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My first Diary entry-My big sisfer Natalie is not feeling- well this I am doing her 'column' for her.

March 9th 2011 4:03 am
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Hello everyone out there in Catster land.
This is HRH, Princess Antonia Llewellyn of Kew Gardens.
Hoewver, thats a mouthful. Call me Bub.

I know I have not posted before. I am still getting used to things here.

I wanted to post this morning because Natalie is having a 'lying in' and nappying with her tail over her face. I would as soon wake the Medusa as wake her yet, though the gentle Mommy did, and petted her. She got just a little food this morning. Thats because last night she threw up all her dinner, 4 times.

Mommy is going to call the chemo vet...Natalie did not have Chemo-just bloodwork, but Daddy dropped her off in the morning very early, and had to get her at 4pm. That was a long day and Mommy thinks that perhaps she was not fed...and is a bit miffed. But in any case, she did not seem to feel well.

I like Natalie. I wish she liked me. I just want to play. I know that she's older, and I think she's so pretty. Do you know she is solid orange on her back and then has little white rings around her tail? It makes her look like a creature from a cat fairy tail! Maybe she's a Catty Wampus!

The Big Boss Cat thats grey is guarding the mommy as she pets Natalie. He just likes to be petted and follows mommy around. He's in the blue cat bed on the bed. Sometimes I sneak on the bed when the others don't look and lay down close to Natalie. Not too close, because she has a bad temper. But close enough where I can see her and feel her there. It makes me feel better.

But guess what I found! A big tower! I like to hide in it and go to sleep! So far only the Big Boss cat goes on it. The orange boy cat is a little afraid of me, I think! I mean him no harm-I was afraid of him a little, but he is very careful around me. Hee hee...he's funny! He's much bigger than me, but maybe he thinks I'm a lion! I have heard that lions are the kinds of beasts! Perhaps I am a Queen of Beasts! I like to run around and play, and don't mean to really scare anyone. And I like to sleep in the tower in the little house. No one else does.

The older white and grey cat is obviously not someone to I watch her. But when she comes down, so far she hasn't bothered me. I don't know what to make of her.

But I would like to be Natalie's friend. Maybe she'll let me. But I don't know. She is so pretty. But she is just now sleeping with her face hiding in the covers, so I better leave her alone. I'll just come up on the tower and go into my little space and have a nap til it's time to play again!

Cheers til we meet again,


She's not here and I am! She's not here and I am!!!!

March 22nd 2011 4:08 am
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I eated my breakfast!
I ran around the whole apartment!
I chased Smokie out of MY ROOM that I can't be in much now because of cranky Natalie!
I ran around after the bird toy on the string and grabbed it and wresteled with it and kicked it with my feet!
I ran around some more.
I hid under the cat tree, but the boys will not play! They look at me like I smell bad!
I do not smell bad! I love being groomed!
I just came up into my little house in the cat tree!
They don't like me-I don't care!
And freedom! Ah! She's not here and I am! She's not here and I am!


Another Princess? Wait, there is already one here, and a- Princess who's really a Queen!

April 29th 2011 10:25 am
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So, Mommy woke up really early to go into the living room, and making sure she fed us first, sat down to watch the Royal Wedding. Mommy told me that after the Wedding there would be another Princess!
Well, this did not make me happy. I have been looking, but there is no other Princess. There is just me. However, there is a picture on the wall of the little white and grey crankycat Bella that says 'Mommy's Princess Kitty Girl & Daddy's Beasel-Weast.' (that is Daddy's nick namee for her-I don't know why). But Bella does not act like a Princess. She has her food bought to her. She has water bought to her. She is brushed on her bed. She only has to lift her head to lap up the milk mommy holds for her. She sometimes decides to jump down, go over to the scratching post and scratch! scratch! scratch! on it. Then she runs back to her spot on the couch and is again petted, brushed and catered to.
I think they do this for Queens, not Princesse's.
I don't need any more Princesses here.
I told Mommy, and she said 'no, the Princess is in England.'

Well, she can stay there.

