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A Carolina Kitten in New York

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Hi Furs! It's me, CK!

August 25th 2011 11:55 am
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Hi everyone on Catster!
I'm little, I'm indomidible! I'm adorable and cute, even! I have a moustache and goatee like my dad, only I'm not supposed to be old enough to have them...buts I do!
I'm a happy little chap! I love people, and I am trying to be friends with the other furs here. But the only one who so far is my friend, kinda, is Smokieboo. He only hissed and smacked my head when I went up to his food. Mom says he's teaching me 'manners'. Whats manners? Can you eat them? Are they like banananers? The medicine I get is flavored with bananaers. Its not bad.
Now, I am not scared anymore. Too much fun to have. I don't get outta this cage yet enough. And I heard momma talking with Daddy who said Aunt Rachel called from the vet hospital and said that I canna come out again from the cage for a whole's week!!! (but I know they'll find me a way to get some exercise)Aunt Rachel says I got roundworms. But I haven't seen them! Maybe they go, huh? Last night I was out and runnin round, and xplorin. I had fun. It was nice, except that the other furs no play with me. Not sure whys. The funny looking one with the weird thing on his head, he keeps hissin. No matter what's I do, he is hissin. I don't think he like me much. Ok, I swats his tail and he don't like that. But I swats at everyone's tail. Even Bella. She didn't do anything. Just pull tail away and look at me like I'm something she never seed before.
Now I can't get out in the room I am in cause there is a very cranky orange cat. It lives on the bed. Once in awhile it goes off the bed, goes in the box, comes out, looks up and me and makes funny scare noises, hisses, walks away and gets back on the bed. It don't come near me, can't. I am up on a platform in cage. The other cat-on floor when not on the bed. Sometimes scatches on a cardboard post. Sometimes she drink from a bowl on floor. Mommy put me on bed a few feet away. Cat says 'Awwwwwuuuollll' in scary sound. Mommy say 'hush, Natalie, he's just a baby'. But that Natalie is not hearing it.
So anyways, I is here. I'm glad I's here. I am having fun.



September 1st 2011 9:04 am
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This morning mom sprayed me with the water bottle 3 times. I ran under the chair and she scolded me!!! She told me that I'm GOING BACK IN THE CAGE!!!!

Because I tried to scratch Big Brother Ruffy's eye!

He don't do nothing, jsut sits there while he has that collar on.

Mom got really angry when I did this last night. She picked me up, put me on the floor at first, tossed my toy to divert my attention. When I did it again she spritzed me with the water botttle.

When I went after Ruffy this morning, I got spritzed and she talked mad to me and told me that if I don't behave I will go back in the cage...and I think she means it.

I have alot of toys, and mom and dad play with me. No one else will yet, though last night the BUB came and investigaged me and started to play a bit.

Mom is worried and I guess she thinks I'm up to troubling Ruffy because I can. She can't figure out why I go after his bad eye.

Shes real mad at me.


Thank you Aunt Mary and her family!!

September 2nd 2011 7:49 am
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Mommy's online friend Aunt Mary's niece and sister have been trying to find my cat mom and sib in SC! They have been going to Angel Oak, and even left some cat food for the vendors and their numbers to call if my cat mom and sib are spotted!

Non fur mom and I are so happy! We know someone is trying to help!

I am relieved....maybe they will be found and rescued!

As for me, I'm doing ok. I'm so at ease here, and have no fear of anyone or anything! I make mommy and daddy laugh becuase I'm little but don't seem to know it!

Daddy did catch my tail which is long in the door the other day and I screamed and ran and hid but he found me and pulled me out and rubbed my tail and then when he put me down I was pouncing on him wanting to play.

Mommy says what happened to the cute and sweetly affectionate little kitten that she had? I never met that kitten, and didn't know there was another one besides me.

I took on Ruffy...he's big, but I'm strong! I am not scared at all! And Smokie seems to like me!

Off to play!

CK Angel (mommy's wondering about that middle name).


