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February 13th 2011 11:00 am
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In May 2010, this lovely lady came out to visit me where I was being fostered along with 19 other kitties. I could tell this lady wanted to hold me & pet me, hey I wasn't having any part of this!!! I just ran around, played and climbed.....

I have been in this foster home for about 3 months after being found in a barn where I was all by myself. Anyways, this lady...dang her, was so persistent. I ignored her hoping she'd go away....but no, she came back with this tiny "pink" cat carrier to adopt me and take me to my new home MEOW!

I meowed for the whole drive home, not a very happy camper let me tell you! At my new home, I met the "big guy" seems kinda nice,,,,he has a very soothing voice and he came & sat down beside me and let me sniff his hands and talked quietly to me. This may not be too bad after all. Hey I have my own bedroom....and I don't have to share with any other animals......I'm kinda liking this:)

Hey, both the Mrs and Mr sat me down in my new bedroom, closed the door and we kinda got used to each other and I soon realized who the TOP DOG's the Mr.... even though the Mrs thinks it's her.....silly lady MEOW.....



Diary of the Day February 17, 2011

February 19th 2011 10:05 am
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OMG........I am just beside myself..... I can't believe I won Diary of the excited......

Thank you to all of my new furry friends...... being an only child, has its benefits but it can be lonesome at times.

I see I have some work to do to keep my diary and photo's updated!

Have a purrrrfect day.




February 20th 2011 10:19 pm
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I am so mommy just found out that I have stomatitis that is why I have never been able to chew my food and I have inflamed gums. Antirobe helped a lot but really the only thing that will work is to have my teeth removed, except my incisors. I think that in April mommy is going to book this and we'll have to drive to Guelph because that is the only place they do this surgery...... I feel so bad for mommy because I know she doesn't want to do this but she thinks it'll be the best for me.....




February 24th 2011 7:17 pm
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Oh my feels like forever. Meowmy and Dad have been away in Hawaii for the last 8 days.... they're gonna be home excited.......

Auntie Janine has been looking after me and keeping my eyes and nosie cleaned every day:) If I can't have Meowmy and Dad here then Auntie is the best.....she loves to play with me and pet me. I decide and let her know what we're gonna do on any particular day....Oh yeah, I was bad one day and knocked my treats to the floor..YIPPEE TREATS.... and do you think she could keep this to herself.....NO she emailed meowmy and told her...... now they know I can jump on the counters....MEOW

Last time Auntie looked after me, we had 2 feet of snow and she shovelled the driveway EVERY DAY..... bless her heart....she hurt her back, OOPS ..... this time meowmy made arrangements with our neighbor (the policeman) to shovel the drive while they were away.

I really appreciate my furriends on here as they have helped to keep me company while meowmy and dad are away.

Purrs to all
Love Harley



February 26th 2011 9:29 am
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Well.....I impressed Auntie last night!!! We were sitting on the sofa and I needed to run. I took a long run and jumped up over the breakfast bar stools onto the counter.....Auntie was so impressed that she was trying to hide a big grin....she stood up, hands on hips and said "HARLEY" angrily..... I quickly jumped down to the floor....but man that was fun:) Oh yeah, do ya think Auntie could keep this to herself?!!!!

Anyways the pawrents fly home tonight and will arrive by tomorrow excited but I am going to be aloof just to show them!!! Ok after 5 minues, I 'll be all over them, begging them not to go away again.

I bet the pawrents are now wondering about that baby gate.....can the Harleycakes jump over into the bedroom??

The last time I was caught in the bedroom, meowmy was walking out of the closet, she looked down and to the left and there I was, just prancing into the bath like I owned the place-totally calm and relaxed......until Dad walked by.....oh my that deep voice of his....scared the ??? out of me and I hightailed it and ran out.......

Ah well.....the life of feline......




March 5th 2011 8:47 pm
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Hi Furriends!!!!

Sorry for not writing sooner but meowmy has been a little tired this week..... They arrived back Sunday afternoon......I was so happy to see them, then I buggered off either upstairs or downstairs and just MOEOWED - come find me! Of course I waited til I saw my new toy..s...... AWESOME FUN!!!! Oh BTW, I got carried away and accidently BIT meowmy's hand....oh she was not impressed....... I won't do that again!

