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tiny mighty moe

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A New Castle for us kitties!!

March 9th 2011 8:56 pm
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Dear Diary we been out for while mom was too busy to log in for us and we couldn't figure it out on our own, so anyway we got a really tall really cool new castle (maybe you know it as a cat tree). Our castles were only 5 ft tall and this one is over 7 feet tall we love, love, love it! I like to sit on the top! Little boy thinks he is king of the castle so sometimes I let him stay up there but when I can get him off, I take him down, cause that's my space. So like my dad was out shopping and he called my mom to say he had found a cat tree at the pet store and then he told her "it looks like a castle you wanna get it?" so mom said go ahead. Yay dad!!! he is the best for thinking of us like that! MOm said she will post some pics. of it for us so all you kitties can see it we are just so excited! and it has toys on it!! Mom said it is too tall cause she cannot give me kisses when I am sittin at the top so I just lean down and head but her and if she holds the brush up I will move down so she can reach me I love gettin brushed!!
Look at the new pics. my friend Tundra created for us so pretty!
Gotta get back to the castle good night.


A ktty room

March 13th 2011 12:38 am
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Hi everfur, we have a kitty room in our house, and there is a story behind it. Mom used to have a "formal"living room that no one ever lived in, no kitties were allowed in there. Then one day she had five little kittens that needed a room of their own,and they got that room safe from the other 2 kitties, but as the kittens grew up they were allowed to mingle with the other 2 kitties and so the room was no longer off limits it really became a living room that we all live in. MOL My mom moved all her formal furniture out of the room and took it up to the week end house now there is a formal living room no one lives in there (I don't get that concept). Then dad took down the custom drapes and put up the pretty washable drapes mom got at JC Penny's. Then she moved in some wicker furrrniture and TWO kitty trees with a kitty toy box and some kitty beds. MOL now she wonders why we don't sleep on her bed with her. sometimes boo, little boy, or calie will stay the night there with her but most of the time we sleep in our room. Mom going to work on getting some pretty pics of our room to put on our pages. Any other kitties here have your own room?


hugh sigh from a little kitty

March 14th 2011 11:09 pm
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SIGH so I am like the tiny mighty moe kitty in our house and Tiny is like the BIGGEST kitty and he thinks he is still a kitten. Every night after play time......oh how I love that better than eatin or teatin, so anyway we all are offered a few treats as apititizers evey cat but me likes them so they go for it. After that we get a little fancy feats on our plates. See mom and dad saw it seems like I don't eat like the others do well duh........they are really err umm fluffy, yea that's it, but me I am one very pretty kitty with a perfect 10 cat figure. Mom got in the habit of bringing me a little bit of the fancy feast into my kitty room so I can eat it by myself and now I look forward to that as I wait for her to feed the others then bring mine to me, well the not so tiny one has figured out what mom's doing and he wants to share my food, she told him "tiny you got food in the kitchen" he just looks at her and then back at my bowl......oh she falls for his silly blue eyes evefurrr time so now I guess he will be dining with me, cats I wanted to dine alone. Gonna haft to see if I can get her to feed my in another secret place....why does he gotta be where I am he already gets like all her attention just cause he was the the tiny tot, hello he is all grown up..


Go Moe

March 20th 2011 10:33 pm
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We have this little tiny birdie that makes a squeakey noise when it is tossed. It was my sister alley's favorite toy, she could toss it really high and then catch it. Mom would always hide it and the foil balls in the couch cushions for us at night time. Callie and Alley always removed them. Well mom hasn't done that in a while (she forgot about it) so several nights ago she hide the mouse and one foil ball, it was days later whne Callie found the foil ball. Dad told mom today I had found the mouse but couldn't get it out so he took it out for me. Well mom knows better so she put it back, and YES GO MOE I got it out of there tonight, I feel so accomplished!!


Purring for my mom to come home.

