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tiny mighty moe

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kinda scared, am I insecure

July 8th 2011 11:58 pm
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I love play time but lately I am scared to come downstairs and play, when I do come down, I RUN past that bathroom door even though it is closed. I think "something" is in there and it scares me. I try to play but I keep my eye on that door and then I finally give up and RUN back upstairs when mom comes up after me I am right at the top of the stairs, watching and waiting. The word around here is that
moma ivey is here and that she will live with us. Well I don't think I member her but I do think there is an un known cat in my house....ummm if she is my fur mom wonder why I am scared? I cannot visit her yet cause she is getting well, but my dad really wants to see how I like having her here, so tonight he picked me up and showed me what is in that room, I saw her, and I scrambled down and outta there! Wonder if I am scared of being replaced? (sad sigh)Cats don't like change, I hope this is good for all of us...
tiny mighty moe out.


KCK's Cat of the Week!!!!!

July 9th 2011 10:58 pm
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Oh dear diary this is a moment in my life I will celebrate all week long and it will live on in the history of my life. I am Kewlest Catster Kitties's cat of the Week! I know I know my family is purring like mad too (catster does that to when we get an honor and I like it) really I think the others might be a little jealous, but that is ok cause I am gonna strut my stuff anyway, I am the cutest kitty in my house even if I do say so myself. MOL
Thank you KCK this is a most pawsome honor and I love you kitties! The administrators over there are the greatest and I know those kitties do a lot of work to make that a great group and we so apppurreciate all you do to make it so much fun. Thank you BIg Harry for my ribbon and notifying me of my Honor, thanks to Pigeon who has already been by to say congrats and sent out a group email, and......(drumroll) look at my pic! Thank you Milo for making it for me.
Tiny Mighty Moe out.


houseboat kitty

July 12th 2011 9:28 am
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Hey my friends wow it is a great week, and I enjoying visits from friends,and meeting new friends. KCK is the greatest!

have you see this
house boat kitty and dolphins?
I hope the link worked this is so way cool to watch.
I wanna go now too why can's I be a houseboat kitty? This really looks like FUN!


I met her! I think I like her!

July 15th 2011 10:53 pm
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Ok wow I met moma Ivey tonight and I like her! Alright mom is concerned that she might have rushed things, cause moma Ivey still has a little bit if runny nose, it is just that we have all been in her room (while she was out) mom has slowly starting lovin on us after she has been with Moma Ivey and non of us are "snotty" no one is sneezing, told dad "hope Ivey's deal is sinus or allergies" After having her in our house three weeks, we wanna know what is up? I keep trying to get in there to see her, when I go in I can smell her but she is not there. Well tonight mom opened the door to come out and there I was waiting and looking cute. SO mom said "ok Moe" she let me look in and mom Ivey looked at me we walked to one another real slow and we stuck our necks out and touched noses! (only boo has touched noses with her and it was through the outdoor enclousre fence)We did not hiss, growl, or yell! Mom memebers I was the first one to walk up to little boy and touch noses when we were little and the other kitties were scared of him. Mom said I have to wait and see how I feel after twenty four hours. Please purr I am still totally healthy! I am ready to mingle with the moma Ivey cat! We all got l-lysine again to night but it is ok cause I like it!
hey did you all see the "houseboat kitty" in my previous diary? it is really cute you should check it out.
tiny might moe out.



August 8th 2011 8:21 pm
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Yaaa I think you can hear me now! I am cat hear me roar like a lion! I am the tiny might MOE MOE! So happy hope this is working.


Enough is enough!

August 9th 2011 9:58 pm
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That is what I think! I am tired of the tension in this house cause of that Moma Ivey cat! We cannot even enjoy play time cause Callie is busy looking to beat up the moma cat, and that cat is in lalal land just happy to play until she gets crazy and then goes chassing one of us and you never know when she will get wired! Tiny is working hard not to be afraid and little boy, boo and I have all just moved outside to the little outdoor enclosure we only come in for a little while to cool off and then by our choice we are back out there where that Ivey cat never goes :( We are trying hard to be patient but mom as not liking the way everycat seems to be so tense. (sad sigh) maybe we just need even more time, hoping it was not a mistake to bring that cat here. Moma loves her and she seems so happy. Moma thinks she is still chasing us cause she wants to get her bluff in on us to let us know not to mess with her. I only ever tired to be friendly I never was mad with her or anything. Playtime used to be my favorite time now not so much.....looking forward to more peaceful days here.


oh REALLY? what is her deal?

