not under a wood pile.
Food through out the day no longer crying out of hunger.
I am now realizing I may just have a very spoiled life here.
Tons of toys and I now know how to play so that I can use up all that energy.
Mom has now let me loose into the bathroom hallway and living room.
I can now sleep on her shoulder when she is on the couch.After my vet visit friday she says I will probably have run of the housedepending on how well I behave.
I have been actually been being a pretty good kitten.
Other than climbing a few drapes and knocking things of the bathroom sink.It is my way of telling mom you better kitten proof this.
I purr constantly out of a feeling of being safe and loved.
Mom wishes all cats could feel the joy of human compassion and contact.
Yes in deed I now know why Harley lived 21 years.It is definately easy when you feel so loved and understood.
Harley would be proud to know mom may just let me be the king of these castle in memory of him.


I was a bad kitty

September 28th 2011 10:29 am
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Moms a little mad at me she found a blanket on a chair that I urinated on.She didn't yell at me but I ended up getting a few hours in the bathroom.
I don;t know why I did it have been using both litter boxes and they are cleaned twice a day .Mom is hoping it was just a freak accident or maybe the hard rain scared me last night.


Hunters at the vet.

September 30th 2011 9:02 am
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Took Hunter to the vet today to get neutered and shots.I was shocked when the vet said he thought he was six months old.I didn;t think he was that old.So hopefully I got him neutered in time before he starts marking.
He was so welled behaved .Didn't cry much and even was good with the vet.
I am praying everything comes out okay when I pick him up.I don;t know when I left if I felt like crying because of leaving him there over night or because I,m afraid of what the vet bill will be lol.
But must admit tonight will be nice to not have a little cat running across my head and jumping on me trying to get me to play.
But chances are I probably still won't be able to sleep because I miss him already.


I am home from the vet.

October 1st 2011 5:02 pm
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I am home from the vet.It was a good turn out.No fleas ticks or worms.Neutering and everything else went fine.I am slow today and just sleeping alot but it feels good to be home sleeping on my moms shoulder.


I am recovering fine.

October 6th 2011 6:11 pm
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I am recovering fine from the vet .Though mom is a little worried because she thinks my meow got lighter and different since I come home.Daddy thinks I sound softer because I am content and don;t have to scream like I did outside when I was scared.Me I am just sucking in this good life and sleeping with mom everynight on her shoulder.It is already lookin like a good life.


mom is flustered

October 6th 2011 8:40 pm
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Mom is flustered.She has to find out how to handle feeding the strays and yet keep me from knowing they come by,Tonight Elmer the tom that I hung with was around and I cried non stop to be out.I never cried to be back out until I saw Elmer.Mom tries to keep the drapes closed at night.She doesn't want to stop feeding the strays especxially with the cold months coming and Lucy about to drop a litter.She is going to chewck out some farms thias week to see if they have barn cats and would take a couple more.Not something she wants to do but she is at a loss.We are in menomonee falls wisconsin if any one in the area knows of a farm that might take a couple strays.


My sibling has been coming around

October 10th 2011 5:57 pm
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Mom saw one of my siblings coming around.She says it;s my sister because it;s a brown and black tortoise and mom says they usually are always female.She was thinking of trying to take her in but she has never raised a boy and girl cat together,.Usually they have always been the same sex.
Plus she is not sure this one will be tamable we are coming up on 6 1/2 months now.
Of course she has to also consider her financial status because she is also feeding the strays.
But she will talk it over with Dad and see what happens.


Thank you everyone.

October 14th 2011 6:53 pm
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Thank you everyone for all the congrats.It is so cool to have so many friends.Just think a few weeks ago I was just a scared little kitten screaming under a tree.Now I am a king.


mom added a picture of my stray sister

October 18th 2011 8:48 pm
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Hey guys mom finally got a close up of my sister outside to my catser photo album.She is going to try to catch her this weekend.Oh yeah she also added more pictures of me.Well just to show I,m to cute to stay mad at.


Mom is praying she can catch my sister

October 19th 2011 1:39 pm
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It is so cold and rainy here today.Wind is blowing 40 miles an hour.Mom is praying she can catch my sister this week.Thinking of how cold and wet she must be.She is hoping if she catches her we will get along.I think we will.Just cuz I,m devious doesn't mean I,m not delightful.mol

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