March 26th 2011 1:11 am
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Oh Diary my mom has gone away again, and left ua all in the care of a cat sitter. (big sigh)They went to the house in the couontry for 3 get ups :( We don't like it cause it is just not the same, we didn't get any play time tonight or "moma loves the kitties" time and the sitter did not put out the fancey feast, and she never treats me special at feeding time like mom does. ooh and now booboo says I am a baby cry I am about to smack her hard! and mom is not here to "break it up"
I don't like car rides, but mom always lets the bird go with them, well she didn't even ask if I want to just said "I wish we could talk yall with us" it's lonely here tonight with out mom....and dad too a sitter is not the same. The sitter always tells mom she is gonna line us out (?) she says we are too spoiled but we work her over: callie shows her belly fur a rub, little boy gives a big ole head bonk, then tiny cries like a baby kitten and stares with baby blues, booboo eye blinks some kitty kisses and me............I am watching the door for mom, the sitter falls for me first and the she forgets about how spoiled we are. MOL
Mom hurry home, you think mom misses us too?


mom is home!

March 28th 2011 10:41 pm
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Oh yea she is home and for sure she did miss us! She scoooped me up and buried her face in my neck, then kissed me on the cheeck, neck and forehead saying momomomomomoe. I just relaxed in her arms for all the loving. Little boy and Calie got to her first then me and tiny she had to find boo but she forgve her too. We got to spend the after noon and evening on the balcony. Then when she said playtime, we raced and beat her down the stairs for lots of laughter, play and more lovin. Then we got a few treats and we kitties shared a can of FF. It's just so much more better to have mom there at meal time, playtime, night night time, and well I thnk all the time. Oh we were all so glad she is home. Tiny kept staring into her eyes and laying on her legs everfur time she laid down.
Zackery I hope your mom is home too.


was I adopted?

March 29th 2011 10:55 pm
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Dear Diary I wonder if I am really part of this family or was I adopted into the family? See all my litermate siblings had a b-day celebration today but (sad heavy sigh) only one friend (Athena) noticed it was my birtday too. You know why? Mom forgot about me. (silent tears) so my birthday should have been today, but mom did not know for sure when we were born she just guessed after the dr. told her our approx. age. First she had all our birthdates in on March 30 then after our visit to the dr. she changed it to be March 29 for everyfurry one but me. (wipes away the tears) I don't have as many friends as the other cats do either, I don't think she works my pages like she does the others, but she always tells me she loves me....So if anyone sees my birthday is on March 30 and you wonder how that could be since the three others had b-days yesterday....well now ya know.


belated d-days are good!!

March 30th 2011 10:48 am
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Hop skip, and run up the kitty tree, smackey paw boo just becasue...MOL I am so happy today on my belated b-day. I think I like it a day later than the others. I only got a quick minute casue mom is at work, I just had to say THANKS! Oh this has been the best day everfurr! My catster friends made it that way. I think I might have a secret admirer! Mom might think I am too you for that but hey what can I say? Somecat thinks I am beautiful (big smile) Uncle Finney said he will smackey paw mom if she don't get on the stick and help me work my page and make friends...MOL go not really I forgave her it all has worked out so well. I don't want mom to get a smackey paw cause boo says it hurts heehee (rolling with happy laughter)


caster kitties

March 30th 2011 11:13 pm
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Dear Diary caster kitties are so very sweet, after mom messed up on my birthday date, and I was feeling sad............but what a difference a day makes! Today I feel like a birthday kitty princess. Mom is stil working her way through all our thanks, she go throuogh Alley, Callie, and Boo's diary thanks so far. Once the walk is over she has prmised she will have more time for us as our typist MOL. Thank you to everyfurry one that came by or left prizzies on our pages for birthdays. We will complete our thank you notes tomorrow. We love you kitties.


We won too!!!

April 6th 2011 8:32 pm
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Dear Diary
Wow mom has been busy!!! I wanted to say we WON TOO!! Yea! When Simone and River had the quiz we played and we made some new friends and we won...did I tell you? A cat nip filled heart!
Thanks my furiends moemoe and river. I am so excited that I got to play and we got a prize yup we did, we got the kitty congeniality prize yay go me...ok the others and mom helped some too. When we got the pawmail from Simone oh I was so happy and we were all so excited it makes us feel so good to be part of the pawseome catster community of kitties.

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