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A brand new life

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I fell like Dorthy on the yellow brick road... is this real?

July 2nd 2011 8:06 pm
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Dear Diary
I think I have been on the streets most of my life, I love humans, so at some point there must have been someone that taught me to do that but I walk kinda crooked and my back legs as well as my front legs do not work like most cats do, I don't recall if it was a mean human or an accident that caused this, but I get around ok and crazy as it seems I still love humans. I for sure have had two litters of kitties and then 2.2 years ago that stopped, now no more kittens.

A few short days ago I was wondering if I would ever find water and if the nice lady that fed me would make it by with a meal, then I was placed willing into a "carrier" that is what they called it, and put in a "car" wow why did I get in there? It was really scary, then it was over and when I got out, there was a bowl of food that never gets mt and water that never dries up, and it is clean! The fleas not longer bother me cause they are gone, and today I was "confined" to the inside of a "bathroom" I don't mind it is great, and mom, ok she has not said she is my mom yet but she treats me like a mom does so that is what I will call her, she keeps cleaning my eyes with a cool cloth and wiping my nose and cleaning my ears...umm err she ummm even,.. well she cleaned the underside of my tail too and I didn't mind that either.

I do not know what is next for me all I know for sure is that the life I knew seems to be gone, and all that has happened since is good except for that car ride,(and I left behind a daughter that is very scared of people) and I very much trust and am falling in love with mom. Rumor has it that " dad" and he said I can call him dad, he wants me to live here and mom said,"maybe" cause she doe not want to upset Little Boy and the other kitties by introducing another cat so we gotta see how they re-act to me when we start the slow introduction process and I meet them, after my v-e-t visit.
Loving this brand new life, crossing my paws and hoping it never ends.


daddy's love and forgotten pleasures

July 3rd 2011 10:20 pm
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Dear Diary
The day mom brought me here, she had already told dad I looked like Alley or well really she looked like me....but that's ok. See when mom brought me here, dad came downstairs to see if she needed help getting me out and settled, well from the moment I climbed out of the carrier and began to look around, dad loved me. Mom said see how she looks like alley and dad shook his head yea with a tearful look. A few minutes later he said Ivey has been through enough she belongs here, we were gonna have six and then alley got sick, it is only right we take her momma in! I am on my way in, but mom still wants to see how the others re-act to me before she will commit.
I know i must have been a much loved kitty at one, time, for I enjoy the pleasure of a head to tail pet and rub down, the joy of soft comfey things to sleep on, oh the pure bliss of air conditioning! The totally undescribable pleasure of more than enough to eat!. Then tonight I discovered or rediscovered the joy of play time, check out my new pics, I am still taking it easy but that was fun. I also started pawpawing tonight! Mom is going to get some cat nip for my little room, later tonight!


OMC what is up with that woman!?

July 4th 2011 10:37 pm
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Ok dear diary, so the rescuer that I thought was my mom, is working hard to hurt my ears! Yea like today I was in the guest bathroom minding my own business and in she comes loving on me and being real sweet like a mom,then she tries to shove wet soggy something into my ear (she said it was natural ear cleaner) and I didn't like it, so I tried to move away and she scuffed! me! oh no mam! Ok so I had to let her put that junk in there, but then she let me go and she went to the sink to wash her hands, and I SLAPPED her ankle, and I put by teeth on her too and told her how I felt all at the same time. Yea when she thought it was over, it wasn't...I could have hurt her but no wound marks were left, yet she better think twice next time, I am a VERY sweet cat but my ear are kinda sore and I don't want that stuff in them! Then! oh I thought it was over too, she wanted to put some junk in my eye, cause it had dried matter on it....well I been dealing with that for years without her! no mam! I do not need that kinda help, just feed me and love me... for cats sake I have never been scuffed in my life!


Thanks for praying and purring!

