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February 9th 2011 5:57 am
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9 Degrees and a wind chill factor of minus gabillion out there. Brrrr!!! I just watched Mama carry our leftovers out to feed the birds. I think she was saying bad words.

Papa was holding me and my sister because we like to run out the door sometimes when she goes out. Well, Samhain likes to. I only go sometimes because she makes it seem like something neat, but I don't know why because it's much nicer in here where it's warm. And besides that, Samhain's always saying how scary it was as a kitten living in the wild and all the bad things out there - why would she want to go back? I think she's just trying to pretend she's wild and cool. Hmmpth!

I don't have time right now to write my story - have to play with mousie - but later I'll tell how I came to be Sleeper. If Samhain can have a diary, so can I!



February 12th 2011 6:30 pm
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I was one week old when my mama left me. I don’t really remember her. My eyes were barely open; well – one eye, the other was gummed shut. I’m not even sure about her scent; that’s all mixed up in my head with my sister’s scent, now that she’s back with me again. But I’m getting ahead of myself…***
When my mama left, I cried and cried. It’s all I could do, but it had always worked before to bring her back. Not this time. And this time, even my sister was gone.***
I must have cried for hours, off and on. Once or twice I had the sense that some big animal came and looked at me, but she would go away again. It grew dark, and with the dark came the cold. Some instinct told me that I shouldn’t make noise when the dark came and there might be other animals about; but I couldn’t help it when I would think it was my mom coming back, I would call out for her. She never came.***
When it started to be light again, the big female animal came to see if I was still there. She brought me a warm blanket and fed me a little warm water on her finger. I was so thirsty and hungry, but the blanket felt good and I snuggled down and was quiet.***
Some time later she was back with some kitty milk in a bottle! [KMR, kitten milk replacer, my human mom called it.] It was strange, not like Mama’s milk, but still good. I drank till I felt sleepy again.***
And so my new life began. For a long time I didn’t do much but sleep and wake up to suck on my bottle. Then mama would wipe my little behind with a warm damp cloth so I would go to the bathroom. She’d burp me, too, on her shoulder!***
Every day we would ride in the car: “going to the bookshop” my now Mama and Papa would call it. While I was there, I saw other people who would want to hold me and pet me. I was a little afraid then, but Mama or Papa was always right beside me, so it was OK.***
When my teeth started to grow in, it was a little uncomfortable. Then I used to chew on the bottle instead of suck it when Mama would feed me. I had trouble getting to the milk; it was so frustrating! Mama had to wear gloves when she fed me because I would scratch and scratch at the bottle and at her hands, trying to get the milk and getting more and more angry when I couldn’t. Mama says it about made her want to cry, too!!!***
When I was four weeks old, I learned to lap, and then to eat a little ground up kitten food mixed with KMR. I told Mama I was THROUGH WITH THAT D--- BOTTLE!!! She wanted to throw a party, she was so thrilled! MOL. The only other time I saw her that happy was the first time I used the litter box! Both she and Papa thought that was “the cat’s meow”, though I don’t know why they were so surprised – what else would litter be for?***
When I was five weeks old, my sister showed up!!! Of course, I didn’t know it was her right away. All I knew was here was this strange black kitty trying to move into MY house, eat MY food, get loving from MY Mama and Papa. And not only that, she expected me to be happy about it!!! She kept chasing me and pawing at me; it was scary. I didn’t know she was just trying to play, and I would hiss and growl at her, but she wouldn’t stop. Gradually, I grew used to her. She hadn’t really hurt me, after all, and I realized it was just pretend.***
Now I can’t imagine what it would be like without her. We’re always together, and we play all day long! Well, except when we’re sleeping. Or eating. Or when I want loving from Mama or Papa, and she gets jealous and tries to push me out. Though, mostly I go to Papa first for loving, and Samhain goes to Mama. I guess I’m just a Daddy’s Girl and Samhain is a Mama’s Girl.***
Oh, and it was Papa who named me Sleeper because when I was a baby, I would sleep for hours without waking Mama up to feed me. She says it was only the first week that I was up every four hours or so. Wasn’t I a good girl?