Learning my way

September 5th 2011 7:17 am
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Hi furs! CK here!
I'm enjoying myself! I aren't afraid of anyone! I love my big brothers.
Mommy said this morning they look exhausted and think I'm keeping them up at night!
I specially love Smokie!
Smokie is LEADER! It means I do sorta what he lets me do...but he's really nice to me mostly except when I grabs his tail too much.
I'm still learning manners.
Bella hits me on the head and growls, but I don't move! I just sits there!
I loves cereal! Mommy lets me l lick it out of her bowl!
I love to sleep on the back of the sofa when I do sleep and sit at the window and watch birds.
I love my mommy and daddy, and I love everyone...even the furry one Princess!


Hi everyone!

September 8th 2011 9:57 am
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Thank you for letting me be DOTD! Wow! I am a good writer for a guy thats so new to the world now, right?
So, let me tell you, I know I got mom around my paw! I only have to 'mew' at her with my little kitten meow!
Dad says that I'm gettin big. Mom say's I'm going to be a big cat cause I'm long, and have long kicky legets and a long tail and big ears I've not grown into yet. Dad says I'm a little brat!
Mom has taken to givin me time outs when I seem to be fussin at my brothers too much. This morning she was real concerned becuase I got an ouchie on my front leg. It looks like a little ouchie where someone got me with their claw. Mom is hoping it was someone's claw...she says the boys need claws trimmed....but thats a 2 or 3 person job cause they are STRONG. She says she's hoping it was a claw...not a tooth because my brothers got FIV+ and I don't. But mom says that if I get too rough that I am going to ahve to go in the cage during the day cause she thinks that I vex Smokie and he takes it out on the BUB....thats Princess. Princess don't scare me, she has been makin me feel sad, cause sometimes she runs away. Sometimes we bat at the same toy, but mom says that when Princess runs to greet her when she comes in she thinks it means Smokie's been at her.
Mom's cat lady friend whos a 'fe-line be-hav-or-ist whatever that is, told mom that when a new cat comes, the 'order' shifts round. She said it was a good sign that the boys don't really do nothing thats mean to me...what mom is describin is play. Sometimes I squeal, but it's usually when I jump on Smokie alot and another time when he sat on my tail. He cries sometimes if I play too hard. Thats when mom's been putting me in the bathroom for 'time outs' so I calm down a little. But I sure loves to play with my brofurs! Mom says that I got to learn to be a little less aggressive, but her friend says I's normal for a kitten my age. She said I'll learn. She also said that Smokie is lettin Princess know He is THE BOSS and she probably don't like that. She said it's not unusual, because Princess always was a very confident little cat and now she's grown up and Smokie is letting her know ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and intimidating her by cornering her and not letting her get in her bed and not letting her sit at the top of the cat tree. Hehehehe...but he lets me! I guess cause I'm so fast! I love my brofurs!


hi everyone! I'm doing fine and how about y'all?

October 12th 2011 10:54 am
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Hi everyone!
I wanted to say hello and look how much I'm growing! Daddy and Mommy just put up a pic of me and my big brother, Smokie~ Mommy commented on how big I'm getting-almost time for me to get tutored! I don't know why she thinks I need to get tutored...and by a vet at that, but she thinks it's a good idea!

Mommy and Daddy love me, that I know...but daddy is always calling me the 'little rascal!' Daddy is getting better...he has to go to GA meetings very often, a few times a week. Sometimes mommy goes to Gam-anon too. Daddy is job hunting. He's a chef, and he sometimes cooks here for us!

Mommy took today off. She had a bad, bad headache. Sometimes she gets them. She had forgot to reorder her medicine, so she had to get a hold of the doctor's office and make an appointment for later t his month for it. But it's done and now she has an appointment and has her medicine too, and is feeling better.

I love to chase my brothers and sister around! The BUB and I are sorta friends-we play together. Ruffy and Smokie are my big brothers and we pal around and have lots of fun!