July 5th 2011 10:26 pm
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Well I had that v-e-t visit today. The rescue lady (I think will be mom) said it went well. NO FIV or the other one Flev (?) the doc said my test are clean yaaaaaa! Ok now the thing is, I had to be pricked! yea with a needle, and I was not happy, then they put a little glass stick up my back side. (still trying to help me? no I don't think so) But wait there is more it seems I might have a URI or allergies, so I had to have a SHOT of what was that....we really are not sure cause if it is sinus or allergies then I am not contagious but it might be a URI...sigh so I gotta stay confined for 2 more weeks from the other kitties.....I am ready to be released now, this is tough I been roaming for a long time. OH yea and I have ear mites, yea of course, so I gotta get the gunk put in my ears ever other day for 2 weeks. All in all it's not bad I still am luvin the a/c and the bottomless food bowl, and the rescue lady. Love my dad he fed me soon as he got home cause for the first time since I been here the bowl was mt.! Oh yea there were DOGS at the vet shouldn't I get a feline vet? on she said the ride to that office is too far and I really get stressed in the car.
Well tomorrow is another day, we shall see...sure hope there are no more car rides or vet visits.


one day at a time

July 6th 2011 11:42 pm
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Well I am just taking it easy one day at a time, some days I look and talk like I am feeling better. Some other days I have a really bad runny nose and red eyes. I have not really tried to leave the bathroom, mom does move me via carrier to the outside enclosure for a hr or two each evening, so I get a change of scenery, then she sprays the cage with lysol, for the other kitties. We do not know if what I have is catching or if it is a sinus or allergy issue. I am a very loving kitty but if the rescue lady/mom does stuff I don't care for I let her know with a slight smackey paw to the ankle or her hand if it is still close. Sometimes after she upsets me she moves to fast or I am too slow and I smackey paw her after the fact you know just to let her know I did not forget and to make sure she knows, I did not like that. Like tonight she touched the underside of my belly there are times she does this and it is ok but tonight I was not in the mood, so she let go and I slapped at her and missed so after she sat down walked (funny little walk) back over for luvin but fist I smackey pawed her hand before I let her pet me. One thing I know for sure is there is always food in my bowl and I rest easy feeling relative sure there are no dangers here.


when a girl says means NO and thank you all so much!

July 11th 2011 11:41 pm
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Well tonight the rescue lady transported me out to the enclosure and it was late at night. So after a short little while she came out and I was laid out on the wicker stool resting and enjoying the night, she stroked me and I said mrr then she said you ready to go inside I politely declined, then she said it again and I looked direct into her eyes and declined again, then I walked away to lay in the garden patch. She proceeded to bring in the carrier and ask me again, this time when she touched me I smackey pawed her gently and said no thanks. Well of all thangs, she reached to pick me up and put me in there! So I scrambled out of her hands and SMACKEY PAWED her again. She said ok I will check back later. 1.5 hrs later when she came out I said mrr and she said ready to come inside sweet moma IVey? I proceeded into the carrier to go inside for nom noms. The thing is when a girl cat says no it means NO.
I want to say thank you all for the pawsome day I had yesterday as DOTD! What an honor. Thank you to the catster cats for choosing my diary. I asked mom to thank everyone via cat mail and she says she sent a pawmail for all my prizzies, pics and cards. I hope we did not miss any kitty. IT was such and honor for me, to be on the homepage of catster and to be visited and showered with love by so many of my friends!
claws in for the night.


a bloody mystery

July 12th 2011 7:27 pm
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Oh my the other day mom found spots of blood on the floor in my room, and then last night she cleaned off older brown spots on the wall where I like to lay... I did not have blood on me anywhere and dad says it was not in my poo but what about urine? OK so we posted tonight in the health forums. Mom helped all the kitten through this issue with URI and stuffy nose, boo has sinus issues too. Tonight mom saw my nose bleed after she helped me scratch my ear. (she rubbed and I scratched)Then I shook my head and sneezed there was blood out of one side of my nose. Mom has a friend that has done cat rescue for 14 years she has seen a lot of stuff, and has a vet kinda on volunteer staff at her rescue shelter (the cats cradle) She has suggested this is a sinus issue for a kitty coming in from out side to indoors the air inside is very dry. I feel good I love to play and eat, mom cannot see blood in my poo (she has looked hard) I eat very good and purr and love on mom and dad every time they visit me. I HATE car rides and the vet my blood pressure goes up and I breathe funny. Mom doesn't want to do that to me if it is a simple dry sinus. Any thoughts? Sorry if you check the forums this is kinda a double post.


