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tiny mighty moe

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here's some love

May 7th 2012 11:40 pm
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You gotta come on it is time to play! WE miss you! Mom was having a sad time over in Moma Ivey's diary so I had to move her back over here with us in the land of the living. First I gave her lots of attention and I looked direct into her eyes to let her know it is gonna be all right . Then I nose rubbed her (nose to nose) I know she likes that it makes her feel so special, loved and important to me. Then I began this routine, leave the room and return to the bed with a murrmmmr then leave the room and return in a few minutes, again and again I did this. When she finally got up I raced ahead to lead her downstairs to where the toys her. I needed to her make hte little mouse and the little fly got really really fast so I could chase it. It worked to she played till we were all tired Little Boy even came in to watch for a little while. Then the others had treats (I do not care for them)Little boy and Calie eat them from her hand and Boo uded to do that too TIny prefers his on the floor. Then we had some very yummy FF. Mom had fed it to me I am spoiled that way first I smelled it and walked away, so mm said "Look Moe" and held up a fork full of food and I went back to eat most all of it.
See I wanted mom to not be sad so I gave her some TLKC. (tender loving kitty care)


purrayer for momcat, sad incident this morning

May 18th 2012 6:50 am
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Mom was on the way to work this morning and on the freeway all of a sudden there was a small (probably a kitten) black kitty running across the freeway.It was coming from the inside part of the freeway and as it got to her lane... (tears so sad) she hit. Mom cried all the way to work it was so horrible for her. The kitty for sure was gone in the rear view she could see it was not suffering....just made her heart hurt. Oh how in the world do kitties get to the inside part of the freeway...did it get there last night when there was less traffic or did some mean person leave it there?
Purr for mom she feels so bad about it and keeps seeing it happen over and over.


Rags to riches !

May 19th 2012 9:46 pm
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Yes we all went from rags to riches. Tiny told our story in detail tonight and many of our friends already know it but he told it again cause we have made a lot of new friends this year. We were poor tiny kittens born to live the dead end life of street kitties and Moma Ivey did what she could to prepare us and she was not ever scared of people! Now we the three of us litter mates that are still here Calie, Tiny and me Moe (mighty MOe) live the life of aristicats!
It was about a year and 1/2 ago when mom found catster and we often hear about the "old catster" and it must have been grand we are sorry we were not here then. We know this; no matter what "catster" does to the site it cannot change the way we feel about our friends or how it lifts moms spirits to see "you have received a comment" and to get a pawmail or prizzie from of one of our friends. We still feel happy when mom gets an email that says "Moe is a daily diary pick" (or Calie or tiny Little Boy, or the angels skids, alley,Ivey, booboo, and our extended family freckles, shorty, angel little bit.)
We love yall thanks for making catster a great place to be.



May 23rd 2012 11:49 pm
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Och MoeMoe that is what mom told me tonight MOL. I wanted her to get off the computer and come down to our room and say "let's have playtime" she always said that when we were tiny kitties and we still love love love that special time. I nibbled on her arm and she just loved on me (and that was good) then I murmurrredd in her ear and she loved me more. I looked at her with lots of love and she hugged me and told me she loves me. Well all that was nice but she was not getting the point so this time I didnn't nibble I let my little teeth kinda sink in to the side of her calve as she lay on the bed with computer. That's when she said "oohh moooe" but it worked! This was all going on after moma made that bad cat go away the one Little boy tells about in his diary tonight. I am still the alpha kitty here, size does not matter I roar like a lion and love like a lioness.


a lighter side of a serious and uptight situation.

June 9th 2012 10:28 pm
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We got our letter out to catser tonight too! So sad about da tabbies. We never go to the catster home page. Like Sarges dad said in his diary tonight we go right to our friend activity to see what is going on with them. Some kitties are fighting for their life and other families are grieving the loss of a furbaby and that is what we are here for. So whatever they do on that catster home page does not even bother us or affect us until our friends start leaving because of stooooooooopiiid burds oh errr no not burds guess they are free to infest the community now...
Really we do not like the fleas on catster and we could care less if catser post stooooopied stories and videos until it starts affecting our friends like it has now. not to mention the stoooooopid fleas that will not allow us to be notified when we get comments!!! I just wanted to lighten the mood a little it seems like so many kitties are very uptight to night and I know we all miss da tabbies very much. There is already burd poooo all over da place.
We are not making any plans to leave but if all our friends keep disappearing then there will not be any kitties for us to talk to... thanks to everyone cat that has promised to stay on we do love our friends and miss you when you are not here.
tiny mighty moe


what are we doing?! friends needing our love.

June 10th 2012 11:17 pm
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Hey my friends please go and see Norman's family they really needs our support he has lost his sisterfur just yesterday. This is just one of many of our friends that needs our support...isn't this what we are really about here on catster? so HQ is doing some stoooooopid stuff and we wish they did not and we ask them to stop but we just gotts be here for each other. Remember how we all purred and prayed for Norman all over catster??? now his family is really hurting and I could go on about other friends that need our support . Please in our anger and disgust let's not forget what we kitties are really all about.


oh why oh why oh why

June 17th 2012 8:12 pm
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Why have the notifications gone and never came back? We miss them we like talking with all our friends and now we never know if they responded to our comments on their diaries or not or if some cat commented on our comment or if there was a party after we stopped by ...............all kinds of stuff happens in some diaries and we want to be in the know.
HQ techknow cat have you got this? Watchcat are you just watching this go on? Come on and help a member out will ya?


technocat is all over the no notifications

June 18th 2012 8:22 pm
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Per catster HQ we just got and email that the technocat has been working on the no notifications problem and hopes to have it fixed soon..... when is soon really? IT is so very quite around here I think I hear and echo and now I never know if there is anyone around and look they already took our "who is on line" feature I really miss that too. sigh


urrrrgh!!!! stop it no more baths tonight

June 29th 2012 11:58 pm
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I so wanted to come on and play for a little while tonight and I read some really cool diariees it was a little more active around here tonight but catster took that poor kitty to the bath almost everytime I wanted to comment so I had to back up and dry off the poor kitty and then come back to my comment.. urrrrgh! that takes to long and of course the poor kitty was tired of getting in that water so I gave up.
Happy fourth of July every kitty stay safe and watch out for those loud fire works.
Please say a prayer and a purr for Big Harry's family we are so sad tonight to hear that he has crossed the rainbow bridge, :(


what is away from catster all about?

July 1st 2012 10:21 pm
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Many of our friends have that next to their name. Does that mean for a little while they are not going to come around catster?? or they have left catsterland??? or maybe they are just to busy to visit at this time.

Does any one know what that means? Is catster dieing? WE miss so many of our friends. We are not away from catster we are here to stay but it has gotten so lonely that I have set up a face book page in addition to my catster page os if you are there and are also here, check it out I am "Moe Mightymoe" over on facebook. We do not care for facebook but so many friends are missing we hope we can find them there. WE still come here everyday but so many times no one is around and it is lonely even the groups seem to be silent.....
Please know we are not leaving we just want to try and find our friends that are missing from here.
Tiny Moe

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