February 14th 2011 11:15 am
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So - Samhain and I got spayed today. Don't know yet what I feel about that. Seriously messed up my fur-do; have got a big shaved spot around my incision. No outer stitches to chew, they're all inside, so I'm not looking too much like Franken-kitty!
Mama bought us a new toy while she was stewing over whether we would survive our surgeries! It's a cool plastic globe with little paper butterflies inside. First she turned it on so the butterflies would fly around in it and occasionally fly out of a hole on the side, but Samhain freaked. She said she'd wait till she was feeling better to turn it on again. But in the meantime, we girls found out it was a whole lot more fun as paws-on entertainment. If you stick your paw in the little hole where the butterflies are supposed to come out of, you can pull hard enough to break the globe off of the motorized base. Then you can get your WHOLE HEAD in the hole on the bottom, and really nab those little suckers!!! THAT'S feline ingenuity! - bet those engineers never thought of THAT!!!



February 15th 2011 8:02 am
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Taking it easy today. Mama and Papa left our door open last night so we could decide for ourselves where we felt most comfortable - in front of our heater in our room or with them. We both kinda gravitated back and forth. I checked on Mama 3 or 4 times just to make sure she was still there. We certainly didn't feel up to the "zoomies" like usual.
This morning Mama inspected us both to see if there was any swelling or redness around our incisions - we looked great!!! She says she'll have to remember to compliment our vets on the excellent job they did with both of us.
We've both had a couple of mouthfuls of wet food and a few bites of dry food, and maybe a swallow or two of water, but the vets said not to worry - it was normal for us to be a little "off our feed" for a day or two.
Just now as Mama was typing this for me, I jumped up in her lap, and stuck my head in her tea cup. She said it was a real pleasure to see me being so limber again, and to get my face the hell out of her tea! MOL



February 17th 2011 8:00 am
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Samhain, you told! I didn’t throw up on purpose – it just kinda like…happened. Can I help it if I have a sensitive stomach – you know I get car sick, too. You just have a strong stomach ‘cause of Gods only know WHAT you ate when you were a kitten on your own out there for those 4 weeks. Mama was already taking care of me then – nyah, nyah!!!
And since you told on me, I’ll tell how whenever Mama leaves the room, you’re there crying at the door for her. Well, you are!

The good thing is that since we had our operations, Mama and Papa have let us sleep wherever we want to; we don’t have to go to our room at night since we’re not running and playing at 3 AM. Yet. But, give us a few more days, and let the Hour of Scampering begin!



March 17th 2011 7:53 pm
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I’m the good kitty in this house. Samhain gets into no end of trouble.

Tonight, right after the Mama and Papa had turned out the lights, someone was making a racket in the hall, and Mama had to get up to see what was up. Of course, it was Samhain pulling things off the shelf in the bathroom and rolling them down the hall. I just watched.

Then, 15 minutes later, the lights go on again because someone is crackling paper up on the Mama’s table. It was Samhain, trying to get into a bag with some Easter chocolates. Mama had to put them in the kitchen. I was trying to sleep.

5 minutes later, the Mama is up AGAIN when she hears the lid to her teapot rattle. It was Samhain! She had the teapot cocked at an angle, barely held up by its handle. Another little tug and it would be on its side. And, guess what? IT WASN’T EMPTY. AND, it was sitting NEXT TO THE MAMA’S LAPTOP!!! Strike Three for Samhain!

So, both the Mama and Papa had to get up for awhile since by this time, they were thoroughly awake. I am so glad I’m the good kitty in this house.



April 14th 2011 8:34 am
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This morning I was really on my best behavior. The Papa had trimmed Samhain’s claws a few days ago, but had put off doing mine, because I’m usually such a pain in the a…uh, that is, I usually am a little less cooperative! :)
This morning, though, I was the uber-good, super-dooper good, you-deserve-mega-treats-good kitty! Before I’d even meowed once, he was finished with my front paws. And with only a few meows and squirms, he had the bad paws done, too!!! The Mama was so shocked, she said: “What – is she drugged or something?!” MOL. She was just kidding, though, ‘cause she knows that ‘nip has very little effect on me, and besides, I hadn’t had any this morning.
So, see? I AM the good kitty!



April 25th 2011 6:33 pm
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WOW!!!!! We went outside today! It was AMAZING…We went all the way to the driveway. Well, OK – Samhain did; I only went a little ways from the door, ‘cause it was REALLY SCARY OUT THERE.

The way it happened was this. Mama had ordered us two harnesses and leashes from Puppia Company. They kinda look like the one Toki wears in his pictures, but a little skinnier. I’ll have to get Mama to take pictures the next time we go out. Anyways, she had been getting us used to them by letting us smell them and rubbing them on us, and sometimes slipping them over our heads. Then yesterday, she put them on and buckled them. We didn’t like it much, but we didn’t freak out either.

