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tiny mighty moe

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new kitty on catster

April 9th 2011 11:14 am
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Hello My friends.
There is a new kitty here on catser he is my friend avery and today is his birthday. So if you have a minute please run over there and say happy birthday. You can put your wishes on his picture comments he doesn't have a diary yet. His story is told by his grandma but the little girl in the pic with him is the one that rescued him from the bushes, her mom kept him alive.
have a great day.


Moe got mail

April 14th 2011 12:18 pm
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So today dad called mom at work and said "hey moe got mail" I heard him so I ran in there I know it's my prize from River and his siter MoeMoe!!! I want it !!! Please please please!! Dad said "moemoe moma wants you to wait till she gets home. But why? I will show it to her when she gets here. Look at my profile pic on my page that 's the look I gave dad when he said I gotta wait. Big sigh from little Moemoe. It's not fair I don't wanna wait.


We opened the mail!!!

April 14th 2011 9:05 pm
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Hey we opened my mail and yes it was surely addressed to me. Mom took it to the kitty room where all our kitties tress, and toys are and she let us open it. Oh boy! it was fun tooo! We all had a little tooo much cat nip and now everfurryone wants to sleep for just a little while MOL. Thank you so furry much River and Simone. (and tell your mommy too) I hope you see our pictures they are all posted on my page (well it was addressed to me) but mom said later she will move every kitties to their own page. You gotta see all of them! Boo even read the card! Mom took about 100 pics of us and it looks like she posted them all! We had so much fun with the contest and with the prize it was so much fun to play.
Good night kitties and and if you are geting mail today be careful not to get to much cat nip (droopey eyes) MOL


i am DOTD!

April 16th 2011 4:07 am
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Mom Is on the walk today. Can you believe it? Today is my day!


mom's still not home

April 16th 2011 5:23 pm
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Ooh she sent me kisses and said she will be home tomorrow (sad sigh)
So we will celebrate and send proper thanks then. tks to all that helped me celebrate



April 21st 2011 10:58 am
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Timing is everything! I got DOTD on Saturday April 16th. Mom was not home all week-end and then our computer went down the night before she left. We been jumping up on catster from work and a few times from mom's phone at night time but it's not the same. We kinda like to just camp out and catch up and it's hard to do that on the phone (sad sigh) Thanks so furry much to everyfurr that helped celebrate my day mom is gonna help me send out personalized thanks when we get our computer back.
If you look at my diary history you will see I wrote a lot before anyone even read them (don't try to read them now it was a lot about nothing) but then finally I got DOTD and had to stop writting diaries cause the computer would not let me on.
I just wanna try and stay in touch we have made a lot of friends and are kinda worried we will loose touch without out computer.
have a great day!


oh how I love that!

April 24th 2011 11:19 pm
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Kitty brush on my face feels so right. Moma likes to brush me but I just like the brush on my checks, head, neck and ears. If moma stands near the cat tree shelf that has the kitty brush laying on it, I jump up there real quick before she leaves and stick my head out over the shelf so she can reach me then oh the fun begins, and I get lost in the luvin. Somtimes she uses her hands to rub all those areas, and if she stops or tries to walk away before I am ready to stop (and I never am ready to stop) I cry out and touch her with my paw no claws or I nip her real easy with my teeth (no pain) just to let her know I am not ready to stop MOL I do that to dad too he said "Moemoe I cannot stay here all night" but why I don't get that is n't that what they are here for is to please us? Any other fur like kitty luvin and brushin like that? Do you call your mom and dad back if they stop luvin on you before you are ready for them to?
Gotta go I got lots of luvin to catch up on cause mom and dad been gone for a couple of days.


we go a new ?????????!!!!!!

April 25th 2011 11:35 pm
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oh wow Moma said I cannt talk about it till she puts up the pictures. We got it tonight my prize for DOTD last week (I know I know but better late than never) I always gotta prize from RIver and Simone, now this too. Oh well, everfurone here likes it.
You wanna guess what it is? Oh you will never guess even with a million guesses. If you guess and get lucky enough to get it right....then we will leave a prizzie on your page. Oh you will NEVER guess it. Mom is gonna post pics. Tomorrow woo hoo got get back to it. If you read Callies diary you will see this is NOT what it is.... hehe haha mrruuump this is tooo fun.
good night catster kitties!


I got it I got it!

April 26th 2011 11:10 pm
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Look oh wow dear diary I got it last night and tonight Mom put up our pictures. It's my DOTD prize from last week end when she was gone. She really made it up to me in a big way! I love love love it. Yea I gotta share it (big sigh) ok just kidding I kinda like playing in it with the others (MOL there r 5 of us!). Mom shoud have made a video of me, I ran from tent through the tunnel so many times.. I was really tired before the offical play time even started last night. Callie took it over to sleep in last night. That's ok too cause I like my little kitty bed for sleeping, it's the one alley and calie used to share. Hey I haven't forgoten there are so many kitties that made my DOTD and birthday special I am really gonna send out all my thanks, my secretary.. I mean mom (MOL) was really tied up with the walk and easter and stuff then our computer crashed. She promised to help me properly thank everfurone.
Gooodnight I just love catster and all my furiends!


Our Pictures did you see them?

April 29th 2011 9:21 pm
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I just was jsut talking with Lacey and them about comments on Pics. sometimes the comments are made and your mom or dad are not notifed so check out your photo comments somecats might be talking about how cute you are. We checked mine and did not find any comments....did everfurone see my new tunnel? When you have time go to my page and see the new pics of me in the tunel. We are got our picture taken in the new tunnel and tent.
Don't forget to tell HQ if you were not notified of your comments.

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