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tiny mighty moe

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that heat feels sooo gooood

March 9th 2012 9:12 pm
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That is what I was saying to mom tonight as I sat warming myself in front of the fire. See mom has been so busy observing booboo she forgot to notice me. Tiny and I huddled together in the big ole extra large kitty carrier (made for large dogs) that is set up in our kitty room. When she FINALLY saw us like that she turned on the little electric heater in our room it is so pretty and looks like a little fireplace. Mom will hardly every turn on the full big furnace she said it gets to hot and dries out her sinuses, so dad got us a heater for our room. Tonight after mom turned it on for us, she came back through to find me sitting in front of it with my eyes half closed in the pure pleasure of the moment as my little tiny mighty moemoe toes warmed up.


Heeeloo Mom I need some attention too!

March 10th 2012 9:41 pm
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Mom is very caught up in taking care of Boo today and we kept asking her for play time and snuggle time and just as we would all get comfey she would be up and off again to feed boo and or get her temp or just love her....etc.... So at one point I heard mom ask Boo "you wanna go outside?" see she lets us on the balcony and boo loves it there I guess she thought it might do her good to get out a bit. Well I saw my chance when boo turned away, I said meeeerrrreeeeooowww just like that too as I placed by paw high up on her rear thigh, it worked she gave me some love and then let me out side of little while. Tonight while boo is resting I keep asking her to far she is still on the puter.


All our pages!

March 26th 2012 10:30 pm
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We have such fabulous friends! Mom does not know how to make our pages look so totally pawsome, so our friends are helping us look good. Thanks again to Dante's mom who made such pretty fall and winter pages for us. Our current pages were made by Sonny (our angel friend) and Anna. Their moms did them for us. Thank you again my friends this means so much to my mom and we love them all their beautiful. Some kitties have already told us how pretty they are and even ask mom if she did them herself and she told them she is not currently able to do them for us (one day she might be able to learn or figure it out) and then she told them how our wonder friends Anna and Sonny did them for us.
Please check them out we are all so proud of our new pages.


I am such a pill and now my diary got picked.

March 27th 2012 8:01 pm
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I really am a total pill mom said I always seem so happy and carefree, well except for the days when Ivey first joined us and mom felt so bad when she saw my sad face, you know why? Cause I just never ever seem sad I run and jump and talk and smackey paw any kitty that gets in my happy go lucky way. I am right on the spot if mom seems sad and if she doesn't give me her attention I put my paws on her and let her know I need her. I tilt my head and listen when she talks, and she says I am just tooo cute.
Today I got a DDP! Thank you very much my dear friends for making this a great day for us I had a good time being DDP and tonight I let mom know I love her very much.
Look at my pretty pictures thank you all and my for my prizzies and pawmails and comments is is always good to hear from friends! Everyone is being so kind and supportive to my mom while we help her heal.
Then we got more good news today, our angels, Booboo and Moma Ivey are dream girl angels! Little Boy kinda spilled the beans about Ivey but we never knew about Booboo until today. This is such an honor for my family two of our girl kitties are dreamgirls and callie is a dremette too!


The best is yet to come

March 29th 2012 10:35 pm
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Yup my birthday is celebrated tomorrow well that is today now for us. Really Alley, calie, tiny and Moe (that's me) were all born probably on the same day to moma Ivey, as it is for most kittens born to stray and feral kittes, we do not know our real birthdays but we do know it was somewhere mid to late March cause the vet guessed our ages to be 6-8 weeks when mom took us for a check up after she rescued us. My mom put the wrong date on my catster page when she set it up and now I kinda like having my own day seperate from the other furballs, I am the tiny might moe kitty.I will celebrate my birthday tomorrow. So many kitties have already celebrated with my family and we love all of you. You can save some zealies and come by here to say happy birthday if you want too. I can share the prizzies the rest of my family already got.
Thanks for loving us.
tiny might moe out.


Funny Photo

April 13th 2012 9:42 pm
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MOL so we do not have thumbs but can you ledge sit? Check out the photo I posted of this very smart kitty. The human looks like he wants to join the kitty. The kitty here might be a little worried for this silly human.
Just a funny photo we do not know this wise and funny cat.


now get over here and chase me!

April 16th 2012 9:49 pm
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I murmmer most all of the time you know like "mrrm" "mrrrmmm" most of the time as I murmmer it is while I attacking some cat, toy or just chatting at mom and dad. Dad says I am grumbling but moma knows I am a sweet heart she said I am just cat chatting.
Tonight Little BOy was outside on the balcony he still acts a little depressed and I think he needs to get better now so I told him "mrrmrrm" and I ran out to pop in and like a flash I was back inside. See I memeber he and booboo used to chase each other and non of us were allowed to join in. Now even if he don't know it Little Boy needs a good game of chase and I am just the cat to give it to him. I had to mmmrrrmmer at him several times run in and out of the house chatting at him but he finally ran in after me a few times. He went right back outside but hey it is a start one day he will know when I say "shut up and chase me" it means the game is on and he is it. mrrmm
tiny might moe out


Peeps only!

April 26th 2012 7:55 pm
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No Moe! that is what mom said to me when she walked in to the room where she had left her dinner plate by the computer. I smelled it and so went to check it out when she came back in I had made myself comfy for a peeps dinner! Why do kitties not get foods that taste this good? I was licking the butter from her bread off my lips when she said No Moe. She had fish on that plate too but before I could wrap my lips around it she picked me up and moved me from the plate. Oh sometimes it is tough to be so tiny.
Does anyone else like Peeps food and if you do then do your peeps allow you to taste any of it.


brush the kitty please!

April 29th 2012 8:29 pm
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Please brush the kitty I always say that to mom. I like the brush better than I like the treats or meal time. I love play time but if i had to choose one or the other I think I like the brushing time better. I like for mom to brush my face and cheeks and neck, but I do not are to much for a body brush. MOL mom is working to get a video of me getting brushed I PUSH hard against the brush when she holds it up to my face and kinda drool as it over my cheeks so when we are done it is like my whole face has been washed.
Calie and tiny kinda fight it they do not like to get brushed and little boy only likes it a little bit.
Do you like getting brushed.


an orange and dreamy dreamette!

May 1st 2012 10:24 pm
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Tiny Mighty Moe Moe is a dreamy dreamette! Yea the guys in the groups Dreamgirls think I am so beautiful and dreamy MOL. Thank you for choosing me to be one of the pretty dreamettes.

I love this life I live here with my mom and dad, and these three furballs I call family MOL dad spent time with us tonight during playtime and I rode the tunnel. Oh you know I love tunnel ridding! Mom brushed my cheeks with the kitty brush (oh I love that too) and then she told me I am a dreamette MOL not an orange dreamcicle but a beautiful tiny mighty dreamette. What an honor for Tiny MoeMoe.
good night catster kitties

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