Mommy asked Daddy if he wanted to get up and watch the wedding with her. He told he he was at their wedding, and that was the best, and enough. He told her he had to get up at the latest 5. She let him sleep in. He came and tossed my catnip toy for me. I caught it and told him I didn't want another Princess here.

He said, don't worry.

But I might have to call the CatFather if they change their minds.


I am home....and I think I am staying.

July 6th 2011 7:34 am
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Hello everyone,
Well, I love my mommy. Lately i have been standing up on my hind legs, and rubbing my head against mommy's knees and patting her with my little paws.
Mommy sometimes picks me up, then calls me wiggle worm when I go to get down.
I have lots of toys to play with, and I love playing and climbing to the top of the cat tree.
I think I'm staying. This is my home.
Daddy says he loves me, but does get mad when I go after Ruffy and Smokie. He can't understand why they are so big and don't do much when I do my 'sneak attacks' when they are in the box or with their backs to me. Smokie has whacked me a few times, but Ruffy doesn't.
Mommy makes sure I leave Bella alone. She worries over Bella. I don't bother Bella much because she is the 'boss'.

I try to get into the bedroom, but Natalie is in there, and hisses. It's sort of funny. She can't see me, but she can smell me.

I love my mom and dad, and I love to be happy with my toys and being fed good and being loved.


The cutest kitty, ever!

July 26th 2011 4:00 pm
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Hi everyone!
There is the cutest little boy cat I ever saw anywhere anytime. His name is Tiny Dancer, and like me, he's a rescue. Please go over to his page and say 'hi'.

I think he's so adorable. He's a 'special' kitty, with special talents...he actually walks on his hind legs.

He is a lovely cream and buttercup yellow. He's got long hair and is very fuzzy and quite adorable.

His mom has other rescues, but Tiny Dancer....well, he's special.


My birthday, and a very special time it is!

August 12th 2011 3:39 am
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Hell everyone!
I bet you haven't heard from me in a bit! Well, thats becuase I'm a happy go lucky little cat with a great personality and I am always happy-except for last week when Daddy and Mommy stepped on my tail 2 days in a row!
They were sad afterwards, and tried to draw me out to get me to see they hadn't done it on purpose. But it HURT so I hid and I wouldn't come out at all!
I came out an hour later and I was fine....
Mommy is going to post some new pictures of me next's been awhile.
I have become a very bossy little cat, and mommy says "Bub, I love you, but gosh, you are a handful!'
And I like it that way.


Goodbye Hal and Don't Cry Daddy!

December 1st 2011 8:57 am
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Oh kitties!
Last night I went to Daddy when he came home. He had a big box and he put it down on the floor. In it was a whole bunch of 'stuff' and me and CK started to play in it. It was so interesting!
But Daddy sat down in his chair and then I went over to him and nosed him with my little nose. And he picked me up and held me and then I saw he was crying in my fur.

'Dont cry Daddy!" I nosed him. But he said 'Oh Princess! We lost Hal!'

I didn't know Hal? Who's Hal?

Well, Hal is the name of the Car-the Murano that Daddy had. It's the Car that CK came home from South Carolina in. Dad named the car Hal becuase it had a personality like Hal from that movie 2001, Space Odyssey.

Daddy told us that because he had missed so many payments that it would cost more money than we had to pay it off. And he would have to pay the yard where Hal is, too. And that is $35.00 a day. It cost Daddy $40.00 just to go in and get the box of stuff that is his and Mommy's.

Mommy was sad, she had a sad face on. But she told Daddy that Hal will get a good home if Daddy can't get him back. She said that so long as we all have a home together, all us kits, and Mommy and Daddy, and turkey and cat food and chicken for Ruffy and all of us are together, that is what matters. She reminded him that he has a job, and some people don't. She reminded him that some people have had their houses forclosed on, but they have gone on to other lives and their kitties are fine.

Mommy was sad. She cried a little. She is fond of Hal, too.

I nosed Mommy. I stood on my hind paws and batted at my toy. I fell over and wrestled with CK.

We made Mommy laugh and Daddy smile.