So today, she looked out the window and saw the sun was shining finally, and suddenly thought “Why not?” She got Samhain’s harness first and put it on her and took her out the door. I was wondering “What the hey?!” In a little bit she was back, having handed Samhain off to the Papa as I found out, and she buckled me into my harness.

There are two doors to go through to get outside; the kitchen door that leads into the entryway, and then the front door. Mama took me to the front door and opened it and waited for me to decide to go out. I wasn’t sure I wanted to at first, but then I slinked out.

There was green grass EVERYWHERE, and the wind was blowing, and there were birds! Samhain and the Papa were a little ways away; Papa sitting in a lawn chair and Samhain under it. She looked very pretty in her red harness; I wondered how my pink one looked?

Mama kept trying to get me to go closer to them, but I wouldn’t. She picked me up a couple of times, but I tensed up and wiggled a little frantically in her arms, so she put me back down. I decided I’d had enough, so I was headed back to the door when the Papa said, calmly enough, “She’s loose.” A backward glance told me he meant Samhain.

The rest of this story I had to get from Samhain, ‘cause I didn’t see it. Mama hustled me back into the house and took my leash and harness off, then was back out the door. Samhain had maneuvered herself under the car enough to where the Papa was having trouble grabbing her to pull her back out. Then she back-peddled herself right out of that harness! Mama said she had been warned about that possibility.

It wasn’t a wild chase, but Samhain said she just wanted to walk around a bit without that stupid harness on, and so she did!!! She kept dodging the Mama and the Papa as they tried to corner her. Neither of them were too concerned yet, as she didn’t seem to want to run far, and she didn’t try to go up any of the trees. Within a few minutes, she’d worked her way over to the door, and Mama said “OK, now go on in,” and Samhain let her give her some little nudges through the door. She tells me now that maybe she gave in too soon; maybe next time she’ll give them a little more of a run for their money! Mama says: not if SHE can help it!

I just know that I think I’d like to try it AGAIN.



May 13th 2011 7:04 am
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After months of cold or rainy weather, we had a lovely day of mostly sun and 70's weather. It was WONDERFUL!!! Samhain and I both spent most of our time out in the new pen. When the Mama and Papa got home from work we were lazing around in the last of the sun. I rolled over and did my most alluring pose inviting a belly rub. We met the folks inside for a brief moment, but I wasn't interested in eating my dinner again - I wanted to go back outside! Mama worried (big surprise- MOL!) about my not eating anything but snatches of dry food, but Samhain made her feel better by trying to down a few bites of Fancy Feast. Mama insisted on weighing us later, just to keep track of our progress, she said. I'm an ounce or so down from my 10 lbs, but Samhain is right at 9 lbs. Truth is that I could stand to lose a little bit of the fat I'd put on since before they put the pen in, I was sleeping most of the day away - except when I was eating!

Come night time we were still outside, but later in the early morning hours I woke the Mama wanting to come snuggle beside her to warm up. As soon as she moved, though, I was outta there!
I think Samhain came in once to snuggle, too, but she's a lot more stealthy about it. The Mama said she felt a warm furry body beside her that seemed a little less wiggly, so she assumed it wasn't me! MOL



June 4th 2011 5:02 am
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The Mama dug us a sandpit day before yesterday - it's not too big - just a little bigger than a litter box and a little deeper, but she thought maybe we'd enjoy it. She wasn't sure if we'd use it as a litter box or what, but it felt right to add it. I LOVE IT! The first thing I did was dig, dig, dig and throw sand way-y-y up in the air! It was great! So, no outside litter box for us - this is a play sandbox! Well, without the 'box' part. She's still got a bag and a half of play sand, so when the top part gets scattered or too dirty, she can just add some more to it.
Also, the wheat grass and other things she planted are growing! She wasn't sure how well that was gonna work either, but the grass seems to be taking hold. There will probably always be bare spots in places, but it looks like we will at least have some cool hidey holes in the areas where it's starting to get taller. Now when she walks by the pen, I crouch down in the grass and pretend I'm a wild tiger, waiting to spring. Sometimes she crouches down, too, and pretends to stalk me! MOL! She's gonna post some pics of the cattery as it looks now.

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