Hey all! We want everyone to know we're still around....mommy quotes Elton John alot...'I'm still standing!' But for me, well, I'm too active to stand much...I'd rather play!

love to all,
CK Angel Ryder Knowles


Petting on the Potty with Pawrents, by CK Angel R. Knowles

November 3rd 2011 9:35 am
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Hey Newman!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!
I got you covered, man!
You know where my 'special time with Mom and Dad? Well, it's when they are sitting on the potty! The round white chair with a hole in the seat in the little white tiled room!

The funny potty chair is right next to the cat litter box! I jumps up on the top of the litter box top and runs to Mommy or Daddy...whoever is there...and jumps onto their lap and purrs and purrs and snuggles!

Because it's CK time!!!1

Yep, I have a captive audience then! It's not like they can go anywhere!

Mommy seems to enjoy this time. It's multitasking to her. She will say 'oh, here is my little man! What good boy he is to say hello to Mommy! Does Mommy's Boy want to be petted behind his ears? What a gooody little boy he is!'

And I close my eyes in bliss when Mommy pets me!

Yesterday Daddy was in there and tried to close the door. But it doesn't close properly....and I edged my front paw around the bottom and opened the door, shoving it open with my little shoulder. See, I'm strong! I got to be with my big brothers!

And I got in and Daddy was just sitting there and gosh, whew Dad, come on, what are you eating, cheap bargin canned tuna or what? And he was having I had never tasted coffee before, but it had half and half in it, and so I went up and took a few licks!

EWWWWW!...and I started to run out...then came back....went 'hmmmmm..well...maybe not too bad....' and I went over and had a little more. Then jumped up on the litterbox and crawled up onto his shoulder and was reaching round and batting his ears...and he was like 'comeon you little _______(blank, insert favorite human expression for frisky funny kitten!),....
anyway, he was like 'get down CK!' but of course I wasn't ready to until he lifted me up and put me in the tub which is right next to the potty. And I peeked out at hi from undereath the shower curtain...I crouched down...and I leapt up straight through the little space between the tub and curtain and did the 'startled ninja kitten' with my legs all out before landing on his lap, and then bolting out the door to careen into the hallway and then back to peek at him. And he said 'CK, you're a crazy kitten!' and I sniggered and raced in and attacked the drawstring on his pants and hit his foot with my little claw and he jumped and said 'OUCH!' then 'CK!!!! and I jumped back onto his lap and rubbed my little furry face agains his, purring, and he laughed and petted me and told me I was a 'Crazy Kitten' and said CK stands for 'Crazy Kitten'. But I know that I'm really a Carolina Kitten in NY.


Tomorrow I get tutored and CK the Money Stealer Cat

November 16th 2011 10:51 am
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Hi everyone! It's me-CK!
Well, guess what? Tomorrow I get tutored! I go to a vet on Long Island. The tutoring, a Rabies Shot, and a worming (wait, they're my friends! What you gonna do with them?) and all this costs just about 80.00. Thats not bad considering the ASPCA van that mom spoke with charge $125.00 and thats just for the tutoring.
So I'm getting a special tutoring I guess!!! Gosh, I wonder if I'm going to start to learn to be a vet myself? I mean, what is this vet going to teach me? I mean, I'm so smart already!

Take this morning for instance!

Mommy was getting dressed and a dollar dropped out of her pocket! I mean, I don't know what a dollar is, but it's funny. It was a small piece of green and white paper, folded. Well, it looked like prey to me, so I batted at it a couple times, and then grabbed it in my mouth and made down the hall with it. Mom was laughing and ran after me, calling 'CK, CK, come back you little money stealer, you!' Of course, I let mommy take it. Daddy says that was good, because Mommy is the keeper of the purse strings here! But hey, I love strings too! What a fun thing to grab!

I am so sad when Mommy and Daddy leave, but tomorrow, they take me to get tutored! So what a smart boy I am, huh? Anyone else here get tutored? What did you guys learn?

CK Angel Ryder Knowles


Update on tutoring, and I send a power of the paw to- Tigger's family

November 19th 2011 3:26 am
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Hi everyone!

Well, that tutoring was not what I expected. I got there, and there were lots of other furs in carriers all around. Some were scared, some were curious, but we all were looking at each other, wondering what we'd be tutored in.

