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tiny mighty moe

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A Stampede!

July 2nd 2012 9:44 pm
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Thanks to everycat for reading and commenting on my diary last night I was gonna thank you in my comments but you might never see it MOL there are still no notifications. WE heard from several friends last night and today. Now we understand the "away from catster" better still miss so many of our friends. Good to hear from Sleeper and family and Ms Kaci we love yall. Catster was pretty active tonight it was nice visiting with some kitties and reading diaries.

NOw the stampede as just two kitties little boy and I. See he came running in from the balcony and he was saying mrrruurrrmp. Mom got up to look out there and I almost ran her down as I came thundering (yes I was thundering) in saying mrrmrrrmmmmmrr. Mom did not see what we saw so she don't know why we were complaining and stampeding. I am just glad she got out of the way before I ran her over she might have been hurt.
Tiny Might Moe Out


cat in the bag!

November 24th 2012 8:14 pm
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Oh my CAT! I was sitting watching mom and dad clean out a cabinet of old books and papers and as I sat there I began to check out the wal=mart plastic bag mom had laid down on the floor next to her, then suddenly it grabbed my by the neck and would not let go! I ran and ran and I ran blindly into walls and door ways and furniture and the faster I ran the harder it held on to me! I heard mom say to dad "moe needs help" but I ran way to fast for them to help me. Finally I got it off me and I hid behind the couch until I could see the coast was clear. When mom got bag she found big holes all in it! Well yea I fought for my life I think it was wanting to kill me really no kidding it was really scary.


she is a real sick kitty needing lots of prayer and purrs

November 25th 2012 11:04 pm
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WE think she is my sister from another dad fur cat. When Moma Ivey (my fur mom) was in the colony she had a litter of kittens before mom and the care giver were able to have her spayed she gave birth to us kittens and mom rescued us. Well two of the kittens from the litter before us were saved by my mom and her sister took them as her own cause mom could not take in any more kitties at that time. One of the kittens she named Will and the other one is Won't. Will is VERY friendly and interacts with her mom ALOT, and won't is kinda scared of people and does not like to be held or cuddled. Tonight mom found out from her sister that Will was not feeling well at all. She had not drank or eaten since sometime yesterday. Mom told her sister we have to assist feed her and get some water in her before it is too late for her. well they tried but she had a hard time taking the water and almost threw up after they very slowly gave her some water. So they took off with her to the emergency vet's office. They did blood work and said her kidneys are failing. This is my sister from Moma Ivey's litter before us! she is only 5! The doc. thinks she ate or drank something that was bad for her but they do not know what it was . Tonight she had to stay at the emergency vet's office with an IV and tomorrow her mom will have to pick her up and take her to her regular vet and then tomorrow night depending on how she is doing they will have to make a choice about keeping her on the IV or letting her go to the bridge........................ the vet said there is a very slim chance she will recover from this kidney issue. Please pray if you believe in prayer and all you kitties purr please. Mom's sister is being real strong but mom knows how hard this is for her. Will is always right there with her mom and her mom (mom's sister) takes in kitties that need help all the time and she has had to help many kitties go to the bridge but its very hard to do and tonight was really alot of money to get will into the emergency and the overnight stay is costly. Mom's sister said it does not matter the cost if it will save her.


fly free Will

November 26th 2012 10:03 pm
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Thanks to everyone for praying and purring, the sweet little girl Will has gone to Rainbow bridge. I hope all our angel friends will make her feel welcome. My aunt texted my mom today she said that her kidney's were not getting better. Will was looking better and acting better but her kidney values had not changed after all day and all night on the IV. Will's doctor said she had probably been going into Kidney failure for a while and it only got bad enough for her mom to see it this week end, SO said she was such a sweet gentle soul and she will be so missed.