Still a loner but feeling better!

July 15th 2011 10:37 pm
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Well I am still living in the safe room, with visits to the enclosure at night time. We are not sure yet but if I do have allergies, the outside might be making them worse. See some days I do not have any snot coming out of my nose but mom can hear it when I breath most days she can no longer see it and my eyes look better but one still waters a lot.Sometimes she thinks it looks worse after I been outside. I am on the l-lysine, and I look like I feel waaaay better after only 5 days of it! Mom is waiting on some B-12 as Finney and Lacey's mom suggested. I love play time in the safe room with mom, but I do get "winded" I met several of the kitties here only from the safety of my carrier. TIny hisses and then I hiss back, mom says I prolly gave him "the look" so he hissed. Boo looks at me (even touched by nose from the other side of the outdoor enclosure) and the she hissed. I might still smell funny. Little boy is like "whatever" until I hiss at him then he slapped at my carrier. MOm told him
"it's ok" and he said "yea long as she don't hiss at me in my own house" Calie, well she is still pretty nervous. I think Moe might just member me...but I will let her tell about that.
moma Ivey out.


The Good Life

July 17th 2011 11:17 pm
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I am feeling pretty sure that life as I knew it is gone away for good and now I will live the good life the rest of my years. However I am not taking anything for granted, rather instead I am living and enjoying each day to the fullest! Today I met again with Moe, she is kinda a sweet heart but...still a stranger so my guard is up. I also met at the same time with Tiny he is a little hisser, but when he tried to smackey paw me, mom stuck a feather toy in his face, so he missed. Later in the afternoon, I met with Boo and she also likes the sound of her own hiss. Dad said it cannot be the scent of me cause after three weeks here in my new home I must smell just like the smells the house, so I just smell like home. I have scent marked some of their blankets and things, and they all visited my old room. The true test mom and dad think is when I meet with Little Boy he is pretty protective of his home and family. Me well I am just happy to be in a furever home! Daddy has loved me from day one and he said I am not going anywhere else, my home is here.Tonight after dinner, I ran skipped jumped, and bunny kicked the nanner and I feel like a kitten, just weeks ago I was wondering if I would get atleast one meal each day (without getting beat for it) and even just a sip of water, I fought daily for my life and my right to food and drink. Today my food bowl still stays full and there is no fight for it, it is all mine, and moma is all over it if it looks like I might get hurt by a resident cat, but of course she knows that I could not have survived on the streets for years if I did not know how to take care of my self, she just wants us to all get along well for years to come, so we are taking it real slow each day. Yea my eye still waters a lot but is not red and my nose is still stuffy, my breathing is noisy, but no mucus is coming out. Thank you my catster friends for caring, loving and encouraging me all along the way.
Moma Ivey out.


No NO! please don;t go!

July 24th 2011 10:12 pm
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In the only way I know how that is what I said to mom tonight when she got home from her girls week-end. She came up to see me and while dad had been taking good care of me all weekend it is not the same as mom.....see she rescued me from the colony life! So she came home and stayed in my room for just a few minutes the she was going to the door, so I GRABBED her with both my front "hands" and she came back to love on my some more, then she went to leave again, and I Grabbed her with both "hands" and put my mouth on her calf, so she came back finally she took me with her to the other room where she was going. I had to share her with Moe and Tiny but it was ok, I was only a little scared of those resident cats. I am glad I did not have to really get rough with Mom to make her realize I did not want her to leave me again so soon, I really missed her when she was gone.

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