Sometimes, our jobs as cats, is to make our People's laugh and smile though hard times!

We are good at that, right Furs?



What am I? A cat, Momma!

January 3rd 2012 10:11 am
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Hi everyone,
This weekend we had 'company'. I was a little shy but the little girl wanted to hold me. She said afterward 'She is so Soft! Her fun is so long and silky! What kind of a cat is she?"

Daddy said 'She's a BUB...Beast Under Bed'.

Mommy said she didn't know, but sometimes wonders.

Mommy would be good writing Mystery novels. She said she thinks my story went like this:

I was a very rare and special 'show cat'. I was being 'shipped' somewhere. (I was found not too far from a major International Airport) I got out of my crate (like Jack the Cat-but I wasn't at the airport yet, see!) and I ran and ran and smelled food, and saw a house. I knew a lady there was feeding cats. I went up but didn't know what to do, and the other cats who were 'territorial' and used to living outside fought me for food. But the lady saw me and said 'wow!' and fed me food after all.
And her neighbor who takes care of cats saw me and said 'wow, where did you get that cat?' to the lady and the lady saw I was trying to get into her house to be safe away from the other cats said 'I don't know. This cat just showed up!" And the guy said 'Wow, she's beautiful!' and he came and picked me up and took me to his house, with the intention of finding me another home. And he bought me to a vet to get tested and neutered. Now, supposedly I'm FIV+. Mommy is going to have me tested because she's not sure. However, they notched my ear because it was somehow not recognized that I was this rare and strange little Showcat. (don't ask me what kind, I am not sure myself. I don't know why I'd want to be in a show!)

This guy got me a home with some lady with a dog. But the dog chased me so I hid under the bed and wouldn't come out. The lady told this guy it 'wasn't working out!' and he went and got me. Then he called the people who would then be my Pawrents. He told them that he has this lovely cat. And Mommy did see me and go 'She's really lovely!' and so I went and stayed. They were going to find me a home, but no one ever responded to the Rescue's post of me. I don't seem to photograph as lovely as I look in person.

Mommy is convinced I'm a 'Something'. I will describe myself here. I have long, fluffy fur. I have a shortish tail, but not stubby like a Manx. It's just shorter than many other cats. I'm fairly small, and I have small rounded ears. I have a lion like mane.

Though my fur is long, it was not at all matted when I was found. That led the man who found me in front of the ladies house to say that I probably wasn't out very long becuase my coat was not matted.

Mommy has occasionlly checked out the lost and founds, because she still wonders about me. Where did I come from? What am I?

But I can only say 'I'm a Cat, Momma!'


Uh oh! What happens when it hurts to go to the litterbox!

January 4th 2012 8:00 am
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Well, everyone this morning was an ouchie morning.
I used the box like a good kitty. Then momma noticed I was crying when I was out. And she saw a hard brown poopie on the rug! Well, I didn't mean to, but it stuck!
So momma went and got a paper towel and got the poopie and threw it away and then came over to me! She wiped my backside with a wet paper towel and then she grabbed my little mouth and gave me yucky laxatone!!! Yucky!!!
Then she gave us all a treat of tunafish! But I think she put some stuff in mine-I think to make things easier....
I've not had this problem before.
Mommy gave me some more laxatone before work. Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!
I am still sore and I still feel stuck. Mommy is wondering whats going on and wondering if she's going to have to put stuff in all our food now!




Mamma was worried, so I got on her lap

January 13th 2012 12:22 pm
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Momma last night was worried about Bella. Now Bella doesn't care for me at all, but she wasn't feeling well, so didn't care. Momma was really worried. She sat there trying to tempt Bella to eat, but Bella wouldn't. Momma got very worried and her face looked tired and sad.
I wanted to comfort her. I put my front paws on her legs but she still petted Bella, and murmured things into her fur. And I saw how sad she was.
So I leapt up into her lap, and put my front paws on her shoulders and looked at her with my deep green eyes.

Don't cry Momma, don't be sad.

I nuzzled her and purred. I know she's worried about Bella.

I wish I could make her feel better.

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