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Phantom's thoughts on life and such!

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I'm recovered now

September 10th 2012 11:52 am
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Just to update anyone who doesn't know. During the week of 8/27, mom noticed me acting kind of listless and wasn't eating hardly at all. Finally on Thursday 8/30, dad took me to the vet, where they diagnosed me with Pancreatits and kept me for two days.

I was released on Saturday 9/1 with just a few meds and some I/D canned food. I had a good couple days and then was very slow eating again. Mom got worried and called the vet on Tuesday but he said I was progressing OK.

Within a day or two, I started getting more active again and eating my regular food and acting my normal self.

I am happy to report, I am now my normal rug-chewing, wrestling, running kind of kitty again. Eating good and having fun. I have lost a little weight and would like to get it back but I'm lean and mean right now! And mom is relieved.

I had lots of friends purring and my love, Lillian, sending love across the continent to get me well and it worked. Thank you friends.



Purring hard for our friends to stay safe

October 29th 2012 6:25 am
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We are sending lots and lots of purrs to all of our friends that they stay safe from Sandy. She looks like a vicious storm and I hope all of our friends are safe in their homes or get away from the storm.

Hugs and love from our house to yours



WOW, Diary of the Day today

November 3rd 2012 8:22 am
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Wow, thank you so much diary lady for choosing my diary as Diary of the Day today. I'm so honored to be selected.

Thanks to Manytoes for the picture and to all my friends for the gifts you left for me. I appreciate all my friends and the love you all show.



Thank you for all the Birthday gifts

November 21st 2012 3:49 am
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To all my friends....thank you so much for the gifts to remember my birthday last week. We had a great party in the BC and had one at home this year too (but we didn't knock any lamps over and cleaned up the house before mom and dad got back, so they didn't know...SHHHH....

My typist gets a little lax sometimes. I think we sent a thank you note to everyone, but if we didn't I apologize. I appreciate all the thoughts for my birthday!



Looking back on 2012

December 30th 2012 9:16 am
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As the year draws to a close, I think about how it went. It started out with Patches feeling better and us thinking we had weathered the bad and moved her to a healthy kitty again. As it turned out, that was wrong. She was a very sick kitty and in April, I lost the friend that I had been with since I was 3 weeks old. It was very, very hard for me and my family. I thought for a while she would come back. Then one night, I was walking through the house at night and mom said she could have sworn I said "where are you?" She wanted another kitty and knew then I needed another companion too. But dad was slower to get over Patches (she was REALLY his kitty) Finally he said OK.

Enter the end of May, about 6 weeks after losing Patches, mom and dad got in contact with the local rescue group. They had been considering a kitty that had lost it's back feet, but said it had no limitations. When mom talked to the foster mom, she said steps were sometimes an issue, especially if they weren't carpeted. Our food and litterboxes are in the basement, and we go down uncarpeted steps. All parties talked and decided it wasn't in that kitty's best interest to be taken from the good foster home she mom asked about Spice. She came to live with us. It was really only a few weeks of us getting adjusted to each other and as the year has progressed, we have become very close. We like to curl up together to sleep and we run and play A LOT. Mom says there is a new spring in my step and is happy to see my playing so much.

Then the fall brought two things...the Cat and Dog Plaza Olympics and LILLIAN.....MY LOVE. She was so smart and just missed winning and game and I was mesmerized! We sent pmails and now we are a couple..and I'm crazy over her!!!!!!! This is her profile: I mean...isn't she just BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Yea, she has me wrapped around her paws!

The second thing that the fall brought was that I got Pancreatitis. Fortunately mom noticed quickly my change in eating habits and got me in to the doctor.I spent two days there getting fluids and a couple days at home recovering but was lucky enough to make a full recovery from that. I know for some kitties it is a recurring problem but mom hopes that mine was just a one time occurrence. Since then, I have been well and active again, just like before.

So looking back, though we suffered a huge loss with Patches, we will never forget her. She is always with us and I know she helped pick Spice and is teaching her. It has been a good year overall since that point and as my love Lillian says...Hopes for a very HEALTHY and Happy 2013!!!

Hugs and love to all



December 31st 2012 9:27 am
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Today is my Gotcha Date...14 years ago today, mom and dad brought me and Patches into their home. We finished the year with a new forever home and I was only 5 weeks old...Patches was 10 weeks old.

I thank you mom and dad for getting us and giving us all the love you have given for the last 14 years. We truly did hit the "kitty lottery" the day you found us!

Hugs and lots of love


A month long trip with Lillian

January 14th 2013 9:56 am
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This morning I had a Pmail from Lillian asking me to PLEASE say yes to this trip. She has a friend that has planned a Haunted Castle Tour of Europe.

We leave today and it looks like we will see 11 Castles and come back on the 15th, so I will get to spend Valentine's day with my lovely Lillian.

OF COURSE I said yes. She may be scared in some of those castles and I need to be there to protect her!

Hopefully I'll be able to update my diary as we travel!



I'm SO in love

January 27th 2013 10:00 am
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Lillian asked me to go on a trip of haunted houses with her and last night we were in Paris. We had a lovely dinner together in a small out of the way romantic Bistro, found a violin player to serenade, had a romantic walk paw in paw through Paris in the evening light. She is SO beautiful and I'm so in love!



Can't wait for the Puppy Bowl Today

February 3rd 2013 8:37 am
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I know all our friends are getting ready for the Super Bowl, but I'm excited to turn on Animal planet to see the Puppy Bowl (the Ninth year of it) with the Kitty Halftime show. It features the Hedgehog cheerleaders and Hamsters driving the Blimp.

We LOVE to watch the puppies playing together, then the kitties too, of course. It features 63 puppies from shelters all over the US, and 21 kittens. It helps to remind us there are lots of furs still looking for homes and some there because someone didn't spay and cute as they all are, it's sad to see all these babies in shelters.

So we will turn on Puppy Bowl IX and enjoy all the cuteness that life holds...and hope that this helps each and every one of them find their forever home!



I'm Dreamboat #113

February 26th 2013 6:46 am
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I can't believe it! Samoa chose ME as a dreamboat! I'm in some good company too...gosh when I went into the Dreamy mancats group and saw the complete list! Wow! Thank you so much for choosing me! I'm very honored to be on the list.

Phantom-Dreamboat #113

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