I heard the Mr and Mrs chatting this week and they seem to think that I have become a little more vocal ( in my case squeaky), and more affectionate.......hmmmmmmm me thinks they are correct. I love being in the same room with them near them, but now I want to be next to them.

The Mr. was on the phone and engrossed in conversation so I was able to sneak into the exercise room and furnace room..... all sorts of goodies in their for me to explore MOL.

I was finally able to look out the front window and see grass today because all the rain had melted the snow, now it is snowing again...damn snow! I'd love to be in a climate that is 82 and sunny all the time.

Ciao my furriends.




March 12th 2011 2:04 pm
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Dear Furriends:

I read the DOTD today and was saddened to read of Scarlett and her Human Girls pain. I don't think that you can be consoled during this time, but it sure helps knowing that you have hugs and purrs coming your way. Please stop by and purrr for them.

About 7 years ago the Mr and Mrs has another little feline named Samantha. Samantha had been with the Mr and Mrs for 10 years. During the last year of sisfur's life she was getting 1 tablet a day for her thyroid and 1 insulin shot for her diabetes. Sisfur was only 13 when she crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge and I have overheard the Mr and Mrs talking about her.

It was such a painstaking decision that the Mrs had to make.....for the last 2 weeks of sisfurs life she had her favourite chair in the family room....she didn't get up to eat or drink so the Mrs would bring the food and water to sisfur and spoon feed her.....The Mrs slept downstairs on the pullout bed to be know the most amazing thing during this time....Sisfur still managed to jump down from the chair and use her litterbox....not once did she have an accident.....The Mrs made an appointment with the Dr.....then Sisfur would perk up and it looked like she was getting bettr so the Mrs cancelled the appointment. About 3 days after that cancelled appointment, the Mrs kept watching sisfur and realized the pain she was in and just couldn't keep her from crossing that bridge. The appointment was made for a Saturday morning, both the Mr and Mrs took little sisfur for her last car was such a sad sad day! The Mrs had had about 2 weeks to process the impending loss and say her goodbyes so she was rather stoic during the Dr's visit.....The poor Mr he was hit with a ton of bricks.........he just couldn't stop weeping when he had to say the final goodbye......

The Mr and Mrs brought little sisfur home and she was buried beside the Butterfly Bush in the back yard....

The Mrs has a scrapbook so I will sneak one of the photo's and post it to my page.....



Mastercat Card

March 13th 2011 7:36 am
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Well, I seem to have a couple of incorrigible furriends around here.....and I just can't seem to help myself....MOL

When the pawrents decide to leave me in the care of Auntie again, I will be prepared and I am going to invite all my furriends over for quite the little soiree BUT in order to pull this off and have a grand event I need to have my own MASTERCAT CREDIT CARD.

Since Meowmy works in the Credit/Finance field, I know that when I paw the application I need to show not only name, address etc I must show income and stability ( ok, the stability thing could be an issue MOL)but I am working on showing income!

For employment I have stated I am a "character" in a TV show. It's not a lie..... the Mrs made a YOUTUBE video of me doing my tricks.

I fully expect that I should have my credit card anytime soon so watch out...... clothes, trips, gourmet foods...purrrrrrr

Hugs to all



March 16th 2011 5:20 pm
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OMC...... I had tears in my eyes when Meowmy and I watched I am not a big fan of DOGS because of my bad experience with them, but MEOW..... they are loyal no matter what.....although I see from being on CATSTER, the loyalty amongst us...YEAH....

take a peek..

http:msnbc.msn dog stands by canine friend in Japan

Meowmy and I are having a GIRLS weekend.... I can hardly wait :)

Harley McFarley ( nice Irish name dontcha think)



March 16th 2011 7:19 pm
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OOPS..... I told Meowmy she didn't do it right!!! The wrong link was attached....we are trying to find the right link. It is the story in Japan of a DOG that won't leave the side of his buddy (another dog).....

My apologies, I have chastised Meowmy for this.....(now she knows how I feel when I do something bad)


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