going away!! not I do not like the sound of that

November 30th 2012 9:23 pm
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Mom said she is going away for a few days but dad is staying with us and mom's friend (who cleans for her) will be by to check on us and clean up after dad and us kitties. But why did mom say she will not be here for a few days!??? 7 days!!! she is going on a vacation to Vegas, what is that? well mom said it is so much needed "me time" but she said she will miss us. I wish we did like to travel (like most dogs do) mom said she would love to take us with her when she goes to the country. Even if I did like to travel I am not sure I would want to on a big ole bird ride it all the way to Vegas from Texas, I bet that takes a long time.


cuddles and love

December 15th 2012 11:03 pm
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I am so full of it! Cuddles and love that is. See normally mom has to come to me for luvin and I let her know if I need her to love me or not and if I need love ok she can hold me and if not I show her the underside of my tail. MOL not in a mean way and I usually give in to her but tonight was so different.
Mom has not felt well for a few days Little boy and Callie been sleeping with her to make her feel better most night callie is right on her shoulder and Little boy is at her feet. Me well I have been staying right by her side and when she lays down to rest I rub my head on her hands and if she does not respond properly well than I reach for her hand with my paw and place it on my head for her and tonight while she was on the phone I got right in her face put my nose against her stuffy red nose and I rubbed my nose and cheek against her nose. MOL she said I left kitty slobber on her nose well that is what kitty kisses do they leave a slobber mark. IT was funny and mom wanted me to do it again so I did Ivey used to do that for Mom when Mom was feeling bad.
Mom thought I was to independent to be a caring kitty but see I can show some love but I reserve my feelings for when they are really needed.
Moe MOe out


little love and love bitrs

January 9th 2013 10:45 pm
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I love to mummer and talk to mom and she loves when I love on her so we try and have some "moe" time each night. Tonight as mom wrote a diary for Moma Ivey she was kinda sad so I did my love thang. I am really good at it and every time her hands went back to the key board I touched her shoulder with my "hand" and if that does not work then I nibble on her fingers. Once I get her attention I look deep into her eyes and talk softly to her until I have her full attention then I just kinda melt into her hands.
Yea I do love my time with her and I am more insistent than any of the others that she make time for me. Funny thing is I was never like this before. Tiny Moe is growing up into a real lover kitty.

mom here:
Moe is very sensitive and it is so cool to see her demand so much love an attention. She is the smallest kitty in the house but I think she really believes she is alpha cat Lol even to me .


fire is good

January 16th 2013 9:36 pm
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Mom walked in on me tonight as I gazed into the fire place in our little kitty room. When she walked in and said "moemoe?" I said "mrrrm" that is "mom" in kitty talk hehehe then I ran off all happy like to the kitty tree. Life is good here and I am a happy little girl kitty. BUT SHH do not tell the others I am little I got my bluff in on them and they think I am mighty Moe. :)


Oh be still my pounding heart

February 7th 2013 10:00 pm
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I am so happy and excited love is flowing all over catster land and now my friend Marmelade has been officially named a dreamboat, of course I already knew him as a dreamboat after our wonderful valentines date last year! Now this year he has again ask me to be his valentine! He is such a dreamy mancat and all of his brofurs are dreamboats.
We are a very fine looking of orange kitties!


hurry inside now!!!

February 19th 2013 10:13 pm
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we were all hanging out in the little kitty enclosure on the patio enjoying the nice weather and mom was inside on the computer when suddenly the kitty door sprang open and one by one each on the heels of the other 4 kitties RAN through the door. Little boy went upstairs and Calie and Tiny hide behind the couch and me well I went to hide in the kitty safe room (this is our room we lived here the first months we were fostered and then adopted by mom and dad)
Mom kept say what is it? She went out and looked around there were no kitties or critters out there and no one outside the patio gate. Calie kept creepin up to the door and looking out Tiny was watching mom, while Little boy crept down the stairs and watched from a safe distance.I am currently still in the safe room. Little boy has gotten brave enough to go back out there and Callie doesn't seem to care any more and Tiny is sleepy now.
Mom would sure like to know hat made us hurry inside so fast we almost tripped over each other.
Wonder what we saw, well it was so scary we are not talking about it in any way mom can understand.
Tiny Mighty Moe.

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