Well, I still can't figure it out. Some nice ladies came, took me into a scary room and put me on a scary metal table. Then they gave me a little poke with a sharp small stick...ouch!!!! and I fell asleep.

When I woke up a little they gave me another 2 sticks. Now I ahve my 'shots' whatever that is.

I was sore, but i'm feeling pretty good now, playing with my brother and all. I don't know quite what happened, but I never did get a diploma or nthing. Hmmm. Did anyone else?

Dad says I'm right back to myself.

Mommy is loving me and putting me on her lap whenever I want. Thats good!

Ruffy and Smokie were sad last night. I was trying to play with Ruffy, but he just grabbed me by the neck and groomed my ear.

'Enjoy every bit of life, little brother.' he said. I asked him what had happened and Smokie said that Tigger, and two other cats left for Rainbow Bridge. He said that Tigger was one of the bravest and best cats he knew.

I purred and looked up at a star in the sky.

Is that you, Tigger?


What do you mean you wanna sleep! It's morning!

December 4th 2011 7:17 am
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Hi Everyone! It's me-CK!

Well, this morning, you see, Daddy gets up at 4:30am and leaves a bit after 5. This morning, he played with me, but not as much as I like. See, I have what mommy calls the 'zoomies!'I love to race back and forth.
So this morning after Daddy left, mommy had hopes of going back to sleep.
Now, mommy, in the days before I came, used to take naps with the other cats in the living room on her days off in the morning when Daddy left.

But I mean, well, I wasn't sleepy!

So this morning mommy played with me for 45 mintues with the bird toy. Then, she had some toast and coffee and laid down. She told me 'be a good boy'.
She covered up with a blankie, and covered Bella up too.
So I waited, thinking she was gonna play some more. Then I climbed up on the back of the loveseat, and I saw Smokie was there! So I jumped on Smokie and I play bit him in the back of the neck. Smokie started to complain.
Mommy was like-'CK!!!! Stop it!!!"

"What you mean stop it, Mommy? I'm playin!!!!!"

and Mommy got up and got the squirt water bottle and squirted me and I got down and ran to the other side of the coffee table.

Then mommy lays down again, covers up again and everything is tooo quiet.

So I jump up again on the loveseat and I bite Smokie in the neck again. And he starts to complain and tries to swing around and swat me but you see I'm fast and he can't.

So mommy gets up agian and goes "CK!!!! I told you to stop it!!!"

And she squirts me...again!!!!!

And then I run off and she goes back onto the couch.

I waits a bit. It's quiet. The BUB jumps on the loveseat by Mommy's head. Mommy pets her.

I sneak around back on the other side, jump up, jump over Smokie, and come by mommy's head too. She has her hand tucked under the pillow.

I reach under the pillow and start pawing her fingers and trying to bite them! They look like prey!!!!

Mommy yells 'OUCH!" and tries to grab me to put me down but now I'm thinking she's PREY! So I bite her wrist and she grabs my scruff and yells "CK!!! NO!!!!!"

And puts me back on the floor.

And then she lays down again.

And I jump up on the other side of the loveseat, and up along the back, quietly, quietly....and then...and then....

I pounce on her hair because it's long and squiggly and it's THERE!!!!

And she yells "CK!!!!! NO!!!!"

And she picks me up by my scruff and tries to her her arms around me but she's prey now so i have to bite, bite bite!!!!!

And mommy picks me up and gives me a tap on my backside and carries me and puts me in the bathroom and closes the door and says 'TIME OUT!!!!"

And she leaves me there!!! By myself!!!!!1

And I meow and meow and meow for awhile. But she doesn't open the door.

Finally, when it seems a long time, but mommy says it was a half hour she comes back and lets me out.

Now mommy says she has a headache. And I wonder why. Because I feel just fine! I demanded my cuddle of her when she went back in the bathroom, and then went out to wrestle with the BUB. I can't figure out why Mommy is so tired all the time!!!

Aren't Sundays fun?!


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