August 11th 2011 9:40 pm
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I ran up to my cat tree and climbed it and there in the cubby was the moma Ivey so I was real friendly and peeked in to touch noses with her you know to just say howdy and she growled at me! So I hissed back at her and got down to lay by mom. I am very glad she did not try to chase me.


please purr for me mom is a little concerned

August 30th 2011 10:34 pm
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I am the tiny mighty moe but really I am a kinda nervous kitty and that is just a front I put on. I like to meet new people and new animals but this Ivey cat is really got me worried. I tried several times to be friend her and she was mean. Now she seems to be tolerating the others and they tolerate her cept Callie still hates her and she tells her so all the time.
I am still kinda scared of her and mom is concerned for me. We have all kinds of calming stuff going on and she gets a double dose of rescue remedy and I get some to (it should help me be less nervous) we got treats and cat nip, lots of cat trees and cat beds but it still doesn't feel like home here to me right now. I spend most of my time outside in the enclosure and I never did that before IVey, I run for the pet door when I hear anycat growl or hiss. Just tonight I was chillin on the floor next to mom and Ivey was in the chair next to mom and she had to run over to the chair right above my head and then she tried to pounce on me, mom stopped her and then she water sprayed her, but I was too scared by now and so tonight I am sleeping outside again. This has changed my whole personality, I am a happy go lucky kitty that loves to play and now I am just not really in the mood for play and I have never cared to much for treat time, and never beeen a big eater, so I don't get to involved in the family activities, and now I cannot even enjoy my mom time.
sad little moemoe out.
oh yea sad sigh the ivey cat seems to adore my mom and mom would still give her up for my sake if she could find her a home that she knew she would be safe in. Moma love moemoe


Happy days are here again! and I like chicken!!!

September 1st 2011 9:38 pm
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Oh I feel like myself tonight followed mom around and talked with her, played with the toy on a string! Gave mom lots and lots of loving, I never even looked at that outdoor enclosure (been useing it as my safe zone) you know why? Moma took pity on me and put that eveil step moma ivey into her room and shut the door. She did this after that crazy cat chased me again tonight. Who knows what tomorrow holds, maybe things will get better if we start the introduction over again after we get some composure treats (but I do not care for treats) and mom got some calming spray tonight....
It is good to feel at home in my own house tonight and mom said it is good to have me back...yea I even told her "mrrr" over and over tonight and she told me how much she has missed me! Yea I been missing my pre ivey life too!
Then I found the KFC box and it had tiny bits of left over grilled chicken in it and mom let me have some! oh it was heavenly I wanted to chew up the bones but she would not let me. mom members when we were still little grandma gave us some chicken and I really like it but that was years ago I hope mom will let me have it more often.
Moma was worried I was stressing too bad and would get sick so she put the ivey cat in lock up/down to give me some breathing room.
tiny mighty moe out



September 8th 2011 10:35 pm
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I am running and chasing everfurry cat in the house and they are running and then I am knocking them out with my tiny mighty moemoe paws MOL. The weather is a tad bit cooler here tonight and I got the zoom zooms. The Ivey cat is upstairs in her room. Yea cause she chased me again tonight and I ran real fast out the pet door (it kinda hurt cause I went to fast and bumped myself on the door) so despite ivey's protest my moma bodily took her up to her room, as we all watched in amazement, moma said we all huddled together had kitten eyes like when we were little. MOL. I got boo and tiny (what a joke that name is) in line before I settled down for the night. Moma said "moemoe why don't you use those tiny mighty moemoe paws on Ivey just one time? I bet that is all it will take" well see I gotta get ready cause let me tell you that Ivey cat still looks like a thug when she come at me, I bet she has a knife sharper than her razor sharp claws on her somewhere on her catson.
One day I will show her. Mom said once we get used to her she will be lots of fun cause she loves to play just like me.
I really gotta get a pirate name cause I am so fearsome!
tiny mighty moe moe out.

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